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July 2012. Volume 52, Issue 6
In This Issue
From the Wurst Wing
Fun Run Autocross & Gourmet Barbecue
Letter from the Editor
Porsche Pets Rule!
Membership Report
Board of Directors
The Power Chef
Social Report
Porsche Parade Registration Now Open
Report from Our Correspondent in China
Carlsen Concours
Legends of the Autobahn
Yosemite Region Concours on Campus
Ledson Concours d'Elegance
Quick Links
Dear Porsche Enthusiast,

Welcome to The Nugget, the email newsletter of the Golden Gate Region, Porsche Club of America.
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CoCo Giselle, CG
Executive Editor of The Nugget

CoCo loves to join us for Movie Night, but often is not willing to yield the snack tray until she gets her Temptations treat. Here she is in the 2-feet-wide tray wondering what the delay is.

Send in your baby's photo! Pets are people, too!

GGR Members receive 10% off parts & service!

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From the Wurst Wing  
celona4 --by John Celona, GGR President

Plus ca change--yup, more changes to club events. Always check the web site for the latest!

No Club Event on August 9th; New Event on July 28th  

Unfortunately, permitting etc. did not work out for the possible club event on August 9th. Of course, anyone is welcome to go check out San Carlos' Hot August Nights farmers' market any Thursday from 4-8 pm. Always lots to see, do, and eat!

However, we do have a new club event on Saturday, July 28th: the club's first ever fun-run-only autocross and barbecue lunch. It will be held at our usual Alameda site the day before the scheduled autocross on July 29th. Check out the announcement right after this column, and click here to register.

Annual Members Meeting Coming Up on August 12    
GGR's Annual Members Meeting will be held on Sunday, August 12, at 6 pm in conjunction with the Board of Directors meeting that day. We'll be presenting a financial report on the club, plus addressing any items members wish to raise. If you're interested in attending, please email me at and let me know:

--Names of members attending
--Their PCA membership numbers
--Whether you have an agenda items for the board to address

Dinner wil be provided at 5 pm, with the meeting starting promptly at 6 pm, immediately followed by the regular Board of Directors Meeting. It will be held in San Carlos and directions will be sent out later to attendees.
  Autocross Autos Are Still Crossing (But not cross!)    

The Beginners' Autocross School is now history, but lots of folks showed up to see what a Porsche can really do--even if only in 2nd or 3rd gear! (My car never gets out of second.) We hope to see some of this folks at our first-ever fun-run-only event on July 28th. In the meanwhile, lots more chances to wear out those tires and brakes in time to request new ones for Christmas! Here's the schedule for the rest of the year.

July 28  Alameda Fun-Runs Only WITH Gourmet Lunch
July 29    Alameda  Autocross #5

August 18    Alameda  Autocross #6
September 8 - 9    Marina Airfield  Autocross #7 GGR (Sat), LPR (Sun), Zone 7 AX weekend
September 15    Alameda  Autocross #8 
October 20    Alameda  Autocross #9
November 17    Alameda  Autocross #10

Caution: autocross can be addicting! Just ask Terry Zaccone.  

2012 Track Schedule Season: Thunderhill Approaches


Here's a message from our Track Chair, Carl Switzer:



I have four important messages for you:

First, registration for our July 14-15 Driver's Ed and Time Trial at Thunderhill is coming along nicely. I see a lot of new names on the roster, which is very exciting, but I also note that many long-time friends of the Club have yet to sign up.  We need to double our current registration numbers by the end of [June], so whether you've never driven your car on the track or you've been competing in GGR's Time Trials for 20 years, now is the time to register: Remember, this event will not have a Club Race (which will certainly make for a quieter weekend!), so the spotlight is on you non-racers: will you help fill another event so our wave of tremendous success continues? I have faith.  And be sure to invite a friend -- Porsche driver or not!  If you have any questions about our track series, please email me at

Second, remember that Jay Rosas of Vision Wells videography will be joining us and providing professional video services for your track day experience.  Learn more about Jay's services here: and be sure to reserve your spot now.

Third, do you want to win free admission to one of our track weekends next year?  If so, please enter GGR's "What's in a Name" contest. As you know, GGR's track series offers something for everyone, from first timers to experienced racers.  At any given track weekend, we:

(1) run of the best driving schools money can buy;  
(2) offer non-competitive "lapping" for those that don't want to race against others or the clock;  
(3) host "Timed Runs," where drivers get to enjoy the whole track without any traffic, craft their perfect lap, and compete in our Time Trial points competition; and  
(4) host nationally-supported PCA Club Races where members can enjoy excellent wheel-to-wheel competition.  

