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November 2013. Volume 53, Issue 8
In This Issue
From the Wurst Wing
Letter from the Editor
Membership Report
Board of Directors
The Power Chef
PCA looking for a National DE Chair
PCA Club Race at Buttonwillow
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Dear Porsche Enthusiast,

Welcome to The Nugget, the email newsletter of the Golden Gate Region, Porsche Club of America.
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CoCo in tutu
CoCo Giselle, CG
Executive Editor of The Nugget

For Halloween, CoCo decided to go with a classic ballerina look. So hard to get the toe shoes on her back paws!

Send in your baby's photo. Pets are people, too!

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From the Wurst Wing  
celona4 --by John Celona, GGR President

The Election is ON! 
GGR's annual Board of Directors election is on. You should have received an email with a link to vote by the time you read this. If not, please click here to vote. All GGR Active Members and Active Family members are entitled to vote, and each person needs to fill out their own ballot.

If you didn't get one, click here to go to the ballot.  
This year, the positions up for election are President, Treasurer and Secretary. We also are asking you to vote on an amendment to the GGR bylaws to eliminate the Competition Director position and to make the Autocross Chair and Drivers' Education Chair voting board positions.

Please take a moment to vote in this important election.

Save the Date: Sunday, December 15th at 5:30 pm for

Joint Board Dinner / Volunteer Appreciation Day &  
Charity Benefit for Toys for Tots              

Every year we thank the outgoing and incoming board members and event chairs and the volunteers who help out putting on club events with our Annual Joint Board Dinner / Volunteer Appreciation Day. This INVITATION ONLY  event is the least we can do for all the folks who go the extra mile to organize and put on club events rather than just participating (which we also appreciate!).

As always, we ask folks to bring a toy donation for Toys for Tots. Such a great way to kick off the Holiday Season!

An email will be going out soon to the board members and event chairs asking for the names of these hardworking folks (you know who you are!). An email invitation will be going out by the end of the month.

If you think you should be on the list, please mention it to one of the board members or event chairs (they're listed here). If you'd like to be invited to this great annual event, join us in one of the many, many, many club positions available. It's even more fun to organize events than to attend! (That's my story, and I'm sticking with it.) We even have openings for autocross chairs (next section).

Bi-annual Autocross Chair "Game of Chicken" Continues    
Nope: no one has yet stepped up to be GGR's Autocross Chair for the next two year term. If no one does, there will be no GGR autocrosses this coming year. Current co-chairs Chris Hamilton and Elaine Macey have done a great job turning the autocross into a team operation, which greatly lessens the load on the autocross chair. In addition, Elaine has volunteered to stay on to do the Alameda permitting process, which is a huge help.

Okay, so it is a lot of work. It's also a lot of fun. If you're someone who is at pretty much every autocross, you should consider taking a turn--as many other folks have done in past.


Volunteer and save the GGR autocross series! Email Chris before it's too late! 

Driving Season Goes Into the Home Stretch

Only one more track event this year, and it is perfectly timed to avoid having to help out with Thanksgiving preparations: 

Date                                  Location                                       Events

November 24, 25               Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca    Driver Education/Timed Runs

Registration for this event is now OPEN! Click here to register!

But, we actually still have ONE autocross to go! Cowabunga!

Date                 Location            Event

November 16     Alameda           Autocross #10     
Last chance to totally trash your tires so you can get new ones! 
Reminder: Sign up for GGR Announce for all the latest and greatest
For the latest and greatest new and information, click here to sign up for the GGR Announce email announcement list. This gets you the latest even before it gets posted on the web site!


Till next month...  





Letter from the Editor  
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--by John Celona, Nugget Editor

Self-Service on Email Addresses, Please!

Every month I get a few or sometimes many emails from readers about updating their email addresses. First, thanks for wanting to stay in touch! Second, there is no staff here! There's only CoCo and I doing this each month, and there are over 3,000 folks subscribing to The Nugget.

Accordingly, to send The Nugget to any email address you like or to unsubscribe, just go to the bottom of any issue of The Nugget. There's one option at the bottom that says:

These should be able to take care of you.

My apologies at the folks who get irritated with their change requests via reply emails not getting handled. I would cuss out the staff--but I don't have any! 


