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March 2011. Volume 51, Issue 2
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Tech Session @ EMC
From the Wurst Wing
Letter from the Editor
Board of Directors
Membership Report
Competition Report
Social Corner
The Power Chef
Spotlight on EMC Collision
Track Tricks
High Ground
SVR Autocross
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Dear Porsche Enthusiast,

Welcome to The Nugget, the email newsletter of the Golden Gate Region, Porsche Club of America.
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CoCo valentine
CoCo Giselle, CG
Executive Editor of The Nugget

CoCo celebrated Valentine's Day by napping on her two heart-shaped pillows.

Send in your baby's photo! Pets are people, too!

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EMC collision
Tech Session at EMC

Come meet GGR's new Platinum Sponsor for the Track Series at a FREE Tech Session!


When: March 5th 2011

Time: 10:00 am

Where: 41041 Albrae St, Fremont between Stevenson & auto mall parkway


The Tech Session will include the following:

  • Continental Breakfast
  • Shop tour state of the art facility: automotive collision repair - new technologies and repair procedures
  • Feature our cellete frame bench
  • ECU dept of Mum Sports lab- performance enhancements
  • Green Economomy ECU Tune Software (Gas $aver Package)


Door prizes:

  • 1 Free Detail
  • 1 Mum Sports ECU Tune Software Package
  • Gift Certificates and Service Coupon Specials    


All members will receive a car care collision kit!

From the Wurst Wing  
--by John Celona, GGR President

Start Your Engines

It's almost time for the first autocross and registration is OPEN! Here's the link to register.

If your car isn't quite ready, you have two options:

1. Get on it!
2. Drive it as is. For me, the areas of the tires with very little tread on them suggest they're just getting good.

I do have one piece of interior trim (a padding piece on the center console) which seems to come off in hard cornering but, rather than figuring how to attach it more firmly while still leaving it removable, I just labeled it "G-Meter."

Here's the schedule for the whole year:




Mar 19


Autocross #1

April 23


Autocross #2

May 14


Autocross #3

June 11


Autocross #4

June 12


Annual Porboy's Autocross School

July 23 - 24

Marina Airfield

Autocross #5 GGR (Sat), LPR (Sun), Zone 7 Autocross weekend

August 27


Autocross #6

August 28


Autocross #7

September 24


Autocross #8

October 29


Autocross #9

November 19


Autocross #10

Meanwhile, our new Drivers' Education / Time Trial / Club Race chair Carl Switzer has hard at work wading through paperwork to get ready for our track series. The first event is Three Whole Days at Thunderhill. Carl promises that, by then, snow tires will definitely not be required.  




April 29, 30, May 1


Driver Education/Timed Runs/Club Race

May 28-29*


Driver Education/Timed Runs/Club Race

July 16-17


Driver Education/Timed Runs

September 10-11


Driver Education/Timed Runs




* Note: On May 27, Central Coast is holding a DE event at the same track. You can make it a 3 day week-end.

    Getting Social

Our new Social Director Kimberly has got her first event geared up: a New and Nearly-New Member Mixer in San Francisco. See the news on it below in The Nugget.

Budgets & Annual Club Planning Complete

At the last board meeting, we completed putting together the budget for the entire club for this year. Thanks to all the board members for getting their budgets in, particularly autocross chairs Joe Lee and Chris Hamilton and DE/TT/CR chair Carl Switzer because those budgets are the most difficult to put together.

As with any budgeting exercise, the purpose is to have people set down their plans and targets for the year so we know what's coming and can ensure the finances match up. This doesn't preclude adding more events so, if you've an idea for an event, email the board and we'll put you in touch with the right person to get you going.

Also to note: we will be making the Joint Board Dinner in December another Volunteer Appreciation Day, so people pitching in to help during the year can look forward to another great dinner and evening on the club. Volunteer for a club job so you get invited!

Till next month...  

Letter from the Editor  
Alameida big
--by John Celona, Nugget Editor

Thanks to Bubba!

In my letter last month, I omitted thanking my spouse, Bubba Gong, for his article on the GGR Awards Banquet. Chalk that up to timing in Nugget construction: I wrote the column before he wrote article! Abundant belated thanks for writing the article and for taking all the photos.  


