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September 2013. Volume 53, Issue 7
In This Issue
From the Wurst Wing
Letter from the Editor
Porsche Pets Rule!
Membership Report
Board of Directors
The Power Chef
Pebble Beach Concours Photos
Job Opening at PCA Galactic HQ
The 911's Appeal is a German Thing
Porsche Corral at Laguna Seca
Redwood Region Autocross
Redwood Region & Zone 7 Ledson Concours
Livermore Concours
Escape to Los Angeles
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Dear Porsche Enthusiast,

Welcome to The Nugget, the email newsletter of the Golden Gate Region, Porsche Club of America.
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Scouty Routy's SPCA Adoption Video
Scouty Routy's SPCA Adoption Video

CoCo Giselle, CG
Executive Editor of The Nugget

While I'm working on my Power Chef trailer, I thought I'd start the channel off with CoCo's SPCA adoption video. Her original name was "Scouty Routy." The original owners sure got the name right!

Her (larger!) brothers Llardo and Tutu appear in the background of this video. They were adopted before her because they had white patches. Being all black, CoCo was there for five months before we found her.

GGR Members receive 10% off parts & service!

For more special deals and news, click here!

From the Wurst Wing  
celona4 --by John Celona, GGR President

Election on the Way!            

It's almost time for the annual GGR election for Board of Directors positions. We have three positions open this year: President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

My presidency will be finished at the end of December, and my attention is already turning to a suitable location for my Presidential Library (Bora Bora??).

Yes, I did consider the "President for Life" thing, but, before making such an important decision, I thought I should get advice from folks who would know. Unfortunately, my calls to Hugo Chavez have not been returned. So I tried calling up my buddy Vladimir Putin, but strangely enough, the calls were routed to the NSA and they starting asking me about this Snowden guy. I don't know him. Must be a Corvette Club member.

Anyway, a number of folks expressed interest in the open positions and, pursuant to the GGR Bylaws, at this last board meeting the board voted to accept the candidacies of Richard French for President, Bill Benz for Secretary, and Larry Adams for Treasurer. Look for a ballot to be coming your way in about a month.

Bylaws Change: Autocross and Track Chairs to be Board Members            
At the last few board meetings, we've also been discussing the open Competition Director position. Historically, the rationale for this position has been that the autocross and track chairs have quite enough to do already, so the Competition Director's job is to attend the board meetings and represent those series rather than the autocross and track chairs also having to attend board meetings. The Competition Director also runs the annual Rules Process.

The suggestion was made that we eliminate this "middle management" position and make the Autocross and Track Chair board positions, as many other regions do. Current Autocross Chair Chris Hamilton and Track Chair Tim Smith were likewise in favor, so the board voted at the last board meeting to adopt the following change to the GGR bylaws to implement this. The text of the modification is below.

Proposal to amend the GGR bylaws.
  1. Eliminate Competition Director as an elected position and remove from Article VII of the bylaws.
  2. Add two new elected positions to the board: Autocross Director and Track Director and add the position descriptions below to Article VII.
  3. Amend Article VI Section 2 to replace "nine (9) elected" with "ten (10) elected".
  4. Amend Article VI Section 9 to include the sentence: "In the event of a tie vote the President may cast an additional vote to break the tie."

Autocross Chair (Director)
  1. To develop a suitable schedule of Autocross events for all members.
  2. To compile and enforce autocross rules under which these events are conducted. Rules for events shall be established as specified in the GGR Rule Books. These may also require coordination with the Track Chair.
  3. To schedule autocross events. Said schedule subject to approval of the Board of Directors.
  4. To negotiate for and procure suitable sites.
  5. To coordinate with the track chair, other GGR organizations and other PCA clubs in connection with conducting and participating in events.
  6. To jointly procure competition awards with the Track Chair.
  7. To appoint with approval of the Board of Directors such Special Committees as necessary to carry out the above.

Track Chair (Director)
  1. To develop a suitable schedule of Track events (Driver Education, Time Trials, Race) for all members.
  2. To compile and enforce track rules under which these events are conducted. Rules for events shall be established as specified in the GGR Rule Books. These may also require coordination with the Autocross Chair.
  3. To schedule track events. Said schedule subject to approval of the Board of Directors.
  4. To negotiate for and procure suitable sites.
  5. To coordinate with the autocross chair, other GGR organizations and other PCA clubs and other organizations in connection with conducting and participating in events.
  6. To jointly procure competition awards with the Autocross Chair.
  7. To appoint with approval of the Board of Directors such Special Committees as necessary to carry out the above.
Subject a wee bit of further word-smithing, this proposal will likewise be put to the members for a vote in the coming election. If you have some particular thoughts on this, feel free to email the Board.

