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May 2012. Volume 52, Issue 4
In This Issue
From the Wurst Wing
Letter from the Editor
Register for Porboys Beginners' Autocross School
Membership Report
Board of Directors
The Power Chef
Social Report
Porsche Parade Registration Now Open
Porsche Mourns Passing of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche
American Le Mans Porscheplatz
All Porsche Swap & Concours
Fine Tuning for the Parade Rally
Carlsen Concours
Legends of the Autobahn
Quick Links
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CoCo Giselle, CG
Executive Editor of The Nugget

CoCo is very much enjoying the Bali Pavilion we installed for her next to the pool (which she is not much interested in). It keeps her dry even in our recent downpours!

Send in your baby's photo! Pets are people, too!

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From the Wurst Wing  
celona4 --by John Celona, GGR President

Annual Members Meeting on August 12    
GGR's Annual Members Meeting will be held on Sunday, August 12, at 6 pm in conjunction with the Board of Directors meeting that day. We'll be presenting a financial report on the club, plus addressing any items members wish to raise. If you're interested in attending, please email me at and let me know:

--Names of members attending
--Their PCA membership numbers
--Whether you have an agenda items for the board to address 

Dinner wil be provided at 5 pm, with the meeting starting promptly at 6 pm, immediately followed by the regular Board of Directors Meeting. It will be held in San Carlos and directions will be sent out later to attendees.

Thank You from Toys for Tots  

As you may recall, our Volunteer Appreciation Day this past December was also a benefit for Toys for Tots. We asked the volunteers attending to bring a toy. This was done in conjunction with the Foothill Repertory Dance Company, which also had a toy drive at its December Showcase.

I received a thank you card from the organizers and am finally remembering to run it! The text follows, along with a photo of the collected toys.

On behalf of all the children in our local communities who woke to the unbridled joy of Christmas, I thank you with a humble heart overflowing with gratitude. Through this year's toy drive, we were able to provide toys and bikes to over 2000 children of all ages and ethnicities.  


We hope that the emotions of truly feeling special this over anticipated day of the year will be the catalyst to improve their self-image and elevate their self-confidence. These are the building blocks so vital to the well-being now and critical to their success as adults. The enclosed photo is testament to the kindness and giving spirit of so many 


Please accept my sincerest, heartfelt thanks for helping me help these children.  


Orla & Karen (organizers) 

I'd like to add my thank to all the GGR volunteers who, on the day to honor their helping out, were also willing to help others.  

Autocross School moved to June; July AX is a week later   

As I mentioned last month, a few changes were in the offing for the autocross schedule. They are noted below in bold. Basically, the beginners' school moved from July to June, and the July autocross is a week later. Hopefully, this schedule will stick for the rest of the year. I know folks mark their calendars and plan around the dates, so we apologize for the changes. Not all things are under our control. 

Date Location Event 

May 19

June 23 



Autocross #3

Autocross #4  

June 24 


Annual Porboy's Beginners' Autocross School 

July 29


Autocross #5 

August 18


Autocross #6

September 8 - 9

Marina Airfield

Autocross #7 GGR (Sat), LPR (Sun), Zone 7 Autocross weekend

September 15


Autocross #8

October 20


Autocross #9

November 17


Autocross #10


Registration for the Autocross school is now OPEN! See the article later in this issue. If you're interested in trying out autocross (everyone should!), sign up quick because the school always fills up fast.  

2012 Track Schedule Season: Buttonwillow up Next


Here's a message from our Track Chair, Carl Switzer:



I'm pleased to say the Golden Gate Region's 2012 track series is off to a great start.  Despite a little wet weather, we had an exceptional first event last month at Thunderhill.  In fact, since we limit the number of cars in each run group to avoid an over-crowded track, the event was nearly a sell-out.  