 Thanks to Continuing Contributors


I'd also like to thank the other continuing contributors to The Nugget: Bill Benz for his ever-unique perspective and Claude Leglise for his continuing track tips. It's already making me feel more knowledgeable! Now if I could only figure out that driving thing...


Changes Coming to The Nugget


As we continue our slow evolution into the Online Age, our Webmaster Andrew Forrest has tossed in an absolutely stellar suggestion: incorporate what is now Nugget content into pages on the web site. Then, the Nugget itself will become a much briefer email with short excerpts from each article and a link to view the full content--much the way Porsche and PCA do their eNews. This approach has a whole lot of advantages:


--a much briefer and easier-to-review Nugget sitting in your inbox

--no more Nuggets caught in spam filters

--much faster to download the Nugget

--Nugget content stays live on the web site,  rather than filed away each month

--much easier to find past sections because they're together

--we can include in  the Nugget other blurbs on what's new on the web site (competition results, photos, etc.)


Andrew and I are still figuring the details of how to make this work, but we're looking forward to a better integration of the web site and The Nugget so it's easier to find what you're looking for and we can do a better job of communicating with the members. If you have some thoughts this, feel free to contact Andrew or myself.  


Thanks for reading.
High Performance House
Board of Directors  
--by Bill Benz, GGR Secretary

GGR Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes for January 9, 2011


Call to Order

President Celona called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m. at his home.


All members of the 2011 Board, save the Competition Director, were present. The Board was joined by Sharon Neidel (Zone 7 Representative) and Larry Adams .


            Agenda Changes - None

            Calendar Changes - None


Postmortem of Past Events

            The awards banquet at Blackhawk had a good turn out. The Board acknowledged the fine cooperative effort by the present and immediate past Social Directors that made this a success.


Directors' Reports

            President - Proxy forms for the upcoming PCA special election have been received. The Board authorized the President to execute the proxy and deliver it to the Zone 7 Representative. This was done.

            Vice President - Insurance is in place for all of the 2011 autocrosses at Alameda. Insurance has been ordered for the first track event.

            Treasurer - The Treasurer's report was delivered and accepted. The Treasurer presented the final budgets for 2011. These were discussed and approved.             Secretary - The January Board Meeting minutes were presented and approved.

            Social - A new member social is being organized for March. The Board authorized spending up to $1500 on this event. The Social Director is moving forward with plans for a LeMans party in June.

            Membership - A membership report was given. A list of new members will be presented and approved at the next meeting.

            Competition - No report.

            Webmaster - GGR's various electronic properties were reviewed. The Webmaster is reviewing the calendar function.


Topics for Discussion

            Budgets for 2011 - All are in the Treasurer's hands.

            Event fees - We often have one set of fees for GGR members and different fees for nonGGR members. This will be reviewed.


            Spam on the bulletin board - The electronic bulletin board is becoming populated by many postings having no relationship to PCA and Porsche cars. Everyone agreed with the Webmaster that a modest effort should be spent to solve this problem.



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p. m.



Membership Report 

Mike Sherman--by Mike Sherman, Membership Director

January 2011 Monthly Membership Report


Valentine greetings to all! Please note that we have a new Honorary GGR Life Member, Bill Benz, bringing our total to 4! The Life GGR Membership is an honor given by the Board in recognition of sustained membership in, and service to, GGR. Recipients receive a suitable award, similar to the PCA Life Membership award, signifying this status.  


Work hard. Someday, it may be your turn.Here are your January stats. All the best.  

