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October 2011. Volume 51, Issue 9
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GGR Winter Gala
Letter from the Editor
Porsche Pets Rule
Board of Directors
Membership Report
Competition Report
The Power Chef
Rennsport Reunion IV
Around the Benz
Social Report
Legends of the Autobahn
New 911 Debuts at Rennsport Reunion
2-Day Zone 7 Autocross
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CoCo Giselle, CG
Executive Editor of The Nugget

With all her rolling in the dirt while waiting for a rat to walk by, we've been trying to introduce CoCo to the idea of a bath. She's okay with sitting in the laundry basket, but so far not much enthusiasm for the next step!  

Send in your baby's photo! Pets are people, too!

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From the Wurst Wing  
celona4 --by John Celona, GGR President

More to Driving to Come; Thanks to Carl Switzer
Well, it's been a very busy end of the summer for events. As noted in David Brunch's article in this issue, we had a solid turnout of GGR members for the Legends of the Autobahn Concours held in conjunction with Historics week at Monterey. Plus folks were going to Parade, Escape, the Drivers' Ed weekend at Laguna Seca just completed, an autocross at Alameda--makes me want to retire just so I can attend more events!

Lots more events are coming up. We have TWO more autocrosses at Alameda (Oct. 29 and Nov. 19).

Plus, the track season is not quite down as Drivers' Ed / Time Trial / Club Race chair Carl Switzer pulled a rabbit out of his docket with a GGR track day at Laguna Seco on Tuesday, November 22. It will be great to have an all-GGR day at this famous and historic track to finish toasting your tires and brakes so you can get new for next year. Thanks, Carl!

If that isn't enough for you, Rennsport Reunion IV is coming up in just a few weeks. This will be the first time this event has been held on the west coast and oodles of Porsche folks will be there, along with many race cars and a first look at the new 911. As bad luck would have it, I'll be on the east coast for business and then leaving for a conference in Phoenix. Maybe I can change planes in Monterey!

Need an Autocross Co-Chair!

This year will be it for Joe Lee as he finishes his term as autocross chair. Co-chair Chris Hamilton has kindly agreed to do one more year to start the autocross co-chairs on staggered terms. This should ease in transitions.

We do need someone to step up and be autocross co-chair for the next two years. Without someone, no autocross series! Then you'll be left with dodging cones for road construction.

We are looking at implementing a more formal teaming structure to spread the load for a prospective new chair. If you're interested, please email Competition Director Jeff Kost.

2011 Volunteer Appreciation Day / Joint Board Dinner Set for December 11  

This years' event celebrates the Holiday Spirit by Teaming with Toys for Tots  


See the next article for details on this event, which is going to be so nice we're calling it the GGR Winter Gala. An email has gone out to directors and chairs asking for their list of volunteers. If you weren't one of the folks regularly helping to put on our club events on, not to worry! You can sign up for a job next year and be one of the folks who makes it all happen. Volunteers attend this annual event for FREE!

Board Election Update

It's that time of year to be getting ready to elect new board members. All board members serve two-year terms. We also have a variety of event chairs (autocross, drivers' ed, concours) who are appointed.

The positions up this time are president, treasurer, and secretary. Current treasurer Linda Adams has kindly offered to serve an additional term. A new club member, Richard French, has stepped up to be secretary and has begun attending board meetings.

As for president, I've spent two years talking to people about being the next president and the response has been "Why don't you do another term?" Well, I thought about it a while, got the okay from my spouse, and decided there was enough ongoing in terms of initiatives to merit following through. To recap, the main initiatives we are working on are: 
  • Getting the DE/TT/CR series to a break-even point. As you know, the club has lost some serious money on track events in prior years and a series of chairs (Andrew Forrest, Mike Cullinan, Warren Walker, and now Carl Switzer) have been working very hard to bring this series to a break-even. They have made great progress and the numbers this year look good, but we need to ensure the series is on a stable footing going forward. The track series is a very special part of what makes GGR such a great club, but we can't let it jeopardize the club's financial viability.  
  • Getting more social events going. Work in progress. Lots of new folks at the GGR 50th last year and lots at the annual picnic. New social director Joe Sweis is tackling this. 
  • Getting new people into club positions. We've very pleased to have two new members on the board now (Capt. Mike Sherman and Joe Sweis), and look forward to Richard French joining the mix. This is a big issue for PCA nationwide and we are very pleased to be making progress on this.  

I hope you'll consider voting for me to help move these initiatives forward over the next two years. 


In terms of process, we'll be mailing out a ballot to all members later this month. Please vote and send us your ballot. We appreciate throwing in your own stamp and envelope!


Bylaws Update

A final version of the bylaws was approved by the Board at this past meeting. A copy will be posted on the web site for members perusal as soon as we sort out the last little typos. The idea was to update the bylaws to address a number of issues. The bylaws were last updated ten years ago, so it was time! 


Here are the changes which the Board approved:    

  • Electronic voting: modify bylaws to handle electronic voting instead of mailing ballots. Also added provisions for directors to vote via email and to phone in to board meetings.    
  • Dual memberships: included dual membership provisions in the bylaws. Dual memberships were instituted so that when members of other PCA regions participate in GGR events (as many do), this is counted as GGR member income rather than non-member income, which is a tax issue.  
  • Club operations: provisions were sorted out regarding annual meetings of the whole club like (like an annual shareholder meeting), calling special meetings, actions required to fire the board and elect different directors, etc. The idea is to make sure we have reasonable arrangements for "shareholder democracy" and stability in club operations. Henceforth, unless other arrangements are made, the annual members meeting will coincide with the annual awards banquet.  
  • Board size: the Nugget Editor and Webmaster were added as voting board members, as most of the regions in Zone 7 already do. This will increase the size of the board from 7 to 9.   

