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September 2011. Volume 51, Issue 8
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Board of Directors
Membership Report
Competition Report
The Power Chef
Rennsport Reunion IV
Around the Benz
GGR AX Chair Lays Out World's Longest AX Course
Porsche Race Car Classic
LPR Charity Event
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Dear Porsche Enthusiast,

Welcome to The Nugget, the email newsletter of the Golden Gate Region, Porsche Club of America.
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CoCo helmut
CoCo Giselle, CG
Executive Editor of The Nugget

CoCo checks the sticker dates on my new Snell 2010 carbon fiber helmet as I get ready for the July DE at Thunderhill. Thankfully, she also knows how to check suspension bushings so I don't have to put the car on a lift!  

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From the Wurst Wing  
celona4 --by John Celona, GGR President

Closing Out a Porsche Summer

Hope you've been having as much fun with your car as I have this summer. So many events to choose from, so hard to do them all! I had to miss the Porsche Parade in Savannah do to work commitments, but did manage to get out to Alameda this past weekend for TWO days of autocross. Thanks to our autocross chairs Chris Hamilton and Joe Lee for putting on a great weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect with foggy mornings and sunny afternoons in the 70's. And we actually still have three more autocrosses on the calendar this year! Does this make us "lapdogs"??

Of course, coming up in a week and a half is our three-day track weekend at Laguna Seca put on in cooperation with Coastal Driving School and Monterey Bay Region. This event is long-sold-out with a long waiting list, so hope you're one of the lucky people who get to go and drive on this famous and historic track.

The fall is just packed with great Porsche events, so I'll just mention two of the highlights. PCA Escape 2011 will be in Flagstaff, Arizona September 15-18th, the first Rennsport Reunion on the west coast (info below) will be October 14-16th at Laguna Seca.

Hope you have a chance to attend some of these great events and have fun with your Porsche and like-minded porschepeople.

Meet Joe Sweis 


As we announced earlier this year, our Social Director Kimberly Kinsel-Tinawi unfortunately had to resign her position due to time commitments of a new job at a startup company. Thanks very much to Kimberly for putting on a great new members social earlier in the year.


GGR member Joseph Sweis has kindly stepped forward to fill out the rest of Kimberly's term. Here's a photo of Joe, plus a brief bio. 



Joe Sweis

Joseph joined the PCA GGR in May of 2011. After looking further into the club, he realized that there is tremendous potential for PCA GGR to offer more to its members of all ages in regards to fellowship. Upon learning of the vacancy for the Social Director position, he immediately jumped on the opportunity to get hands on and grow the social aspect of the club. He believes that if a Porsche is intertwined with your daily life, then the Porsche club one belongs to should be as well.



Joseph is a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch in San Mateo, CA. Joseph was married to his wife Lubna on April 24th, 2010 and they currently reside in Burlingame, CA. His hobbies include playing Soccer twice a week, reading, golf, football, fine dining, travel, and of course Porsche.



Joe is looking forward to putting on some great social events for the club, so if you have an idea for an event (or--even better--want to help out!), click on Joe's photo to send him an email.

2011 Volunteer Appreciation Day / Joint Board Dinner Set for December 11  


This years' event celebrates the Holiday Spirit by Teaming with Toys for Tots 


As you'll recall, we've started a new tradition at GGR by combining the annual Joint Board Dinner for the outgoing and incoming board members with an event to thank all the hardworking volunteers who help run the club and put on events. Without these folks, Museum1there would be no events! As much as we appreciate all the members who attend events, we appreciate the people who work on them even more!   


This event is FREE  for volunteers. As we get closer to the event, we'll be asking the club officers to submit the names of folks who have been regular volunteers for the club throughout the year (you know who you are!). Club members at large will be welcome to purchase a ticket, and registration will be opening up in October.


This year we have a very special event planned: a black-tie-optional reception and sit down dinner at the San Mateo County History Museum, located in Redwood City.   


Museum2This event will feature:

  • Hosted wine, beer and soft drink reception in the spectacular rotunda of the museum
  • Passed appetizers 
  • Museum exhibits will be open for private viewing by the club
  • A sit-down dinner in the historic Courtroom 1
  • Menu featuring choice of prime rib, salmon, or vegetarian entrée
  • Special program to thank outgoing and incoming board members, plus a surprise!  
We'll be announcing the schedule as planning for this event proceeds, but mark December 11th in the evening on your calendar for a very special club event.

