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April 2012. Volume 52, Issue 3
In This Issue
From the Wurst Wing
Letter from the Editor
Porsche Pets Rule
Competition Corner
Membership Report
Board of Directors
The Power Chef
Social Report
Porsche Parade Registration Now Open
Now You Also Need to Buy a "Macan"
Live in a Porsche Building
Quick Links
Dear Porsche Enthusiast,

Welcome to The Nugget, the email newsletter of the Golden Gate Region, Porsche Club of America.
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CoCo Giselle, CG
Executive Editor of The Nugget

I recently tried out the YouTube videos purporting to entertain cats. CoCo was mildly interested in the squirrel for about 12 seconds before moving on (below).

Yes, CoCo is longer than the 26-inch-wide monitor! 

Send in your baby's photo! Pets are people, too!

GGR Members receive 10% off parts & service!

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From the Wurst Wing  
celona4 --by John Celona, GGR President

Club Events are IN GEAR!   
Well, we've already had our first autocross, two track events, and two social events. If you missed them, they sure were fun! Keep a watch on the web site for all sorts of great fun things to do with your car while catching up with old friend or making new ones. It's what we're here for!

2012 Autocross Schedule In Progress 

Well, despite best intentions by delaying the first autocross for a week due to a rain forecast, it still rained like the dickens a week later. At least it didn't hail on the first event this year!

I've received word that, unfortunately, the schedule will have some changes throughout the year as some of our confirmed dates become "unconfirmed." That is due to the folks who have say for the venues, not your club hard-working club volunteers. So do keep a close watch on the web site for the latest updates.

Here's the schedule for the year as of now. It will change!





April 28 - 29

Marina Airfield

Autocross #2 GGR (Sat), LPR (Sun), Zone 7 Autocross weekend

May 19

June 23 



Autocross #3

Autocross #4  

July 21


Autocross #5

July 22


Annual Porboy's Beginners' Autocross School

August 18


Autocross #6

September 8 - 9

Marina Airfield

Autocross #7 GGR (Sat), LPR (Sun), Zone 7 Autocross weekend

September 15


Autocross #8

October 20


Autocross #9

November 17


Autocross #10


2012 Track Schedule Season In Progress

Well, our first instructor training event in February and first Drivers' Ed / Time Trial / Club Race at Thunderhill are now history. If you skipped the first event due to the weather forecast, I can tell you it was dry and perfect on Friday. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay for the forecast rain on Saturday due to a need to leave for Chicago. (The good new: I was going fast. The bad news: on an airplane). Still, I managed to get in 2 HOURS of driving time just on that one day. What's not to like about it?


Here's the rest of the schedule for the year:


  • May 26-27: our likewise annual Drivers' Ed, Time Trial, and Club Race at Buttonwillow Raceway Park
  • July 14-15: back to Thunderhill for Drivers' Ed and a Time Trial. (Note: this past year the temperature was in the 70's for this event!).  
  • September 8-9:  Drivers' Ed and Time Trial at Thunderhill.   
  • November 20-21 at Laguna Seca.  
Also, our track chairperson Carl Switzer advises that folks having perfect attendance on the series will get priority for the two-day event ending the season at Laguna Seca. What are you doing Memorial Day weekend, anyway?

Red Book Revision in Progress 

You may or may not be familiar with GGR's Little Red Book. No, it wasn't written by Chairman Mao. It's the write-up of all the club procedures, positions, and the duties that go with them. It also records who held them and the winners of the club awards.

As one board member observed, it should be like a users' guide to the club. Unfortunately, with the many changes in the club over the past years, it has become woefully out of date. Accordingly, our new secretary Richard French is spearheading an effort to update it. The aim is that anyone stepping into a club position ought to be able to take a look at it and get a clear idea of what they need to do and how to do it.

If you'd like to help out with this important exercise of updating and recording the collective memory of the club, please email Richard.   


Till next month...  





Letter from the Editor  
Alameida big
--by John Celona, Nugget Editor

Thanks to Contributors

Thanks to Membership Director USN Ret. Capt. Mike Sherman for sending in the pic of their baby Sasha. So cute!

Send in your pet photos! Porsche Pets are people, too! And we're always happy to run articles members submit, usually the next month.  


Thanks for reading.   


Porsche Pets Rule!  

GGR member Seth Weisman writes:
As always, love the writing.  I FINALLY bought my Porsche-a 2009 911 Turbo with 11K miles.  I'm thrilled to be back with the brand and look forward to seeing you in person soon.
Picture of Nigel attached...when he was a bit younger.