So, yes, while we are part of GGR, we're also a lot more.  Please help me create a thoughtful, original and catchy name for GGR's track series. Email me your suggestions or post them to "Golden Gate Region PCA's" Facebook page. We will pick a winner in the fall and award the free event certificate during our November Laguna Seca event.

Fourth, and finally, I'll give $20 to the first five people (from the time this email is distributed) that write something on the Club's Facebook wall about our track series, our upcoming July DE/TT or even just how much you've enjoyed our track events in the past. Bonus if you say something positive. No, GGR "staff" are not eligible and I will shell out the cash at our track dinner at Thunderhill ("must be present to win").

(Ed: prizes already won by folks on the GGR Announce email list. Click here to add your name to the list)

Thanks for reading.

Carl Switzer 

Drivers' Ed/Time Trial/Club Race Chair




Here's the schedule for the rest of the year: 

  • July 14-15: back to Thunderhill for Drivers' Ed and a Time Trial.    
  • September 8-9:  Drivers' Ed and Time Trial at Thunderhill.   
  • November 20-21 at Laguna Seca.   
Hope to see you out there driving! I'll be there and just got 42 assigned as a permanent number. Will be aiming for that as a lap time.

Come Join Us Or We'll Spend Your Dues Without You    

So many fun things to do--so many great reasons to drive your Porsche! 


Till next month...  





Fun Run Only Autocross & Gourmet Barbecue on July 28th  

Come & Get It!

Hello Autocrossers!

Please join us on Saturday July 28th 2012 in Alameda for our first ever PCA-GGR For-Fun Autocross.

This event will be a little bit different than our normal autocross events. It will be timed, but results will not be compiled and posted online afterwards. This event will not count toward season points for the 2012 Carlsen Porsche PCA-GGR Autocross series.

At lunch time we will sit down for a Texas Style BBQ catered by Back Forty, winner of 30 State and National Titles and featuring all this Great Food:
Pork Ribs
Slow Smoked Beef Brisket
BBQ Chicken
Tossed Green Salad
Fresh Fruit Salad
Corn Cobettes
BBQ Beans
Assorted Cookies
Assorted Sodas and Bottled Water
Butter, Pickles, Onions, BBQ Sauce


Instructors will be available all day and there will be a group course walk for beginners in the morning before the drivers meeting. Prizes will be awarded after the event.

This event should be perfect for getting beginners more comfortable with our autocross events and for helping our more experienced drivers warm up for PCA-GGR Autocross #5 the following day.

The cost of the event will be $75 for PCA members, $85 for non-members. Entry fee includes lunch.

The link to sign up for the PCA-GGR For-Fun Autocross on Saturday, July 28th 2012 can be found here.

Please also join us the following day on Sunday, July 29th 2012 for PCA-GGR Autocross #5 here.

Feel free to contact me about the events at:


Letter from the Editor  
Alameida big
--by John Celona, Nugget Editor

Thanks to Contributors

Thanks very much to Bob Winters for submitting a photo of his two Babies, and to GGR Past President, Past Competition Director, Past Treasurer, etc., etc., Claude Leglise for the article.

All member contributions are always welcome and we'll do our best to get them in the following month.  


Thanks for reading.   


kahlers 3

Porsche Pets Rule! 

This is our dog, Cayman, riding in the Boxster. I figure CoCo might like it. He and his Shepherd/Rottweiler mix girlfriend, Cayenne are both cat friendly. I enjoy the newsletter.

Bob Winters


Membership Report 

Mike Sherman--by Mike Sherman, Membership Director


 GGR Regional Summary - May 2012 





Primary Members    1,487  

Affiliate Members    970                 

Life Members            6         

Total Members         2,458


Have you PDK'd Today? The question is, are two clutches better than one? Those of us who eschewed the old "Tiptronic" probably weren't too enthused when Porsche came out with another, their latest "automatic," the PDK, which as we all know, stands for Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe, or ("Porsche double-clutch gearbox" in English). So, we evolved from rowing the four/five/sixes-on-the-floor, to micro-processing "seven in the gearbox?" What we have here is a 7-speed, dual-clutch, pre-selecting, instantaneous, concentric input, shafting, shifting beast. When it was first introduced, skeptics wondered what in the world was Porsche doing? Sure the boys in Nomex were using similar gearing on the track, but all of us old "heel and toe'ers" thought it too "gentrified" for real drivers. Rennlisters were horrified! What to do with your right hand? Steer maybe, text, pick your... But one drive, flooring it from 6th to 2nd with slight pedal pressure and the resultant F-18 after-burn thrust, will make a believer out of you. Instant power, immediate response to throttle input and shorter (read milliseconds here) shift times - what's not to like? Trust me, have I ever steered you wrong? Try it, you'll like it!  