If you missed last year's event and are worried about missing this year's there are two options:


1. Pay your money

2. Volunteer!


(I know what I would do!)


Bylaws Update

If you haven't heard already, we are updating the GGR bylaws. Issues were discussed at the August board meeting and the committee working on it is getting a final draft ready. This will be presented to the board for approval in September, then to the entire membership for a vote as part of our annual elections.   


Here are the changes we are considering:    

  • Electronic voting: modify bylaws to handle electronic voting instead of mailing ballots. Also need provisions for directors to vote via email and possibly phone in to board meetings.    
  • Dual memberships: need to include dual membership provisions in the bylaws. Dual memberships were instituted so that when members of other PCA regions participate in GGR events (as many do), this is counted as GGR member income rather than non-member income, which is a tax issue.  
  • Club operations: we need to look at the provisions regarding annual meetings of the whole club like (like an annual shareholder meeting), calling special meetings, actions required to fire the board and elect different directors, etc. The idea is to make sure we have reasonable arrangements for "shareholder democracy" and stability in club operations.
  • Board size: we're looking at making the newsletter editor and webmaster voting board members instead of non-voting which they have been for some time, as most regions in Zone 7 already do. This would increase the size of the board from 7 to 9.   

If you have particular matters you would like addressed in this process or would like add your input, please email me.  


Till next month...  





Letter from the Editor  
Alameida big
--by John Celona, Nugget Editor 
Lots Going On!

Hope you made it to at least one of the events this month. I could have gone to them all, but my helicopter is in for brake work.

Also, you'll note that immediately following this is an opportunity to participate in a survey conducted by two Norwegian business masters students who are writing on brand communities for their masters thesis. I just completed the survey I think you'll find the questions interesting to complete. They claim it takes 7-10 minutes to complete, but I buzzed through it in 5. It does not ask any personal information at all, so I hope you'll consider helping them out in their research and completing it.  


Thanks for reading.   


kahlers 3
Board of Directors  
--not by Bill Benz, GGR Secretary

GGR Board of Directors
No Meeting Minutes for July, 2011


Call to Order

President Celona called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. at his home.


All members of the 2011 Board, save the Social Director (position open) and the Webmaster, were present. The Board was joined by Larry Adams, Richard French and Joe Sweis who has expressed interest in serving as Social Director for the remainder of 2011 and next year.


            Agenda Changes - None.

            Calendar Changes - The next three Board meeting have been scheduled for September 25, 2011, October 23, 2011 and November 20, 2011.


Postmortem of Past Events

            The July Friday Night Social was greatly appreciated.

            The July 16/17 Drivers' Ed event was safe and fun and had a solid turn out.

            The Carlsen Concours drew about 60 cars - a solid improvement over recent years. Carlsen Motorcar's generous sponsorship of this event is a big factor in the improvement.

            The Annual picnic was a success. As usual, Mark Powell was the sparkplug for this event. He has already booked the site for next year.

            Larry Adams reported that the July 23 autocross at Marina drew about 70 cars, a substantial increase over last year.

            The August 6 Boxster Brunch filled the room at Alice's restaurant.


Directors' Reports

            President - Last year's volunteer appreciation dinner was a good event. The President would like to expand this dinner this year. The Board agreed.

            Vice President - Insurance has been ordered for the remaining autocrosses and will be ordered for Dent-Pro Day. The Vice President will check with PCA National concerning insurance for the multiregion driving event at Laguna Seca and\follow National's advice,

            Treasurer - The Treasurer's report was delivered and accepted. As reported last month, the driving events continue to come in close to budget.

.             Secretary - The June Board Meeting minutes were approved.

            Social - Mr. Sweis interviewed the Board concerning its expectations of the Social Director. Apparently he liked what he heard as he volunteered to step into that role. He was enthusiastically approved by a unanimous Board.

            Membership - A membership report was given. Membership is up by about 25.

            Competition - The rule-making process is moving forward on schedule.


