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GGR Launches the 2011 PCA Drivers' Ed Driving Event Tour   

Join Us at Thunderhill Raceway Park on July 16-17!


Drive your car on the track!           Joyride in the new 911 Carrera GTS! 


Carerra GTS 

Join us for a great weekend of driving at Thunderhill Raceway Park on July 16-17 as GGR launches the 2011 PCA Drivers' Ed Driving Event Tour with the new 408 hp 911 Carrera GTS. You'll get:

  • 4 hours of driving time in your car!
  • Register for one or both days! 
  • Rides in the GTS driven by professional instructors from the Porsche Sport Driving School in Huntsville, Alabama
  • Lots of chances to meet and socialize with other GGR members
  • Professional in-car instruction in driving your car is available for only $50 more!  

Click here to register for this great event before it fills up! 

Early registration discount ends July 3! 

GGR on Facebook & Twitter  

GGR is pleased to announce we've recently begun using some popular "Social Media" websites to help us stay in touch with our members. So, if you're inclined, please "like" Golden Gate Region PCA on Facebook or "Follow" @PCAGGR on Twitter!

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July 2011. Volume 51, Issue 6
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GGR Launches the PCA DE Driving Event Tour
GGR on Facebook & Twitter
Porsche Pets Rule!
From the Wurst Wing
Letter from the Editor
Norwegian Business School Survey
Board of Directors
Membership Report
Competition Report
The Power Chef
Come to the Annual GGR Picnic
Often Wrong But Never in Doubt
Rennsport Reunion IV
15 Years of Mid-Engine Porsches
Porsche Race Car Classic
Legends of the Autobahn
Concours in Paradise
Carlsen Concours
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With the last month being so busy, CoCo helped out with editing the opening movie for Bubba's show at Foothill. She's really good with the scratch pad on the computer!  

Send in your baby's photo! Pets are people, too!

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Porsche Pets Rule!   

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Rick Zobelein





EMC collision
From the Wurst Wing  
--by John Celona, GGR President

Events Coming Up!

Some of GGR's biggest events of the year are coming up. We've got the Carlsen Concours on July 17th. Come on by to see how clean and shiny a Porsche can be! Judging will be in the morning, lunch at noon, and awards begin around 1 pm. Come by early if you want to watch perspiring owners getting those last specks of dirt off their cars before judging begins. And it is really fun to watch the engine compartment judging on the Boxsters and Caymans (who knows how to remove their engine hatches???).

Then we have our annual GGR Picnic at Vasona Park on July 23. There will be a people's choice wash'n'shine concours, lunch by Armadillo Willy's, plus a variety of games administered by event chair Mark Powell. What games will Mark come up with this year? Email Mark to put your vote in for mud wrestling.

At only $15/person for adults and $5 for children, this event is a total STEAL! Come on by and stuff yourself. Click here to register. 

Here's what we've got coming up for autocross dates.   

July 23 - 24

Marina Airfield

Autocross #5 GGR (Sat), LPR (Sun), Zone 7 Autocross weekend

August 27


Autocross #6

August 28


Autocross #7

September 24


Autocross #8

October 29


Autocross #9

November 19


Autocross #10

Zone 7 AX

And here's what we've got coming up for track dates.

Note that the September event has been moved to Laguna Seca!

This will be the first time in years we have returned to Laguna. Look for when registration opens up as this event is sure to sell out.





July 16-17


Driver Education/Timed Runs

September 9-11

Laguna Seca!!! 

Driver Education





Bylaws Update

As I mentioned last month, we are working on updating the club bylaws, which were last updated ten years ago. The main changes we're looking at are:   
  • Electronic voting: modify bylaws to handle electronic voting instead of mailing ballots. Also need provisions for directors to vote via email and possibly phone in to board meetings.    
  • Dual memberships: need to include dual membership provisions in the bylaws. Dual memberships were instituted so that when members of other PCA regions participate in GGR events (as many do), this is counted as GGR member income rather than non-member income, which is a tax issue.  
  • Club operations: we need to look at the provisions regarding annual meetings of the whole club like (like an annual shareholder meeting), calling special meetings, actions required to fire the board and elect different directors, etc. The idea is to make sure we have reasonable arrangements for "shareholder democracy" and stability in club operations.
  • Board size: we're looking at making the newsletter editor and webmaster voting board members instead of non-voting which they have been for some time, as most regions in Zone 7 already do. This would increase the size of the board from 7 to 9.   