All the best, Captain Mike.


New Members/Transfers: 22 (+ 9 Affiliate Members)

Val Alparaque                                          1988 Carrera               White

Jim & Dominique Ashton                         2012 911                     Black

Leslie & Gregory Bacon                           2008 Cayman S           Gray

Andria Burdette                                        2004 CS4                    Black

Philip Chan                                               2006 Cayman S           Black

Eugene Cheng                                         2009 Carrera               White

Mark Cook & Lisa Thomas                      2008 Carrera S            Gray

Darryl Dunson (CCC)                              2008 Carrera S            White

John Ford                                                2006 Cayman S           Red

Arthur Gianoukos                                    2012 Cayman R          White

Mary & Michael La Fon                          1978 911SC                Green

Kevin McCusker                                     1997 993                     Red

Brian Mott                                                2008 Cayman              Black

Ikuko & Makoto Murakami                      2012 Cayman R          White

Bill Robertson & Matt Dusek (CCC)       1987 930                     Red

Patrick Serex                                           2002 996 C4               Blue

Clay & Tom St. Dennis                            1993 RS                      America Black

Dmitry Stupakov                                      1987 944 Turbo          White

Mark Cook & Lisa Thomas (GPX)            2008 Carrera S            Gray

Royce Hong & Grace Cheung (SDO)      1987 930

Trevor Mottl (CCC)                                 1997 911                     Red

Thorben Primke (HCT)                            2008 911                     Brown


May 2012 Anniversaries


45 Years - 1977

      William Harris                                      1973 911T                          

      Bob Yamamoto                                    1974 911S                    


30 Years - 1982

      Kevin Washburn                                  1956 356A                          


25 Years - 1987

      Gerry Brown                                        1974 914-2                          

     Michael Quinn                                      1981 911SC                          


20 Years - 1992

John Dangelo                                             2009 9974S            Black                          

Patricia Mauerman                                   

Margaret Quinn                           

Gary Ikemoto                                            1988 911                                   



15 Years - 1997

     G. Wepsala


10 Years - 2002

Ed Berger                                                   1988 Carrera                                                              

Susan Bianucci                                         

Sharon Dally                                            

Larry Inman                                                  1989 911               Red                            

Tim Meadows                                               2008 997                                     

Patrick Rotelli                                               2000 Boxster                                                                

Steven Schlief                                              2006 997               Midnight Blue                  

Loren Sonsan                                           

Michael Lieberman                                      1981 911                                     

Pete Pressley                                              1998 911                                     


5 Years - 2007

Bjorn Ahlblad                                               1987 911              Black                          

Cecilia Doland                              

Charles Doland                                            2006 CaymanS   Black                          

Bernadette Gersh                         

Mark Gersh                                                  1986 911  Black                          

Chris Hamilton                                             1970 914  Red                            

Royce Hong                                                 1987 930                                

Daniel Ketchum                           

Roger Lackey                                               2007 911              Silver                        

Craig Scull                                                   1987 911              Guards Red                    

Jeff Tao                                                        2007 997              Meteor Grey                    

Brian Ty                                                        2007 Cayman S   Silver                        

Mari Villegas                                

Leslie Welty                                 

Todd Welty                                                    2004 911            Blue                          

Fatima Zang                                 

Jamie Lietmann                            

Lonnie Pechnik                                                GT3RS                White                          

Jeff Silk                                                         2003 911            Gray                            



Board of Directors

Richard French --by Richard French, Secretary

GGR Board of Directors

Minutes for June 10, 2012



In attendance: John Celona, Paul Larson, Richard French, Linda Adams, Larry Adams, Mike Sherman, Bill Benz, Joe Sweis, Andrew Forrest, Chris Hamilton, Carl Switzer, Bill Benz. Tim Smith also attending the meeting as an observer.