Topics for Discussion

            Bylaws Update. The President and Secretary are completing a second draft of an updated set of bylaws for consideration by the Board and the GGR members. The draft will be delivered to the Board at or before the next Board Meeting for comments.



            There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p. m.




Zentrum SS

Membership Report 

Mike Sherman--by MIke Sherman, Membership Director


GGR Regional Summary - July 2011


As I sit here reading through all the Porsche magazines - Panorama, excellence, and christophorus, as well as motor mags such asMotor Trend, Car and Driver,and Road & Track, which have been covering the Porsche resurgence lately, I'm reminded how fortunate we are to have discovered the infinite driving possibilities of our wonderful German machines. So much is being written, coverage is extensive...even to esoteric info such as in China the Panamera is outselling the 911 - who knew?


I use the word "resurgence" not because Porsche has had problems, but because it seems there are now so many variations to the marque - 9lls have evolved from a nice daily driver to such awesome machines as the 911 GT2 RS and the 911 GT3 RS 4.0. And soon to come...the 2012 Porsche 911 (991) 7-speed manual Carrera - bigger, lighter and more fuel-efficient! Even the staid Cayenne has evolved into a $126k Turbo S behemoth capable of towing most of Stuttgart!


The best part, we get to drive them (OK, maybe the less expensive models anyway) and GGR is making sure we have any number of events to enjoy their performance. Make sure you visit the GGR website ( and sign up for the upcoming events in August and September...loads more fun to come.


All the best. Captain Mike


Primary Members         1,421

Affiliate Members            946     

Life Members                     1         

Total Members             2,368  



New Members: 25

Anthony Branzuela                                1996 C4S Yellow

Andrew C.Chase,                                  1992 Carrera 2 Gray

Robin R. Chiang                                    2002 996 Silver

Blake Perdue (Affiliate)

Joseph Chow                                         2012 911 GTS Silver

Denis A.Doute,                                      1986 911 Red

LysianneAubertin (Affiliate)

Kathryn S.& PatGroves                        2011 Panamera Red

Michael Hedlund                                   2007 911 Turbo Gray

Brendan P.& Angela Jones                 1999 911 Silver

Sidney Kaufmann                                1997 993 White

YasuoKida                                           2011 911 GTS White

Kieron H.Lacey                                   2006 Carrera S Silver

Jobie& MarisaLow                              2007 Cayman Black

Sean MacKenzie                                1973 911t Blue

Vincenzo& MariaMartinucci                 1983 911

Richard& DianeMcGovern                   1963 356 Silver

Steve Mi                                              2011 Panamera White

Sean Pickton                                       2008 Boxster Black

KasraSharifi                                        2008 Cayman Black

SaumVahdat (Affiliate)