Thanks for reading.   


kahlers 3

Membership Report

--by Capt. Mike Sherman, Membership Director


GGR Regional Summary--September 2013  




Primary Members    1,564  

Affiliate Members       999                

Life Members                 7         

Total Members         2570

New/Transferred Members - 40 including Affiliate/Family


We're in the Top 10: This last month, GGR was listed by PCA as one of the top ten regions for Actual Growth: They are: Upper Canada - 118; Peachestate - 100; Lone Star - 75; Rocky Mountain - 75; Golden Gate - 71; Carolinas - 66. Congratulations to the Membership.


What's hot these days? It looks to me like you all are leaning towards local driving tours as one of the most popular activities these days. I know that Mike has run at least three of them with great success. In fact, the last one filled up so quickly that he had to limit the numbers...and then when they pulled into the Carlsen Concourse it was hard not to notice the broad grins on participants and onlookers alike. Great work and we'll do more I'm sure. They're a great way to socialize and meet other enthusiasts, drive (in a non-competitive manner) and enjoy the most amazing scenery in the world - the Bay Area. Stand by for more.


Stuck on You! GGR now has window stickers for your Porsche. Pick one up at any of the AX or track events and stick it in the window next to (or above) your PCA logo!  


Logo-wear: The GGR Webstore is online and ready. Locate it on the PCA website at Just log in to create an account and get shopping.


Remember - Every club benefits from new ideas, new enthusiasm and new approaches. We're always looking for help in that department as well as volunteers. Send us your ideas - email, survey input, etc. - we'll look at them all.


Thanks to our membership we had 65 renewals this last month. Here's an idea: when you park next to that Porsche, ask him/her if they belong to GGR - if not, ENLIST THEM! On my bike rides I'm always looking for that unaffiliated Porsche.


Cheers and all the best, Capt. Mike


Welcome to Our New/Transferred September Members!

Total: 40 (including 10 Affiliate/Family Members)

Jon & Jannie Affeld                                  2008 CayenneS Silver

Alan Alves                                                1962 356B Blue

Sotirios Barkas & Katrice Groothof          2001 Boxster Blue

Gay-Lynn Blanding (CCC)                       1998 911 C4S White

Barend Booysen   (CCC)                         2010 Cayman Gray

Donald & Michael Cappy                         2004 911

Andrew Carpenter                                    2013 911 Blue

Tienhao Chen & Hsiao-Lan                      2014 911 C4S Silver

Justin Cotton                                            1974 911 Red

Rahul Deshmukh                                      2005 Boxster Blue

Manoj Dhanapal                                       2014 CaymanS Black

Wesley Dick                                             2013 911 C2S Black

Rodney Ebstein                                       1995 911 Yellow

Mostafa Elhamy & Rachel Chen              2014 911 Gray

Antol Feher                                               2004 911 40th Silver

Alexander & James Geranios                   2010 CaymanS Black

Subhendra Ghosh,                                   1995 911 Blue

Dave & Kristen Grannan                          2013 911 4S Silver

Alex Gyure & Nancy Kochanski               2010 CaymanS Black

Michael Hughes                                       2006 911 Blue

Darlene Kindler     (CCC)                         2004 BoxsterS Silver

Michael Lam & Judy Ho                           2009 Boxster Black

Justin Lerman (SDO)                               1984 911 Guards Red

Joseph & Steve Minor (HOD)                  1972 911T White

Adam Moulden (CCC)                              2000 911 Blue

Tim Perry                                                 1999 996 Silver

Christoph Pfeifhofer (AUSTRIA)              1948 356 Silver

David Vespremi    (CCC)                          2011 Panamera Blue

Shaun Woo                                              1959 356A

Chris Yu                                                    2011 CaymanS Black


Congratulations to our September 2013 Anniversary Members!


45 Years - 1968

WalterVendley                                             1956 356A                    


35 Years - 1983

Carl Cilker                                                   1989 Carrera Baltic Blue      


30 Years - 1988

Mario Musto                                                1965 356


20 Years - 1993

Ron Atilano                                                  1977 911

Geraldine Campbell               


15 Years - 1998

Jeff Chase                                                    1995 993                                       

Susan Gower                          

Gary Hamilton                                              1987 911                                       

Frank Hertlein                                               2001 BoxsterS                                                        

Ruth Hill                                

RobertMurillo                                                2003 GT3 Cup White                          

RobertSutton                                                1989 944                                       

Michael Moschella                                        1972 911           


10 Years - 2003

Lorie    Johnson


5 Years - 2008

Fulvio  Cervone                                             1980 911 SC Metallic Blue                  

