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November 2011. Volume 51, Issue 10
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From the Wurst Wing
GGR Winter Gala Update
Letter from the Editor
Porsche Pets Rule
Board of Directors
Membership Report
Competition Report
The Power Chef
Social Report
Around the Benz
Jason appears at AX drivers' meeting
DentPro Day Nov. 12
Panamera Cited for Straining Onlookers' Necks
Lizards Win at ALMS Monterey
Porsche Launches Super-Cool Web Site
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CoCo in tutu
CoCo Giselle, CG
Executive Editor of The Nugget

CoCo has been trying on various costumes in preparation for Halloween. This year, she's thinking "ballet." With her razor-sharp claws, she's very good "en pointes." 

Send in your baby's photo! Pets are people, too!

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From the Wurst Wing  
celona4 --by John Celona, GGR President

The Election Is On! 
It's that time of year for board elections. The positions up for a two-year term are president, treasurer, and secretary. In addition, we are voting on updated bylaws for the club, which were last updated in 2001. Ballots are being mailed to the homes of all primary members. Please complete your ballot and return it to the address on it. Yes, we are asking you to kick in an envelope and stamp. Note that ballots are due by November 15th.

If you don't receive a ballot for some reason or just can't wait, you can download one here.

Here are the candidates' statements, beginning with my own.

John Celona: candidate for President

I've spent two years talking to people about being the next president and the response has been "Why don't you do another term?" Well, I thought about it a while, got the okay from my spouse, and decided there was enough ongoing in terms of initiatives to merit following through. To recap, the main initiatives we are working on are: 
  • Getting the DE/TT/CR series to a break-even point. As you know, the club has lost some serious money on track events in prior years and a series of chairs (Andrew Forrest, Mike Cullinan, Warren Walker, and now Carl Switzer) have been working very hard to bring this series to a break-even. They have made great progress and the numbers this year look good, but we need to ensure the series is on a stable footing going forward. The track series is a very special part of what makes GGR such a great club, but we can't let it jeopardize the club's financial viability.  
  • Getting more social events going. Work in progress. Lots of new folks at the GGR 50th last year and lots at the annual picnic. New social director Joe Sweis is tackling this. 
  • Getting new people into club positions. We've very pleased to have two new members on the board now (Capt. Mike Sherman and Joe Sweis), and look forward to Richard French joining the mix. This is a big issue for PCA nationwide and we are very pleased to be making progress on this.  

I hope you'll consider voting for me to help move these initiatives forward over the next two years.       


Linda AdamsLinda Adams: candidate for Treasurer


I have served as Club Treasurer and I am willing to serve another term.



My qualifications for Treasurer include nearly 20 years of financial experience with 10 years with a bank and 5 years as an office manager/bookkeeper. I am also familiar with many of the club's activities, having attended and volunteered at PCA events locally, as well as Parade, Porscheplatz and Legends. My husband Larry and son Greg are also active at all levels of the club.

Richard FrenchRichard French: candidate for Secretary

I've been an avid Porsche owner for many years, and have owned a 924, 944 and two 911's. I joined the Golden Gate Region just over a year ago and have met so many nice and genuine people who all love their Porsche's and are willing to give their time to help one another.  I'm totally hooked on the DE/TT events and driving the cars as fast and as safely as possible.

I've been attending several board meetings to get to know the club better and taking notes, so I figured I might as well report on these meetings as the club secretary.

Vote on Bylaws Update

A final version of the bylaws was approved by the Board and is ready to be voted on by the members. You can view the updated bylaws here.  There is a place on your ballot to vote on the new bylaws.  


The idea was to update the bylaws to address a number of issues. The bylaws were last updated ten years ago, so it was time! 


Here are the changes which the Board approved:    

  • Electronic voting: modify bylaws to handle electronic voting instead of mailing ballots. Also added provisions for directors to vote via email and to phone in to board meetings.    
  • Dual memberships: included dual membership provisions in the bylaws. Dual memberships were instituted so that when members of other PCA regions participate in GGR events (as many do), this is counted as GGR member income rather than non-member income, which is a tax issue.  
  • Club operations: provisions were sorted out regarding annual meetings of the whole club like (like an annual shareholder meeting), calling special meetings, actions required to fire the board and elect different directors, etc. The idea is to make sure we have reasonable arrangements for "shareholder democracy" and stability in club operations. Henceforth, unless other arrangements are made, the annual members meeting will coincide with the annual awards banquet.  
  • Board size: the Nugget Editor and Webmaster were added as voting board members, as most of the regions in Zone 7 already do. This will increase the size of the board from 7 to 9.  