If you have particular questions, please check the draft on the web site in about a week or email me.  As noted above, a vote on the bylaws will be included in this year's election ballot.  


Till next month...  





GGR Winter Gala set for December 11   
 --by Bubba Gong, co-chair 

Joint Board Inaugural & Volunteer Appreciation Day

A spectacular Winter Gala celebrating GGR'S Joint Board meeting, Inauguration of the new Board of Directors and Volunteer Appreciation will take place at the San Mateo History Museum on Sunday evening, December 11.


Named to the National Register of Historic Places, this 1910 County Courthouse designed by Glenn Allen is the perfect site for our traditional Black Tie Optional holiday cMuseum1elebration.


GGR Members will enter the Grand Rotunda and "jingle and mingle" for Appetizers under the stained glass dome and mosaic tile floor beginning at 5:30 p.m. They will feast on Hors d'Oeuvres and a HOSTED Wine and Beer Bar which will include Seared Ahi Tuna on Croutes, Stuffed Mushrooms, the Finest Imported Cheeses and Seasonal Fruits and Assorted Pates with Baguette. You can also discover the past and browse the exhibits on the Second Floor where history comes alive. The California Heritage Council proclaimed it the "Best County Museum in California."


A formal sit-down dinner will occur at 7 p.m. following a brief Program and Inaugural Ceremony. Be prepared for FUN! FOOD! And FESTIVITIES! The elegant Menu will consists of a First Course Heirloom Tomatoes and Mozarella Cheese Napoleon with a fresh Basil Vinaigrette. Your choice of entrees include Prime Rib Au-Jus or a Fillet of Salmon with White Wine Sauce with Scalloped Potatoes and Fresh Seasonal Vegetables . A Vegetarian entree option includes Portobello Mushroom stuffed with vegetables and Gorgonzola Cheese. Dessert will be a Triple Chocolate Mousse served with Coffee and Assorted Teas. Museum2


Volunteers may attend FREE of charge. President John Celona has requested all Chairs to submit a list of volunteers (you know who you are)!  


The General Membership of GGR may join the festivities by purchasing a ticket for $100 per person. See the Website for details of sign-up. Registration will open in October.


Black Tie optional or festive attire to kick off the celebration of the Holiday Season with good friends, good times and good food.


This year we will be teaming up with the charity TOYS FOR TOTS. Your tax deductible donation brings new toys and hope to needy children. Firefighters' Toys for Tots is an independent organization voluntarily run by Firefighters from the San Mateo Fire Department and assisted by firefighters throughout San Mateo County.


We hope that GGR Members will open their hearts and join us in making this holiday memorable!



Letter from the Editor  
Alameida big
--by John Celona, Nugget Editor

Thanks to Contributors

I'd like to thank all the contributors for their efforts to help make the Nugget the second most captivating read after the exploits of Brangelina. Thanks to Bubba Gong for the article on the GGR winter gala, David Brunch for Legends of the Autocross, Bill Benz for stepping in where Andy Rooney leaves off, and Paul Larson for his efforts.

Also thanks to Rich Tsai for sending in a pic of his baby (below).

Send in your pet photos! Porsche Pets are people, too! 


Thanks for reading.   


Porsche Pets Rule! 
Attached is our Shiba Inu named Mochi. He turned 8 years old on Sept 5 and only gets to go in the Carrera during concours off-season.
Rich Tsai


kahlers 3
Board of Directors  
--by Bill Benz, GGR Secretary

GGR Board of Directors
Minutes for September, 2011


Call to Order

President Celona called the meeting to order at 5:45 p.m. at his home.


All members of the 2011 Board, save the Membership and Competition Directors, were present. The Board was joined by Larry Adams, and our esteemed Autocross Co-chair


            Agenda Changes - A discussion of Bylaws changes was added.


            Calendar Changes - An additional driving event will be held on November 22; volunteer appreciation dinner will be held on December 11, 2011; the Family Picnic will be held on June 29, next summer.


Postmortem of Past Events

            The August Friday Night Social was postponed.

            The August 27/28 joint autocrosses and the one-day autocross held on September 24 at Alameda included one of the longest courses seen at that location and gave up to 9 runs to about 80 drivers each day. Broke even financially.

            The Sept 9-11 Drivers' Ed event at Laguna was fun and had a solid turn out. Special thanks to Carl Switzer for setting up this event and coordinating with his colleagues at Coastal Driving School.


Directors' Reports


            President - The following members of GGR have stepped up and permitted their names to be put into nomination for next year's Board

            John Celona - President

            Linda Adams - Treasurer

            Richard French - Secretary.


            Vice President - Insurance will be ordered for the November 22, Drivers' Ed event.

            Treasurer - The Treasurer's report was delivered and accepted. The driving events continue to come in close to budget. Overall we are on budget.


.             Secretary - The August Board Meeting minutes were approved.