Mike Sherman


Total Members:        2389

Primary:       1407

Affiliate:         977

HQ Life:            1

            GGR Life:            4 (Congrats to William Benz)


New Members:     16

Transfers In:           5

Transfers Out:        7

Non-renewals       35


New Members


Lolita    Amon              San Jose   

Bill& Angela Blosen     San Jose      2009  Cayenne Blue

Linda Caswell              San Mateo  1991  911     

Eddie   Chan                Hillsborough    1989   911    Silver

YasminaChitti               San Mateo 

Mitridat Faravashi         San Jose    1995   911  Black

Marc Hoffmann             Dusseldorf  2008 Cayman S             Green

Harry   Libarle               San Francisco       

Jussi-PekkaMantere      Mountain View  2001 Cayman S Black

Peter Maris                   San Jose    2007  911  Silver

Tess Natonton              Union City     

Ching   Ng                    San Jose   

EinarOttestad              Palo Alto  2005   911 Turbo Black

Bruce  Reitz                Stanford   2000             Boxster S       Silver

Gabriel  Rodriguez      Santa Clara   

Erich Schulz                San Francisco   1989  911    Red

Scott Smith                 San Jose    2007  911    Silver

DimitriosTabakis         Nettetal Germany  1976  911S Orange

Beverly Tseng             Palo Alto     

Regis Vincent             San Mateo  2007  911    Black

Richard & Connie Wu San Jose     2010  Cayenne Silver

Ming Yang                   Palo Alto     2008    Carrera S       Gray


January Anniversaries


30 Years

Michael Howe            San Geronimo            1986   944T


25 Years

Lena Henderson            Los Gatos


20 Years

Ted Lawson            Los Altos    1984 911

Linda   Leong          Alamo 

Larry   Moeller         Greenwood   1970     914/6-GT Black

Curtis Robertson      Redwood City 1974    914

Suzan  Thietje          Redwood City


15 Years

JeremeBerube            APO    

Dawn Campbell          Redwood City

Richard Ford              San Rafael 1999   996

Mary    Wilson            Mountain View           

Ward   Zitzer              San Jose    1987  911   White


10 Years

Christopher Carter        Livermore       2001 Boxster

Konrad Fauser              Gaienhofen    1997  993

Todd Grantham             Oakland          2001 Boxster S

David Koberstein           Mountain View   2001  Boxster

Howard Robin                San Francisco   2002   C4 CAB

Valeriya Rybalova          Sunnyvale    

Greg & Robin Sirakides  Aptos            2005  911TurboS Blue

Judy Gehman                San Jose   


5 Years

Fred & Mary Bierbrauer       San Mateo  1972  911 Guards Red

Martin Bloes                        Oakland      Boxster          

Chad  Brivkalns                   Fremont     1998    Boxster

Louise Felsher                    San Carlos  2005  Boxster

Marjory Graue                    Oakland       2001  Boxster

Stephen Horvatic               San Jose   

Don Hroch                         San Ramon  2007   Boxster

John Hua                           Redwood City 1985    911

Rod Jacobs                       Oakland       2005   996

Celina  Koch                      Millbrae       2004   996

James  Koch                      Millbrae           

Mark Platshon                    Menlo Park  1995  993

Bridget Stiffler                    Oakley

George &Mariola Suwala   San Jose    1988  911

Xiaohiu Zacharisen           Santa Clara   







William & Helen Disser Saratoga                     1958    356A



Walt Prowell                            Monterey                     356SC



Kirk Doberenz                         Alamo                                      1987 911                     Red

Edward Sebree                       San Francisco                         1965 356        

Michael Howe                         San Geronimo                         1986    944T               



Edmund Fanslau                      San Jose                                 1967    912     

Charles Joseph                       Burlingame                              1989    911C4

Richard Jung                           Pleasant Hill                             1974    914     

Michael Zitzmann                    ROTTACH-EGERN 83700        1996    993     

Caroline Robertson                 Redwood City



David   Adams                         Burlingame                              1969    911T

Carol    Ford                             San Rafael                 

Christopher     Ken                  San Mateo                               1965    356C

TEN YEARS - 2001

Timothy Govers                       Saratoga                                 993     

Michael Imperiale                     Foster City                               Boxster          

William Matteson                      San Francisco                         911                  Granite Green

Kenneth Rinehart                    San Jose                                 911     

Tom Trudell                              San Jose                                 914                  Olympic Blue

Mable   Tsang                          San Jose                    

Kristi Carter                             Livermore                   

Lisa Grantham                         Alameda         



David   Anderson                    Sunnyvale                              928                  Black

Sherry Angelini                       Alameda                                  Boxster           arctic silver