Need an Autocross Co-Chair!

This year will be it for Joe Lee as he finishes his term as autocross chair. Co-chair Chris Hamilton has kindly agreed to do one more year to start the autocross co-chairs on staggered terms. This should ease in transitions.

We do need someone to step up and be autocross co-chair for the next two years. Without someone, no autocross series! Then you'll be left with dodging cones for road construction.  


We are looking at implementing a more formal teaming structure to spread the load for a prospective new chair. If you're interested, please email Competition Director Jeff Kost.  


Till next month...  





GGR Winter Gala set for December 11   
 --by Bubba Gong, co-chair 

GGR Winter Gala Preparations in Full Swing 

 Preparations for a sparkling Black Tie Optional Winter Gala are in full swing for kicking off the Holiday Season in style. Join us for the Joint Board meeting, Volunteer Appreciation, and Inauguration Ceremony of the New Board on Sunday, December 11 at the historic San Mateo History Museum. Revelers will delight in delectable appetizers under the stained glass dome of the Grand Rotunda with a hosted Wine and Beer Bar. Imported Cheeses, Fresh Fruit of the season, assorted Pates will greet GGR members. Passed Appetizers include Ahi Seared Tuna on croutes and Stuffed Mushrooms with sausage.


Guests will feast on a formal sit down dinner in the Courtroom which includes options of Prime Rib with Au Jus, Filet of Salmon with White Wine sauce or Stuffed Portebello Mushroom Vegetarian entree. Save room for the rich and decadent Triple Chocolate Mousse.


Celebrate the true meaning of the Holiday season and the gift of giving. We are honored to partner with TOYS FOR TOTS Charity. GGR members are invited to bring a new toy to contribute. Thousands of needy children will receive toys from Firefighters' Toys for Tots which is an independent organization voluntarily run by firefighters from the San Mateo Fire Department and assisted by firefighters throughout San Mateo County. Your generosity of spirit and a new toy will be greatly appreciated by a child who would otherwise go without this Holiday Season.


The event begins promptly at 5:30 p.m. with exhibits viewing available on the 2nd Floor.

Volunteers attend free and GGR members-at-large tickets are available by visiting our official website.Museum1


As we close a memorable year for GGR, let us remember and reflect upon the good times with good friends:


Let's honor the volunteers of GGR who give so much of their time and energy for the club events. It's truly about the people! You are the heart and soul of GGR.


Let's pay our respects to the outgoing Board for their service and dedication to GGR.


Your service to the Club has been exemplary. We have appreciated your unwavering leadership and ardent and purposeful commitment.


Let's celebrate with the newly elected BOARD as they begin their tenure. We welcome your new energy, enthusiasm, and vitality.


Let's rejoice together Porsche Car lovers the Holiday Season for happy tidings of JOY & PEACE.





Letter from the Editor  
Alameida big
--by John Celona, Nugget Editor

Thanks to Contributors

Continuing thanks to all the folks who keep sending in contributions to the Nugget each month: Peter Wert for his Porsche Pet, Bill Benz for his Rennsport recap, Tony Dias for Rennsport photos, and Rich Tsai for ALMS Monterey 2011 photos ( Keep them coming!

Send in your pet photos! Porsche Pets are people, too! 


Thanks for reading.   


Porsche Pets Rule! 
shores and maggie
John-Just wanted to thank you for your incredible job on each issue of the Nugget.  We look forward to each issue and I am enclosing a pictue of Maggie "the undercover Porsche dog" as she awaits the next issue of the Nugget!  Best, Peter Wert  


kahlers 3
Board of Directors  
--by Bill Benz, GGR Secretary

GGR Board of Directors
Minutes for September, 2011



Call to Order

President Celona called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm at his home.


All members of the Board save the Competition Director were present. The Board was joined by Larry Adams, Clemson Chan (Sponsorship Chair) and Richard French.


            Agenda Changes - None

            Calendar Changes - None


Postmortem of Past Events

The ever-popular Saturday morning Boxster Brunch drew a good crowd to Alice's Restaurant on October 1.

The Rennsport Reunion at Laguna Seca on October 14-6 was huge and mind-boggling. Many thanks to PCA National and PCNA for their efforts.   

            Many members continue to enjoy the Friday Night Socials organized by Shirley Neidel on the third Friday of each month at Harry's Hofbrau in Redwood City.



Directors' Reports

            President - Requested lists of persons to invite to the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.