            Social - The Social Director is looking into a combination lunch and tour in the first half of next year. He also asked about a go-carting event and the President mentioned that this might present insurance issues.


            Membership - A membership report will be given next month as the Membership Chair is in Italy, allegedly on a membership recruiting mission.


            Competition - The Competition Director left a complete report of the month's driving activities. The rule-making process is moving forward on schedule.


            Webmaster - No problems.


Topics for Discussion

            Bylaws Update. The President and Secretary have completed a second draft of an updated set of bylaws. It was offered for consideration by the Board and if OK will be sent to the GGR members.



            There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p. m.






Zentrum SS

Membership Report 

Mike Sherman--by MIke Sherman, Membership Director


 GGR Regional Summary - August 2011


Street Legal. I recently had an opportunity to drive some of the new 2012's, including the new Cayman R, the latest street-legal racecar from our friends in Stuttgart. With the PDK 7-speed, dual, clutch transmission, it's a lightning fast bomb! It's 100 lbs. less than the Cayman S with about 10 more horses (door handles evidently weigh heavily on this Porsche, they come with "pulls"), a fixed wing, and fixed carbon-fiber, tight fittingRecaro-style seats that would make a Kardashian blush.  OK, so it was a tight fit, but you did welcome the support on the twisties!  It made this old Boxster-head think twice, but only for a minute, you just gotta love the top down in the SF fog.  Cost is a little high - around $78K fully street/track legal. Try it, you'll like it.  Speaking of street/track legal, make sure you visit the GGR website (www.pca-ggr.org/) and sign up for the upcoming events in September and October...looks like a fully-loaded few months to come.  All the best.  Captain Mike

Primary Members    1,447    
Affiliate Members       956        
Life Members                 1    
Total Members         2,404    

New Members:23
John Bakos                                             1974     911
Michael Benassi& Andrew Quillin            1979     911SC     Red
Ryan T. Cairns                                         2012     Boxster Spyder White
MJ &Evan Castelo                                   2010     911
Joseph Chow                                           2012     911 GTS Silver
Alexander De reitzes& Krista Maloney    2005     Boxster Silver
Scott Gordon                                           1995     993 White
Edward Harjanto                                     2009     Cayman Black
Jeff & Deanne    Ipsaro                           1996     911 Blue
Tor A. Klopaas, (Oslo, Norway)               2007     997 Turbo Black
Charles J. Kulas, &Ann Nyhan                2008     911 Turbo Black
Mitchell D. Landy,                                    2011     Boxster Red
Christine Lebar                                       1980     911 Red
Alexander Lewis                                     2007     Carrera S Silver
Holly &RhoderickManzano                     2008     Carrera Gray
Steve Mi                                                 2007     Boxster White
Kenton Morimoto                                    2007     Carrera S White
Gustaf & Anneli Oscarson                     2007     911 4S Gray
William &Betsy Pace                             2003     996 White
Gavin Reid,                                           2008     Carrera Silver
Neal W. Sanchez                                  1989     911 Black
Christopher R. Slater                            2009     Carrera Black
Edward Sweet                                      1969     912 White

Transfers In - 13
Bakos, John (MBY)                                          1974     911
Benassi, Michael &Andrew Quillin (CCC)        1979     911SC Red
Cestaro, Christopher (SAZ)                              2007     GT3
Eyges, Perry W. (DIA)    2001                          S4&2012 Cayman
Jeff & Deanne Ipsaro, (CCC)                           1996     911 Blue
Krzanich, Brian (AZ)                                         1999     911 & 2008 911
Kulas, Charles & Ann Nyhan(CCC)                  2008     911 Turbo Black
Lebar, Christine (CCC)                                     1980     911 Red
Jim& Karen Mali (MBY)                                    1998     993 Vesuvio-Grey
Holly &Rhoderick (CCC)                                   2008     Carrera Gray 

Mason, James & Patricia Brogan (YOS)          1986 944
Craig & Christopher Weber(FST)                      2006     Cayman S Blue

Willet, Christopher (LPA)                                  1997 Boxster Silver

August Anniversaries
40 Years - 1971
Elizabeth Kasch

20 Years - 1991
Lynn Chakel
Anne Myers

15 Years - 1996
Karen Backer        
Barbara Jinkerson        
David Roseman                       2003    Carrera                         
David    Stomp                         1989    911T                            
MawaltherWalther                   1985    911

10 Years - 2001
Marcia    Bonasch        
Sonia Connolly        
Kari & Mike Dadgar                2006    Cayenne S                       
Michael Forrest                      1987    911
Helena    Hornor        
Scott Jackson                         2001    986
Wen    Wu        

5 Years - 2006
Magnus Back                             1999    996 CAB Forrest Green                   
Alden    Flint                                1983    944 Coupe White                           
George    &JacquelynGitschel    2002    996T Black    
Marie    Hunter                
Brian& Debra    Kaminskas         2004+ 911 Silver    
Spencer Rivette                
NgaiLam                                     2006    Cayman S Artic Silver                    
Ayumi    Vrabe                





Pacific Power - July
Competition Report

Jeff Kost2

--by Jeff Kost, Competition Director



Have you ever won the lottery?  Yeah, me neither unfortunately.  That said, our Porsche region (GGR) did!  We won the lottery for an event at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.  The day we won is 11-22-11, the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.  The weather is typically good that time of year so we are expecting a great event!  Details are currently being worked out and will be published just as soon as possible.  I do recommend registering early as events at Laguna Seca are few and far between and typically VERY popular.