Charles Boardman                  Saratoga                                 Cayman Seal Grey

Robert Boardman                    Saratoga                                

John Burgess                          Sunnyvale                               993                  White

Kevin   Cronin                          South San Francisco              911S Artic Silver

George and Mary De Jong      San Francisco                         Boxster S        Silver

Mary De Jong                          San Francisco            

Scott Halpert                           San Mateo                               911     

Jerry & Lisa Harmon               San Jose                                 911                  Silver

Raymond Raguindin                South San Francisco              996                  Black

John Reykjalin             Berkeley                                  Cayman S Guards Red

Brad and Bonnie Taft              San Francisco                         Cayman           Brown

Ric Vieler                                 San Jose                                 C4S Midnight Blue

Richard & Michelle Wallace Santa Clara                                 911                  Guards Red

Michael Welch             Alamo                         


European Autotech
Competition Report

Jeff Kost2

--by Jeff Kost, Competition Director


--Jeff was caught in the pits when the green flag when down on this month's Nugget. He'll be back next month!



Pacific Power Motorsports
Social Corner  

--by social director Kimberly Kinsel Tinawi

New Member Mixer on April 1
Kimberly Tinawi2
Social Director Kimberly Kinsel-Tinawi

Our "New Member Mixer" will be Friday, April 1st, 6-10pm at the Infinity Club Lounge on the Embarcadero in San Francisco


Yes, I know that's April Fool's Day, but you'd be a fool to miss the party!  We welcome new and longtime members to the event, as well as Porsche owners who have yet to sign up for the club!  We'll have someone at the event to sign up new members, just bring your Porsche Vin & a credit card.


We'll drink, snack and swap stories with other Porsche enthusiasts.  Come by after work for a quick drink or make a night of it, just let us know that you'll be there, please RSVP to so that we may put your name and the names of your guests on the list and please include your PCA number if you're a member.  Also, please let me know if you're able to help out at the party with set-up, checking people in, etc.


The Infinity is located right off of the Embarcadero at Main & Folsom Streets.  Getting there is easy & so is parking(!), there is a parking lot right across from the building.  In the Infinity building is Boulevard's hot new sister restaurant, Prospect and Epic Roast House, Water Bar & all of the Ferry Building restaurants are within easy walking distance.


I look forward to seeing you on the 1st!



Please contact me at  
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The Power Chef®  
NE Bike  --by John Celona, The Power Chef®

Finding a "Namaste Moment"

This past month has been crazily busy for me, with getting ready for two executive education courses I'll be teaching at Stanford in March plus keeping up with a consulting project, plus landing two new ones. I've been working until 8 or 9 pm most nights just to keep up.

So, this Sunday afternoon went to putting the Nugget together (hope you like it!). Yesterday went to finding my "Namaste Moment" in all the craziness.

Probably you've heard the term before but, if not, here's the definition I liked the best from Wikipedia:  


"I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells, I honor the place in you which is of Love, of Integrity, of Wisdom and of Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are One."


 Here's my recipe for finding this in these crazy times. Hope you have one, too!

Bon appétit,
The Power Chef

Recipe for a "Namaste Moment"   



1. Go out into the yard. Allow yourself at least 3-4 hours before darkness. Weather irrelevant so long as you have the right gear.

2. Release all the tensions of the week while you do some things for present order, beauty, and prosperity (pruning, weeding, picking fruit), and some for future (fertilizing, planting). Note: pruning may be for present or future beauty and prosperity, depending on what you're cutting!

3. Find one's peace by the end of the day.

No Time/No Yard Alternatives: If you don't have the yard or the time for this (or gardening is not your thing), you can:

A. Follow the same process doing something that is your thing (e.g., for Bill Dally, that would be working on one of his cars); or

B. Consider that, whatever is bugging you, the plants don't care, and will do what they will do regardless. There's something to be said for that.


If all else fails, here's one of my philosophies of life: live every day like it could be your last day on earth--but probably won't be!


Here's hoping to have some cooking done for next month! 