            Vice President - Insurance has been ordered for the 10/29 and 11/19 autocrosses, 11/12 Dent Pro Day and the 11/22 Drivers' Education event at Laguna Seca.


            Treasurer - The Treasurer's report was delivered and accepted. All driving events continue to be essentially revenue neutral which all Board Members appreciated.


            Secretary - Nothing to report. Last month's minutes were approved.


            Social - The Social Director is organizing a new member social. The Board authorized a $3000 Budget for the event.


            Membership - The Membership Chair reported that his search for new members in Italy had yielded minimal return. Fortunately, we added 25 domestic members in his absence.


            Competition - The President relayed a report from the Competition Director that the rule making process for 2012 was moving along smoothly. We need a chairperson for the 2012 autocross series.


            Webmaster - Website needs write-ups for driving events and especially write-ups and pictures regarding the Rennsport Reunion.


Topics for Discussion

            Bylaws and Election. The revisions to the Bylaws were approved by the Board and are to be mailed to the Memberrship to be voted upon. Similarly, an election ballot is being mailed to the membership. The president reported that he had received a very attractive price to carry this out from a commercial vendor. The Board moved that this contractor be used.


            The President reported that he had gathered some general information regarding track-day auto collision insurance. While GGR makes no recommendation of any particular insurance vendor, the Board suggested that it would be reasonable to, from time to time, remind drivers participating in GGR driving events that such insurance is available.


            A Board meeting was scheduled for November 20, 2011.


            Noting Mr. Chan's attendance at the meeting, the Board unanimously thanked him for his excellent help organizing and running our sponsorship programs.



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p. m.






Zentrum SS

Membership Report 

Mike Sherman--by MIke Sherman, Membership Director


 GGR Regional Summary - September 2011



I think the worst thing about doing this column is that I get to look at all the great cars you guys have, sometimes even two or three!  And then I start thinking, hmmm, should I move up to a bigger, faster, more powerful version, or should I just start geeking up my little Boxster?  And then I start to look at all the great models for sale around the Bay Area and that itch gets worse.  And then I start to look at the latest price tags, gulp a little, and then I settle down and clean the wheel wells, and that's that.  So much for stargazing.  A while back, I noted that Porsche was getting more than its fair share of play in the motor mags...but take a look at R&T this month (October issue where they "...give us a "heaping helping of Porsche goodness...") there are no less than seven articles about our marque, leading off with info on the new 911 (991)!  Bottom line, no matter what type, style or size Porsche we drive, or lust after, we certainly own THE BEST and it just gets better!  Drive safely.  All the best, Captain Mike

Primary Members    1,449        
Affiliate Members    960    
Life Members    1    
Total Members    2,410
New Members:  25

Clarence Ames/Mark Petras                      2008     Boxster     Silver      
Steven Bella                                               2000     996         Purple
Douglas Brooks                                          2006     Boxster S     Black
Clifford Cada                                              1988     911         Blue
Bill & Theresa Carlomagno                         2007     Carrera/1991    944
Costello, Cass P                                          2006     Boxster     Black
Antonio Dias/Sejal Patel                              2003     911         Turbo Blue
Shawn & Wendy Gradek                             2001     996         Turbo Blue
Maarten Hammendorp                                 2011     Boxster S     Black
Katherine & Dan Humphreys                       2004     911         Turbo Red
Ganesh Jagannathan/Lakshmi Arumugam  2012     Cayman R     Red
Lionel King                                                    1997     Carrera     Blue
Jacky Lam                                                     2012     Cayman R     Black
Daniel & Nancy Lohr                                     2012     Carrera     Black
Jeffrey Lum                                                   2005     CarreraS     Black
Nguyen Luong/Leilani Velo                           2012     Cayenne     Black
George McDonald                                         2005     911         Silver
Travis Pitcher,                                               2005     911         Black
Elise Rosenbaum/Sharon Szabo                  2008     997         Gray
Gregory & Lynne Saiz                                   2006     Cayman S     Silver
Matt Seflic                                                      2007     Cayman     Gray
David Sheu/Swallow Lin                                 2011     997 650     Silver
Alex Strizhevsky                                             2004     Cayenne S     Gray
Simon Whitworth                                            2008     Cayman S     Silver
Sergey Zhupanov/Elena Rose                       2010     Cayman S     Black