Driving Season Goes Into the Home Stretch

For those of you who joined us at Thunderhill Raceway Park this past weekend, we had a near-perfect weekend of balmy Saharan temperatures. Mercury in the 90's on Saturday made tire warmers utterly irrelevant. Track Chairs Tim Smith and Kim Garcia kept things on track with their ever-cool demeanor. Club racers on hand were, as always "racey."

Only one more track event this year, and it is perfectly timed to avoid having to help out with Thanksgiving preparations:

Date                                  Location                                       Events

November 24, 25               Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca    Driver Education/Timed Runs

But, we actually still have FOUR autocrosses to go! Cowabunga!

Date                 Location            Event

September 21    Alameda            Autocross #7 GGR (Sat), LPR (Sun), Zone 7 Autocross weekend 
September 29    Marina Airfield   Autocross #8 (LPR Autocross on Sat., Sept. 28 at Marina) 
October 19         Alameda           Autocross #9 
November 16     Alameda           Autocross #10     
I was at the last autocross and did quite well following my usual rule of only paying attention to the delta (my times got faster!) and ignoring the absolute numbers. Oh, well. 
A  Great Time at the Carlsen Concours

Those who joined us on August 4 at the Carlsen Concours got a great lunch courtesy of Carsen Porsche got to see all the members who brought by crazy-clean cars for judging. I joined the wow-clean crowd for this event before returning to getting my car dirty (much more fun!) at the next autocross and track weekend. Here's a photo courtesy of Rich Tsai. Click here for more photos. 

Accepting my First in Class award from GGR Concours Chair Larry Adams and Treasurer Linda Adams
Also, below is Rich Tsai's video of Social Director Michael Griffin's morning tour as it arrived at the Concours for lunch and to watch the awards.

PCA Tour to Carlsen Porsche 2013 
PCA Tour to Carlsen Porsche 2013
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Till next month...  





Letter from the Editor  
Alameida big
--by John Celona, Nugget Editor

Self-Service on Email Addresses, Please!

Every month I get a few or sometimes many emails from readers about updating their email addresses. First, thanks for wanting to stay in touch! Second, there is no staff here! There's only CoCo and I doing this each month, and there are over 3,000 folks subscribing to The Nugget.

Accordingly, to send The Nugget to any email address you like or to unsubscribe, just go to the bottom of any issue of The Nugget. There's one option at the bottom that says:

And another that says:

These should be able to take care of you.

My apologies at the folks who get irritated with their change requests via reply emails not getting handled. I would cuss out the staff--but I don't have any! 


Thanks for reading.   


Porsche Pets Rule!   
Now this is a sunbath! Sasha loves the sink. --Capt. Mike Sherman



Send in your baby's photo! Pets are people, too!   


kahlers 3

Membership Report

--by Capt. Mike Sherman, Membership Director


GGR Regional Summary--April
July 2013  



Primary Members    1,549  

Affiliate Members     1,001             

Life Members                 7         

Total Members         2557

New Members              45 including Affiliate/Family


What's new? This month GGR announced a new online Webstore that features GGR logo clothing and other items. The GGR Webstore is located on the PCA website at Just log in and create an account to get shopping. Of course, they take all major credit cards. We're working hard to increase your enjoyment and excitement about participating in club events. Logo-wear is a great way to "show the colors," reflect your passion for Porsche, and spread the word about the club while inspiring others to join.


Regarding membership, as always please remember for PCA membership database updates (late renewing members, changed regions, dual memberships, etc.) contact the PCA national office staff. Call or email the PCA office manager at national, Charlotte Chirinos - - 410-381-0911 - who coordinates those requests.  


Remember that GGR uses some popular "Social Media" websites to help us stay in touch with our members. So, if you're inclined, please "like" Golden Gate Region PCA on Facebook or "Follow" @PCAGGR on Twitter!