Richard P. & DeborahSilberman          2007 997-110 Black

Jennifer L.Trahan                                  2006 Cayman S White

Thomas D.Tyler                                    2012 911 Black

Edwin Yang                                           2011 GT3RS White

Sean P. & DawnYoshinaga                    2008 Carrera White

Arthur J.Young                                      2002 Carrera Black

John R.Zazenski                                  1968 911 Red                                  


Transfers In - 4

Kathryn S.& Pat Groves(CCC)              2011 Panamera Red

Lowell G.& Diana Hallock(LPA)             1993 911 Guards Red     

Kristen Haring(ALA)                               2008 Cayman blue

Richard P.& DeborahSilberman            2007 997-110 Black


July Anniversaries


40 Years - 1971

Albert Kasch                                       1957 356A


20 Years - 1991

Helen Dong                 

Patti Jeffery                

John Chakel                                         2002 996

Barton Lane               

Otis Paul                                              1965 356

Johannes Van Overbeek                   


15 Years - 1996

David   Backer                                     1995   993     


10 Years - 2001

Teo Connolly                                       1998 993 Artic Silver

Richard Hornor                                    2001 986     

Sylvia  Kwan                                        1999 Boxster            

Willy Lee                                              1999 996     

Dillon    Lew                            

Ronald Randolph                                1972 911E Tangerine

Stacy Reitmeir                        

Tom Weber                                          1995 911 Iris Blue


5 Years - 2006

Hanh Duong                                       

Judy Griffiths                                     

Bryan Jorgenson                                          

Chris Lanzatella                                    1980 911S2                        

Tristan Levardo                                    1999 996 Silver            

Paul Lodrige                                        1992 964 White            

Elaine & Nathan Macey                       2006 CaymanS Atlas Grey

Dianne Millar                                       

Carlos  Rueda                                      1964 356C Silver            

Peter Thai                                            1994 911 White            

Dominic & Eleanor Antonelli                 2005 997 Black            




Pacific Power - July
Competition Report

Jeff Kost2

--by Jeff Kost, Competition Director


Hope that everyone has enjoyed the warm weather and is getting read for the long Labor Day weekend (already!). We are just over a week away from wrapping up the DE/TT events for the year and as mentioned before, we have many well represented and some pretty hotly contested classes going on in the AX series (see season standings Best of luck to all the competitors!


Next, I'd like to remind everyone of the rule changes that have been put forth by club members. To date, I've received very little (read as none) input on the suggested revisions. To move this process forward, we will be calling a meeting of the general membership to discuss the changes (likely late September or early October) and then we'll convene the Drivers Events Committee to finalize the requested changes before ratifying and then publishing this year.


Though I indicated in a prior article that I would be commenting on the rules from my perspective, I believe that it is better left to the discussion of the members and the DEC to properly debate the merits of each proposal. There are three submissions and they are listed below in no particular order. A link to the current rules that they modify is here


Proposal 1:


            Under section 3.0 (Automobiles & Classes), subsection g, add the following language. "In addition, Porsche Automobiles are defined as having 1) Porsche Chassis, 2) Porsche motor (at a minimum the case), 3) Porsche transmission/transaxle.


Proposal 2:


            Under section 2.2 (Safety - Automobiles), add a new subsection and the following language. "l. Automobiles will have complete body work including, but not limited to, fenders that fully cover the tire/wheel combination being used. Wider tires will require fender flares to conform to this rule. Adequate clearance for full suspension compression and turning of front tires shall be required for all tire wheel combinations that go beyond factory specifications.


Proposal 3:


            Under Section 3.1 Modification Points, replace the existing language with the following:

3. Tires - Points assessed per every 50mm of total width ("total" means one front tire width plus one rear tire width).

Tire                                                                                                TT            AX
 a)  Tires with DOT wear rating 200 or greater                                                 0             0
 b)  Tires with DOT wear rating less than 200 but greater than 100.                  5               5
 c)  Tires with DOT wear rating less than 101 but greater than 49.                   10              10
 d)  Tires with DOT wear rating less than 50.                                                 15             15
 e)  Racing slicks or tires with no DOT wear rating.                                        20              20


Assuming I still have your attention, one more very important subject. Current AX co-chairs Joe Lee and Chris Hamilton are now more than mid-way through their second season. That means that their tenure is coming to a close this year. Chris has agreed to stay on for another year (THANK YOU!) so we are looking for a volunteer to take on the co-chair position. Remember, without volunteers to chair the AX series, there is no series-so don't look around, look in the mirror

! If you have interest, please contact Joe, Chris or myself and we can answer your questions or just sign you up!





The Power Chef®  

NE Bike --by John Celona, The Power Chef


How's the Warranty Book on YOU!

(aka Your Self-Maintenance Routine) 



You all know your car comes with a warranty book which lists all the maintenance items and when they should be done. You wouldn't dream of ignoring them unless you had a thing for AAA employees and liked getting stranded. It's pretty simple: take care of it or it will break!


However, when it comes to maintenance, people are unlike cars in two very significant ways. First, for people, regular and vigorous use doesn't cause wear--it's the most important part of maintenance! Second, parts on people only wear out under extreme abuse, and then OEM parts are never available and the substitute parts are not nearly as good.  


Allow me elaborate just a bit.  


With a car, use generally causes wear, and over time everything will typically need replacing: from upholstery to brake pads to transmissions. The more and harder you drive it, the more work it will need. Pretty simple.   


However, even a stored car degrades over time. Batteries go dead, tires develop flat spots, and seals and gaskets shrink and dry out, parts rust. It's just a slower process.  


Your body is just the opposite of a car: the less you use it, the more and faster it goes downhill. For just about all the attributes one might measure (strength, flexibility, cardio capacity, reflexes), the longer they sit the less you have.   