Absent: none


The meeting was held at Izzy's in San Carlos and was called to order at 6pm


No agenda changes

No calendar changes


Postmortem of Past events

5/19 AX was very well attended

5/12 Mines Road Tour was well attended and the feedback was positive - members enjoyed the camaraderie and tour.

5/26-5/27DE/TT/Club Race at Buttonwillow was very well attended with over 100 people in attendance Weather was good (not too hot) and everyone had a lot of fun. Many positive compliments on quality of instruction for first timers.



Director's Reports

President - Reminder: Annual general meeting was announced in the Nugget. It will be held during August 12 board meeting and will take place in San Carlos.  


Secretary - Minutes of 5/6/12 board meeting were reviewed and approved.


Vice President -.Upcoming events with insurance in place include: 6/23-6/24 AX and 7/28-7/29 AX, 7-14-7/15 DE/TT at Thunderhill.


Treasurer - The Treasurer's report was delivered and accepted.


Social - Next event of July 21, visit to Goodies Speed Shop at Club Auto Sport in San Jose (pre & post track inspection will be discussed).  


Membership - 14 new members in May 2012. Current total 2458.


Webmaster - Website remains up, Facebook page remains popular, especially after events when photos are uploaded. Static nature of web content / web look discussed and modifications effort discussed.  


Competition Director: Deferred to Carl Switzer and Chris Hamilton


Other Business

Carl Switzer led us in a review of the 2012 track program. The need to reorganize the program, how it's perceived by members and the need to update the club & track program image.

Website & Communication rebranding. In light of the track program discussion it was agreed that the club needs to update it's branding in all areas (AX, Track, Social). A vote was taken and approved to perform a preliminary branding review using a maximum of $7,000 with a full proposal with associated costs to be submitted to the board in the August/September timeframe.

2nd half board meetings: The following dates were agreed upon for rest of the year noard meetings; 9/16, 10/21, 11/18 and 12/8.


Reminder: 7/8-7/14 Parade in Salt Lake City



There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm


The Power Chef®  
NE Bike
--by John Celona, The Power Chef®

Fitness of the Sharp Mind

In past columns, we've talked about various aspects of fitness: cardio, strength, flexibility, and coordination, and various things to keep in mind as you maintain or improve your fitness: a variety of activities to avoid overuse injuries, sticking with it, keeping up your fitness while traveling, and so on.


The one part we haven't talked about is the top of my fitness pyramid: a Sharp Mind. Here's my fitness pyramid to remind you of the whole thing.



My Fitness Pyramid 


Sitting at the top of the pyramid is Sharp Mind. What the heck do I mean by that??


Well, first of all, Sharp Mind is there because of a theory of mine which I figure is a shoo-in for a Nobel Prize as soon as we get some more confirming data. The theory is: Your Brain Is Connected to Your Body. 


Brilliant, eh?


The implications of this, though, seem to be widely denied or at least overlooked. I think that fitness and exercise greatly increase the quality and quantity of your mental output. People who exercise and stay fit are able to do more and better at their pure brainwork--even if that work only requires sitting at a computer or in a meeting.  


I don't need to tell you that this view is pretty much unheard of. Has your boss ever said to you: "We have a really important and challenging assignment. Have you been keeping up with your fitness?"


I'd bet real money this has never happened.


Likewise, when interviewing for a high-powered job--be it as a physician, attorney, investment banker, venture capitalist, rocket scientist, etc.--has an interviewer ever said to you "We do very sophisticated and cutting edge work here. We need to know that you have the fitness level to be able to do it."  


Also has likely never happened.  


To the contrary, people seem to believe that your native intelligence, social intelligence (however one wants to categorize it) will work about the same regardless of whether or not you've gotten sweaty in recent memory. What's more, the exact opposite belief seems to be the rule: that time exercising takes away time working and thereby reduces output. Time for exercise is at best a distraction to be tolerated if you're still putting in the requisite hours on the job.


As I mentioned, I think the contrary is true: people who work out bring more energy, intensity, and focus to the job and get a lot more and superior work done in less time. I'd venture that even a super-smart, uber-succesful and totally sedentary person (I know many of these) would do even better with some regular push/pull/sweat/stretch time.  


As you might guess, this view is pretty much heresy. An assertion the people get more and better work done with two hours of exercise and eight hours of work than in ten hours of work would be laughed at. A further assertion that the organization would be better off if the eight hour day consisted of two hours of exercise and SIX hours of work would be grounds for dismissal.  


