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June & July 2013. Volume 53, Issue 5
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From the Wurst Wing
Letter from the Editor
Membership Report
Board of Directors
Social Report
The Power Chef
PCA Escape to LA 2013
May ALMS Laguna Seca photos
Redwood Region Concours
Carlsen Concours
Legends of the Autobahn
Concours on Campus
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CoCo Giselle, CG
Executive Editor of The Nugget

Since we've seen "Life of Pi," CoCo has very much taken it to heart to become "Richard Parker Kitty." Here she is hiding in the tall grass next to the tomatoes waiting for someone edible to walk be (she's the black blob in the middle of the patch.) 

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From the Wurst Wing  
celona4 --by John Celona, GGR President


Thank you letters          

As I mentioned last month, thanks to the generous involvement of the folks at Carlsen Porsche in the GGR Board Inaugural & Awards gala, we were able to make $2,000 donations to three different charities. I thought I'd share with you two of the thank-letters the club received.

Thanks and Appreciation to Carl Switzer          
This past month, the Board regrettably accepted the resignation of Carl Switzer as Competition Director. We would like to thank Carl for his longstanding service to the club as Autocross Chair, Track Chair, and Competition Director. Carl continues to serve as Club Race Chair. Carl's hard work and contributions to the club are very much appreciated.

Hello From Tim Smith, Track Chair

Our new Track Chairs Tim Smith and Kim Garcia have taken the bull by the horns in putting on two great events to kick off the club's track season: first at Thunderhill, then at Buttonwillow. They are assisted by a great team at the track, most notably Chief Driving Instructor Craig Lisowski who took over from long serving John Tavernetti. Tim sent me an update after our Buttonwillow event which I'd like to share with you.
Chief Driving Instructor Craig Lisowski & Track Chair Tim Smith
We just completed another fantastic event at Buttonwillow.  Beautiful weather, ~70 DEers, ~30 racers, 0 incidents and tons of smiles.  Good fun was had by all.  We had 18 students, which is an all-time high for recent years.  Thanks to Craig for running a top notch Instructional program.  We received many compliments that GGR has the best instructional program around, a testament to our CDI and instructors.  We also had some long time GGR members rejoin us as they are getting back into tracking.  All in all, the GGR Track Program Team and other volunteers did a great job running a very 'positive' event.

PCA National reps had a great time and left with smiles on their faces and great accolades for the GGR Club Race program. Thanks to Andrew Forrest and Carl Switzer for all they do to help ensure we put on great race events.  And we're happy to report that our former CDI, John Tavernetti, scored two podium finishes in his first Club Race weekend.

Tim & Company will be down at Laguna Seca this coming weekend for a PCA Club Race (sorry, no Drivers' Education sessions that weekend), but will be back a few weeks later at Thunderhill for a full two days of Drivers' Education and Club Racing on July 13-14.

Click here to register and come join us so you know what you're doing on Bastille Day.

Over the two days, you can expect about FOUR HOURS of track time for about 1/8th the cost for seven minutes at that silly place outside of Vegas. Forget about how fast you went on 280! Come to the track for some real driving!

Here's the complete schedule of track events for this year:

Date                                  Location                                       Events

June 21, 22, 23                 Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca    Club Race (guests of SFR of SCCA)
July 13, 14                         Thunderhill Raceway Park           Driver Education/Timed Runs
August 31, September 1    Thunderhill Raceway Park           Driver Education/Timed Runs*
November 24, 25               Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca    Driver Education/Timed Runs
* Possible Club Race

For something a little closer to home, check out one of the upcoming autocrosses.

Date                 Location            Event

July 20               Alameda            Autocross #5  
August 17          Alameda            Autocross #6  
September 21    Alameda            Autocross #7 GGR (Sat), LPR (Sun), Zone 7 Autocross weekend 
September 29    Marina Airfield   Autocross #8 (LPR Autocross on Sat., Sept. 28 at Marina) 
October 19         Alameda           Autocross #9 
November 16     Alameda           Autocross #10     
If you've never done an autocross before, instruction is available free of charge when you show up (just raise your hand at the drivers' meeting).  

Another Great Tour

New Social Director Michael Griffin has kept the pace up with another great tour. Check out Michael's full story and photos below. If you're interested in helping Michael plan and execute a tour, please click here to email him.

Reminder: Sign Up for GGR Announce to Get All the Latest Info

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Till next month...  





Letter from the Editor  
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--by John Celona, Nugget Editor

Self-Service on Email Addresses, Please!