We have also created a survey that we'd like to have you take to get your input on what you expect from your membership.  When you have the time, please take it and help us make GGR even better - Here is a link to the survey:


Thanks to our membership we had 98 renewals this last month. Well done and all the best, Capt. Mike


Welcome to Our New/Transferred July Members!


Total: 33 (including 10 Affiliate/Family Members)

Gregory Carr                                              1988 911 Silver

David Cho, (GPX)                                      2010 GT3 White

Stephane Demaret BELGIUM                   1986 911 Gold

Kyle Desousa                                            2000 BoxsterS Silver

Hassan & Purita Rashid (SBA)                  2004 GT3

James Keane                                             2009 911 C2S Black

Dan & Luke Lederman (DIA)                     2004 BoxsterS White

Matthew Knopp                                          2014 Cayman S Blue

Harry Lee & Anthony Chu                         1999 996 Silver

Robert Louden                                           2013 Boxster Yellow

Norm Meyrowitz(CIA)                                2010 Cayman Gray

Margot Novak & Kristen Marlo-Warren (LPA)1964 & 1963

Iain & Juliet Mulholland                              2013 Carrera 4S Silver

Deborah Nicholas & Peter O'Malley (OR) 1996 911 Blue

Daniel Richards (POT)                              1998 911

Geoff Richards (NE)                                   2008 Carrera S Blue

James Serrano                                           2006 911 Silver

Thomas Sigmon (AZ )& Joan G. Mulvihill 1993 911RS Blue

Todd Smith & Gordon Smith                      1982 911 SC Red

Edward Smithers   (CCC)                          2008 CaymanS Black

Stephen Stradley & Maryann Villavert       1974 914 Silver

Ngoc-Nhung Tran (SDO) & Dr. Lynne Baldassari-Cruz    2007 Boxster Red

Saji Kumar Vijaya Kumari Rajendran Nair &

Binitha Prasad Mathilakathu Narayan        2008 Cayman S Silver


Congratulations to our July 2013 Anniversary Members!


45 years - 1968

Judy Zaccone                                              1968 911L Polo Red      


35 Years - 1978

Hermann Bonasch                                       1978 911SC                          

Barbara McCrory                  

Steve McCrory                                              1967 911


30 Years - 1983

Richard Lessin                                               2006 911S Artic Silver                  

Don     Miraglia                                              1974    911                                    

Elena   Miraglia                                  


25 Years - 1988

Rebecca Harwell                                            

Dan Lofgren                                                    1987 911


20 Years - 1993

Dora Brown

Lyn Mehl


15 Years - 1998

Dana Ambrisko                                  

Ted Earle                                                        1996 993 Black                          


Caroline Nakajima                              

Ken Rosario                                                    1988 944 Turbo Black                          

Lori Wheeley                         

Christopher Zaccalini                                      1997 993 White                          


10 Years - 2003

John Andrews                                                 1991 944 S2 Red                            

Norbert Debler                                                1993 911 C2 Black                          

Victoria Earle                         

David  Francl                                                   2008 Carrera S White                          

James  Kersey                                                1972 911T                                                           


DonaldWild                                                    1987 911 Red                            

Russell Stedman                                             2002 911                                                                    


5 Years - 2008


Orlando Garcias                                              2002 Carrera4S Arctic Silver                  

Patricia Look                          


Terry Pence                                                    2001 Boxster Arctic Silver                  

Lisa Taylor                            

Scott Taylor                                                    1977 911                                       

Victor  To                                                        2000 Boxster Arena Red                      

Thea Donadio                        





Board of Directors
Richard French

GGR Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes for August 25, 2013 


--by Richard French, Secretary 


In attendance: John Celona, Richard French, Linda Adams, Larry Adams, Michael Griffin, Paul Larson, Michael Sherman, Kathy Sherman, Bill Benz, Tim Smith, Kim Garcia, Chris Hamilton, Bern Beecham


Absent: Andrew Forrest


Meeting called to order at 6:00pm on Sunday August 25, 2013 at the residence of John Celona and Bubba Gong.


No agenda changes - No calendar changes


Postmortem of Past events


7/13 - 7/14 GGR DE/TT at Thunderhill was very successful and very well attended. Hot weather and tons of smiles.


7/20 & 8/17 AX were very well attended.  


8/4 Road Tour ending at Carlsen Concours was over subscribed with 24 cars participating. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the drive through the peninsula hills.  