On the other hand, the more you work your body, the better it gets. Do more strength work and you get stronger. Stretch more and you get more flexible. It would be like the more you use full throttle on your car, the more horsepower you had. (Wouldn't that be GREAT!).  


Briefly put, it's the difference between mechanism and organism. Mechanisms suffer wear with use. Organisms get stronger. 


People seem to frequently confuse this. They seem to think of going in for a checkup like taking your car in to the shop. Especially these days with the frequency of medical intervention (from cholesterol medication to arthroscopic surgery), people seem to believe they can go to the doctor to "get fixed."


The most important maintenance you can do for yourself isn't what the doctor provides; it's what you do yourself. The amount you exercise your organism and the quality of fuel you provide (diet) will do far more for you than any doctor can. Doctors can intervene with treatments in many ways, but it's never as good as getting the original equipment working well on your own.  


Hence my philosophy of exercising your organism and only seeing the doctor when, despite your best efforts, you need a clearly efficacious intervention.  


When a doctor does intervene, it's never as good as getting the original stuff working right. This is perhaps obvious for artificial hips and hearts, but even blood pressure medication isn't as good as controlling your blood pressure with weight loss and exercise.   


The other way people get confused about mechanism versus organism is in thinking that, the more you use your body, the sooner it will wear out. For example, people have said things to me like "There's only so many miles in your knees. The sooner you run them, the sooner you're done running."


When I ask these people if they are regularly stretching and strengthening their knees in the gym, the answer is always no. Sure, you can wreck a knee with running or a shoulder with bench press or a hip with ballet, but with a little less abuse and a lot more maintenance (stretching and strengthening), you can also keep them going as long as you are.  


So I follow the warranty book for my car and the stretching / strengthening / cardio / balance & reflexes / diet plan for my body.  


Too bad that doesn't come in a book with each baby.  


Bon Appétit,  

The Power Chef


Here's some very yummy, healthy, and high-octane fuel for your organism: a pizza so outrageously delicious it ought to have it's own name in Italian. Here's my shot at that!  


Pizza Super Deliziosa



Wow what a "pizza"! 


The Gist

The crust is grated zucchini, flour, eggs, and cheese. It gets baked first, then diced Pasilla chiles, chopped tomatoes with basil and garlic, marinated shrimp, grated provolone and smoked Gouda cheese and chunks of Italian sausage meat are layered on top. Yummy!




For the crust:

2 very large or 8 small zucchini, grated

2 tsp. salt

6 eggs

2 tsp. fresh ground black pepper

1 cup grated mix of romano and parmesan cheeses

3 cups whole wheat flour

extra virgin olive oil


For the shrimp:

2 lbs. shelled raw shrimp

8 cloves fresh garlic, minced

2 Tb Mirin (sweet rice wine) or sweet sherry

2 Tb chinese chili-garlic paste

2 tsp. fresh ground black pepper

1 tsp. salt


For the sauce:

3-14.5 oz cans of roasted chopped tomatoes

1/2 cup fresh basil roughly chopped

1 Tb. fresh ground black pepper

3 cloves fresh garlic, minced


Everything else:

6 fresh Pasilla chiles, seeded and sliced

1/2 lb. provolone cheese, grated

1/2 lb. smoked Gouda cheese, grated

2 lb. bulk Italian sausage meat (sweet or spicy)




Combine the grated zucchini with the 2 tsp. of salt and mix well. Let stand for 10-30 minutes or so. This is a good time to get the rest of the chopping and grating done. Preheat your oven to 350ºF.   


Mix all the shrimp ingredients together and let them marinate.  


Drain the zucchini in a fine mesh basket or with several layers of cheese cloth. Add the rest of the crust ingredients except for the olive oil, which is used to oil one large or two smaller baking pans (I used a turkey roasting pan). Place in the oven and bake until the top is dry, about 30 minutes.  


While that's baking, mix your sauce ingredients together and finish any chopping or grating.  


When the crust is done (leave the oven on!), remove it from the oven and layer the remaining ingredients in this order:

1. Pasilla chiles

2. sauce

3. shrimp

4. grated cheeses

5. sausage meat, in chunks


Bake until browned on the top and warm and bubbly through, about 20-30 more minutes.