Caroline Eiskamp                               

John Eiskamp                                                1998 993 C2S Arctic Silver                  

Jeff Haas                                                       1965 911 Green                          

Katherine Haas                                  

Edward Kupa                                                  2003 996 TT Polar Silver                  

Marie Nakazawa                                             2008 Cayman Ruby Red                      

Nick Zannis                           

Allen Hastings                                   

Robin Hastings                                               2004 CayenneS Titanium                      

Heidi Morrison                                  

Peter Sierant                                                  1973 911 White                          


Board of Directors
Richard French

GGR Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes for October 13, 2013 


--by Richard French, Secretary 


 Richard will be back with board minutes next month. -Ed. 



The Power Chef

NE Bike --by John Celona



 Health Care: It's Up to YOU!       


 Last February I wrote a column entitled "Good Health Doesn't Come in a Pill," which you can go read here if you're so inclined. 


In it, I recounted some recent results on the issue of what doctors can do for you versus what you can do for yourself through diet and exercise.  In view of the uproar over the launch of (try visiting if you feel adventurous), I thought more on this subject might be timely. 


The proposition, which I've been testing over and over with doctors, is that the whole system we call "Health Care" should be called "Disease and Injury Care" because that's what they really do: intervene and try to treat diseases and injuries. As many have noted to me, this system is extremely good and dealing with trauma and acute conditions (broken bones, auto accidents, etc.) but not so good at dealing with chronic conditions.


Those chronic conditions include all the things associated with metabolic syndrome (being overweight), which include: Type 2 (adult onset) diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, etc. It also includes arthritis and all the aches and pains we all deal with as we get older.  


Let's face it: for most of humanities' existence, people had babies as soon as they were able and by around age 30 or so had been eaten or died of something. Only in the last few thousand years (and particularly the last few hundred years) have people started to live significantly longer--not enough time for evolution to catch up with different adaptations.  


Put simply, most of us are lucky enough to outlive the design life of the equipment. And medicine hasn't yet advanced to where it can overcome the effects of aging through pills or surgery.  


However, thankfully, there is something at all of our disposal which dramatically effects the aging process and how healthy you are: diet and exercise.  


Hence my Radical Theory of Health Care:  


Health Care is Diet & Exercise 


Go to a doctor if you feel you have a disease or injury that's not taking care of itself.


The last point seems lost on most people when they go to the doctor to "get fixed." As I've discussed before, people some hung up on the mechanism versus organism problem. Mechanisms wear out with use, and replacing parts fixes them. Organisms get stronger with use, and the replacement parts are not yet anywhere near as good as the original equipment.  


So, rather than go to an orthopedic surgeon for shoulder issues as many of my friends have and do, I keep working on the set of exercises that keeps my shoulders doing what I want them to do. Sure, I don't bench press heavy weight any more. But my shoulders, although sore after working out, don't really bother me. Decades ago when I dislocated my collar bone after being hit by a car while bike riding, the orthopedic surgeon told me I would get really bad arthritis and they had a great surgery for it. Twenty-seven years later, me and the 10-pound dumbells are still holding out.  


Likewise for diet--a subject I never seem to tire yacking about! What ca

Click me to Look Inside!

n I say: I like the way eating healthy food makes me look and feel! And it can taste great, too! I should write a book about that--oh wait, I already did!


So I'm really concerned about the whole premise of the

Affordable Care Act: that people should spend more on health insurance so they can use more of doctors and hospitals. (I understand, healthy people pay more so unhealthy people pay less, but if utilization is going up so will total cost.)  


I would say just the opposite: that people should do more Health Care (diet and exercise) so they need less of doctors and hospitals! And that doesn't require a government program.  


In past columns, I've also recounted the growing contra-indications on all the stuff cited as "preventive health care": PSA screening, colonoscopies, etc. Please: don't give me more tests; just give me more broccoli!


I'm also very mindful that the most common diseases and injuries take care of themselves whether you go to the doctor or not. I've a 74-year-old friend I swim with, Barry, whom I can keep up with on good days and mostly not on the rest. Barry gets back troubles every now and again. He told me, "I used to go to the doctor, and they would give me an MRI and tell me to rest it. Now I just know if I take it easy it will be fine in a week or two." We need more people like Barry.  