Every month I get a few or sometimes many emails from readers about updating their email addresses. First, thanks for wanting to stay in touch! Second, there is no staff here! There's only CoCo and I doing this each month, and there are over 3,000 folks subscribing to The Nugget.

Accordingly, to send The Nugget to any email address you like or to unsubscribe, just go to the bottom of any issue of The Nugget. There's one option at the bottom that says:

And another that says:

These should be able to take care of you.

My apologies at the folks who get irritated with their change requests via reply emails not getting handled. I would cuss out the staff--but I don't have any! 


Thanks for reading.   


kahlers 3

Membership Report

--by Capt. Mike Sherman, Membership Director


GGR Regional Summary--April 2013  



Primary Members    1,536  

Affiliate Members        992               

Life Members                  7         

Total Members         2,535

New Members               23 including Affiliate/Family


Driving Europe: Just got back from cruising the autostradas of Italy...tried to remember that the speed is controlled by radar, but...once those Audis, Cayennes and Benz's scream by forcing you into the center lane (not a Ferrari in sight), it's hard not to keep your foot planted firmly on the floor...OK, so it was a Peugeot diesel wagon, it still wailed down the straight-a ways. I'm always impressed with the diesels in Europe - no more clatter, no more smoke, no "cleaning our nails" waiting for the plugs to glow. Now they're torque monsters with speed and mileage to spare. Noteworthy is that Porsche Cayennes now come in that flavor as well. At €68 a fill-up (about $90) for diesel as opposed to higher costs for benzina in Europe, it's no wonder they've gone diesel.


Please note the 50th Golden Anniversary of our own Shirley Neidel this month! Congratulations Shirley and the whole Neidel clan.


Regarding membership, as always please remember that any PCA membership database updates (late renewing members, changed regions, dual memberships, etc.) are handled by the national office staff. Call or email the PCA office manager at national, Charlotte Chirinos - charlotte@pca.org - 410-381-0911 - who coordinates those requests.  


Thanks to our membership we had 89 renewals this last month. Well done and all the best, Capt. Mike


Welcome to Our New/Transferred Members!

Total: 23 (including 3 Affiliate/Family Members)


Mike Broermann                                      2001 911 Turbo Silver

Prashant Chatterjee                                1999 Carrera Blue

Eddie & Edward Eng (CAI)                      2001 911 Gray

David Gross                                             2006 911 Silver

Jacqueline Javier   (CCC)                        2007 Cayman

Lawrence Jen                                          2014 Cayman Black

Anthony Juricich (CCC)                           2001 Carrera Silver

Eric Lam                                                  2005 Cayenne Silver

Richard Last                                            1988 944 Red

Eric Lee                                                   2012 CaymanR Green

Arne Morten Lund                                   1980 911SC Red

Mathieu Martel                                        2005 BoxsterS Black

Jaime Mendoza                                      2011 CayenneS Silver

Tsubasa Michishita                                 2010 CaymanS Blue

Miller, Jeffrey & Cynthia Scott                 2010 GT3 Silver

Michael & Dianne Odonnell                    2008 GT2 Black

Llewellyn Powers,                                   2010 Boxster Black

Vivek Santhosh                                       2010 Cayman White

Gonzalo Silveira (CAI)                            1986 944 Turbo White

Brian Topping (MNY)                              2003 996 C2 Silver

Dave Yam                                               1999 911 Silver


Congratulations to our May 2013 Anniversary Members!


50 Years!

ShirleyNeidel                                                  1972 914


45 years - 1968

Marilyn Burn                                                   1968 912


40 Years - 1973

Charles Johnston                                            1972 914                                       

Daniel  Macdonald                                          1959 356A Black      


30 Years - 1983

Sergio Meza                                                    1970 911                                       

Edmund Ong                                                   1976 911                   


25 Years - 1988

Rick Brown                                                     1980 911SC        


20 Years - 1993

Anthony Heyer                                               1998 Boxster                        

Monica Kost                                             


15 Years - 1998

Allan Grimm                                                   1997 C2s                            

John Kloosterman                                          1969 911T                          

RobertLawrence                                             1981 911

Doug Williams                                                1970 911

Mark Hutchinson                                            1974 911

Robert Sutton                                                 1989 944


10 Years - 2003

Lawrence Choy                                              2005 CayenneS Metallic Maroon                

William Thamm                                              2002 Boxster  


5 Years - 2008

Don Cabaluna                        

Anita Ho                                

Gustin Ho                                                      1989 911 Red                            

Matthew Hough                                             1988 911 Silver                        

Virginia Jennings                                

PatrickKrause                                                1986 951 Maroon                        


John Lawrence                                   

Monty Pack                                                    2005 GT3 Silver                        

Edward Po                                                     2007 997 GT3 Arctic Silver                   





Board of Directors
Richard French

GGR Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes for May 19, 2013 



In attendance: John Celona, Richard French, Linda Adams, Larry Adams, Andrew Forrest, Michael Griffin


Absent: Carl Switzer, Paul Larson, Michael Sherman


Meeting called to order at 5:55pm on Sunday May 19, 2013 at John & Bubba's house in San Carlos.