Transfers In - 8

Steven Bella (CCC)                            2000     996         Purple
Maarten Hammendorp (CCC)             2011     Boxster S     Black
Norman Heaney (CCC)                      1999     911 Carrera     Blue
Lionel King (PNW)                              1997     Carrera     Blue
Nguyen Luong/Leilani Velo (CAI)        2012     Cayenne     Black
James & Anne Maloney (RRR)           2000     Boxster S     Blue
McDonald, George (CCC)                   2005     911         Silver
Rees Morgan (GPX)                            1994     911

September 2011 Anniversaries

35 Years - 1976
Patty Mellana

25 Years - 1986                          
Deborah Casanova        
Patricia Grossman        
John Healey                      1993    928S                            
Dean Vanni                        1970    914-6          

20 Years - 1991

Arthur Chin                        1974    911s                            

15 Years - 1996
David Bergener                  1997    911
Mylea    Charvat        
Charles Connor                   2001    911RS                           
Michael Klein                       1987    911
Jenny Lee        
Mrs Roseman        
Wilbert Wong                        1981    911SC                           

10 Years - 2001
Nhu Forrest            
Richard Hanke                        2002    986        Silver                          
Natalie    Jackson            
Patrick    Kelley                        1981    911SC             Chiffon                         
Larry Morrison                          1986    928S                Blue                            
Kevin Rivette                            2002    911                                    
Andrew Seligson                      1989    944                                    
Bren Bogert                              1992    968                                    

5 Years - 2006
Melissa Henderson            
Robert    Henderson                  2006    997        Black                   
Jerry Isaak                                 1978    911        Silver                          
Joan Linehan                             2007    911        Lapis Blue                      
Asaf Matatayou            
Gregory Reschke                       2006    CaymanS        Red                             
Celeste    Sales            
Rodrigo Sales                            1992    911/964           Black                          





Pacific Power Motorsports
Competition Report

Jeff Kost2

--by Jeff Kost, Competition Director



--Not received. -Ed.
The Power Chef®  

NE Bike --by John Celona, The Power Chef


Talking Turkey


We're just about to head into the annual source of maximum culinary panic: The Thanksgiving Turkey. If you're hosting a dinner on that Thursday, your guests and family require you to turn one out. For many, the kitchen that day is truly a trial by fire. Seems like there are two main reasons for this, one unavoidable and the other entirely avoidable.

The unavoidable reason is that a turkey is a big hunk of bird and it takes some strength to lift it and a little cunning to cook it the right amount. As to the strength part, another good reason to go to the gym! Then lifting the whatever-sized turkey is no more than picking up a dumbbell or two. As for cooking it the right amount, with practice you can just eyeball it (which I do). Otherwise, rely on a meat thermometer.

The entirely avoidable part and the biggest reason for a turkey-sized flop on Thanksgiving is that folks usually, systematically, and repeatedly overcook the bird. The result is a dried out, nearly mummified and entirely unpalatable bird I refer to as Turtankahem.  No amount of gravy can fix a bird for which all the moisture is long gone and the meat is reduced to a dry, stringy mass.

Blame the lawyers and food paranoia for this. People and the Turkey Attorneys are scared silly someone will get sick eating an undercooked bird. So standard directions (and, indeed, the Butterball web site) recommend cooking the poor bird to an internal temperature of 180ºF. This is an absolutely sure recipe for an utterly awful bird.

In contrast, the textbook of the Culinary Institute of America advises cooking a turkey to an internal temperature of 150ºF (p. 382).  In beef terms, that would be well-done, versus 180ºF is utterly-gone.

To be clear, wash the turkey thoroughly in cold water,  roast it in the oven until a thermometer plunged into the deepest part of the thigh reads 150ºF, then let it rest for at least 30 minutes before carving. This lets the heat dissipate through the bird and finish cooking it.

Make no mistake: a turkey cooked to 150ºF when you take it out of the oven, rest it, then carve, will have hints of pink to it. And it will be the most juicy and delicious turkey you've ever had. And some people there will be afraid to eat it (just politely direct them to the microwave). The rest of your guests will rave over your turkey forever afterwards.

I once brought a turkey to the family gathering a my sister-in-law's house and have ever since been asked to please bring a turkey with me each year. The price of success.

This alone--just cooking the turkey the right amount instead of overcooking it--will guarantee you success on T-day. Entirely your option if you'd like to go further to turn your big bird into a life-altering experience.

To do that, consider the following two additional steps:
  1. Brining it (recipe follows); and/or
  2. Flipping it    

Brining the bird is fairly easy: just thaw the bird (in the fridge or a cold water bath), soak it in the brine, then roast. Makes an utterly huge difference all the same. The brine gets seasonings and more moisture into the meat. Gravy becomes an optional afterthought instead of a gag-preventer.  