Slice and serve. Enjoy!



Putting the sausage pieces on the very top gets them browned and crispy, while having the shrimp farther done cooks them through without overcooking them.  


This crust is also a good base for assembling your own fantasy pizza with your choice of ingredients. Fresh red and yellow cherry tomatoes and pesto, anyone?  


Here's how the pizza looks through the assembly process:


pizza assembly 



Rennsport Reunion IV 




Registration is open for the Porsche Corral at the Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion.  The direct link to the registration is below. Seventeen race groups will participate in the event at which Jaguar is the featured marque; and it is Jaguar's E-type 50th anniversary.


      Here's a bit of trivia for you: Did you know that Jaguar's American racing roots are firmly planted on the Monterey Peninsula? It was in 1950, at the inaugural Pebble
Beach Road Races, that Jaguar achieved its first win on American soil. A 23-year-old American named Phil Hill, who months earlier accompanied the same Jaguar XK120 aboard the Queen Mary, took the checkered flag, thereby capturing international accolades for both himself and Jaguar.


RENNSPORT REUNION on October 14-16, 2011 promises to be an amazing weekend for the Porsche enthusiast.  Rennsport Reunion IV will be held for the first time on the west coast at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (MRLS).  MRLS is selling the Porsche Corral tickets for this event.  Use the link below and look for the ticket item described below to purchase the Porsche Corral at his historic event.  MBR is working on a couple of social activities prior to this event.


We will use for the sign-ups.  Additional information will be sent in the future.


A0811P3DAY-PC:   3-Day Admission & Paddock with Porsche Car Corral Pass - Go to Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV



      No vehicle will not be allowed into corral area unless it is a Porsche. You will be directed to general parking. Space is limited. Does not include hospitality. Passenger in vehicle needs only to purchase the General Admission & Paddock Ticket portion.   




European Autotech
Around the Benz

Benz--by Bill Benz, Member for Life Without Parole


How Fast Does It Go?


"How fast does it go?"  Now, you've got to admit, that's one of life's basic questions - right up there with "Who made God?" and "Does KFC really have eleven secret herbs and spices?"

Most people are hard-wired to ask this question. If you show a Big Wheel or a Razor scooter to a two year old for the first time, her (or his) next words will be "Fast, how fast?" 

This question is generally applied to motorized transportation systems. As soon as you see an F-16 fighter jet or a three-engine 45 foot racing boat or any car built by Mat Lowrance, the words "How fast does it go?" are right on the tip of your tongue. 

In other settings these words never come up.  I'm looking out the window at my neighbor's Prius.  Lamont the cat is sitting next to the Prius doing that amazing cat thing of holding one leg way up over his head and licking his parts.  While the Prius is a transportation system of sorts and notwithstanding that Lamont's backup name is "the High SpeedRocket Cat" neither the Prius nor Lamont ever gives rise to the inquiry "How fast does he go?"

Answering this question is a very situationally sensitive undertaking.  If the question is coming from The Man and your answer is coming from the cockpit of your Guards Red GT-2  your response and your general knowledge of matters velocitudinal (now that's a cool word) will likely be quite vague.  If the question is coming from someone you suspect already pretty much knows the answer you'll look like a Bozo if you get too caught up in creative speed numbers.  My line "This is my  912. As I'm sure you can note, 912 is larger than 911.  That means that 912 was used by the factory to designate its special racing cars that were faster than 911s.  I've never clocked it but I'll bet its got160 or 170 in it, easy," has had no success, even with two year olds.

The best situation is when you get some outside help. It happened to me once.  Back in the early 1990's Porsche had a 911 model not sold in the US which bore the special badging "RS".  By all accounts, the "Euro RS" was a fabulous car. It had all manner of special parts and specs.  At the same time the factory was trying to set up a "Carrera Cup" racing series in the US which was going to employ the Euro RS as its spec car.  About 30 or 40 Euro RSs were sent to Andial in Southern California for conversion into race cars.  Something happened, minds changed, in- progress conversions were halted, converted cars were deconverted, and eventually the little family of orphaned Euro RSs managed to get marketed at premium prices  to 30-40 lucky  American drivers. 