No agenda changes - No calendar change


Postmortem of Past events

5/18 Mines Road tour was very successful with 22 cars & 32 members & friends. Due to the Amgen bike tour the road in the direction we took was empty which made for an enjoyable scenic tour. 2/3 of participants indicate this was their first event with GGR.


5/18 & 5/19 AX at Alemeda was also highly successful and very well attended with over 70 AXers each day.



Directors' Reports

President - Adolescent Counseling Services & Masonic Home for Children sent very nice than you letters to the club for our charitable donations. John Celona agreed to contact Mark Powell with regards to picnic. Reminder that Parade this year started on 6/23 in Traverse City, MI.


Vice President - Insurance certificates in place for 5/24-5/25 DE/TT/Club Race at Buttonwillow Raceway. Additionally certificates are in place for 6/8, 7/20, 8/17 9/21 and 10/19 AX's in Alameda. Certificate still needed to be ordered for 6/21-6/23 club race at Laguna Seca, 7/13-7/14 DE/TT at Thunderhill, 8/31-9/1 DE/TT/CR at Thunderhill and 9/29 AX at Marina.


Secretary - Previous board meeting minutes were read and accepted.


Treasurer -

The Treasurer's report was delivered and accepted.  



Competition - No Report. Larry raised a discussion on the allowance of open wheeled vehicles at AX events occurred. Open wheeled vehicles have not been allowed to participate in the past due to Insurance reasons. This will likely continue until it can be discussed with Insurance provider.


Membership - (submitted via email)


As I am presently chasing Ferraris and Lambos down the Amalfi Coast in my Opel rental, I'll submit my report herewith by email.

  1. Our current membership is as follows:
    1. Primary Members       1,539  
    2. Affiliate Members          999                 
    3. Life Members                   7         
    4. Total Members          2,545
  2. We have 52 new members, which include 15 affiliate/family members.
  3. Please note that George Neidel has this month reached his 50th anniversary as a PCA member - and that's been duly noted in the Nugget Membership notes...Shirley's 50th is next month, FYI.
  4. I have emailed "welcomes, warnings and pleas to re-up" as follows:
    1. New member welcome emails - 48 (includes 6 newbies this week)
    2. Reminders to renew membership - 78
    3. Emails to reconsider not renewing - 24


Webmaster -Traffic continues to be approx. 2K uniques. Considering an alternative mailer system.


Social - Two places being considered for annual awards lunch/dinner - AutoVino and Club Auto Sport.



Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:00pm.



Social Report

--by Michael Griffin, Social Director


Unbelievable. I couldn't believe Mines Road was totally empty! We had the road completely to ourselves: no cars, no motorcycles, and no bikes. Everyone had gone off to see the Tour de California and left the dream road to us and us alone. And we took it, yes we did!


It all started around 9 am as drivers started showing up Saturday, May 18 for the 2nd GGR Fun Run of the year. The weather in Livermore was "California dreamin'" marvelous, so if you had a cabrio, it was tops down for sure. By the time we departed an hour later, we had 22 cars and 32 participants headed south to Mt. Hamilton, 70 miles away. Look at the pictures that follow to see what a great time we had. And remember, you could join us for the next one...


Just a few of the beauties in the Livermore lineup, waiting to go.
Me, Michael G on the left with some of my buds...
Jeff Saccullo brought his '83 hot rod 911 air cooled for us to ogle, and we did. Talk about flared fenders....OMG!