Spotlight on EMC Collision 


--Mazi Ghorbani
EMC Auto



 EMC doesn't just want to revamp your car, they also wants to consummate new long term relationships with clients who are just as passionate about automobiles as they are. As the fourth generation of a family working in the automotive industry, Mazi the CEO understands long term relationships. Taking advantage of being the great-grandson of a royal coachbuilder and the grandson of an engineer who was instrumental in the design of the independent suspension, Mazi combined that artistry and craftsmanship with the precision and detail offered at EMC auto center today.


Initially founded in 1983 as a high end collision repair and custom tuning facility  , EMC became the experts in repairing Porsches . The EMC family of companies has grown to include a mechanical service facility with highly talented Porsche certified mechanics and a highly specialized mechanical and appearance tuning division ( Also available services include window tinting, paint protection, film application, custom wheel repair and tire and alignment service.  And for those seeking ultimate assurance, the Advanced Vehicle Armory division ( combines art and engineering in the design and manufacture of custom armored vehicles that are supplied globally to corporate executives and deplomats.  AVA maintains the only lab outside of Germany to certify armored vehicles to the Beschussamt Mellrichstadt standard.


During an introductory visit to the EMC Auto Center it was clear that this is not your run-of-the mill shop.  Every detail is refined and the staff is as professional and knowledgeable as they come.  Many shops maintain a "brag book" of completed work in their lobby, but the images presented in the EMC lobby are stunning.  Page after page of flawlessly repaired and custom prepared vehicles of every marque.  An Aston Martin that was custom wrapped in flat black and carbon fiber was a recent highlight.  Did I mention a Bugatti Veyron was at EMC! A tour of the shop confirmed the front end impression.   


If a job requires a welder, EMC has several to choose from because they maintain the specific individual factory specified welders for Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari and other high-end marques. If a frame needs to be straightened, instead of a single frame rack as found in many shops, EMC has the choice of seven!  One from Car-O-Liner and six manufactured by Celette. EMC also has the capability to generate custom measurement jigs for cars not in the standard measurement database. The refinishing department maintains two unique spray booths, each with computer controlled heat and cure cycles that maximize the resilience of paints supplied by factory authorized suppliers. In the case of Porsche, paint is supplied by German  Porsche Approved Spies Hecker.  During the tour of the 4 acre state-of-the-art facility,  I inspected panels and a complete car just removed from the spray booth and every surface was simply perfect - straight from the booth!  


2011 is a year we would like to welcome mum sports to our track session.
EMC would like to welcome there next project that includes a 2005 PORSCHE CARRERA GT shop car, which will join us this year in up coming track days, hopefully if the european buyers knocking at their doors permit!. Accompanying the CARRERA GT on site will be the certified Porsche technicians ready to assist any club member in need.
EMC is supporting the enthusiast members of Golden Gate Porsche by offering some great discounts on their services.  Stop by and introduce yourself and learn more about this great resource in the East Bay.  Also, watch the newsletters for details on upcoming events sponsored by EMC Auto Center.     



Gorman ad
Track Tricks  


Leglise2Track Tricks

Racing Grade Brake Pads


Once you have a few track weekends under your belt, you will probably start wishing for more braking power, and you may also notice some fading in braking performance towards the end of each session. You are ready for racing brake pads.  


In the previous column, I wrote about problems related to heat generated by the brakes and how it affects the brake fluid. An additional heat-related issue is that the pads and the rotors lose effectiveness as temperatures increase. Except in some very stressful situations, such as mountain driving, street brakes will rarely heat up above 600 F; during a track day, temperatures in excess of 900 F are easy to reach, and 1200 F is entirely possible with a heavy modern car after several spirited laps. While you will probably not lose all braking abilities with standard street pads as they get hotter, you will certainly notice that your braking points are creeping further away from the turn-in point than you wish and than your car's suspension is capable of handling. You will also soon notice that your friends brake considerably later than you do.  



You can significantly improve your car's track braking performance by installing racing grade brake pads. They are made of higher performance materials that are able to operate at higher temperatures for extended periods of time, and they also provide greater friction, which makes for better braking.  


The exact choice of brand and compound may require a bit of testing. The best way to start is to ask some of your PCA friends who drive similar cars what they use and what results they have achieved. There are many quality brands available, so you will not go wrong even while you are experimenting and searching for the best solution for yourself.