These changes were discussed at our June board meeting, and we hope to have a completed draft ready by July. It will then go out to the members via US mail for a vote along with our board election this year. If you have particular matters you would like addressed in this process or would like add your input, please email me.  


Till next month...  


Letter from the Editor  
Alameida big
--by John Celona, Nugget Editor 
Thanks to Contributors

Thanks to Bill Benz for sending us his continuing series of articles before they are syndicated in Cosmo.

Also, you'll note that immediately following this is an opportunity to participate in a survey conducted by two Norwegian business masters students who are writing on brand communities for their masters thesis. I just completed the survey I think you'll find the questions interesting to complete. They claim it takes 7-10 minutes to complete, but I buzzed through it in 5. It does not ask any personal information at all, so I hope you'll consider helping them out in their research and completing it.  


Thanks for reading.   


Norwegian Business School Survey   

Leif Christian Hanstad

Greetings from Norway, by Leif Christian Hanstad & Pål José Myklebust



Dear Porsche Enthusiasts.  


We are two Master of Science students from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Norway who are currently writing our master thesis about brand communities. Many companies have brand communities, for instance Harley Davidson, Apple and Saab. But maybe the most interesting community is Porsche Club as it is started by its members and exists all over the world.

Pål José Myklebust


For the final year of our Master program we have been situated at the University of Mannheim in Germany, approximately one hour from the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen, outside Stuttgart. Being in the home country of Porsche, lead us to choosing Porsche as our target for our research. Today's research mostly covers the characteristics and the existence of brand communities, our focus is to examine how such communities come to life, basically how can companies build them. This has not been studied before and especially not for brand communities started by its own members. We hope that our paper will contribute to further insight into the understanding of brand communities.


To be able to do this we need your help, the more people answering our questionnaire, the more valid the study will be and the sounder our recommendations will be. The survey is confidential and will only be used for our paper, not for any commercial use. Please click the following link to access the survey:



We are currently in the process of distributing our survey to Porsche Clubs' around the world. Porsche Club's in Australia, Norway, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Sweden and Norway have agreed to help us and we hope that you can take maximum 10 minutes of your time to answer our survey.


We really appreciate your help and should there be any questions you are more than welcome to send us an email at: paalmy@hotmail.com 



Pål José Myklebustand Leif Christian Hanstad



Board of Directors  
--not by Bill Benz, GGR Secretary

GGR Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes for June 26, 2011


Call to Order

President Celona called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. at his home.


The President announced that he had received a proxy from the Membership Chairperson. All remaining members of the 2011 Board, save the Social Director, Webmaster and Competition Director, were present. The Board was joined by Larry Adams and Richard French who has expressed interest in serving as Secretary next year.


            Agenda Changes - Progress on updating the bylaws is to be discussed.

            Calendar Changes - The next Board meeting has been scheduled for August 14, 2011.


Postmortem of Past Events

            The May and April Friday Night Socials and the June Boxster Brunch were greatly appreciated.

            The Autocross on June 11,2011 was a success but only after monumental administrative and physical problems at the Alameda site were overcome by extra effort by the two Autocross chairs. The Board expressed its thanks.

            The Howard Yao/ John Seidel annual Beginners autocross school was its usual success.

            The May 28, 2010 driving event at Buttonwillow was well attended.


Directors' Reports

            President - Several items will be discussed after these reports.


            Vice President - Insurance has been ordered for the Thunderhill track event. Insurance for GGR's portion of the two-day Zone autocross at Marina is in place. The Vice President will confirm this with Loma Prieta Region.


            Treasurer - The Treasurer's report was delivered and accepted. While some expenses and revenues are still coming in, the driving events (autocross and track events) are coming in close to budget to the relief of the Board.


.             Secretary - The May Board Meeting minutes were approved.

            Social - Nothing to report..


            Membership - A membership report was given. Membership is up by about 30.