Here's hoping that you give yourself more care for your health by getting a little bit better with your diet and exercise and sticking with it!  


First Video OUT! 


Well, I had the good fortune to be one of the authors asked to speak at "Authors for Literacy," a fundraiser for the Martin Luther King Foundation, and the second good fortune that someone was there to videotape me.


With a little (lot!) of editing, I have the first segment up where I do a little introduction and then a live demonstration of my super great and easy coffee recipe--with a volunteer from the audience?


Did she like it or not? Was it one of those very embarrassing live moments?? You'll just have to look for yourself! Below is the link to the YouTube video on my channel.


"Authors for Literacy" presentation (Part I)

If you'd like the recipe in written form, search for "John Celona The Power Chef" to find the ebook in the iTunes bookstore or the paperback or Kindle versions on Amazon.

 You can also follow me on The Power Chef Cookbook Facebook page by clicking the link below.  


At the "Authors for Literacy" I had sample of my likewise super great and easy barbecue steak recipe for people to try. It was very funny seeing peoples' reactions as they made their way down a table laden with books and suddenly came to a large tray of BEEF. Will have the video with that part for next month.


 For this month, read on for how to do a grand-slam home run Turkey for Thanksgiving! 


Bon ppetit!

The Power Chef 


Superb Stuffed Roast Turkey       


Thanksgiving is probably the biggest Kitchen Trauma day of the year: everyone stresses so much about producing a great turkey! I break it down to two easy steps: (1) brine it; (2) roast it. Both make a huge difference in turning out the most moist, tasty turkey you've ever had. Use the deluxe roasting method if you're feeling adventurous, or just brine and roast how you usually do. Both will come out great!




Crispy top and bottom and oh so good! 
The Gist
The turkey gets marinated for one or more days in a strong salt, pepper, and herb brine, then stuffed and roasted at 450˚F. At this temperature, it has to be flipped part way through to be cooked evenly, but will cook faster. If you're not up to flipping it, turn the temperature down to 350˚F and cook it longer.

A Turkey (as big as you can lift comfortably)
1 cup salt
1/3-cup fresh ground pepper
1 cup chopped fresh rosemary or sage
approximately 1 gallon of cool water
a 16-quart stock pot or 5 gallon bucket
stuffing (your favorite recipe)
4-6 poultry skewers

Thaw the frozen turkey. Overnight in cold water will do it (a big garage sink works wonderfully for this). In the fridge, it will take several days to thaw.

Once, the turkey is thawed, rinse thoroughly in cool water. Reserve the giblets and neck for gravy. Then combine the salt, pepper, and herb in the stock pot. Add about a gallon of cool water and stir until the salt is dissolved. There should be just enough water that the turkey would be submerged when pressed down, though it will actually float. That's fine because it gets turned over through the marination process.

Give the turkey a few turns to get it thoroughly drenched on all sides, then marinate for 24 hours in the fridge, flipping every 6 hours or so. If you have time (and I highly recommend this), it can soak for days more. I find that a minimum of 3 days is required to get the flavors to penetrate all the way.
turkey in brine
Ms. Birdie in her beauty bath!

On Thanksgiving day, take the pot out of the fridge and set on the counter first thing in the morning so the turkey can begin to warm up.

Start your oven preheating to to 450F, then make the stuffing while the oven is heating. Remove the turkey from the marinade and discard the marinade (no re-using!).  Stuff the turkey and use the poultry skewers to pull the skin together over the openings. I like to stuff the main cavity and to put some in the front. There's usually plenty of skin around the neck to make a pocket and, in my opinion, the stuffing roasted in the neck cavity directly under crisped skin is the best part. You could use thread to close the openings, but I find the skewers much easier to use and remove after cooking. Before putting the turkey in the oven, add about 1/4-inch of cold water to the bottom of the roasting pan so the drippings don't burn.

Set the turkey in a roasting rack, put the rack in the roasting pan, then roast it breast down for 1 to 1-1/2 hours, depending on how big it is.

Remove the roasting pan from the oven. Have a turkey-sized platter ready. Using several layers of paper towels in each hand so you don't get burned, lift the turkey and rack out of the pan and flip them together onto the platter. Then lift the rack off the turkey and set it back in the roasting pan. Still using the paper towels, flip the turkey over and set it breast side up on the rack.