Bored-out to 3.2 L, heads ported, polished, twin-plugged, F.I. and sport grind on the cams. What a mean motor, but "still easy to drive" sez Jeff.
Half way down the road, we stopped at the Junction Café, where the parking lot is normally jammed with motorcycles. Today, we had it all to ourselves. Nice.
Thom Rubin & wife Dina in the middle, surrounded by pals.
Mid-pack leader Bern Beecham in middle, and friends.
Don Home with his latest Turbo. A guy can't have too many of these Turbos, I guess...
Arthur Wu, Karen Otani and Juana Lien on the left with fellow drivers...I'll take names next time, promise. Is that you, Sascha?
A pair of brightly colored gems out of the jewel box, wow.
Planetarium dome rising over the horizon. This photo wins 1st prize.
We had to tandem park because we totally filled the parking lot at the Lick Observatory on the top of Mt. Hamilton.
Do you know the way to San Jose? The road down the hill winds like a snake. Fun, fun, fun.
We had enough twisties to last us for a few months, at least until we do this all over again, that is.
Finally, pizza at Vito's Famous. Those smiling faces mean something, bro. Like, we had a really good time!
Special thanks to our photogs: Shacha Pruter, Channing Cheuk, Tinou Bao, Terry Smith. You make my job a snap.


Michael Griffin

GGR Social Director  




European Autotech
Please note new web site: europeanautotechsr.com

The Power Chef

NE Bike --by John Celona



 The Journey to a Book Launch!   


I started working on my cookbook six years ago 2007. My first Power Chef column appeared in the June, 2007 issue of The Nugget (it was on a lunch to bring along at an autocross). I created the first version of the manuscript in August of that year. It's been a long journey to get here, but the cookbook is finally read to go! Click here to see the listing on Amazon (the ebook is available in the iTunes store, and there is a big free preview you can download). Read on for the story of the journey to get to this point.

I started off attending a class on how to get published. This class was all about writing a book proposal and finding an agent. It was taught a husband-wife team of an author and an agent. The author's entire catalog (set of published books) was on sale at the class. I bought his book on getting published, read it, and dutifully followed all the instructions.


This started a months-long process of creating book proposal packages and sending them to agents who handled cookbooks. The standard advice was (a) for non-fiction, get your proposal accepted by an agent and then a publisher in case the publisher wanted input on the final book; and (b) for fiction, write the whole thing, then do the same with the book proposal.  


None of this work led anywhere other than creating a new file of rejection letters to add to the rejections letters from when I previously tried to publish a science fiction novel. Yes, I do have a book in print, Decision Analysis for the Professional, which was first published in 1986 and is now in its fourth edition and is used at Stanford and elsewhere. That didn't seem to help at all. So I decided to go ahead and write and look at self-publishing.  


My decision coincided with a number of major changes in the publishing business. The first was the explosion of self-published books. According to Bowker (which is where me and everybody else buys their ISBN book identifier codes), self-published books are up 287% since 2006 and now constitute around 43% of all published books--something like 235,000 titles.  


The number of self-published books is even higher if you count ebooks, which is the second major trend. How many ebooks are there? Actually, nobody knows--because an ebook can only be counted by Bowker if someone bought an ISBN number for it. That isn't required for a Kindle original book.


The third major change was the growth of online purchases. 44% of all books bought by consumers were sold online. Not good for bookstores. Borders went bankrupt. Barnes and Noble (the largest remaining bookstore chain) plans to close 1/3 of its stores over the next 10 years.


All these trends have meant that the job of promoting a book falls increasingly on the author--as my class teachers six years ago already knew. Welcome to the world of do-it-yourself publishing. A friend of mine told me that a friend of hers made a million dollars self-publishing before she was able to land a deal with a publisher.  


There are big outfits like Lulu and Create Space to help budding authors publish their own books. They tend to be print-on-demand (POD) publishers, which means they print a copy of your book when someone buys one. This is great if you have an all-text book.


Here's where I made things difficult for myself. I thought: what would I really like in a cookbook? That would be a photo for each recipe, both to help decide if you like the book and to pick what you'd like to make once you'd purchased it.



That turned out to be death for POD publishing. My book is 320 pages with photos of each recipe (plus table settings, etc.). The cost to print that with a POD publisher was around $50-75 each. Ever heard the term vanity book?

So I had to find a way to get the cost down. First part was to do all the design, page layout and photography myself. Took a bit of time to do all that, and even more to fuss with all the photos and page layouts.

Then came exploring printing options. After months of researching printers, I finally got quotes which would enable me to get the cost down.

To do that, though, I had to launch into the technical part of really doing it all yourself. Purchasing ISBN numbers. Registering an imprint (yup, the publisher is The Power Chef® Press). Producing a print-ready PDF with CMYK color separations to match printer profile used by the printer. Doing a custom page-size double spread for the front and back covers with the right sized spine (mine is 0.62 inches thick).