The next item in what is shaping up to be a very short article is regarding rules.  There have been so many scheduling conflicts that getting a day agreed upon for a rules review meeting has been difficult.  That said, we have zeroed in on Saturday October 30th.  We'll have a lunch meeting at a yet to be determined location-more details as they are firmed up.  Even though it is VERY close to Halloween, we'll make costumes optional!

Once again, below are the proposed rules that we will be talking about and a link to the current rules that they modify is here

Proposal 1:

    Under section 3.0 (Automobiles & Classes), subsection g, add the following language.  "In addition, Porsche Automobiles are defined as having 1) Porsche Chassis, 2) Porsche motor (at a minimum the case), 3) Porsche transmission/transaxle.

Proposal 2:

    Under section 2.2 (Safety - Automobiles), add a new subsection and the following language.  "l. Automobiles will have complete body work including, but not limited to, fenders that fully cover the tire/wheel combination being used.  Wider tires will require fender flares to conform to this rule.  Adequate clearance for full suspension compression and turning of front tires shall be required for all tire wheel combinations that go beyond factory specifications.

Proposal 3:

3. Tires: Points assessed per every 50mm of total width ("total" means one front tire width plus one rear tire width).

Tire                                                                                                        TT       AX

a) Tires with DOT wear rating 200 or greater                                         0        0

b) Tires with DOT wear rating less than 200 but greater than 100.        5        5

c) Tires with DOT wear rating less than 101 but greater than 49.        10        10

d) Tires with DOT wear rating less than 50.                                         15        15

e) Racing slicks or tires with no DOT wear rating.                                20        20


Now the broken record part...Current AX co-chairs Joe Lee and Chris Hamilton are nearing the end of their second season.  That means that their tenure is coming to a close very soon.  Chris has agreed to stay on for another year (THANK YOU!) so we are looking for a volunteer to take on the co-chair position.  

Remember, without volunteers to chair the AX series, there is no series-so don't look around, look in the mirror!  If you have interest, please contact Joe, Chris or myself and we can answer your questions or just sign you up!


The Power Chef®  

NE Bike --by John Celona, The Power Chef


The Long and the Short of It 


One of the things I find most difficult is balancing long- and short-term needs and objectives. Or--if I put it more plainly--putting in any time for long-term stuff at all! All the pressures in life seem to push for short-term stuff.  


Take your job for example. If it's like mine, there is always a nearly overwhelming crush to get the stuff out that has to be done today or, at the very longest, this Friday. I feel very lucky to have a boss who enforces time for the things of longer term importance, like taking a class or having the daylong planning retreat we just had this past Friday. I've worked many places which don't take the time for such things. (Not that this really gives us any relief; the short-term stuff just has to get done anyway!).  


But at least the group I work with makes the effort and does the best they can.  


The more I think about it, the more it seems to me that the long-term stuff is often of far greater importance than most of the short-term, but easy to put off indefinitely because waiting a week or a month really doesn't matter.  


Let's continue with the career example. Are you always learning new things and increasing your capability and proficiency? The impact of not doing so is negligible in the short-term, but crushing in the long-term. I'm a big believer in working your way up the food chain because it tastes better.  


Fitness is another example. If you don't work out today, there will be just about no impact on your overall health and fitness level (like me, you might actually be in need of an occasional day off!).  


However, if you don't work out for a decade, the impact is huge on your fitness level, overall health, and probably waistline, too. You'll lose endurance, strength, cardio capacity, flexibility--the mirror will no longer be your friend.  


Really hard, though, to consistently find the time to work out. I would suggest never telling someone you're not available for a meeting because you'll be working it. Just easier to say, "Sorry, not available!"  


Gardens and yards are the same way. Leave them alone for a week and no big deal. Leave them along for a few years and you'll be living in weeds.  


Not much fun to be living in the weeds, literally or metaphorically.  


Then there are relationships. They take a lot to time to keep healthy. My spouse and I have so far only seen each other for five minutes today, and that in itself is okay. If the time together over the long term averaged out to that, that would be a recipe for becoming single.  


Not good to be single. Loneliness is bad for your health. (Yes, people have studied this!)


Easy enough to say how important it is to take the time for the critically important, long-term things, even though you can get by with skipping them today or this week. How to do this?


Unfortunately, I don't have any magic answers for this. I guess it's like working out regularly: you just have to do it.  


Just tell yourself, that, in the long-term, you'll be oh so glad you did! 


Bon Appétit,  

The Power Chef


Here's some very yummy, healthy, and high-octane fuel for your organism: a pizza so outrageously delicious it ought to have it's own name in Italian. Here's my shot at that!  


Homemade (Canned!) Applesauce 

Here's this year's batch: 24 quarts! Gotta love it.

The Gist

Core and slice some apples, cook till saucy, add your choice of spices, then can as described below for a treat you can enjoy all year long!



fresh apples, cored and sliced

lemon juice

sugar to taste

your choice of spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and maybe even a little vanilla extract 




Wash, core, and slice the apples. Toss them with lemon juice a few dashes at a time as you're doing this so they don't turn brown. When you've got a bowlful, toss with some sugar. Remove the apples to a large pot and start them on low heat. As they start to cook down, continue with more apples until you've got as much as you're inclined to do.  