8/4 Carlsen Concours was well attended, over 200 lunches were served by Carlsen. 32 cars were judged and 12 were display-only. Carlsen feedback was also very positive.


Directors' Reports


President- Nothing to report.


Vice President- Insurance certificates in place for 8/31-9/1 DE, TT, CR at Thunderhill, 9/21 and 10/19 AXs in Alameda.


Secretary- Previous board meeting minutes were read and accepted, update to bylaws were presented to board and approved for inclusion in this years election. These will be published in the Nugget.


Treasurer -

The Treasurer's report was delivered and accepted.  



Competition - Alameda Naval Airstation, and in particular the runway we use for AX, may be bulldozed and buildings erected in 2014. An alternative site for AX may need to be arranged.


Membership- 48 new members were accepted into GGR. 2557 total.


Webmaster - Several new themes have been reviewed by board members as initial step in revamping the current website (no decision yet). Next step will be to review navigation and site map in cooperation with content owners.


Social- Annual awards banquet will be held on the afternoon of Sunday January 5, 2014. Two venues are being considered. Cost per person attending will be $60.00. For road trips it was agreed that 4 radios are necessary to relay locations. Board approved purchase of 4 radios.


Open Forum for members

No questions were asked.



Other Business


A motion to accept the nomination of candidates for the open positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer was discussed and approved without opposition. The candidates accepted by the board are: President - Richard French, Secretary - Bill Benz, Treasurer - Larry Adams.


A motion to approve the amendment of the bylaws to (1) eliminate the position of competition director (2) make the track chair and autocross chair board positions (3) to give the president an additional vote in the event of a tie vote, was accepted without opposition. The amendments will be submitted to all members for a vote.


Drivers event committee (DEC) will be coordinated by Tim Smith and John Celona. Rules change submissions have been posted on the GGR forums. Proposed rules changes are now closed.


A review of the items on the new GGR specific PCA store was held. Photos have been posted to GGR Facebook page.


3 new GGR banners were presented to the board for use by AX, Track, Social and other member events. Thanks goes to Capt Mike.


Redbook update status was provided. Currently in 11 sections and will be posted to Google docs for update.


Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.






The Power Chef

NE Bike --by John Celona



 Video on the Way!     


Okay, now that the cookbook is finished on account if it being printed and is listed on Amazon, my next task is to figure out how to get it noticed amidst the flood of publisher and self-published works.


My first thought was to keep it simple: just host a prime-time show on the Food Network. Strangely enough, they haven't yet contacted me about this. (If Network Executive is perchance reading this, you can reach me at


In the interim, looks like a do-it-yourself video on YouTube will have to do. Maybe, just maybe, if I sprinkle it with media and incubate it at 98ºF it will even go "viral."
Click me to Look Inside!


Since I know next-to-nothing about such things, I'll be following some expert advice that I need to do a "trailer" first. Got all the footage filmed for this and need to get to editing. Hope to have it up by the next issue of The Nugget.


In the interim, to find the ebook in the Apple bookstore, just search for "John Celona The Power Chef" in the iTunes store. That will find me.


Click the cover image to the right to go to the Amazon listing, where you can also "Look Inside!" 


 You can also follow me on The Power Chef Cookbook Facebook page by clicking the link below.  


Will first put in a new recipe (not in the cookbook!) for GGR readers below, then post it to the Facebook page.


Stay tuned...


Why I Recommend Off-Roading Your Porsche  


Yes, if you'd really like to learn how to drive your Porsche, test its limits and develop your own, you should off-road it.



Nope: I'm not just talking about Cayennes, nor am I recommending you take your beloved 911, Cayman, Boxster, 944, 928, 914, etc., into the bushes. What I do recommend is that, if spirited driving is your aim (why else own a Porsche??), best to pursue it at an autocross or on the track and not on public roads.

The reasons for this are simple:
  1. It's a safe, controlled environment.
  2. Qualified instructors are available to show you what to do and not do and help you get the most out of yourself and your car.  
I just got back from the GGR track weekend at Thunderhill. There, I was able to drive safely for lap after lap pushing the car and myself hard enough that, if I drove that way on the street, I would be seriously asking for to hurt myself, someone else, or end up in jail.

This is not the case at an autocross or at the track. GGR and PCA's objectives there are to offer you a safe, fast, thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying driving experience.  