We're now off to Buttonwillow for the weekend of May 26-27.  Again, we will have our full compliment of drivers' ed, timed runs and PCA Club Racing; there's something for everyone!  Please register early, as we anticipate another full event.  For those of you that are not (yet) racers, please register at the following website:  For the racers out there, register here:  As in past years, the Cal. Central Coast region will host a drivers' ed event on Friday, so please stay tuned to their website for more information on how you can make it a 3-day event ( 

Again, thank you for supporting GGR's 2012 track series.  We're thrilled that we can offer you such a robust season of driving and racing at Thunderhill, Buttonwillow and Laguna Seca.  Your support, not just of individual events -- but of the series as a whole --  is the key to our success.  Thank you and I'll see you in Buttonwillow. 

Carl Switzer 

Drivers' Ed/Time Trial/Club Race Chair



If you haven't tried one of track events, it's a great way to really learn how to drive your Porsche at higher speeds than at autocross. Plus you get just gobs of driving time. We average about 2 HOURS of driving time per day! You'll be worn out before your tires are!


Here's the schedule for the rest of the year: 


May 26-27: our likewise annual Drivers' Ed, Time Trial, and Club Race at Buttonwillow Raceway Park
July 14-15: back to Thunderhill for Drivers' Ed and a Time Trial. (Note: this past year the temperature was in the 70's for this event!).  
September 8-9:  Drivers' Ed and Time Trial at Thunderhill.   
November 20-21 at Laguna Seca.  

Hope to see you out there driving! I'll be in the yellow Boxster running on street tires. (That's my excuse for going so slowly, and I'm sticking with it!) 

Lots of Other Great Events Coming UP!  

In two weeks we'll be having our East Bay Drive: just a chance to meet some members, go for a drive on a fun road, and have some lunch. See Social Director Joe Sweis' column for more details. Plus another Boxster Brunch next month on June 2nd. About then it will be time to start getting your car really really clean for the annual Carlsen Concours. And we're working on a car show at the San Carlos Hot August Nights Farmers' Market, probably also in August. Stay tuned for details...

So many fun things to do--so many great reasons to drive your Porsche! 



Till next month...  





Letter from the Editor  
Alameida big
--by John Celona, Nugget Editor

Chugging Along

I think all the news this month is pretty much in my president's column. Always ready when you have an article to run, or send in a photo of your baby! (We'll include babies of all species, just to be fair!).


Thanks for reading.   


kahlers 3

Register for Porboys Beginners' Autocross School 
John Seidel

Announcing the Famous

Annual GGR Porboys Beginner Autocross School !!!!!!!!!


It is that time of year to start thinking about all of the great Porsche driving opportunities in 2012. On Sunday June 24, Howard Yao, and John Seidell will again run this school. It is really for beginners or people who have autocrossed only a few times. If you have ever wondered what it is like to experience driving your Porsche on the edge (but safely in control) then this is for you. This is a good safe place for drivers to learn about the handling of their Porsche.


The school will be on the large North runway area of the old Alameda NAS (just past the Alameda Ferry Terminal). The day begins at 7:30 AM with registration, teching of cars, and then a driver's meeting at 8:15. Students will then walk the course with their morning instructors. After that, students will be driving on skidpads in order to learn the feel of an oversteering and an understeering car. It is a lot of fun!! The day will proceed with students running the Autocross course with their instructors, while half of the students learn to work the course. As in the past, Mr. Larry Sharp, who is a world famous course designer, will make up the course for this year's event.


After the lunch break we continue to run cars in hour sessions until 5 PM. It is truly a fun day with lots of learning. One of the best parts is that students get a few rides in their instructor's car. We try as best we can to have instructors that have had experience with cars similar to the students. You will also have different instructors in the morning and afternoon.


The school is sponsored by Joe and Annie Zeiph, the owners of Porboys German Automotive Service. They are located at 3640 East 9th ST. in Oakland. Joe and his technicians are experts in the repair of all German makes, but they specialize in the maintenance, repair, and complete rebuilds of 911, 944, 914, 928, 996, and Boxster cars. If you have questions or need repairs, call Porboys at 510-437-9400. They do Smog Checks, excellent work on all German makes, and are highly recommended.