Send in your pet photos! Porsche Pets are people, too! 


kahlers 3
Competition Corner 
--by Bill Benz, Competition Director



Return with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear - when 356's, long-hood 911s and 914s roamed the plains, the 880 was billiard table smooth, and flat tire repair was ein stuck kuchen (piece of cake). It involved:  


Step 1 - open your hood and renew your acquaintance with your spare tire.  


Step 2 - discover that it has no more than 16 psi or so of air and rightfully conclude that "That's gonna be just fine."  


Step 3 - - start lug nut loosening and jacking. Do NOT be concerned with the crunchy sounds and random metal flexing during jacking. These are not problems.  


Step 4 - it's off with the flat and on with the not-so-flat.  


Step 5 - torque the five lug nuts to their 88 lb-ft spec. (WHOA, what means this word "torque"? Get real, I just made up that number and of course you don't have a torque wrench. ) In reality, you're doing fine if you have 3 nuts in any tightness whatsoever. Remember, lots of French cars have only three lug nuts and we're at least a brave as the French. In any case, you're good to go.   


Step 6 - drop the car off the jack and slide the flat tire into the spare tire house and you're back in business in two or three minutes, tops.  


Today, it's a whole new world. Now all the really cool Porsches, you know the ones with "GT" s, "RS" s and little numbers like "2" s and "3"s all over their tails, come with center lock hubs. I, for one, thought that this was absolutely the best and couldn't imaging a new car without center lock hubs.  


Recent articles in AUTOWEEK and EXCELLENCE raise some questions, however.  


AUTOWEEK has been running a long term test on a BMW 5 series. In the past year the mighty Bimmer has had 7, yes 7, tire failures. The testers suggest that the causes of these failures are split between chuck holes in scenic Detroit and "unexplainable" misadventures. In every case, the tires were destroyed, a fair number of low profile rims bit the dust and the the 5er got a flatbed ride. The Bay Area freeways aren't all that much smoother.  


At the same time, EXCELLENCE points out that Porsche wheels with center lock hubs are great as long as you don't have to remove and reinstall them. If a flat tire is the result of  a simple center-of-the-tread pin prick as might occur if you ran over a porcupine, a fishing lure or a bacon-wrapped-fig hors devours toothpick you're probably in good shape. Your center lock wheel car likely includes a can of Gummireifendurchbohren-Reparaturflussigkeit (tire puncture repair liquid) and little compressor. Your owner's manual will tell you how to use this and away you go.  


But what if the flat is the result of something more serious, such as a cell-phone-induced failure to see the ""WRONG WAY! DO NOT EXIT! SERIOUS TIRE DAMAGE WILL RESULT! sign or rubber chew toy play activity involving one of your Porsche's tires and your neighbor's fun-loving Bernese mountain dog? These failures count on your removing and reinstalling one of your centerlock-hubbed wheels.   That wheel was torqued at the factory to at least 444 pound feet with special lubricants and a multistep process. You think YOU're going to remove it? Fat chance.  


As a 912 and 356 owner, I know all about trying to remove scary torqued nuts. 356/912 flywheel gland nuts are supposed to be torqued to a little over 300 lb-ft. My 356 and 912 friends and I all have tool boxes full of broken ½ inch socket drives and bent breaker bars. We all have divots out of our shins from flying wrenches as we jumped up on down on various cheater bars. 444 lb-ft - sounds terrifying.


There is only one solution - BIG RON Gruener. He's got what it takes to alleviate center lock hub anxiety. He comes in one size - 6 ft 8, slimmed down to say 275 lbs, always smiling and a superb craftsman. If you've attended various historic races you may have seen him wielding a 8 foot wrench on 962 and 935 center locks. A quick trip to Jerry Woods Enterprises to stuff Big Ron in your passenger's seat and you are ready to laugh in the face of center lock wheel issues. Anything less may come up short.