            Competition - The Competition Director asked the President to report that the Competition rule-making process is moving forward on schedule.


            Webmaster - 1 The Webmaster asked the President to report that we are being Friended, Facebooked and Twittered at ever-increasing rates and that visits to our various boards and sites continue to increase. The less senior members of the Board understood this and were pleased.


Topics for Discussion

            Bylaw Update. The President and Secretary have completed a first redraft of an updated set of bylaws for consideration by the Board and the GGR members. The draft will be delivered to the Board before the next Board Meeting for comments


            GGR Picnic. Powell has offered to run this year's annual picnic and to reserve the site for next year. The Board was pleased to approve his projected expenditures for both events and further appreciates his running this popular event.


            2012 Board Positions - as has become the rule, there has been a less than overwhelming turn out of candidates vying for the various seats on the 2012 Board. Progress is being made, however. John Celona has offered to seek a second term as President and Linda Adams has agreed to serve a Second term as Treasurer, Richard French is considering running for Secretary. John Celona is in discussion with a member about the Social Director seat.



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p. m.



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Membership Report 

Mike Sherman--by MIke Sherman, Membership Director



So, as summer progresses, the fun continues and GGR has acquired new members who are enjoying the benefits of some hard work by our competition and social chairs. Autocrosses, track days, DE events and more social entertainment are on the way. Don't miss any of it as we head into the warm days of summer. Check out the calendar at www.pca-ggr.org/event/list for all the latest on social events, Boxster Brunches, track days, etc.

All the best. Captain Mike


Primary Members       1,417

Affiliate Members      957

Life Members             3

Total Members           2,375



23 New Members:

Javan G. Bernstein                           2009    BoxsterS          Silver

Dean E. Bosche                                2009    C2S 997          Silver

Ross E. Cartwright                            2006    CaymanS         Gray

Michelle Cha/Paul Kennedy              2008    Cayman           Silver

Jared F. Cure                                    1992    968                  Black

Stephan J. Dolezalek                        2011    PanameraT      Black

Richard Ezekiel                                 2002    Carrera            Gray

FarisFaraj/Omar Sawalah                 2006    CayenneS        Black

Samuel Feng/Cindy Huang               2003    996 Turbo       Yellow

John M. Gallizioli                               2008    BoxsterS          Gray

Jeffrey Garcia                                    2005    Carrera S         Gray

Dwij&GopalGarg                                2007    Cayman           Black

Kenneth C. Hofmann                         2006    Cayman           Red

Mark &Debra Hohlfeld                       2009    Carrera S         Gray

Ford Kanzler,                                     1995    968                  White

Mangala W.Karunarane                     2006    Carrera S         Gray

AshwinKashyap                                 2008    Cayman           Blue

Ayman S. Nassar                               2011    GT3 RS           White

John Sakamoto                                  2006    911 S               Silver

Duncan Schmidt                                1991    911                  Blue

Carl W. Swenson                                2011    Cayman           Silver

David Wishner                                    2012    Carrera            Silver

Mark/Yarnevich, Stephanie Vigil         2005    911S                Silver


Transfers In

Javan Bernstein (from CCC)               2009    Boxster S         Silver

Kenneth Hoffman (from CEM)             2006    Cayman           Red


May Anniversaries


40 Years - 1971

Dennis Winter                                     1993    RS America White


30 Years- 1981

Jeffrey Mauerman                               1974    911


20 Years - 1991

Jim Biesemeyer                                   1974    914     

Louise Bock                                       

Kenneth Park                                       1973    911                  White

Chris   Reinking


15 Years - 1996

Chris Murray                                         2000    Boxster S          

John Albert-Ozga                                  1983    911SC White

Stanley Klein                                         1971    914/6            

John &Clairene Petersen                      1956    356     


10 Years - 2001

Karl Glynn                                          1991    944     

Carol   Milstein                                             

John    Stewart                                   1985    911     

Kristin Tavernetti                                          

Stephen May                                      1990    944 S2             Black

Kathy Posey                                      

Summer Swallow                                           

Wendel Trappe                                    1978    928     


5 Years - 2006

Mike Buchanan                                 2004    GT3 Silver

Matthew Darling                                1987    911                  Black