If you sign up and pay the $99 fee, you get:

  1. Instruction from the best and most experienced instructors in the west!! (Really)
  2.  A lunch including Porboys sandwiches, chips, cookies, sodas and water.
  3.  A Porboys Autocross School T-shirt or hat.
  4.  A knowledge of how an Autocross is run, and how to work different jobs.
  5.  A basic knowledge of car control and great tips on how to handle your car.
  6.  You will drive home with a big smile on your face!!!!


If this sounds really good then click here to sign up on now. You can also find this event through the GGR "landing page" on  


If you have questions email Howard Yao at or John Seidell at   


We do limit the number of students to 55 so that there is plenty of driving time. Advance signup and payment is required. See you there!!




Membership Report 

Mike Sherman--by Mike Sherman, Membership Director


 GGR Regional Summary - March 2012 





Primary Members   1,483  

Affiliate Members    973                 

Life Members          6         

Total Members        2,457


Our International Membership. As I started putting together the list of new members this month, I noticed our latest member, Go Nagata, has registered his '91 Carrera from Japan. That got me to thinking, how many countries are represented amongst our truly international membership here in the Bay Area? Well, we know that SF and environs is a true melting pot, and it looks like we have 14 countries (OK, I know, the UK is a bunch but they count as one to me) represented in GGR. I'm including a list of our global membership below. What kind of Porsches are they driving around the world? Well, the list includes everything from 944s to Boxsters to a GT3 RS, Cayennes, 911s, Carreras, and Caymans - and no, to answer your question, our member in the Cayman Islands is not driving one! The list includes Turbos, Targas, Cabs, C2s and an assortment of other great Porsche types and colors. We love the fact that our club has garnered members from all over the world and extend to them a hearty "Welcome and Go Porsche!"


(16 - Germany, 5 - Japan, 2 - Singapore, 3 - England, 1 - Switzerland, 2 - Canada, 7 - Australia, 2 - Belgium, 1 - Cayman Islands, 3 - Norway, 1 - Afghanistan, 1 - Austria, 1 - Colombia, and 4 - UK)


Cheers and all the best, Capt. Mike


New Members/Transfers: 21 (+ 10 Affiliate Members)


Rick Bucich                                                                 1974    911Carrera      White

Livius Guiao                                                                2007    997 Turbo        Silver

Mark Helliker                                                               1989    964 C2             Black

Christofer Hoff                                                             2011    Cayman S        White

Dustin Holdt, & David Claytor                                      2012    Cayman R        White

Arthur Humphrey                                                         2012    911 (991)

Larry & Marsha Matheny (DIA)                                   1957    Cab                  Silver

Tiberiu & Alex Muresan,                                              2011    911 GT3          White

Go Nagata (Tokyo, Japan)                                          1991    964 Carrera     Gray

Philip ONeill & Patti Sebastiani                                   2006    911                  Blue

Michael Petonic                                                           2004    911                  Yellow

Jay & Lourdes Ricafort                                                2005    Carrera            Gray

Robert Stepro (CCC)                                                   2004    Cayenne S      Gold

Ronald Torres & Jon Daniel Torres                             1986    911                  White

Clarence Wassmuth (DIA)                                           2012    Spyder            White

Renato & Julia Yap                                                      2010    GT3                 Black

Brent Youngblood                                                       1986    911                  Blue

Michael & Kimberly Zuehlke                                        2001    C4 Cab            Black

Jason Cramer & Nicole Walicki (HCP)                         2000    Boxster

Christofer Hoff (LPA)                                                    2011    Cayman S        White

Robert & Joan Kilburn (AZ)                                         1971    914-6



March 2012 Anniversaries  


40 Years - 1972

Larry   Robison                                                           1971    911T         Conda Green              


30 Years - 1982

Ken Ashford                                                               1969    912


20 Years - 1992

Al Laudel                    

Ted Lawson                                                                1984    911