About this time  Porsche decided to perk up US sales with a new model, the RS AMERICA.  Ruth and I bought one.  To be blunt, it is a "strippy".  It is a 964 with no air, no power steering, no up-down powered spoiler and missing all nice interior fittings. Even better, when new, it cost a lot less than a mainstream 964 and even a lot more less than a sainted Euro RS.
The American owners of  the Euro RSs went apeshit.  PANORAMA was stuffed with letters from the Euro RS owners going ballistic over the bastardization of the noble RS name by its affixation to the clearly POS RS America halfbreeds. 

Then it happened.  Some magazine (it may have been Motor Trend) ran a test of an RS America and reported a 4.8 second 0-60 time.  The factory was quoting a 5.6 second time for all three models (standard 994 carrera 2, Cup Car and RS AMERICA.  And here was this 4.8 second clocking. This was a really fast time in 1992.  It was backed up by a 4.9 in now-departed Sports Car International.

We'll never know what happened.  Was the clock operator reaching for his Dr. Pepper rather than pushing the start button when the car left the line?  Did the Porshe press team let the magazines know that this was a bottom-of-the-food-chain beater and they should feel free to rev to redline and sidestep the clutch to their heart's content.    The Euro RS owners were screwed.  They weren't about to subject their valuable collector cars to a series of sidesteps at redline.

I was in hog heaven.

"So, this is an RS AMERICA.  How fast will it go? 
You, know, I don't rightly know.  I haven't had the guts to run it wide open but I do know that Motor Trend timed it at 4.8.  
 Yup, 4.8.  
Wow, Dude. " 



GGR AX Chair Lays Out World's Longest Autocross Course
Event Canceled After Course Walk Proves Infeasible and Course Run Takes 8 Hours

--by the Editor

On Sunday, August 7th, GGR's intrepid autocross co-chair Joe Lee made history by laying out the world's longest autocross course: a whopping 50 kilometers long (that's 31.07 miles in RecordAX1regular measurement). Here we see Joe and his main squeeze Molly about to lay out the course. 

Molly heroically stepped in after autocorss co-chair Chris Hamilton refused to help, responding with one of those cryptic abbreviations only comprehensible to the texting generation: "NFW."  ????

 When asked what prompted him to lay out this mammoth course, Joe responded "I'm really tired of these weenie claims that it's such a big deal to drive the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Heck, it's only twelve miles long, and you can see the whole thing with Google Earth. I wanted something really challenging where much of the course would be under trees and you'd have to figure it out from eye-level."


Below we see Molly making her way through the seventh of 23 slalom sections in the course.  



 In the end, though, this promethean event proved a bridge-too-far for our indomitable AX chair. Joe explains why.


"Sure, it took Molly and I eight hours to run the course. No biggie. We could have run the event at night. The real issues were ground clearance problems with some of the lowered cars, and that a lot of them no longer have working headlights, much less working headlight washers. And nobody--just nobody--had the right tires to run this course."  


Accordingly, since there were no further runs, Joe and Molly claimed TTOD 08:20.17.  





Larson--by Paul Larson, Vice President




This is a movie review of the Senna movie.


Here is a great story about a great man that accomplished his desires and built desire in his county during his success. The movie does a lot of focus on the inner workings of the politics with racing. There were some awesome spots in the movie where you are in the last driver's meeting before the start of the race. Then you are in a pole lap run watching thru the in-car camera.


The in-car camera at the time would bounce all over the place. This brought back memories of what the driver felt as he muscled his car around the racetrack. Today's camera, you see the driver make a quick correction of the steering wheel around a fast corner and you say to your self that it looked easy without the camera shaking all about. Watching an old in-car camera makes you more in-line with what the driver feels. Maybe some day, Formula 1 television and go back and show a camera bolted to the frame of a modern day racecar. Boy would that be great!


What I really missed from this movie was the word "push". I have been a Senna fan as far back as his Lotus days and he used the word "push" a lot. I remember some of his interviews were he would not use the word "push" once but he would say it three times. He would be in an interview and some one would ask what he was thinking going into a turn and he said "I was just behind and I just needed to push, push, push to get by him". After seeing this movie, I will now have to go back and see all the F1 VCR videos of Senna that I saved. I watched a lot of F1 back in the early 90's and I saved the videos that Senna had to work hard to win. He was a very fast driver.