Mike & Mary Gaynor                          2006    Cayman S Seal Grey

Todd & Todd  Kaiser                           2003    Seal Gray

Susan Ray                                          

Katherine Rudolph-Darling                                       

Mark Townsend                                 1974    911                  Black

Patrick & James Wong                      2003    996                  White           

Christopher Zang                               2002    986                  Gray

Diane Hsiung                                     2004    Boxster S Silver

Michael & Kathy Nagy                       1970    914/6 Ivory




Pacific Power - July
Competition Report

Jeff Kost2

--by Jeff Kost, Competition Director


Wow, midway thru the year already. It is looking to be another great year of competition on the AX and TT fronts! We have some very hotly contested classes in both AX (see season standings http://www.pca-ggr.org/files/htm/2011seasonclasspoints.htm) and in the TT series (see those standings here: http://www.pca-ggr.org/node/116). With many events left to run, it is still anyone's guess as to who will take top honors in many areas so don't miss an event!


Though not a "competitive" event so to speak, I do want to mention the Porboys Autocross School that was held on Sunday June 12th. For many members, this is the first taste of the competitive driving drug! As that drug takes over, those people go on to populate the AX and DE/TT events that we all enjoy so much. The event does not just happen; it takes a lot of planning and work. So a special thank you to John Seidel, Howard Yao, Joe Lee, Chris Hamilton, the instructors, Porboys and everyone else who helped to put on the event and ensure that it ran so smoothly-congratulations on a GREAT event!


As I am sure you already know, we have a DE/TT coming up in less than a month. Though always very exciting on their own, for this next event, we are thrilled to welcome Porsche Cars North America's PCA DE Driving Event Tour 2011. Our special guests will be driving the new, 408 horsepower 911 GTS and, if you participate in the event, you could be in the passenger seat for a ride you won't soon forget. We anticipate a full day of demonstration rides with PCNA drivers, so don't miss it! See other parts of the Nugget for more details!


Now on to the "meat" of the article this month. Rule change requests, as stated in the column a couple times, were due by 6/15. Below I lay out the submissions as received. Next month, after all have absorbed and thoughtfully reflected on them, I'll add comments and lay out a schedule for the rest of the process so that the club can act on the proposals. There are three submissions and they are listed below in no particular order. A link to the current rules that they modify is here http://www.pca-ggr.org/files/pdf/GGR%202011%20AX-DE-TT%20Rules.pdf


Proposal 1:


            Under section 3.0 (Automobiles & Classes), subsection g, add the following language. "In addition, Porsche Automobiles are defined as having 1) Porsche Chassis, 2) Porsche motor (at a minimum the case), 3) Porsche transmission/transaxle.


Proposal 2:


            Under section 2.2 (Safety - Automobiles), add a new subsection and the following language. "l. Automobiles will have complete body work including, but not limited to, fenders that fully cover the tire/wheel combination being used. Wider tires will require fender flares to conform to this rule. Adequate clearance for full suspension compression and turning of front tires shall be required for all tire wheel combinations that go beyond factory specifications.


Proposal 3:


            Under Section 3.1 Modification Points, replace the existing language with the following:

3. Tires - Points assessed per every 50mm of total width ("total" means one front tire width plus one rear tire width).

Tire                                                                                          TT       AX
 a)  Tires with DOT wear rating 200 or greater                                     0        0
 b)  Tires with DOT wear rating less than 200 but greater than 100.    5         5
 c)  Tires with DOT wear rating less than 101 but greater than 49.     10      10
 d)  Tires with DOT wear rating less than 50.                                      15      15
 e)  Racing slicks or tires with no DOT wear rating.                            20       20


Assuming I still have your attention, one more very important subject. Current AX co-chairs Joe Lee and Chris Hamilton are now mid-way through their second season. That means that their tenure is coming to a close this year. Chris has agreed to stay on for another year (THANK YOU!) so we are looking for a volunteer to take on the co-chair position. Remember, without volunteers to chair the AX series, there is no series-so don't look around, look in the mirror! If you have interest, please contact Joe, Chris or myself and we can answer your questions or just sign you up!


And don't forget, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca this fall...


Hope to see you soon at an event!