William Ziegler                                                            1961                            


15 Years - 1997

Claudette Conway                 

Rossi Georgiev                      

Michael Lye                                                                 1989    944T                          

Diana Matasci             

Scott Nichols                                                               1987    930

Francis Wertheimber                                                   2004    GT3    


10 Years - 2002

Alec     Chang                                                             2008    997 Turbo        Pale Yellow                    

Charles Johnson                                                         2002    Carrera    White                          

Cindy   Pitner                          


5 Years - 2007

Signe   Barry                      

Bernhard Gass                                                           2003    911     

David Graas                                                                2001    Carrera           Silver                        

Matthew Landau                                                         1974    911                  Yellow                        

Nicole  McNeal                                   

Kirk & Bibi Millet                                                         1985    911      Prussian Blue                  

Marc Muscheck                                  

Nancy Paulus                         

David Potter                                                               2006  CaymanS  Midnight Blue                  

Eileen   Townley                                 

Deborah Ken                          

Ronny  Kerr                            

Travis  Lane                                                                2000    911   Black                          

Scott & Kimberly Legocki                                            2007  Cayman S Black                          

Jack McCullough                                                         1963   356 Blue                          

Aaron  & Katherine Xavier                                          1999    996      Blue                          



Board of Directors

Richard French --by Richard French, Secretary

GGR Board of Directors

Minutes for April 15, 2011


In attendance: John Celona, Paul Larson, Richard French, Chris Hamilton, Linda Adams, Larry Adams, Mike Sherman, Bill Benz


Absent: Andrew Forrest, Joe Sweis


The meeting was called to order at 5:45pm


No agenda changes

Calendar Changes - see GGR website (AX School & AX#5)


Postmortem of Past events

3/23 - 3/25 DE, TT and club race at Thunderhill Raceway was very well attended. Friday and Sunday were sunny and dry while Saturday was wet all day.

3/24 AX Alameda was postponed to following weekend due to weather. Very well attended.

3/31 Top of 92 to Boulder Creek tour was also very well attended.



Director's Reports


President - Reminder: Annual general meeting to be held during August 12 board meeting. Planning for 2012 awards is underway with several venues being considered.  


Secretary - Minutes of 3/11/12 board meeting were read and approved.


Vice President - Upcoming events with insurance in place include: 4/28 AX Marina, 4/27-4/29 Club race at Laguna Seca, 5/19 AX Alameda, 6/23-6/24 AX and 7/28-7/29 AX.


Treasurer - The Treasurer's report was delivered and accepted.


Social - Next drive is East Bay to Pleasanton.


Membership - 31 new members in March 2012 (2457 total)


Competition - Review of AX protest and resolution. Trailer has been repaired - new tires installed.  


Webmaster - Website remains up, facebook page becoming more popular with 300+ likes.


Other Business

7/8-7/14 Parade in Salt Lake City

8/5 Carlson Porsche Concours



There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm





The Power Chef®  
NE Bike
--by John Celona, The Power Chef®

In Charge of Your Health Care Is YOU!

In prior columns, we've floated a number of heretical ideas regarding health care. One was the notion of "mechanism versus organism," the idea being that mechanisms wear out with use while organisms get stronger. People seem to mix this up all the time. Just last week an acquaintance was relating to me his doctor's theory that people are born with a finite number of heart beats, and exercising just uses them up faster. Go figure.

The organism difference also applies to the idea of recovering from an injury. Careful stretching and strengthening is necessary to fully recover. Otherwise, you won't break up the scar tissue which forms immediately afterwards to stabilize everything. Residual scar tissue means limited and painful motion. Doctors now seem to have figured this out in, for example, starting people on rehabilitative exercises immediately after knee surgery (like the same day!).