Zentrum SS

Membership Report 

Mike Sherman--by MIke Sherman, Membership Director


 GGR Regional Summary - February 2012 




OK, I have to admit that I was on that list for member renewals last month, but I checked with my accountant (the one down in the Family Room with the checkbook) and she said she had already sent the check. So, we're good for another year here on the USS HALF MOON BAY - a non-commissioned, land-bound, dead-in-the-water, mini-villa. I'll be sending out notes to those other "non-renewers" as a reminder...don't get on that list; send those dollars, euros and Yen in to PCA ASAP, OK? Sorry, but we Navy guys love those acronyms, things like CINCPACFLT (Commander-in-Chief, US Pacific Fleet, e.g.) keep us going. Talking about keeping us going, check out all the events coming up this year and make sure you sign up STAT - don't be AWOL! Cheers, Capt. Mike


Primary Members   1,480              

Affiliate Members   970                 

Life Members          6         

Total Members        2,451


New Members/Transfers: 33 (+9 Affiliate Members)


Catherine & Fred Ammann                                         2012 997 Carrera        Black

R. & Renzo Bartolo (Transfer CAI)                             2007 997S                   Black

Lawrence & Randi Bethel                                           2008 Cayman              Gray

William Bloom                                                             2005 CayenneS          Gray

Sebastian & Carlos Cardoza                                      2004 911 GT3             Black  

Bruno Chemel & Christie Ledesma                             2011 911 GTS             Gray

Carole & Brad Hedstrom                                             2009 911                     White

Michael Inouye & Kay Cook                                        2009 Carrera

Valerie & Kent Jonas                                                   2011 Boxster

Ken Kocienda,                                                             2009 CaymanS            Black

Tyson Lai                                                                    1968 911S                   Red

Martin Malek                                                                2012 911 Turbo           White

Cahya Masputra                                                          2009 CarreraS            Silver

Craig McLughlin                                                           2011 911CS                Black

Timothy McVey                                                           1999 Boxster              Black

Seth & Alexandra Mills                                                2000 Boxster              Black

Ken Mitchell (Transfer CCC)                                       2006 Cayman              Red

Oran Muduroglu                                                          2008 GT3                    Black

George Rooney                                                           2012 Carrera              Black

Thomas Rosser                                                           1995 911                     Blue

Bard & Sara Strong                                                     2010 911                     Black

Thomas, Michael                                                         1982 924 Turbo           Red

Frank Weigel                                                               2001 Boxster              Silver

Aamir Zakaria                                                              2012 CaymanR            White

Richard & Anne Martin (Transfer ALL)                       1973 911S

Homer & Cindy Pitner (Transfer DIA)                          2002 996

Jenni Rankin (Transfer SVR

George Rooney (Transfer CCC)                                 2012 Carrera               Black

Niraj & Dan Shekhar (Transfer SDO)                          2008 Cayman              White

Gordon & LindaThompson, (Transfer POT)                1986 944


February 2012 Anniversaries


30 Years - 1982

Gail Hatch


20 Years - 1992

Wolfgang Reif                                                       1989    911     


15 Years - 1997

Derek Dean                                                           1997    993C2                          

Paulette Johnson                    

Shelley Mcgraw                     


10 Years - 2002

Marie O'Rourke                       

Homer Pitner                                                         2002    996


5 Years - 2007

Martha Adler                          

Michael & Marta Adler                                            2007   911   Grey                          

Jay Feero                                                                2007  Cayman Forrest Green                  

Peter & Toshiko Lim                                               1999    996 C4 Black                          

James McDonnell                                                   2007   911  Atlas                          

Richard Nessary                                                     2004    GT 3 Speed Yellow                  

Erik Reykjalin                          

Michael Fazio                                                         2005   Cayenne Tan                            

Micah   McElravy                                                    1986    944 White                          






Board of Directors

Richard French --by Richard French, Secretary

GGR Board of Directors

Minutes for February 12, 2011


In attendance: John Celona, Bill Benz, Paul Larson, Andrew Forrest, Clemson Chan, Richard French, Chris Hamilton, Linda Adams, Larry Adams, Mike Sherman, Elaine Macey.


Absent: Joe Sweis (last minute conflict)


The meeting was called to order at 5:40pm


No agenda changes

One calendar change - the addition of an Autocross event on June 23 at Alemeda


Postmortem of Past events

Six events had occurred since the last meeting.

12/3/11 Boxster brunch was very well attended as usual, by both LPR and GGR members. Many LPR and new members had questions about GGR and our activities.

12/10/11 Zentrum motors / Oakland drive - well attended

12/11/11 Volunteer dinner - very well attended and a huge success. Positive feedback from the charities we supported.

12/16/11 Friday night - well attended as usual

1/8/12 Awards banquet - very well attended - thanks goes to Bubba Gong et al for planning this successful themed event at Sparky's.

2/11/11 - Bertolotti Car Museum tour - this event sold out very fast - several members were waitlisted, but room was made for everyone.