Then there's the do-it-yourself promotional stuff. Registering the trademark. Buying the URL for the web site (not built yet, but it will be thepowerchef.com!). Getting the Twitter handle @thepowerchef. Getting thepowerchef@gmail email account so I can have The Power Chef UTube channel when I start uploading videos (soon!).


Yes, it all took a while.


But, now, it's ALL DONE, beautiful, and offered for the GREAT price of $24.95! Will see if I can get the Armed Services to make it a standard issue item for all service people. At the least, my relatives will buy a few!


With a little luck, I'll recover some of the printing costs--just have to count the thousands of hours into the project as free! Life is all about the journey... 


Bon áppetit!

The Power Chef 


My Gazpacho   


In case you got the cookbook, here's a new recipe that's not in it! Maybe for Volume II...



There are many gazpacho recipes out there. This combines all the elements I like the best to make a "spicy salad soup!" Perfect for warm summer days and ripe tomatoes at the local farmers' market.



The Gist
The soup ingredients get pureéd together, then garnishes go on top. That's it!

Soup Ingredients
2-28 oz. cans of whole tomatoes, or 8-10 very ripe fresh ones
1-1/2 Japanese cucumbers, peeled and cut in hunks
2 red bell peppers, roughly cut in pieces
1 red onion, roughly cut in pieces
1 bunch fresh watercress (optional), roughly cut
2 slices whole wheat sourdough bread
2-3 cloves fresh garlic, peeled
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. fresh ground black pepper
1/4 tsp. ground chilpotle chile powder
1/2 tsp cumin seeds and 1/2 tsp Mexican oregano, roasted in a skillet and then ground
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
4-5 Tb red wine vinegar

Garnishes (cut in small pieces)
the other half Japanese cucumber
1 red bell pepper
1/2 red onion
1 cup garbonzo beans
1/2 cup crumbled bleu cheese or gorgonzola cheese
1/2 cup black olives
1 cup whole wheat croutons

Purée the tomatoes, cucumbers, red bells, red onion, watercress, bread, and garlic in several batches in a food processor or blender. Pour the purée into a large bowl and add the spices, oil and vinegar. Serve right away or chill several hours.

Top with an assortment of garnishes or let folks choose their own!
The watercress give the soup a more peppery flavor and darker color. I like it, but it can be omitted.

I've never been able to find whole wheat croutons in a store, so I make my own by spreading slices of whole wheat bread with my roasted garlic spread (recipe in the cookbook!), then toasting them in the oven and cutting into croutons.





PCA Escape to LA 2013
Plan Your "Escape!"

--by Robert Friedman

For several years now the Escape has been one of the most sought after and exciting events on the PCA calendar. Consisting primarily of tours and social events, this non-competitive weekend is the perfect relaxing PCA holiday. Held each year in a different area of the country, this weekend is rich with regional flavor and draws a national audience that enjoys a long weekend of spending time with their Porsche cars, Porsche friends and participating in Porsche activities.


Escape to Los Angeles is the theme for 2013, and the Escape is headquartered at the elegant Sheraton Fairplex in Pomona, CA (just outside of LA). Officially the dates are October 24-26, but you are encouraged to come early and stay late. There's a lot to do!


From Pomona we will radiate out on a wide variety of activities. You will find no shortage of things to do, places to go and food to eat. You will be among 500-600 other Porschephiles, seeing the best that Southern California has to offer.

The Angeles Crest Tunnel Approach

Hard at work, the 2013 Escape team has been busy finalizing the various tour routes throughout Southern California. The Escape will offer a variety of tours of varying lengths and activities to satisfy the interests of every attendee. From a leisurely drive of the San Gabriel Valley highlighting local architecture, the Huntington gardens, or the Los Angeles Arboretum; to, for the drivers amongst us, exciting mountain tours such as the Angeles Crest Highway, Highway 18 to Big Bear Lake, or to Mount Baldy along Glendora Canyon Road. Another option is an all day trip to Joshua Tree National Park with a stop in Palm Springs for dinner. There are even special tours planned of several unique museums; such as the Nethercutt and Mullin automotive museums, as well as a few intimate tours of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (a NASA nerve center for space exploration), and Space X (a private space exploration company). I'll get back to the activities with a bit more detail, but for a moment let's switch to banquets.