Roast for another 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Replenish the water in the bottom of the pan if necessary. The turkey is done when a piercing in the deepest part of the thigh produces juice with just the faintest hint of pink. Or, if you have a meat thermometer, roast to an internal temperature of 150˚F.

Remove from the oven and let rest at least 30 minutes. A full hour is better, and the bird will still be warm two hours later.

Scrape the drippings and add them to the gravy. Remove the stuffing and put it in your serving dish. Carve the turkey as nicely or not as your inclined to (it tastes great in any shape!), then you're ready to eat.

The skin over the stuffing in the neck cavity will turn very dark during the cooking process, but won't actually burn. If you like, cover just this area with foil to keep it lighter in color.

I usually do a turkey weighing somewhere in the mid-20's. It's big enough to feed up to around 15 or 20 people and small enough that I can still flip it over. If I'm expecting more people than that, I'll usually do the non-traditional Thanksgiving menu with smoked turkeys instead of roasted stuffed turkeys because they cook faster and it's not too bad to do one after the other. Two roasted stuffed turkey is really hard unless you have two large ovens.

I usually get a frozen turkey. Fresh are a lot more expensive and I don't see the difference in the result. Most turkeys are dry because people overcook them. There should still be hints of pink in the finished result. An overcooked fresh turkey is just as dry as an overcooked frozen one.

If you're nervous about telling when the turkey is done, use a meat thermometer. However, only roast to an internal temperature of 150F-not the 180F temperature commonly recommended these days. Cooking to 180F will give you Roast Turtankahem (mummified turkey) for sure, and now amount of gravy will erase the impression that you're eating something which was not alive any time recently. 150F really is cooked enough to eat safely. In addition, out of "an overabundance of caution" as the lawyers would say, we're being extra-safe by:  (1) thoroughly rinsing first; and (2) soaking in a brine salty enough to kill bacteria.

I've cooked hundreds of turkeys over the years, and no one's gotten sick yet. But, everyone does say "Your turkey is so moist! What did you do?"

It's simple: don't overcook it. There will be hints of pink. Blame it on the marinade.
I also don't bother with covering with cheesecloth or anything else, or with basting. Both interfere with the skin browning. In addition, with enough marinading time, the flavor's already in the meat. And basting is not necessary if, again, you just don't overcook it.
The cooking method given here of using high heat and flipping the bird gives you a result similar to a fried turkey without the bother of special turkey fryer and all that hot oil. The finished bird is beautifully browned and crisp on all sides while still juicy and moist inside. It's not that hard if you just use enough paper towels to insulate your hands against the heat.
If it's more than you'd like to try, just reduce the oven to 350F and roast the turkey breast down. That's right: breast down. I know this is contrary to all the photos and recipes you've seen. I've tried it many times both ways and find that, breast up, the white meat is dry by the time the thighs are done. Roasting breast down gives you wonderfully moist breast meat when the bird is done. Sure, it won't look as pretty if you flip if over. Just don't!


European Autotech
Please note new web site:
PCA Looking for a New National DE Chair
To: PCA DE Chairs, CDIs and Region Officers

From: Caren Cooper, National Vice President

Re:  National DE Chair Position

After 13 years of service as PCA's National DE Chair, Pete Tremper will be mentoring a new National DE Chair in 2014.  Pete has done an outstanding job over the years growing and evolving PCA's DE Program that now spans 70 PCA Regions, with more than 250 DE events per year, and over 4,000 Instructors who have been through the National DE Instructor Training Program.   

A description of the position is attached here.

Below are base qualifications necessary for any applicant:
  1. As the "face of the PCA DE Program," this position requires a lot of interaction with members and therefore, strong interpersonal skills are a must.  The DE Chair is a member of the national staff, but must be able to understand regional challenges as they relate to the DE program.
  2. The applicant must be from a PCA Region with a very active DE program.
  3. The applicant must have served as a PCA Region DE Chair.  A member who has served as a PCA Region CDI and worked closely with the DE Chair is also invited to apply.
  4. The applicant must be aware that the time commitment is substantial.
  5. The applicant must have completed PCA's National Instructor Training Program.  
If interested, please complete the attached PCA Volunteer Form by Friday, November 1, 2013.   The Volunteer form can be found here (you'll need your username and password): If you have any questions, please feel free to email Pete Tremper at or Caren Cooper at

PCA Club Race at Buttonwillow


Hope there was enough to read this month! See you next month...

As always, thanks for reading.
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
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