Director's Reports

President - 2 very nice thank you notes received regarding volunteer dinner. These notes will be published in upcoming Nugget.


Vice President - Certificates to order 3/23-25 DE/Club race at Thunderhill , 4/28 AX at Marina and 6/23 AX at Alemeda. Certificates are in place for 2/17/12 DE and Instructor training event at Thunderhill and 3/17, 5/19, 7/22, 8/18. 9/15, 10/20, 11/17 AX events at Alemeda.


Treasurer - The Treasurer's report was delivered and accepted. 2012 budget submissions were reviewed with input and updates from all. Final budgets for 2012 will be compiled and voted upon at next board meeting.


Social - A review of the prior events was delivered by email to the board along with proposed social events for the remainder of the year. These will be published on the website once finalized.


Membership - 259 new members in 2011.


Competition - Planning is well underway for Thunderhill instructor training. Instructor training sessions full, still a few slots open in DE.


Webmaster - Website up, facebook page becoming more popular.


Secretary - Being new nothing to report.


Other Business

Board meetings have been schedule for first half of the year - 3/11, 4/15, 5/6, 6/10.

Redbook - Richard French will lead the updating of the GGR Procedures manual to reflect the recently passed new bylaws.



There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm



GGR Board of Directors

Minutes for March 11, 2012


In attendance: John Celona, Paul Larson, Andrew Forrest, Richard French, Chris Hamilton, Linda Adams, Larry Adams, Mike Sherman, Joe Sweis


Absent: Bill Benz


The meeting was called to order at 5:45pm


No agenda changes


Postmortem of Past events

One event had occurred since our last meeting.

2/27/12 DE and Instructor training at Thunderhill was very well attended, with new instructors to round out our program for 2012. Thanks goes to John Tavernetti.


Director's Reports

President - San Carlos Chamber of commerce is holding a car show this summer and have approached us to participate. They are willing to give us an entire city block. Date is still to be determined. Annual general meeting to be held during August 12 board meeting.


Secretary - Minutes of 2/12/12 board meeting were read and approved.


Vice President - Certificates to order 4/28 AX, 5/26-27 DE/TT/Club race at Buttonwillow and 7-14-7/15 DE/TT/Club race at Thunderhill. Certificates are in place for 3/23-3/25 DE /TT /Club Race event at Thunderhill and 3/17, 5/19, 7/22, 8/18. 9/15, 10/20, 11/17 AX events at Alameda.


Treasurer - The Treasurer's report was delivered and accepted. Final budgets for 2012 were reviewed, voted on and approved unanimously.  


Social - Boulder Creek drive planned for 3/31.


Membership - 33 new members in February 2012.


Competition - AX Trailer is being repaired and refurbished - new tires have been installed. (Thanks goes to Chris Hamilton). DE/TT and club race planned for 3/23-25 at Thunderhill Raceway.


Webmaster - Website remains up, facebook page becoming more popular with 300+ likes.


Other Business

7/8-7/14 Parade in Salt Lake City



There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm





The Power Chef®  
NE Bike
--by John Celona, The Power Chef®

Cookbook Coming SOON!

In the bits of free time in between everything else (I think a youngun at this point would type LOL), I have actually been working on finishing off the cookbook. Got the content done: about 300 recipes and am presently wrestling with the formatting to turn it into an ePub. Got working versions on my iPad and iPhone (!) to test it, then will load it up to the Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble electronic bookstores. Depending on the device and the displayed page size, it runs between 360 and 800 pages. Yikes! (It's 800 pages on the phone.)

Been very handy already to be in the grocery store and able to pull up a recipe to check ingredients. Can't wait to finish it and get it out there. Also need to get a print on demand publisher set up for folks who'd like a paper copy. Even got a new imprint registered: it will be published by The Power Chef Press.

Computers can be immensely annoying, but we do love what they can do when they actually work!

Fruit Pruning Results

Last month we went through pruning fruit trees. This can definitely be a trial and error process. Thankfully, when spring comes, you get a quick indicator of whether your method worked: blossoms! Either they're there, or they're not. Not too much to quibble about.

Here are the blossoms starting to emerge on my apple tree:

And here are the ones on my sugar plum:

Now all I have to do is:
  1. Spray if the bugs start to take over. Thankfully, I already treated them with a Bayer product which is spread around the trunk, absorbed through the roots, and provides bug protection for a full year. Love those hard working commercial scientists.
  2. Thin the fruit. The blossom clusters above, if all pollinated, will make a fruit for each flower. The trick is to thin down to one or two fruits at most so each one is larger. This makes them faster to pick and you get larger fruits, too!
  3. Wage war with the critters. The birds, squirrels, and rats will all be hungry and looking for a meal. CoCo! This way!  