As Kilgore Trout would say, "So it goes." The total superiority of whole wheat bread over white bread has likewise not led to the extinction of the latter.  


Suppose, though, we accept the premise for the moment. Where to go with it?


Simply this: mental fitness needs exercise as much as the physical kind. This is actually being tested now with having senior citizens do memory and thinking exercises to help keep them sharp--sort of like physical therapy for one's cognitive abilities.  


Much better, I think, if one develops lifelong mental fitness habits to go along with the physical fitness. The bonus is that these reinforce each other.  


Mental fitness includes the obvious suspects: continuing to learn and practice new things throughout life. Do math. Listen to music. Read. Write. Create.


I'd also throw in some less obvious things which work mind and body fitness at the same time.  


Take learning to drive on the track, for example. First of all, you drive better with a higher level of physical fitness (check out this article, for example).  


But it's more than that. While learning to drive on the track, you're working to your coordinate and improve physical sensitivity to movement and balance as you maneuver the car. You're working on your reflexes and reaction time. You're learning to process faster and more accurately fast-moving three dimensional visual input. You're building your visual memory to create the entire track in your head so that you can, as GGR Chief Driving Instructor John Tavernetti recommends, be able to close your eyes and drive an entire lap on the track in your mind. You're learning to program more and more of what you need to do while driving into automatic thinking (steering, brake, and throttle adjustments) to free your attention for other matters: adjusting your braking points, trying different lines around the track, and so on.  


It's a total mind/body exercise, working both in seamless connection.  


Other pursuits will do the same thing: dancing for example. Former GGR Chief Driving Instructor Chuck Kolstad says that driving around the track is like dancing with a partner: you need to move each other around firmly and smoothly and not upset your partner (car) with sudden movements.  


I heartily agree. I think dancing has made me a better driver and vice versa.   


A lot to think about (that's the point!). Here's hoping this article gets you more attuned and motivated to working on fitness for your Sharp Mind, too.  


Bon áppetit,

The Power Chef


Nutrition is important, too! Here's one of my favorite ways to have the latest in trendy super food for your brain: berries! 


Berry Berry Brain Food     




The Gist  

Toss fresh berries with a little sugar, cinnamon, and dashes of lemon, lime, vanilla and (optional!) Grand Marnier. Enjoy!  




1 pint fresh strawberries
1 pint fresh blueberries
1 pint fresh blackberries or raspberries
1 Tb. brown sugar
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
a dash each of lemon juice, lime juice, and Grand Marnier

Wash and drain the berries. Hull and slice the strawberries. Toss together with the brown sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice, lime juice, and optional dash of Grand Marnier.

I like it just like this, but guests have been known to ask for a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. It's allowed!


Cookbook Update

My cookbook (with all these recipes and many many more!) is now available in the Apple iBookstore in iTunes. Just search on "John Celona" to find it. You'll also discover there's another John Celona who writes classical music. However, he does not write cookbooks.

Kindle, Nook, and print versions are in process. Stay tuned!


Social Report

Joe Sweis --by Joe Sweis, Social Director


GGR Social will be conducting a tech session sponsored by Goodies Speed Shop at Club Auto Sport located at 527 Charcot Avenue #331 in San Jose on Saturday July 21, 2010 at 10:30am - 11:45am. Techs will be performing prep inspection for the track (using 2007 Porsche 997 turbo to illustrate tech inspection). We will go over inspecting different parts of the vehicle including tires, brakes, suspension, and fluids, as well as what maintenance to conduct post race. Coffee and pastries will be served.


We will also have our annual GGR Family Picnic on Sunday, July 29th, 2012 at Vasona County Park located at 333 Blossom Hill Road in Los Gatos. This is a large covered area with plenty of shade. It is adjacent to large grassy area, perfect for games. We'll also have the parking lot blocked off for Porsche only parking and our Concours Display. The event will feature a delicious catered BBQ lunch, a People's Choice Wash and Shine Concours, Trophies, Games, and more!! Best of all, the price is only $15 per adult and $5 per child. Registration opens Wednesday June 27th at 5am. To register, click here  2012 GGR Family Picnic,


We also have our regularly scheduled Social Events. The Boxster Brunches at Alice's Restaurant (17288 Skyline Blvd.) in gorgeous Woodside put on by George & Carol Grialou; all Porsches are welcome.  


Friday Night Socials are organized by Shirley Neidel to meet at Harry's Hofbrau (1909 El Camino Real) in Redwood City the third Friday night of every month.  No reservations are required but it's best to RSVP with Shirley at , and just stop on by! Check the calendar for upcoming dates and times.