The second idea was that the medical professional really should be considering themselves practicing "Disease and Injury Care" rather than "Health Care."  I received an email from one reader who is a doctor at Kaiser endorsing this thought emphatically, and emphasizing how Kaiser incentive system promotes and practices preventive health care rather than the "fee for service" practice of treating diseases and injuries. Under the Kaiser system, healthy patients are more profitable--just the opposite of the case with fee for service payment systems.

And what might real "health care" be? I suggested diet and exercise, the thought being that if you eat right and exercise you stay healthier and what minor diseases (colds) and injuries you do suffer you mostly recover from without the need for medical intervention.

However, I'm beginning to think the matter goes deeper, and that taking care of one's own health care also extends to being an informed and very skeptical consumer of medical services.

For example, I do get a flu shot every year. Cheap, easy, and it does work to prevent the strains of flu included in that year's shot.

Some calls are harder to make. In a prior column we reported the new recommendation against routine PSA screening for prostate cancer. Till then, regular screening was medical orthodoxy. The impetus for the change was the discovery that many more men die with prostate cancer then of it (they die of something else), while treatment turns many otherwise healthy men into adults in diapers.

In April issue of the University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter, another canon is called into question: the routine colonoscopy. The prior recommendation was that everyone should get one upon turning 50. To summarize what's involved, you don't eat, you drink a gallon of more of special fluid which "cleans everything out" from one end to the other, then you're sedated and a small video camera on a flexible cable "goes in the out door" and examines your entire colon. That requires a right turn and two lefts to traverse the entire approximate 6-foot length of your colon. Along the way, the doctor snips and removes anything which looks suspicious. There are risks of serious complications, including bleeding and perforation.

There are other problems, too. The article cites that 30 to 50 percent of Americans over 50 will develop "funny things," while only 1 to 10 percent of these will progress to cancer over the next 5 to 10 years. What's more, a colonoscopy is not guaranteed to find them. On top of this, annual testing of a stool sample may be just as effective at detecting things needing further treatment.

Another one bites the dust.

I wish there was an easy guide to which medical offerings one should imbibe of and which ones you can just as well pass on. I suppose it partly depends on what your risk factors are. Maybe they have this at Kaiser?? Send me an email if you know.

Thankfully, the part that's totally easy to figure out is eating right and exercising. That's the part of real health care you are definitely in charge of!

And, is if there weren't already enough proof that medical intervention cannot substitute for poor diet and lack of exercise, more was added this week with a study revealing that the only pill approved to treat children with type 2 diabetes in many cases doesn't work. Those children may have to go oral medication or injected insulin.

In other words, no medical "cure" for a serious and preventable condition largely driven by obesity.

And what's happening with childhood obesity, you might ask? Here's the chart from The Journal:

Looks pretty scarey to me.

The answer seems pretty simple to me: You're in charge of your own health care, and the most important things you can do are eat right and exercise. Get those right and you can be a very choosy and discriminating consumer of when you might want some medical attention.    



I got an email from a reader last month disappointed that I didn't have the other two recipes of the items in the photo along with the Pasta Carbonara. Unfortunately, it's just not possible to publish every recipe in The Nugget--it would be huge and for sure end up in your spam filter. That's why I'm writing a cookbook! Besides, the few dollars it will take to buy one will be (a) well worth it for what you get; (b) probably yielding me about .005 cents/hour for the time it took to write it; and (c) still help with buying new tires and brake pads! You'd be surprised how fast one goes through those at the track.

Well, the book is DONE (yay!), and I'm just working through all the paperwork to get it out as an eBook and with a print publisher. I'm really hopeful to have it out by next month. Stay tuned! 


Bon áppetit,

The Power Chef


Black Bean and Bacon Grilled Salmon 


 Till the cookbook comes out, here's one of my BRAND NEW recipes! I made this for the March Board of Directors meeting and really liked how it came out.   



The Gist
The salmon is rubbed with a little salt, pepper and brown sugar to start. Chopped bacon is crisped, then minced ginger, green onions, and black bean chili paste are sizzled in. A little rice wine goes in at the end. This is spread on the fish, which is then baked or broiled.