Cook the apples until they've all fallen apart to make applesauce. Cooked long enough, the peels will dissolve, too. Add your choice of spices and more sugar to taste.  


Pack the sauce in clean, washed canning jars and either (a) boil submerged in boiling water for twenty minutes or so, or (b) process in a pressure cooker at 5 lbs. of pressure for 10 minutes.  


Remove, let cool, and look forward to the rest of the year! 




I used to peel the apples, too, but was dismayed by how much I was throwing away. So I tried leaving the peels on and, lo and behold, they dissolved! Plus the applesauce got really thick and I kept all the nutrients in the peels. So much better this way.


The sauce is also made very thick by slowly cooking down the apples with no added liquids. Tossing the apple slices with sugar before starting to cook them also seems to help them get saucier faster.  


The keys with using canning jars are:

  • Wash your jars in hot, soapy water, rinse, and fill with hot water until ready to use.
  • Fill until about 1/2-inch below the top.
  • Make sure the edge and lid are clean before your screw the lid on.
  • Screw the top on just barely snug--not too tight!  
  • Process enough time to sterilize the jars. Check online or a canning book if you're not sure. 



Rennsport Reunion IV 




Registration is open for the Porsche Corral at the Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion.  The direct link to the registration is below. Seventeen race groups will participate in the event at which Jaguar is the featured marque; and it is Jaguar's E-type 50th anniversary.


      Here's a bit of trivia for you: Did you know that Jaguar's American racing roots are firmly planted on the Monterey Peninsula? It was in 1950, at the inaugural Pebble
Beach Road Races, that Jaguar achieved its first win on American soil. A 23-year-old American named Phil Hill, who months earlier accompanied the same Jaguar XK120 aboard the Queen Mary, took the checkered flag, thereby capturing international accolades for both himself and Jaguar.




RENNSPORT REUNION on October 14-16, 2011 promises to be an amazing weekend for the Porsche enthusiast.  Rennsport Reunion IV will be held for the first time on the west coast at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (MRLS).  MRLS is selling the Porsche Corral tickets for this event.  Use the link below and look for the ticket item described below to purchase the Porsche Corral at his historic event.  MBR is working on a couple of social activities prior to this event.


We will use Motorsportreg.com for the sign-ups.  Additional information will be sent in the future.


A0811P3DAY-PC:   3-Day Admission & Paddock with Porsche Car Corral Pass - Go to https://mazdaraceway.com/pages/tix_2011_Porsche Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV



      No vehicle will not be allowed into corral area unless it is a Porsche. You will be directed to general parking. Space is limited. Does not include hospitality. Passenger in vehicle needs only to purchase the General Admission & Paddock Ticket portion.   




European Autotech
Around the Benz

Benz--by Bill Benz, Member for Life Without Parole


The World of Laguna Seca (and Mercedes) 



Thank you, thank you, Carl Switzer for arranging the  three day driving event with CDS ("Coastal Driving School" run by Loma Prieta and Monterey Bay Region.) at Laguna Seca.  It was great to have a chance to drive that remarkable track.  The weekend was made even better by being able to drive in the company of drivers who are committed to the fun of driving Porsches.  Carl, let's hope the weather in Monterey holds for your November date.

The second best part of the weekend was our paddock-mates - Sixty cars or more from the AMG Driving Experience. Now, I'm sure that the Porsche Driving School in Birmingham can match or exceed this from driver training and speed and performance points of view, but there is something delightfully obscene about Mercedes, the home of the Adenauer and the 240D assembling such a show.

 $15-20,000,000 of new Mercedes.  We've got your  6, count 'em 6, SLS gullwings at $245,000 a pop.  We've got 15 -20 S series coupes and sedans some with V-12's, some with supercharged V8s, some with black series badging.   There's even a  supercharged 6.3 series station wagon, over in the corner  alongside a cluster of C series coupes (that's the little car, the entry vehicle) which in this case  just happen to have 510 hp, 6.3 liter AMG supercharged V8s. 

All this was a quick glimpse into the world of  contemporary Mercedes ownership - I can only imagine a call from my dealer:

Gutte morning Mr. Benz. Here is Hartmut your favorite Mercedes salesman.

Harmut, so glad you called.  It's been weeks since I bought a car from you 

That is one of the reasons I called, Ve can fix this.  Remember this summer when you bought what we called the "S class 6.3 trifecta" - one each of the 6.3 SL,  the 6.3 SEC and  the 6.3 S sedan.  At that time, you were concerned that the automatic pedestrian detection and trauma avoidance systems (PTAs) in these cars only worked with human pedestrians .  I have for you most excellent news.  The factory has worked overtime on this problem , and now the dogs, they too are automatically detected and avoided.  While with the dachshunds there is still some work to be done, it works perfectly with the Dobermans and the Weimaraners.

 I knew you would want to be first with this latest advance so I have taken the liberty of ordering an updated trifecta for you,  Mrs. Benz and your niece Bobette , or was she your au pair, I forget. The cars they arrive by Lufthansa this week. To your house should we be delivering?

Good thinking, Harmut.  You are the man!!  I love surprises!!  I'll keep both trifectas.  One  can never have too many Mercedes.