As always, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO REACH OUT TO ME if you have any great ideas for a social event. If it sounds fun we'll do it! Thank you to everyone for your continued input.


-Joseph Sweis

PCA GGR Social Director





Porsche Parade Registration Is Now OPEN!

European Autotech
Report from Our Correspondent in China

A Glimpse of Things to Come: a Visit to the China Auto Show


By Claude Leglise

GGR Special Correspondent in China



Back in April, Cindy and I spent a day at the China Auto Show in Beijing. Over the past few years it has become one of the most important car shows in the world, with possibly the highest attendance, already higher than in Detroit. According to the organizers, this year's show had over 2000 exhibitors, 800,000 visitors, and was covered by 12,605 journalists. All the important international manufacturers were represented, and this year over 120 new cars were introduced at the show. It was worth a day trip; however, if you do not like crowds of pushing and shoving car fans, our advice is to stay away.

The Porsche booth was mobbed

 Fearing the Beijing traffic (I have renamed the Third Ring Road that encircles the city as the Third Ring Parking Lot), we took the subway to get to the show. The station is right across the street from the brand new exhibition venue, which makes for very convenient access. Once inside, we could not help but be amazed by the 8 full-size halls occupied by the show, to say nothing of the 9th building dedicated to the Volkswagen brands: VW, Audi, Skoda, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini and so on. More on this later.





We started with the Chinese cars, because we do not get to see these back in the States. With over 100 brands of domestic cars, the industry resembles that of the US a century ago; the consolidation has not happened yet. Have you heard of Geeli, Hongqi, BYD, Great Wall, Hawtai, Lifan, or maybe Chery? However, compared to five years ago, it is clear that the quality of the Chinese vehicles has improved greatly and is getting closer to that of the brands we know.




Chinese consumers don't seem to be so interested in horsepower, fuel economy and handling, but more in amenities and creature comforts. In a possible sign of things to come, the window sticker on this BYD sedan advertises DTS 5.1 surround sound, high quality CD and DVD playback and a USB connection -- a popular feature to play your own song library.


The foreign brands, especially the German ones, are adapting rapidly to Chinese market needs and offering models and features to cater to local tastes. One big announcement at the show was an extended BMW 3 Series with enough legroom in the back to comfortably transport adults. With cars costing about double the US prices, if a Chinese family can afford to buy a Bimmer or a Panamera, they will most certainly employ a driver, too.


The crowds surrounding the BMW booth certainly highlighted the interest among potential customers. We cannot buy these models in the US at the moment, yet I am sure anyone who has growing teenagers or needs to transport clients around town would like this idea of more legroom in the back. I'll bet within 5 years we will see some ideas originally conceived for China appear in US models.  



 The Americans are not doing badly, either. Buick, pronounced "byea ke", sells more cars in China than back home. Its cars' quality and features are highly regarded, and maybe they look a bit less ostentatious than Audi A6s, which every self-respecting government official drives.




On the way to the VW Group building, we stopped by the Ruf booth that featured a bright yellow CTR-3, the RT12 R and a couple of modified Cayennes, which are very popular around these parts.


The Porsche booth was recognizable from afar and positively mobbed. The new red Cayenne GTS stood out alone amid a sea of silver Panameras, 911s and Boxsters. On the other side of the aisle was the Bugatti stand, and kitty corner, the Lamborghini booth featuring the new Urus SUV. Just weaving through the crowd required advanced autocross and bumper car skills. It was not always entirely clear whether the cars or the booth professionals were the main attraction, but most were easy on the eyes.


It's not the cars; it's the people.


 Porsche was displaying a pretty full range of models, but, judging by the many Cayennes and Panameras we see on the streets of Beijing, the main interest here is in four-doors. And given the world-famous air pollution, interest in convertibles is almost nil. I sure hope the Chinese market desires do not have too much influence on the future line-up.


After a long day visiting the show, more than the new models and the Chinese-specific features, we came away with one impression that really stands out: the crowds. Most attendees went to the show by subway, but if all these people end up purchasing the car of their dreams, then all the traffic of China will grind to a halt, like the "Third Ring Parking Lot."


Carlsen Concours





Legends of the Autobahn





Yosemite Region Concours on Campus







Ledson Concours d'Elegance







Hope there was enough to read this month! See you next month...

As always, thanks for reading.
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
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