2 lbs. salmon fillets 
1 Tb. salt 
1 Tb brown sugar 
1 tsp. fresh ground black pepper 
1/2 lb. bacon, chopped 
4 Tb. fresh ginger, minced 
2 Tb. chinese black bean chili paste 
1 bunch green onions, minced 
1/4 cup rice wine 
chopped fresh cilantro for garnish



Mix the salt, brown sugar and pepper together, then rub into the salmon. This can be done at the start, or several hours ahead of time.


Cook the bacon over medium heat until crisp. Add the ginger and black bean chili paste and let sizzle for a minute or two. Add the green onion and toss for a further bit of sizzling. Add the rice wine and reduce just a bit to burn off the alcohol.


Arrange the salmon filets in a single layer in a baking pan large enough to hold them all. Spread the bacon mix evenly over the top. Broil until desired degree of doneness, or bake in a 450ºF oven for about 15 minutes. Remove from the oven, let rest for a few minutes, then sprinkle cilantro garnish over the top.  


I like to broil this dish to get a little extra sizzle on the top, but then cover the baking dish and leave it in the oven for 5-10 minutes with the broiler turned off to let the heat spread through and finish cooking the fish. If you prefer, just baking is an easier way to cook the fish evenly.




Social Report

Joe Sweis --by Joe Sweis, Social Director

Mines Road Tour    


On Saturday May 12th we will be getting together for a back road drive meeting at Robertson Park in Livermore (3200 Robertson Park Road Livermore, CA) at 9:30am with a drive off time of 10:00am sharp. We'll then head to Mines Road, take that down and around to the East Foothills in San Jose and finish with lunch at Vito's Famous Pizza (1040 South White Road, San Jose, CA). Total Drive time is approximately 2 hours and 68 miles. If you would like to attend this drive please RSVP to me by emailing no later than Monday May 7th, 2012 and let me know if you will be staying for lunch so that I can make the appropriate reservation with the restaurant. I will have maps and directions for everyone.  


We also have our regularly scheduled Social Events. The Boxster Brunches at Alice's Restaurant (17288 Skyline Blvd.) in gorgeous Woodside put on by George & Carol Grialou; all Porsches are welcome. While I missed the last one, I was told that members went for a fun drive afterwards which is not uncommon.  


Friday Night Socials are organized by Shirley Neidel to meet at Harry's Hofbrau (1909 El Camino Real) in Redwood City the third Friday night of every month.  No reservations are required but it's best to RSVP with Shirley at , and just stop on by! Check the calendar for upcoming dates and times.


NOTE: If you are a regular attendee to any of these events, please be sure to introduce yourself to any new member(s) who might be attending and make them feel welcome to this great organization; after all it's not just the cars, but the people  J


Special thanks to member Max Gokhman who is helping organize an event at the SF Porsche Design Store; I will be using this event for a new member mixer fingers crossed.


As always, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO REACH OUT TO ME if you have any great ideas for a social event. If it sounds fun we'll do it! Eric Lutkin made the introduction to the Bertolotti Family's private car collection which was a fun event and Mike Griffin shared some great back roads. Thank you to everyone for your continued input. People are what make this club great; I'm just the middle man.


-Joseph Sweis

GGR Social Director




Porsche Parade Registration Is Now OPEN!

European Autotech
Porsche Mourns Passing of Great Designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG mourns great designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche


Press Release    05/04/2012

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche with 911 Carrera 2 3,6 Coupé Mj. 1992

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche dies

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, is mourning Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.The Honorary President of the Supervisory Board died on 5 April 2012 in Salzburg, aged 76.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (1990)

Matthias Müller, President and Chief Executive Officer of Porsche AG, paid tribute to Ferdinand Alexander Porsche's services to the sports car manufacturer:

"We mourn the death of our partner, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. As the creator of the Porsche 911, he established a design culture in our company that has shaped our sports cars to this very day. His philosophy of good design is a legacy to us that we will honour for all time."