The movie spent a lot of time on the incidents with Alain Prost at the Japan F1 racetrack. Not once but twice in two year time they crashed together. This made a lot of press and people talked about what happened for months. All this talk is what helped promote formula one into a bigger business. The television ratings were going sky high for more formula one stories. This is about the only problem I had with this movie. I went to this movie hoping to see a little more about the Senna racing secrets of going faster but I ended up seeing more about the politics and the huge amount of press that was played over the controversial decisions. It was what the fans wanted to see so I do not blame the movie writer. All I know is that Senna at the time was one of the only drivers to lean his helmet into the turn. Take a closer look and his head was always leaning into the turn. I tried this head leaning on the Kart racetrack and it did improve my speed on the track.


Another interesting thing I saw in this movie was who was chasing Senna in his final race. Here is Senna with a 5 second lead at the San Marino Race Track in Imola, Italy and on his tail is Michael Schumacher who is gaining on Senna. Schumacher was in a Benetton at the time. I still remember some of the talk a few years before the accident that Michael Schumacher was the only driver to not lift the throttle at Blanchimont going thru the Eau Rouge curves on the Spa-Francorchamps Racetrack.


Seeing guys like Terry Bouston and Gerhard Berger was truly neat even if they did not say anything in the movie.


If you enjoy formula one, then this is a must see movie. For other racing fans, it is a nice journey back to what we thought racing looked like.


The very last video in the movie during the credits was the turning point for me on if I should attempt to write a film critique. At the very last video, you see close up of Senna driving out of a parking garage with one of his sunglasses ends dangling from his mouth. As he rounds out of the garage you see him leave in a Porsche Carrera convertible. It was the only Porsche I noticed in the film and it was the last video. I figured that this was karma so I wrote this story.


The only thing I would like to conclude is that now I know why people are paid big money to write movie reviews. I hope I learned my lesson and will leave this writing to the professionals.


Note that the enclosed picture came from a free poster at the movie theater and I scanned in what I could on my little printer.


Also note that I had a dream about a week after his death and I met Senna and talked with him a bit. Senna will always be my hero. Do you have a hero?


Thanks for reading.





Porsche Race Car Classic 

About the PRCC


On October 16, 2011 the Porsche Race Car Classic will bring together 200 Porsche race cars from 1950-1965 at the world famous Quail Lodge in Carmel, California. This gathering of purpose-built and production Porsches represents the largest gathering ever of the cars that put Porsche on the racing map so many years ago.


The race cars will range from the 550 Spyders of the early 50s to the 904s of the early 60s with all the many purpose-built racing models represented plus 356 coupes, Speedsters, and more. The cars, their owners, and the public will be joined by famous Porsche race car drivers from that golden era of Porsche's history.


The Porsche Race Car Classic - which has been years in planning - will be a fitting conclusion to Porsche's Rennsport Reunion IV which will take place just down the road at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on the same weekend. While Rennsport IV will have a few of these cars, the vast majority will be only at the Porsche Race Car Classic and the PRCC owes much to Porsche Cars North America and Porsche AG who have been so supportive of the Race Car Classic.


The Porsche Race Car Classic will offer all of the amenities that are to be expected at the world-class Quail Lodge venue. Meanwhile all net proceeds will go directly to our charitable partners - the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and the University of California, San Francisco Thoracic Oncology Program to aid in lung cancer research. The PRCC is committed to raising significant funds to help to battle this most-deadly and least-funded of the major cancers.


Get Tickets for the Porsche Race Car Classic at as well as forms for the raffle of a 2012 Porsche Turbo Cabriolet.  


Contacts Event: Steve Heinrichs 775-691-2217 Media: Bruce Sweetman 615-579-4508


Porsche Race Car Classic 


LPR Charity Event
  LPR charity event

Carrera de Sierra   

  Carrera de Sierra

Porsches on the Plaza 

  Porsches on the Plaza

Ledson Concours d'Elegance 


Hope there was enough to read this month! See you next month...

As always, thanks for reading.
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
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