More good news, Mr. Benz. The AMG Driving Experience is here again at Laguna Seca and I haff complimentary spaces for you, and Mrs. Benz and Bobette already reserved.  The Maybach limosene will pick you up at your home.  A few minutes in the AMG Driving Experience jet  and the AMG Driving Experience helicopter and you are at the Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley for an evening of  dining and relaxation.  Let Mrs. Benz know that I have instructed Bernardus to keep the spa open and to be making for sure that  Eduardo, Mrs. Benz's favorite massage specialist, will be on duty throughout her visit.  The next day  the AMG Driving Experience helicopter will whisk you and your party to Laguna Seca for a day of fun at the track riding and driving  any 2012 Mercedes you might wish. 

At the end of the day if the advanced  technology and magnificent luxury of the 2012 line has, as the Englishers say "piqued your fancy" I vill  have my order book at the ready and vill be most pleased to supply your needs.   

 Hartmut, who says Germans don't know how to party?.  This is even better than last year when you introduced us to the pair of matching Gullwings with the endangered species interior option. We haven't had a chance to drive them much but they sure look great in our garage.
 Hartmut, my friend, I'm clearing our calendars for next week.  As I said, I love surprises.  Bobette does too.  She speaks so fondly of your driving instructor corps.  Send her regards to them all, but especially Giancarlo.

Mr. Benz, as always    it is a great with you to speak.  On behalf of the AMG Driving Experience, let me  say that we are very much looking forward to good times partying with you next week. Giancarlo also says that he cannot wait to personally help Bobette with her skills.



Social Report

Joe Sweis --by Joe Sweis, Social Director

As the year winds down, the new Social Director position is pretty streamlined as most events have already been planned. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to make it out to some of the regular events but that is soon to change. So what to do in addition to all the greatness in this club? Let's plan some more!

The Boxster Brunches at Alice's Restaurant (17288 Skyline Blvd.) in gorgeous Woodside, put on by George & Carol Grialou, draws a nice crowd of Porsche owners and not just Boxsters as all Porsches are welcome.  To work off brunch, the group will often tour the nearby mountain roads afterwards.

 Friday Night Socials are organized by Shirley Neidel to meet at Harry's Hofbrau (1909 El Camino Real) in Redwood City the third Friday night of every month.  No reservations are required, so just stop on by!

NOTE: There will be no Friday Night Socials until November. Afterwards, please RSVP with Shirley Neidel prior to attending: gsneidel@yahoo.com
As for new events, I have a few up my sleeve. Some are too premature to share but here is the first:

East Bay Drive:

Yes, this is GGR not Diablo region BUT...Zentrum Motors is sponsoring a tour of their facility in Oakland with breakfast, Q&A with the techs and a free oil change for attendees. We also like to show some love to our East Bay GGR members so why not?

Since we'll start in the East Bay it would be fun to change things a bit by driving some of the fun roads out there. We will leave from Oakland and head towards Bear Creek Road in Orinda, connecting to Alhambra Valley Road, and finishing in Walnut Creek. Lunch in downtown Walnut Creek anyone?

Date: TBD (awaiting a response from Zentrum Motors for dates)

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with suggestions of fun events that you would like to attend. If it sounds fun, we will plan it!




Legends of the Autobahn Report
Legends of the Autobahn Concours 2011

 --by David Bunch, Total Porsche Guy


 On August 18, the second "Legends of the Autobahn Concours", was held on the fairways of the beautiful Rancho Cañada Golf Club in Carmel Valley. Legends of the Autobahn is an all German marque concours event, a joint effort of Porsche Club of America, BMW Car Club of America and Mercedes-Benz Club of America. It features each club's separate Concours judging areas and then a combined corral area. Each marque features some special concours vehicles and some of the corral vehicles are also pretty special too.


Sharon Neidel, our Zone 7 Representative had been there Thursday afternoon with some PCA volunteers to do some setup for the concours. Friday morning Sharon & I made the drive over from Laguna Seca with the windshield wipers on thanks to the moisture in the air from the fog. We arrived at Rancho Cañada before 6 a.m. and with the BMW & Mercedes staffs, started to setup the check-in tents. Soon the rest of the PCA volunteers arrived including GGR's Larry & Linda Adams, PCA National President Manny Alban, Past-Presidents Kurt Gibson & Prescott Kelly and PCA Executive Director Vu Nguyen. Having the PCA National staff present reflected the tremendous support that PCA National provides for events like this to happen.    


Bill Disser
Bill Disser


 Soon the Porsches started to arrive and we started to place them on the judging field. Owners hurriedly prepped their cars knowing they only had until the 10 a.m. to make them look perfect after their early morning drives. We had 39 Porsches entered for the concours and almost 140 total Porsches entered for the event. The Porsches were divided in 5 classes for the Concours; P1- 356's, P2- 912's & Early 911's, P3- Later 911's to 997's, P4- Front & Mid Engine & P5- Special Interest & Competition.


Joseph Demeo
Joseph Demeo

GGR had the largest contingent with 8 entries in the Concours. Many of these same Porsches had just been at Carlsen Porsche in July for the GGR/Zone 7 Concours. In P1- William Disser had his 1958 356A Coupe. In P2- William had entered his 1971 911T Coupe along with George Vaccaro's 1967 912 Couple. P3 was the largest class with 12 entries including Edward Gervasoni's 1989 930 Turbo Cabriolet, Dean Mayer's 993 Turbo S that once belonged to Jerry Seinfeld and GGR Dual Member Joseph Demeo's 1986 911 Turbo. In P4 were competing Andy Tzelepis with his pristine 1980 924 and former GGR member Alfred Abken's 1982 924 Turbo. Class P5 had Larry Adams with his 2010 GT3. Larry had won his class at the 2010 Legends.