Flipping a turkey part-way through roasting definitely takes some arm and back strength. I use multiple layers of paper towels as disposable mitts. It eliminates the real challenge in cooking a turkey well, namely, if you cook it breast up, by the time the thigh is done right (to 150ºF), the breast is overdone. Cook it breast down, and by the time the breast is done right, the thigh meat is overdone.  


So I start my turkey breast-down, and flip it halfway through. This has the additional virtue of rendering off the surface fat on both the back and breast of the turkey, making the skin all around a delicious reduced-fat treat. And you get great drippings to go into the gravy.


There you go: What Your Mother Never Taught You About Turkeys in about a page or so. Good luck with your T-Day! 


Bon Appétit,  

The Power Chef


Here's my basic brine. Check out last November's Nugget for my ultra-fancy brined and smoked turkey recipe.   


Basic Turkey Brine   


The Gist turkey in brine

Mix it up and soak the turkey in it, flipping 2-3 times per day. Then roast her!

1 gallon water
3/4 cup salt
1/4 cup fresh ground black pepper
optional: chopped fresh herbs, such as sage or rosemary

Mix all the ingredients together in a pot or bowl big enough to hold them and your turkey. I use a 16-quart stock pot.

Rinse the turkey thoroughly in cool water, then plop him or her in the brine. Flip a few times to coat thoroughly. It can sit for 24 hours in a cool location (like the garage) or up to a week in the fridge. Flip 2-3 times per day and bring to room temperature before stuffing and roasting.


When using fresh herbs, I usually pick one and do about one cup, chopped.  


Social Report

Joe Sweis --by Joe Sweis, Social Director

There was some confusion on the Friday Night Social at Harry's Hofbrau (1909 El Camino Real in Redwood City) as I had mentioned in the October Nugget there would not be one until November. I apologize if anyone wanted to attend but after some emails floated around, it seems members took it upon themselves to get together anyways...I love the camaraderie!  Friday Night Socials will resume this month (next one is scheduled for November 18th). These are organized by Shirley Neidel to meet at Harry's Hofbrau the third Friday night of every month.  No reservations are required but please RSVP with Shirley Neidel prior to attending:

East Bay Drive:

The East Bay Drive has been scheduled with Zentrum Motors for Saturday December 10th 2011.

9:00am: Meet at Zentrum Motors for coffee and breakfast
9:30am: Begin tour of Zentrum Motors
10:00am: Q&A for Zentrum (and receive coupons for free oil changes!)
10:20am: Leave Zentrum for drive. Head to Bear Creek Road in Orinda, continue onto Alhambra Valley Road, and finish in Walnut Creek for lunch on a (hopefully) beautiful Saturday Afternoon.

NOTE: this may be subject to change pending weather conditions...but we Californians usually have good weather this time of year, 

New Member Mixer:

I am working on putting together a New Member Mixer at a wine bar in downtown San Mateo with drinks and hors d'oeuvres. PCA GGR has added an average of 21 new members per month! Way to go! This is going to be a great opportunity to meet these new members, everyone is welcome, and feel free to bring along anyone you think would be interested in joining PCA.

Date: TBD; late January - Early February.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with suggestions of fun events that you would like to attend. If it sounds fun, we will plan it!




European Autotech
Around the Benz

Benz--by Bill Benz, Member for Life Without Parole




 Did you go to RENNSPORT REUNION a few weeks ago?   No? I can't imagine that you could find time to read this drivel in the NUGGET (no offense, editor Celona) but did not have time to attend this huge event when it was  less than two hours away for most of us. 

You missed:

OLD RACE DRIVERS in particular HANS HERRMANN who was everywhere and really cool. Add in  Hurley Haywood, Jurgen Barth, Derek Bell, Vick Elford and fifty others for the full show; 

 YOUNG RACE DRIVERS like Patrick Long, Timo Bernard and Johannes van overbeek and Kevin Buckler (he's still young); 

LOCAL HEROS IN ACTION like Rich Walton (who won Saturday's special cup-car race, ,and a whole flock of GGR club racers including John Siedel, Mike Mitchel, Masuo Robinson, Fred Nelson, Ross Merrill and Robert Murillo (to name but a few); and  

OBSCENE NUMBERS OF STUNNING CARS.  I counted fourteen 356 Carrera Speedsters, at least twenty 935's and at least twenty 962's,  not to mention three or four RS Spyders and a large helping of 908s, 917s, 917-10's and a whole bunch of  fifties spyders as well as a number of examples of the new 991 which admittedly  were kept under wraps most of the time.  Oh, and the R-Gruppe was there with about 75 cars, many resplendent in a delightful pallet of  late '60's- early '70's bright greens, blues and oranges all crying out for at least one "flower power" flower decal.