Update on working out on the road


In a prior column, I talked about what your options are when traveling--either for business or pleasure. When traveling for business (as I frequently do), I find the time is very limited. Here's my working set of options:

  • Do It Yourself #1: for me, this basically means going for a run. You could also do a brisk walk. This works just about anywhere, so long as you brought some exercise stuff with you.
  • Do It Yourself #2: #1, plus some body weight squats, push ups, and sit ups in your hotel room. You can also stand up, keep your legs straight and upper back straight, and bend over at the waist as far as you can go down. This is a "sit up" for your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.
  • Facilities #1: this means using whatever the workout facility is in your hotel. They're usually highly minimal, but typically have at least a few dumbbells to work with. Good for things like working your shoulders and wrists, which is hard to do with no equipment. In particular, I have to  do wrist curls to keep everything happy after hours of working the laptop in an airline seat.  
  • Facilities #2: Find a health club or pool. This is my ideal when traveling because then, time permitting, I can get in a real, like-at-home workout. Hotels sometimes have pools big enough, but usually not (though I've had good like with large hotel pools in vacation spots like San Diego and Orlando. The trick is to go in the morning when they're usually empty.)  

Most cities have health clubs; one just usually doesn't have enough time to get to one, workout, and get back to what you're there for in the first place.  


On my recent trip to Chicago, though, I found my real dream business hotel: one which had a full-on attached health club which was free to hotel guests. It was the Westin in Itasca, Illinois. The thing is, looking the web site (link in previous line), there's no way one would not there is an attached full-on health club--even though they show a picture of the pool located in the health club.  


Anyone know a way to ferret out these hidden hotel/health club beauties? The only other one I've come across is the Hyatt in Morristown, New Jersey. If you've got a source for these please email me and clue me in! 


I'll close with an easy recipe that highlights what's in the coming cookbook: easy, delicious versions of things made into a healthy, complete meal. It's my flavor-packed version of Pasta Carbonara with extra veggies and protein thrown in to make it a one-dish dinner. Enjoy! 


Bon áppetit,

The Power Chef


Pasta Carbonara


 Here's my Carbonara served with super-fast easy grilled chicken and roasted brussels sprouts. Recipes all coming in the cookbook! 

Somewhat non-traditional, but delicious and fast.  


The Gist 
Onions and bacon are sautéed together, then tossed with cooked spaghetti and broccoli. A cheese, egg, salt and pepper purée is tossed in last.

1 lb. sliced bacon (1 package) 
2 large yellow onions, finely chopped 
1 lb. (dry) whole wheat spaghetti 
6 eggs 
1 cup grated cheese mix (romano-parmesan, see Recipe) 
1 tsp. salt 
1 tsp. fresh ground black pepper 
another vegetable to go along

Cut the bacon into pieces about an inch long. Place these in a large sauté pan and start them frying over medium heat. They'll need to cook until crisp.

Put a large pot of salted water on to boil (for the pasta). Peel and chop the onions, then place them in a bowl so they ready to go.

Combine the cheese, eggs, salt and pepper in a bowl and whisk together.

When the bacon is crisp, turn off the heat and remove almost all the melted bacon fat. Tilting the pan and using a small gravy ladle works great for this. Turn the heat back on to medium and add the onions. They'll need to cook at least until transparent but, if the water's not boiling yet, you can keep them cooking until they're brown and caramelized.

When the water is boiling, add the spaghetti and cook until almost done, then drain the spaghetti in a colander.

Add the spaghetti to the bacon and onion pan and toss thoroughly to combine. Add the egg and cheese purée and toss to mix thoroughly. The heat of the ingredients will be just enough to turn the purée into a creamy egg and cheese sauce for the pasta.


This recipe makes a complete, one-dish meal. Omit the bacon and sauté the onions in a few tablespoons of olive oil if you're expecting vegetarians for dinner.

Frying the bacon until crisp is the most time consuming part of this recipe, but important both for flavor and for getting the fat content down to an acceptable level.

To make the frying go faster, you can start the bacon in a covered pan with a little water and cook it on high heat until the water is evaporated (it will escape around the cover). Then turn the heat down to medium and continue frying until crisp. This accelerates the process of melting the excess fat off of the bacon.