I have had positive experiences with Porterfield 's R-4 racing compound on a 996. It is made with a mixture of carbon and Kevlar that is durable and relatively mild on the rotors. Pagid is German-made and a favorite brand of many GGR members, in particular the RS 4-4 Orange compound. Hawk and Ferodo brands work well on my lighter early 911.

And just for grins, I installed EBC green pads on my old Suburban . . . it made an enormous difference. Better braking builds confidence and improves safety, to say nothing of the ability to outbrake Camrys on Highway 80 coming back from Tahoe. If you are towing your Porsche to the track, it is a cheap upgrade for your tow vehicle.

One thing to do with new brake pads is to bed them in properly. Most manufacturers' websites describe their specific procedures. Generally the idea is finding a back road with little traffic, picking up some speed and braking hard several times in succession to build up some heat and get the pads and the rotors mated to each other.  



Cost varies quite a bit, depending on your specific car model and the type of compound you choose. For instance, for a 997 Carrera, here are some prices I found on the Internet:



Front Brakes



R-4 (AP776 & 738)












RS 4-4 orange




The fronts are always more expensive; I presume that's because they work harder. You might be able to replace the rears less often, maybe one set of rears for every two sets of fronts. Racing pads are inherently softer than street pads, and you are buying braking performance rather than longevity. One set should last at least one entire season, but I always carry an extra set in the toolbox so I don't get stuck at the track with no pads.

If you are at all mechanically inclined, replacing the pads yourself is fairly simple. The first wheel will probably take you an hour to figure everything out, but with a bit of practice you will get so you can change all four corners in well under an hour.  



With racing pads you are getting better braking performance at high temperature on a race track. But life involves a series of trade-offs, and there are several aspects to consider in the case of brake pads.


First, street braking performance may be diminished, because the brakes do not get hot enough. Each pad manufacturer offers multiple different compounds, from street to mixed use to full on racing. You need to select the type that matches your situation best. I have used all the pads described above on the street without any issues, but your circumstances may be different.


Second, there is brake dust and squeal. Dust is related to wear; since the racing pads wear faster, they make more dust to coat your wheels. If you are a concours aficionado, they are the wrong answer. At low temperature and low speed, the pads will also tend to squeal, and your significant other may not enjoy driving through an underground garage in a Porsche that sounds like a 1923 Citroën . . . then again it could turn out to be a desirable feature.  


Finally, you may lose the brake wear indicator because the pads do not have the requisite wiring. The most annoying aspect of this is that the wear indicator on your dash is always on. There is a simple fix for this problem, which consists of soldering the two wear indicator wires together near each caliper. This hack will fool the system into believing that your pads are fine. When you want to return your car to stock condition, simply cut the wires and reconnect them to the stock pads. Of course, this means you will have to keep an eye on the pad wear yourself, but since you are a track day fan, you already do this anyway.



Upgrading your brake pads to a racing grade compound is a relatively inexpensive modification for your track day Porsche. You will gain more confidence in your brakes, you will be able to delay your braking points, and you will not lose braking performance as the laps accumulate.  




P.S: Disclaimer. These Track Tricks articles make the explicit assumption that the reader is an adult with a functioning brain and the requisite knowledge to use it. They are meant to share my experiences and to give some tips that may or may not be useful to you. I am not an automotive engineer and I do not play one on TV. I make no representation about the suitability and usability of these tricks for any purpose whatsoever. If you try any of them, it is explicitly under your own responsibility and at your own risk. Don't even think of suing me if all hell breaks loose.



Jerry Woods
Seizing the Automotive Moral High Ground 


Benz--by Bill Benz


As children, we understood the importance of gaining the moral high ground.  "You're weird" could be countered with "No I'm not." But, at best, that rejoinder just got you back to neutral. "So what!  You're a nerd." was much more effective.   It not only fended off the first attack but also established you as morally superior to the original attacker.  

The same principle applies to cars and the highway and points up major failings exhibited by Porsches and Porsche enthusiasts.