The factory shipped in many of the above-mentioned cars and drivers  and erected a Maginot line of hospitality tents, historic car pavilions, driver's lounges, stages, bier gartens and viewing decks.  The basic unit of beer being dispensed was the stein.  In the tradition of the coneheads the stein held a mass quantity, which in this case  was a full liter.   

The crowd was  as diverse as any at a formula one race.  There were people from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and everywhere in Europe.  Tons from throughout the US, especially Washington and Oregon, but also lots from Michigan,  Ohio and Florida.  I hate to say this, but by and large we Americans did not appear  to be able to hold up our end in the bier consumption battles.  Australians, in particular, seem really skilled at this task.

Before I leave the bier garten setting there was a cute (and probably at least mildly inappropriate) moment.  I was sitting at a table with three 30 year old Korean-American gentlemen.  Over came one of the highly-photographed and marginally-clad bier garten  servers to fill my new  friends' order for three more biers and a photo opportunity with them.  One  of my friends stared at her intently and then  sincerely said "You know, you've got beautiful teeth." I started- that was not exactly what I had noticed. The bier lady seemed quite pleased by the attention but possibly a bit confused with the observation and he said, "No, No, I mean it. The three of us are dentists and you do have really nice teeth."  From what I could see, I had to agree - the RENNSPORT team HAD  hired bier garten ladies with exceptionally nice teeth.  

Everywhere you looked you saw the Porsche brand being promoted and promoted really well. There were slick, smart, courteous people from Porsche Cars Germany and Porsche Cars North America everywhere.  (I'll bet they all had great teeth, too.)  If the factory  spent less than five or ten million dollars, they got a great deal.  The message was loud and clear - Porsche, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen, IS the big time.  

While everything was superb this message is a little bittersweet.  The days of five  digit  VIN numbers, Huschke von Hanstein and Evi Butz running a two person public relations department in Zuffenhausen and Vasek Polak rolling into Laguna Seca with Milt Minter's 934 on a slope-bed Chevy truck are gone forever. RENNSPORT REUNION may remind us about what used to be.  But the present and the future are completely new deals.  

If you missed it, click here to view photos by Tony Dias. One photo of Derek Bell in his car appears below. --Ed.  




 If that's not enough, here's some videos from Porsche Cars North America:


Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV - New Videos


Atlanta - October 21, 2011 - Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV, in all its sunshine and glory from Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, can be relived in the new video that was just posted on You Tube. You can see the crowd, which the track announced as more than 35,000, and hear Derek Bell describe just what Rennsport is.

Here's the link.

Plus, check out our previously-posted video "how we take a picture" - a time-lapse video of the four hours it took to set up the family portrait on Thursday between turns four and five at the track. It's at the following link.


Jason Appears at GGR Drivers' Meeting
Calls for someone to step forward as AX co-chair--OR ELSE

This past Saturday Jason appeared at the drivers' meeting before the autocross at Alameda to emphasize the need for a new autocross chair to step forward and assist staying-on co-chair Chris Hamilton in 2012. Jason made it clear that, if no one stepped forward, he would be looking to "meet" with possible candidates one at a time.

Jason wants YOU!

DentPro Day Nov. 12


DentPro Day, Saturday, November 12 Our annual DentPro Day will be held on Saturday, November 12th. It will be held at the new DentPro facility at 1436 White Oaks Rd, Unit 5, Campbell, CA.


Here's your chance to get that ding out, small or large! Or get some minor paint done! Or have the plastic covers on your headlights polished out! Or just hang out with other car-guys/gals.

This will be the 17th (maybe 18th) year that I've coordinated this event using this same DentPro business. To say the least, these guys are pros. I've seen them massage out dings/dents that I would swear were beyond repair.  


For those unfamiliar with DentPro, they provide an excellent alternative to body repair shops. Taken to a regular body shop, a door ding can be an expensive proposition requiring not only the body repair, but also a likely repaint of the damaged panel. We're talking hundreds of dollars here. With DentPro, through the artistry of getting behind the dent/ding, they massage it out.


Pricing for the DentPro service will be different this year than in past years. It will be $40 for 1" dents; $80 for 2" dents, and $120 for 3" ones. In most cases, no repaint is needed. In each case, DentPro will examine your car, point out any blemishes that you may have missed (and I guarantee there will be some), and provide you an estimate before beginning work. You may opt out at that point.