A big part of this is the controlled environment. The course is fenced and restricted so you can be assured that, when you go around the next corner, there won't be a child, dog, deer or tree confronting you.  


Further, people have checked and keep an eye on the course for hazards that could all too quickly turn your vehicle into a ballistic object: sand, oil, coolant, etc. 


A number of years ago a number of GGR members were on a "spirited" driving on a country road. One driver, in a brand-new 911 GT3, went around a corner and apparently got two wheels off the pavement and into the dirt. The sudden change in traction instantly sent the car into a spin and it went driver's door first into a tree. The driver did not survive. 


Even the best Porsche engineering cannot repeal the laws of physics.  


PCA's aim and safety philosophy is that such events should NEVER happen at a club event. The whole team of workers and instructors at each event are following rules and procedures aimed at preventing such events.   


Yes, professional race drivers do occasionally die in races. They are going much, much faster and are racing wheel-to-wheel. 


At autocrosses, cars are going one at a time and the worst thing that can happen is you spin your car, which may flat-spot the tires but doesn't otherwise hurt you or the car.  


At the track, corner workers and the tower and constantly monitoring driver behavior and, should a driver be driving in an unsafe manner, he or she is immediately given a black flag and brought in for a stern talking-to.  


For all these reasons, I just cringe when I hear of fast driving on public roads.  


My sincere recommendation, both for your own good and that of your fellow creatures: save the hard driving for the autocross or the track. Drive defensively, safely, and observe all traffic laws when on public roads. There are enough crazily aggressive drivers out there just about to "run out of driving ability" that it's quite enough to avoid their follies.  


We'll all be safer and happier this way.  


Bon áppetit!

The Power Chef 


Summer Salad     


I love making summer salads with fresh, great ingredients from the local farmers' market. Why stick to just lettuce? Any vegetable with a simple dressing, a few tomatoes, red onions, and maybe some olives can be turned into a great and simple gourmet salad. Let your creativity flow!




The Gist
Your choice of fresh vegetable gets steamed, then tossed with a simple vinaigrette and maybe some minced red onions and sliced olives. That's it!

Dressing Ingredients
3 Tb extra virgin olive oil
1 Tb white balsamic vinegar
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp fresh ground black pepper
1/4 tsp tarragon (fresh minced or dried)
(optional) 1 tsp Dijon mustard

Salad Ingredients
4 cups steamed fresh vegetable (green beans, yellow squash, or zucchini work great)
1/4 red onion, minced
1-2 vine ripe tomatoes, chopped
8 green olives, sliced

Mix together the dressing ingredients. Pour over the salad ingredients and toss. Manga!
Black olives or Niçoise olives are fine in addition to or in lieu of the green olives.

Canned, drained beans (kidney, garbonzo, cannelini) make a nice and easy addition.

Perfectly fine to add some lettuce if you're so inclined.



European Autotech
Please note new web site:
Pebble Beach Photos
Photograher Rich Tsai shared with us his photos of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Click the photo below to see more.

Coming soon to a dealer new YOU!


Job Opening at PCA Galactic HQ
Please share with those that may be interested:

Full-time position available with Porsche Club of America
PCA's National Office is looking to hire a Digital Media Coordinator! Our newest team member will develop and deploy PCA's digital media. She or he will actively engage members, potential members, and guests via web and social media-not only to increase awareness about PCA but also to build a passionate online community to support the traditional PCA grassroots programs.
PCA's Digital Media Coordinator will be responsible for day-to-day content management on as well as its social media outlets and other electronic initiatives. Tasks include brand management, daily content updates (website copy, videos, social media, etc.), content development, and site maintenance. This person will interact with PCA staff, volunteers, and others throughout PCA and Porsche community to locate content that will enhance the online experience of members and guests.
Job Title: Digital Media Coordinator
Location:  Columbia, Maryland
Education Required:  Four-year degree, Journalism or English a plus
Experience Required:  At least two years in online media
For more information, click here:


The 911's Appeal is a German Thing
 GGR member Rick Zobelein shared with us this YouTube video:

The 911's Appeal Is a German Thing
The 911's Appeal Is a German Thing


Porsche Corral at Laguna Seca


Redwood Region Autocross


Redwood Region & Zone 7 Ledson Concours


Livermore Concours


Escape to Los Angeles


Hope there was enough to read this month! See you next month...

As always, thanks for reading.
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
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