Sunset in the Angeles Forrest

The Escape has two official dinners planned, starting on Thursday night with the opening Car Show and Drive-in Movie banquet. Remember your high school years of polishing up the car to show off to your friends, cruising to the hamburger stand and seeing the latest movie at the drive-in? While watching a classic movie (or socializing if you prefer), Escape attendees will munch on Kobe sliders, tacos, fries, margaritas, sodas, and milk shakes. The car show will also include the ever popular "People's Choice" awards. Don't forget to pack your letterman's jacket and bring your girl!

A Still-Operating Drive In Movie Theatre

On Saturday night, the closing banquet starts with a reception at the NHRA Museum. This museum, housed in a beautifully restored 28,500 square foot art deco Style 1939 WPA building, is home to the very essence of American Motorsports. More than 80 vehicles are displayed: everything from Ed Iskenderian's 1925 T roadster to Mickey Thompson's Challenger I, the first American car to go 400 mph. Hors d'oeuvres will be served during the reception. Afterwards, and just a short stroll away, the Gala dinner will be held in the newly constructed Sheraton Fairplex Convention Center. PCA will have exclusive use of the entire facility. Dinner will be three courses, specially prepared for the Escape. A no host bar will be available throughout the night as well as special guest speakers, exhibits, and of course some great door prizes. All this and more will be part of the Saturday night Gala Dinner.

The Huntington Library

There are numerous museums in the area such as, the Huntington Library, Tournament of Roses House (Wrigley Mansion), Tournament of Roses Float Barns, the 1908 Greene & Greene Gamble House, the Mullin Automotive Museum, the Nethercutt Collection, the Norton Simon art museum and the L.A. County Arboretum.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The Escape will feature two historic architectural tours, one based around the Pasadena/San Marino area, and the other showcasing the La Verne, Claremont and Pomona area (including the old Kellogg's Ranch, now California Polytechnic College). Did you know that of the 211 registered Historic Sites listed in Los Angeles County, 119 of them are in the city of Pasadena? We have assembled 30-35 sites in the greater Pasadena, South Pasadena and San Marino areas for a self-guided tour designed for you to spend as much or as little time as you'd like enjoying these wonders of a bygone era.

The Mount Wilson Telescope

Turning our attention back to cars, I think you will enjoy the Nethercutt Collection, which houses several hundred exquisite old cars in an early 20th Century automobile salon setting (lots of marble). This array of Concours winning cars (Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, Palos Verdes, Dana Point and other prestigious events) will make your head spin. It is certainly one of the best car collections in the country. While you are there, you will also see an amazing collection of hood ornaments (Mascots - does Lalique ring a bell?), brass gas lamps, horns and other automotive items. Additionally, the Nethercutt's did not limit their interests to merely automobiles. Amongst the artistry of the vehicles, you will also find an incredible collection of musical instruments (the largest collection of Orchestrions in the world), listen to an amazing recording of George Gershwin (that is, an actual recording of George Gershwin) playing Rhapsody in Blue on a reproducing piano, listen to one of the world's biggest pipe organs, and see a collection of incredible 18th & 19th Century furniture. On top of all this, there is a fabulous collection of David Winter cottages, dolls, coins and crystal figurines.

One of the more renowned museums in the San Gabriel Valley is the Huntington Library, Art Collection and Botanical Gardens. Arrangements have been made for a private tour of the grounds and museums accompanied by morning tea.

The Nethercutt Collection

For you drivers, you'll definitely see the twisties, catch some incredible vistas, have some great food and see some of Southern California's rural beauty. You'll get a little appreciation of what living in LA means - being able to visit the ocean, snow, desert, mountains and forests in an hour or less (OK, OK, traffic permitting...).  

The NHRA Museum

If you are fortunate enough to drive a Cayenne to the Escape, we have a tour just for you. We know that you have heard that every Cayenne was designed to be a competent off road vehicle, and some of us actually take our Cayenne's off road. Our tour is designed for the NOVICE off-road driver, as we help you learn off-roading and build your confidence. Technically, this is an "off paved road" tour; it is not truly "off road."

Oak Glen in the Fall

As you can see, you have plenty to look forward to in Escape 2013. Did I forget to mention Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, air museums (pick one of many), Griffith Park, the Reagan Library, the California missions? The list goes on and on. Registration opens soon, so mark your calendars and keep your eye on our website and PCA's eBrake News for more information:    http://escape2013.pca.org 


May ALMS Laguna Seca Photos
 --courtesy of Rich Tsai







Redwood Region Autocross


Carlsen Concours


Legends of the Autobahn--change of location


Concours on Campus


Sierra Nevada Region Concours


Hope there was enough to read this month! See you next month...

As always, thanks for reading.
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
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