To start the day, DentPro will provide bagels and smears, donuts, and coffee. They will also have drinks for us to soothe our throats as we bench-race and tell lies about our cars. At noon, a tasty lunch of burgers and dogs will be provided.  


Beginning at 9 AM, we will schedule in 3-4 cars per hour, ending at 2 PM. If you need a later time, DentPro may be able to accommodate you depending on how many sign up, that is, they may be working on cars beyond 2 PM. If you need an earlier time, that may also be possible, but for now, 9 AM is the start time. You are welcome to come early and leave late, just hang out to see all the cars passing through.


Please RSVP to me at , giving an idea of how much work needs to be done on your car (number/size of dents and location), and a requested time. If the time requested is filled, I'll provide alternative times. BTW, any and all cars are welcome, but priority will be given to PCA-GGR members.


Hope to see you there!


Joe Ramos



Panamera Cited for Straining Onlookers' Necks   

2011 Motorist Choice Awards Based on Survey of 72,000 Customers

ATLANTA - September 26, 2011 - The 2011 Porsche Panamera is the top "Head Turner" in the premium vehicle category, according to the sixth annual Motorist Choice Awards.


The Motorist Choice Awards, which combine analysis from both AutoPacific and IntelliChoice, are designed to recognize vehicles that deliver a combination of high consumer satisfaction and low ownership costs over time. This year, AutoPacific and IntelliChoice grouped the winners into a collection of 15 popular lifestyle segments shoppers could easily identify with, including categories such as "Head Turner" and "People Mover."


AutoPacific, an automotive marketing and production-consulting firm, performs an annual vehicle owner satisfaction survey in the U.S., with a record of more than 72,000 responses in 2011. This study solicits customer feedback on a recently purchased 2011 vehicle using 48 key attributes to cover the entire ownership experience, which is used to determine winners of the annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards (VSAs).


Meanwhile, IntelliChoice monitors and adjusts costs of ownership for more than 1,800 vehicle models as the foundation of its Best Overall Value of the Year (BOVY) awards. The Motorist Choice Awards combine data analysis from both firms into one set of accolades, to showcase vehicles that earn high marks on both sets of criteria.


The awards were broken down into 15 unique categories defined by the needs and usage sought by new vehicle buyers, and named appropriately based on recommendations from a panel of consumers. The firms then determined winners in the Popular and Premium brand groupings.


"The Motorist Choice Awards are designed to assist consumers by using a categorization scheme other than traditional vehicle classes. Our research has shown that buyers often shop in more than one vehicle segment based on their needs and uses, rather than simply choosing a segment and then comparing models within it," said George Peterson, president of AutoPacific. "Whether buyers are seeking a kid friendly, youthful, or fun to drive vehicle - we have a suggestion that will fit their budget and needs."


In 2010, Porsche received the Motorist Choice Award for Best Premium Active Lifestyle Vehicle for the Porsche Cayenne, as well as the AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award for Best SportsCar for the Porsche 911.


The 2011 Motorist Choice Award winners were announced on Sept. 22 at the Orange County International Auto Show at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif.


Lizards Win at ALMS Monterey 

 No. 45 Wins GT at ALMS Monterey: First Lizard Win of 2011

--press release by the Flying Lizards, photos by Rich Tsai here

September 17, 2011 - Salinas, Calif. - After battling six hours of intense GT competition, Joerg Bergmeister brought the No. 45 in for the team's first win of the 2011 ALMS season tonight at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. It's the team's 3rd win in a row at this circuit. The No. 44 of Seth Neiman and Marco Holzer finished ninth.

The last three hours of the race were a nailbiter as first Long and then Bergmeister battled both of the BMWs (the No. 56 and No. 55), the No. 62 Risi Ferrari and the 4 Corvette for the GT lead. Long had started the race fifth on the GT grid, staying with the GT lead pack (the No. 56 BMW which started from the pole, the No. 55 BMW and the No. 62 Risi Ferrari), and handing the Porsche over to Bergmeister at the one-hour mark, now in P4.

Over the next hour of his two-hour double stint, Bergmeister held fast to P4 while the GT lead pack shuffled, but with the No. 56 still in the lead. At the start of hour three, a full- course caution brought most of the GT cars into the pits for tires and fuel. The No. 62 Risi Ferrari did not pit with the pack and took the lead. Bergmeister, still in P4, beat both BMWs out of the pits to move to P2. The No. 56 BMW was P3 and the No. 55 P4.