As the Head Porsche Judge, at 10 a.m. I made the announcement of "rags down" and the four judging teams started their judging process. I had selected the P3 class to judge with my team so we started working on way down the row of Porsches.


Andy Tzelepis
Andy Tzelepis with PCA President Manny Alban

 While the judging was being done, people made their way around admiring all the different Porsches, BMW's & Mercedes in the concours area and also in the combined corral. There was such a great turnout that the fairway was soon filled and the entrance had to be closed as there was just no more room for vehicles.  


BMW had brought their 328 Hommage concept BMW for everyone to see. With Mercedes-Benz as a featured marque at the weekend's famed Pebble Beach Concours, they also had some special Mercedes here at Legends including a replica of the famous Mercedes-Benz Renn Transporter, complete with a restored 300SL Gullwing. Another highlight this year at Legends was our newest sponsor, Spaten Brewery, who came and setup a "Beer Garden" for attendees to enjoy.


Ed Gervasoni
Ed Gervasoni


As the judging teams completed their classes, we got to visit with our fellow Porsche friends from Zone 7 regions, Redwood, Golden Gate, Loma Prieta, Yosemite, Sierra Nevada, Sacramento Valley, and Monterey Bay. We also had several entries that made the long trips from Zone 6 and Zone 8.


Just before the awards ceremony was to start the sun finally came out, making it a beautiful day. GGR did very well in the awards with William Disser taking 2nd in Class P2 with his 1971 911T. In the very competitive Class P3, Joseph Demeo took 1st with his 1986 911 Turbo just edging out Edward Gervasoni's 1989 930 Turbo Cabriolet. In Class P4 Andy Tzelepis took 1st with his 1980 924 and Larry Adams repeated his Class P5 win again with his GT3.   


Larry Adams
The Unbeatable Larry Adams


 Then it was time to announce the "Best of Show - Porsche" and it was very close between two GGR members, Joseph Demeo and Andy Tzelepis. Joe's Turbo had scored a perfect score of 250 points out of 250 and was selected "Porsche Best of Show". Being selected "Porsche Best of Show" meant that Joe's Porsche would be competing against the best from BMW & Mercedes for "Overall Best of Show". I can tell you that it was VERY close and did require two visits from the three Head Judges to make the difficult decision, but in the end the Mercedes barely won "Best of Show".


Legends of the Autobahn 2011 had grown by more than 30% from 2010 and we had filled the 18th fairway. The feedback from everyone was this event is quickly becoming one of the highlights during the events on the Monterey peninsula during "Holy week".





Larson--by Paul Larson, Vice President

Science and Technology 


My daughter threw this book on me thinking that I would want to read it. The title was "Readings in Science and Technology" and it was dated 2006-2007 Edition. It sat for a while but I picked it up last night and dug into it.


I always find it interesting to find out what Professors are teaching our kid's. I can still remember one of my favorite Professors flying his caulk all over the chalkboard. Almost seems like yesterday.


Here is a section from the chapter "Can Technology Spare the Earth". All these analyses imply that during the next 100 years the human economy will clear most of the carbon from its system and move, via natural gas, to a hydrogen metabolism. Hydrogen, fortunately, is the immaterial material. It can be manufactured from something abundant, namely water, it can substitute for most solid, liquid and gaseous fuels in use, and the product of its combustion, water vapor, does not pollute. The next decades will see a vigorous growth in the hydrogen industry. Nightly nuclear heat seeking a market outlet can efficiently steam-reform natural gas into hydrogen and carbon dioxide, the latter permanently reinjected into the gas fields from whence it came. Later, heat, nuclear or solar, can neatly decompose water.


The final conclusion of this chapter does say that if technology is used wisely, it can spare the earth.


This next bit is from the chapter "Seductive Propaganda". If pressed, we may bring ourselves to acknowledge that, in the developed world, we cannot dress, feed, travel, procreate or be entertained without the intervention of science. But we tend to think these are all different things. The electric kettle is not the same as an aircraft. They are both machines, certainly, but that is all. So our conception of science is diluted end its true identity concealed. For science is one thing and it is in both the kettle and the plane.


Science is not a neutral or innocent commodity which can be employed as a convenience by people wishing to partake only of the West's material power. Rather it is spiritually corrosive, burning away ancient authorities and traditions. It cannot really co-exist with anything. Scientists inevitably take on the mantle of the wizards, sorcerers and witch doctors. Their miracle cures become our spells, their experiments our rituals.


I would determine that our Porsche witch doctors are on there way to making the Porsche electric car a reality. I am glad that I looked through this book. It was a well-rounded book of different chapters that cover certain aspects of science. It does a good job of opening our eyes and that is all we can ask for our children's knowledge.


I would like to conclude that you should look into you child's books if you get the opportunity. When browsing their books, do not look at the book as a leaning lesson but look at it as a awakening to the ways our young people must solve the problems in their lives.


Thanks for reading.