Although low in moisture, leftovers tend not to freeze well because the egg and cheese sauce separates.  


Social Report

Joe Sweis --by Joe Sweis, Social Director

Boulder Creek Tour


On Saturday March 31st we will be getting together for a back road drive starting at highways CA-92 W & CA-35 S. We'll then take a drive through some fun twisted roads all the way south to Boulder Creek and finish with lunch at Boulder Creek Pizza & Pub. The drive should last approx. an hour and half. Details have been sent out.

We also have our regularly scheduled Social Events. The Boxster Brunches at Alice's Restaurant (17288 Skyline Blvd.) in gorgeous Woodside put on by George & Carol Grialou; all Porsches are welcome. Friday Night Socials are organized by Shirley Neidel to meet at Harry's Hofbrau (1909 El Camino Real) in Redwood City the third Friday night of every month.  No reservations are required but it's best to RSVP with Shirley at, and just stop on by! Check the calendar for upcoming dates and times.


NOTE: If you are a regular attendee to any of these events, please be sure to introduce yourself to any new members who might be attending and make them feel welcome to this wonderful organization; after all it's not just the cars, but the people.


No immediate events have been finalized for the near future but keep an eye out in your email for details of future events.  


As always, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO REACH OUT TO ME if you have any great ideas for a social event. If it sounds fun...we'll do it! I've already received some great suggestions from members and will be including those in the calendar.

-Joseph Sweis
GGR Social Director




Porsche Parade Registration Is Now OPEN!

European Autotech
Now You Also Need to Buy a "Macan"
Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart's new sports car in the SUV segment has been given the name Macan. The name Macan is derived from the Indonesian word for tiger and combines suppleness, power, fascination and dynamics â€" core characteristics of the new off-road car.

"The Macan combines all sports car characteristics with the benefits of a SUV and is a genuine Porsche", said Bernhard Maier, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing of Porsche AG. "The name of a new Porsche has to fit with the brand, sound good in very many languages and dialects and evoke positive associations."

As the fifth Porsche model line, the Macan is a central plank of Strategy 2018, by which the sports car manufacturer wishes to expand its model portfolio. Porsche intends the Macan to emulate the success of the Cayenne. The SUV will start coming off the production lines in Leipzig in 2013. To that end, the site in this city in Saxony is being expanded into a fully-fledged production plant including body assembly line and paint shop - with 500 million euro of investment one of the biggest building projects in Porsche's corporate history. In the medium-term, the sports car manufacturer will be creating more than 1,000 new jobs here.

Word names at Porsche have a concrete connection with the corresponding model and its characteristics: the name Boxster describes the combination of boxer engine and roadster, Cayenne stands for sharpness, the Cayman is snappy and agile and a Panamera is more than a Gran Tourismo, capable also of winning the Carrera Panamericana long-distance race.

Live in a Porsche Building

Porsche Design Tower opening in Miami complete with Car Elevators


While Porsche styles its own sports cars, SUVs and sedans, its consumer goods division, Porsche Design, styles all manner of goods: watches, phones, yachts, bars, appliances, tools, toys, clothing and accessories... even condominium buildings. At least it does now as a new project on Miami Beach prepares for construction.

Called Porsche Design Tower, the project is a joint effort between the design studio and real estate developer Gil Dezer. The 57-story block on 2.2 acres of prime Collins Avenue real estate is set to incorporate 132 housing units, each with its own parking spaces. That bit is straightforward enough, but it's where the slots are situated that is the novelty.

Rather than have residents park downstairs and take elevators up to their condos, the project includes three robotic car elevators that allow residents to take their cars right up to their pads. It's not the first project that incorporates car elevators, but is the first planned by Porsche Design, and could lead to similar projects across the United States. So even if you don't want to live in your
Cayenne, you can still live with it.


The developer is one of the youngest developers of luxury high-rise residential and condo hotel developments in the United States, Gil Dezer, along with his partners world-renowned Donald J Trump and Gll's father, Michael Dezer, are forever changing the landscape of South Florida's real estate market through their offerings of the Trump Grande Ocean Resort and Residences. These are the largest residential community and resort ever developed in Sunny Isles Beach history.


Under the direction of Gil Dezer, a new level of luxury and quality has been achieved in the South Florida Market, as has never been done before. A message has been sent to the world that, in the development of the top luxury South Florida market, an evolution is taking place.




Hope there was enough to read this month! See you next month...

As always, thanks for reading.
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
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