Nearing the four-hour mark, Bergmeister finally was able to pass the No. 62 to retake the lead. Shortly after, he pitted for driver change back to Patrick Long. After the round of stops was complete, Long held P1. Meanwhile, the No. 44, which had started from twelfth, with Marco Holzer behind the wheel, had progressed gradually through the field to P9, cycling uneventfully through driver changes to Seth Neiman and back to Holzer.

One-hour into his double stint, Long pitted for tires and fuel. The No. 56 BMW was P2, the No. 55 P3 and the No. 62 P4 at the time of the pit stop. The No. 62 stayed out, but both BMWs pitted with Long. The crew had to add oil to the No. 45 at this stop, allowing the No. 56 to edge out ahead of the No. 45 to take the lead. Long passed the No. 56 on the green flag restart, moving to P2. The No. 62 was still in the lead.

Long held off the No. 56 for the next ten minutes, until the No. 56 finally got by, moving Patrick to P3. Now Long had the No. 55 BMW on his tail, and spent the next 20 minutes holding him off until the No. 55 also got by, putting Long in P4.

ALMS 2011 Monterey 

Long stated, "The middle of the race was classic GT racing -- I spent over an hour battling the two BMWs who had a lot of straight line peformance. Our strength was traffic -- we were able to manage the traffic and put the traction down. Our strategy was to make sure we had a car that could go to the end and thanks to Joerg's driving at the end we were able to do that and still come out on the top of the podium."

At the five hour mark, Long pitted for driver change to Bergmeister, who headed out in P5. By now, the No. 4 Corvette was back in the mix, with the No. 56 BMW P2, the No. 62 P2, the No. 55 P3, and the No. 4 P4. With 30 minutes to go, Bergmeister was now P4, with the No. 56 BMW in the lead, the No. 55 BMW P2 and the No. 62 Risi Ferrari P3. Bergmeister was 8 seconds back from the No. 62; he was focused on reeling him in as the No. 62 was conserving fuel and on a slower pace. With 20 minutes to go in the race, the No. 55 BMW, in P2, made an unscheduled pit stop for a tire change, moving Bergmeister in P3 and No. 62 in P2. A few minutes later, a full course caution worked in the Lizard's favor, allowing Bergmeister to close the gap to the No. 62 and to the No. 56, but also giving the No. 62, now very low on fuel, a break.

On the green flag restart after the final caution, Bergmeister had just six minutes to make a move; he and the No. 62 took advantage of traffic and together passed the No. 56 to take P1 and P2, respectively. With two laps to go, Joerg was working to pass the No. 62, when the two made contact on the front straight, with Joerg against the inside wall. Bergmeister said, "That was a close call on the front straight. I was hit really hard -- I was able to keep control but I had a lot of pick up on the tires and as we went into the brake zone of Turn 2, he got around me on the outside." The No. 62 took the lead, but later in the lap hit the fuel bobble and Bergmeister was able to overtake. "On the last lap, as the No. 62 ran out of fuel, I passed to take the lead, with the No. 56 right behind me." Bergmeister took the checkered to win the ALMS Monterey at Laguna Seca. In the No. 44 Marco Holzer finished ninth: another solid finish with points on the board for the No. 44.

Team principal and driver of the No. 44 Porsche Seth Neiman added, "Words are inadequate to describe how we all feel tonight. This season has been so rough; to put together this hard-earned victory in the face of such intense competition has made this whole year worthwhile. Congratulations to the entire team for delivering two great cars, seamless pit stops and perfect strategy, and as always breathtaking driving from Joerg and Patrick and my co-driver Marco."


Porches Launches Super-Cool Web Site; Very Popular in Hot Climates 

Welcome to Porsche Drive USA

The world of Porsche, exciting, captivating and full of intrigue. From epic motorsport victories in the world's most famous races, to the evolution of the iconic 911. The Porsche story continues to fascinate and this is your destination to Race through the World of Porsche.

Get to the heart of Porsche with Drive. Through this dynamic website watch videos, view pictures and read articles to explore what makes Porsche so unique.

We believe that a good story should be shared. You will find that all of the videos, images and articles found on Drive are intended to easily be shared. The chances are if you like something on Drive you will know someone else who will as well.

Simply use the number of 'sharing buttons' found across Drive.

Porsche Drive will be continually updated with that latest content, pictures, stories and videos from the world of Porsche, so make it a regular destination.


Hope there was enough to read this month! See you next month...

As always, thanks for reading.
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
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