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was born in Stuttgart on 11 December 1935, the oldest son of Dorothea and Ferry Porsche.

Ferry Porsche (left) in his office with his son Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (ca. 1960)

Even his childhood was shaped by cars, and he spent much of his time in the engineering offices and development workshops of his grandfather Ferdinand Porsche. In 1943 the family accompanied the Porsche company's move to Austria, where he went to school in Zell am See.

After returning to Stuttgart in 1950, he attended the private Waldorf school. After leaving school, he enrolled at the prestigious Ulm School of Design.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in his Design office (1963)

In 1958, F.A. Porsche, as he was known by his colleagues, joined the engineering office of what was then Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche KG. He soon proved his great talent for design by sculpting the first model of a successor to the 356 model line out of plasticine.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche next to Modell Typ 911 (1968)

In 1962 he took over as head of the Porsche design studio, creating a worldwide furore one year later with the Porsche 901 (or 911). With the Porsche 911, F.A. Porsche created a sports car icon whose timeless and classical form survives to this very day in what is now the seventh 911 generation.

Porsche Typ 901 (T8), next to model: Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (1963)

However, in addition to passenger cars, F.A. Porsche also concerned himself with designing the sports cars of the 1960s. His best-known designs include the Type 804 Formula One racing car or the Porsche 904 Carrera GTS, now considered to be one of the most beautiful racing cars ever.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (1989)

In the course of the conversion of Porsche KG into a joint-stock corporation in 1971/72, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, along with all the other family members, stood down from the company's front-line business operations.

In 1972 he founded the "Porsche Design Studio" in Stuttgart, the head office of which was relocated to Zell am See in Austria in 1974. In the decades that followed, he designed numerous classic gentlemen's accessories such as watches, spectacles and writing implements that achieved global recognition under the "Porsche Design" brand. In parallel, with his team, he designed a plethora of industrial products, household appliances and consumer durables for internationally renowned clients under the brand "Design by F.A. Porsche".

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (1965)

A strong and clear design concept typifies all product designs created in his design studio to date. The credo of his design work was:

"Design must be functional and functionality has to be translated visually into aesthetics, without gags that have to be explained first."

F.A. Porsche: "A coherently designed product requires no adornment; it should be enhanced by its form alone." The design's appearance should be readily comprehensible and not detract from the product and its function.

His conviction was: "Good design should be honest."

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche received numerous honours and awards both for his work as a designer as well as for individual designs. For example, in 1968 the "Comité Internationale de Promotion et de Prestige" honoured him for the outstanding aesthetic design of the Porsche 911 while the Industrial Forum Design Hannover (iF) voted him "Prizewinner of the Year" in 1992.

Ferry (right) and Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in the Porsche Design-Studio (ca. 1959)

In 1999, the President of Austria bestowed on him the title of Professor.
Ferdinand Alexander Porsche retained a close lifelong association with Porsche AG as a partner and member of the Supervisory Board. For example, even after stepping down from front-line business operations, he contributed to the design of Porsche's sports cars over many decades and repeatedly steered the company in the right di-rection. This was especially the case for the difficult period Porsche experienced at the beginning of the 1990s.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche with model 911 S Targa (1968)

From 1990 to 1993, F.A. Porsche served as President of the company's Supervisory Board, thus playing a major role in Porsche A.G's eco-nomic turnaround. In 2005, he stood down from his Supervisory Board role in favour of his son Oliver and assumed the mantle of Honorary President of the Supervisory Board.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche will be buried in the family grave at Schüttgut in Zell am See, attended by his immediate family. An official funeral service will be held in Stuttgart at a later date.

SOURCE: Communication Porsche AG
Head of Communication Porsche AG
Hans-Gerd Bode

American Le Mans Porscheplatz





All Porsche Swap & Concours







Fine Tuning for the Parade Rally







Carlsen Concours




Legends of the Autobahn






Hope there was enough to read this month! See you next month...

As always, thanks for reading.
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
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