The most direct way to establish moral superiority on the highway is to drive a car with the word "Hybrid" or "Prius" or "Volt" on at least three sides.  This immediately conveys to everyone who matters  the fact that you care.  You want to save the planet. It also means that you are banking enough inherent vehicular moral superiority that you can behave really badly - running stop signs, parking in red zones, etc - and it's still OK.  Unfortunately, Porsches are way at the bottom of the list when it comes to inherently morally superior vehicles.   Our moral superiors would like us to acknowledge this.

If you can't stomach an inherently moral vehicle like a Chevy Volt there's always signage.  Apparently, a bumper sticker saying "My other car is a kayak",  "I heart my cute Bichon Frise"  or "I'd rather be playing my harpsichord" is able to neutralize the inherent immorality of a vehicle to which it is attached.  This holds out hope for Porsche people but I must admit I can't recall seeing this used effectively on, say, a Carrera Turbo. I'm also afraid that the ever-popular "Loud pipes save lives" and "I'd rather be drinking at Fred's Place" may need some more time in front of  the morality focus group.

There is an interesting subset of immorality-neutralizing signage. Indications of fertility and fecundity seem to be regarded as evidence of morality.  How else do you explain the "baby on board" and "twins on board" stickers and those collections of stick-figure  mommies plus daddies plus numerous children plus pets seen on the backs of SUV's.  I'm shocked that this works but, apparently, the style of presentation is central to its effectiveness.   Imagine the outrage if this same message were conveyed on a sticker in the language of Ninja movie voice- over translations - "My remarkable sexual prowess has enabled me to father numerous offspring " or the like.   I just don't see this working to get me and my evil Porsche a break from my more moral fellow drivers.

There is hope, however.  Our Porsche-induced manifold moral failings only become a problem for us if we care.  If, instead, we view automotive morality from the eyes of Wayne and Garth or, similarly, from the cheerful point of view of Miller Lite and Bud Light beer commercials we can feel very OK about giving ourselves a pass. 

The next time you're being attacked by  a mob of Smart car owners, Chevy Volt peddlers or Tesla fans  go with a quick "And your point is?" or "Thank you for sharing." followed by a snappy exit stage left.  Remember, Porsche automotive immorality is only an issue if we stay around to be hit by it and a quick Porsche get-away is lots more fun.

Club Auto Sport

--by Paul Larson, Vice President

Welcome everyone and I hope that you and your Porsche are doing fine. This is the first year for me being as the Vice President of the Golden Gate Region and I jumped into the position knowing very little of the job. After meeting the past Vice President (Bob Murillo) he outlined my tasks and assured me that this job was much more simple then the Webmaster job. After surviving my second month, he was correct that this is a lot simpler job. The most challenging part of the job was getting the Auto Cross Insurance for Alameda. I got the Insurance a couple of weeks ago and I have my fingers crossed that everything goes as plan.


            This month, I wanted to write to everyone because I had a little time to kill. One of my favorite websites I visit is below.


This site has come to my aid with my Porsche. I know there are other sites that help solve Porsche car problems but I have found all I need with this site. The search engine works very well and there is bound to be someone who has experienced your problem. This site stays strongly within the Porsche car design lines and does not ramble on about non-car related issues.


            If I want to know what kind of watch you wear or what sunglasses you wear, I will go to another website. The Renntech website will help me repair my car. The cars we drive today are complicated sometimes. All you need to do is connect a device up to your car and read off the error codes. Then you can go to Renntech and find out what the error codes mean. Most of the problems I have with my car involve the parts I use a lot. My driver's side window was not dropping the ¼" when I opened the door. I found someone on Renntech that had the same problem. I then bought a new latch and installed it in the door. Everything worked fine after that.


            I like this site so much that I took pictures of removing and installing a new latch and I posted them to Renntech site. Here is the write up for the new latch.


            I hope I have got a few Golden Gate Region members excited about visiting this site and feel free to look me up on this site. My handle name is PAULSPEED.


            Looking forward to a great 2011 year and go out and find some club related activity that you can enjoy.


Paul Larson

Vice President



SVR Autocross
  SVR Autocross

Hope there was enough to read this month! See you next month...

As always, thanks for reading.
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
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