Paul Larson



New 911 to Debut at Rennsport Reunion IV  

 New, Seventh-Generation Porsche 911 to Make North American Debut at Rennsport Reunion IV


First roll-out will be part of Porsche's celebration of a 48-year success story

Atlanta, GA - September 7, 2011 -- By the late 1950s it was obvious to Porsche that the 356, which was the company's sole product line since 1948, needed to be updated. Replacing it was necessary, yet perilous. Who knew that the eventual replacement for the 356, the 911, would surpass its predecessor in sales, longevity and glory? Or that it would be so fanatically cherished by its owners that Porsche hasn't been allowed to replace it. Or that the Company would be introducing its latest iteration all the way in 2011?

New 911 1
And, with Porsche Motorsport concentrating on its development of prototypes for Le Mans and elsewhere, there wasn't much initial effort by the factory for racing the 911, but it became the most successful race car in history, with hundreds of samples of its 48-year legacy to be displayed and raced at the Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV, October 14 - 16, 2011, at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey.

The surprise is that the new 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera, the completely redesigned seventh-generation sports car icon, and a fore-bearer of race cars to come, will be on display for the first time in North America for Porsche enthusiasts to see up close at Rennsport Reunion IV.

New 911 2
"As the 911 race car and street car histories are completely intertwined, it is fitting to show our latest 911 at a motor racing extravaganza," said Bernd Harling, who is heading up Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV for event host Porsche Cars North America.

"Everyone will see that this newborn is truly a member of the family," said Harling.

From every angle it is unmistakably a 911, holding true to the Porsche 911 Carrera evolution, not revolution' design philosophy. The new car has a longer wheel base, but is both lower and lighter than its predecessor. With its two engine sizes, the new 911 Carrera is able to provide improved performance and handling, and even better fuel economy than before. The 911 Carrera is equipped with a 3.4-liter, 350hp six-cylinder boxer engine, while the Carrera S is fitted with a 3.8-liter, 400hp six-cylinder boxer powerplant, both with the optional PDK transmission available.

New 911 3
The new Porsche 911 Carrera celebrates its world premiere at the 2011 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show next week, while the official North American debut will be held at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. The first new 911 models will arrive in U.S. dealerships beginning in February of 2012.

It took a while for Porsche Motorsport to warm up to the 911 as a race car, but, as has happened several times in the company's history, the customers took the lead. Almost as soon as the 911 went into production, buyers were using it in hill climbs and autocrosses and Porsche itself started to produce lightweight and enhanced performance vehicles for their motorsports customers. In 1967, Porsche built 20 911 "R" models stripped interiors (no carpet, for instance), thin-skinned aluminum doors, fiberglass deck lids, taillights swiped from a Fiat, oversize carbs, a magnesium engine case, dual spark plug cylinder heads and much more. With about 210 horsepower on board, these race-ready, lightweight rockets were the start of the 911 racing legend.

Vic Elford, one of the most famous Porsche drivers in history, was one of the first to compete in the Porsche 911 at a high level, winning in the mid-'60s in England using a race with the very first demo model imported by the factory distributor, and later driving to victory in 1968 at the Monte Carlo Rally.

The Porsche 911 race car started to make noise in the U.S. when IMSA's Camel GT series started in 1970, with Brumos Racing and Hurley Haywood taking their 1970 Porsche 911S to its first championship in the 1972 season. Haywood and co-driver and Brumos co-owner Peter Gregg went on to win IMSA championships in 1973, 1974, and 1975.
New 911 4

After the Porsche 911 Carrera RS and RSR models won IMSA and Trans-Am championships in the mid-70s, the company introduced the radical Porsche 934 and 935 race cars - 911 silhouette bodied cars with big, twin-turbocharged engines. After being banned for a season from the Camel GT, they came back with a roar to become the cars to beat in the late '70s and early '80s.

The 1980s and early 90s were prime time for Porsche Motorsport's 956 and 962 prototype race cars, and the 911 took a bit of a back seat on the GT side to Porsche 924 and 944-based models.

Then, in 1997, Porsche introduced the GT class 911 GT2R at Le Mans where this 996-based water-cooled coupe promptly won its class, followed by the famous Porsche 911 GT1 which gave Porsche its last overall victory at Le Mans (1998).

New 911 5 

The current generation of 911 race cars, initiated by the introduction of the Porsche 911 GT3 R in 1999, and promptly driven to the 1999 American Le Mans Series GT championship by Cort Wagner. The iteration of this family is the current Porsche 911 GT3 RSR, with Dick Barbour Racing, Alex Job Racing, and Flying Lizard Motorsports - all U.S.-based teams - leading Porsche to victories in U.S. sports car championships a well as Daytona, Sebring and Le Mans.

The other family of 911 race cars, in production since 1989, is the 911 GT3 Cup, which was developed for the Porsche Supercup and Carrera Cup one-marque series which take place around the globe. The latest version, the 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, which also competes in the American Le Mans Series, the IMSA GT3 challenge by Yokohama, SCCA World Challenge, and Rolex Grand-Am Sports Car Series, will have its own feature race during the Rennsport weekend.

A short video summation of Rennsport Reunion III is available on Porsche's YouTube channel - showing an incredible gathering of Porsche historic and modern race cars from around the world, many of the famous drivers who piloted them to victory and a taste of what to expect at Rennsport Reunion IV being held at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, October 14-16, 2011.



2-Day Zone 7 Autocross 

  Zone 7 AX 2011

Hope there was enough to read this month! See you next month...

As always, thanks for reading.
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
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