The Power Chef®  
NE Bike

  --by John Celona, The Power Chef®


When More is More 


You've heard the saying many times: "Less is More!" It does have many applications. Less weight in your car means better performance; less weight on you generally means better performance, too! Paying less taxes is generally a good thing; we prefer waiting less to get through airport security, seeing less of the relatives (kidding!)... The list could go on.  


However, there are perhaps equally many instances when More Is More: more power makes your car faster, more tires gives more grip, more money greatly widens the choices you can make in life--and possibly the number of relatives who you hear from!  


Then there are the instances when sorting out mores and lesses are not quite so obvious. Would moving to a house with double your present square footage make your life better, or just add a lot more expense, maintenance, and cleaning hassle?


Exercise strikes me as one of those areas where it's not so trivial to sort out when more is more versus less is enough. Let's start with our government's view (via the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control):


For important health benefits, adults need at least:

walking2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) of moderate-intensity aerobic activity (i.e., brisk walking) every week and
weight trainingmuscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest,  shoulders, and arms).
jogging1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity (i.e., jogging or running) every week and
weight trainingmuscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest,  shoulders, and arms).
walking joggingAn equivalent mix of moderate- and vigorous-intensity aerobic activity and
weight trainingmuscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest,  shoulders, and arms).


 Wow. Sounds like more than most of us do, right?


Well, the recommendations don't end there. Here's the next part:


For even greater health benefits, adults should increase their activity to:

jogging5 hours (300 minutes) each week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity and
weight trainingmuscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest,  shoulders, and arms).
jogging2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) each week of vigrous-intensity aerobic activity and
weight trainingmuscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest,  shoulders, and arms).
walking joggingAn equivalent mix of moderate- and vigorous-intensity aerobic activity and
weight trainingmuscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest,  shoulders, and arms).


 For most of us, 5 hours a week of aerobic exercise isn't in our regular game plan.  But now, evidence is starting to emerge that, in addition to greater duration of activity, there are significant benefits to greater intensity of activity.  


As described in an article in the Wall Street Journal, there may be significant cardiovascular benefits to increasing intensity up to more than 90% of your maximum heart rate--a level at which it's very difficult to talk at all. Perhaps even more surprising, these results come from studies with patients suffering from heart failure and coronary artery disease, and patient recovering from bypass surgery and heart attacks. These are patients who were previously told to keep the intensity level much lower to avoid chest pain or cardiac events. Here's the chart from the Journal article:


 WSJ chart


 How many of us tackle intense interval training on a regular basis?


These things lead me to think that, with exercise, more is more--at least until you get to very extreme levels. For example, college level swimmers typically train 10,000 yards per day, which works out to something like 3 hours of swimming each day. Very controversially, some coaches have begun experimenting with less training and finding that they can still get good results along with less chronically tired athletes. I knew one young woman who was on her way to the Olympic trials and just quit. She said to me "I was tired of walking around tired and hungry all the time and just looking down at the ground."  


Those kind of exercise levels are far beyond what most of us consider or could fit in, and squarely put one at risk of overuse injury. Here's one reference on over training from the National Center for Sports Safety at Boston Childrens' Hospital.  


Jack LaLanne worked out every day for two hours, doing a combination of cardio (in the pool) and strength training each day. That kept him vigorous and fit into his 90's (Jack passed this past January at the age of 96.)  


I follow Jack's philosophy of exercising each day, just with different proportions. I do 1-2 hours of cardio each day, and 90 minutes of strength training 3-4 times per week. I do my interval training in the pool.   


For where most of us are, it seems that--when it comes to working out--More is definitely More Better!  


Bon appétit,  

The Power Chef


In the spirit of More is More Better, following please find my silly-simple recipe for a mixed berry dessert. Delicious, full of stuff that's good for you, and you can eat as much of it as you like!

It's Verry Berry Good!

 This combination of fresh berries with a light sweetening and spice is so good you won't believe it's so good for you! Great by itself or to top a wide variety of desserts (such as Meyer Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake). 

The Gist
Combine your favorite fresh berries with a little sugar, cinnamon, and maybe a dash of cloves. That's it!


1 pint fresh strawberries

1 pint fresh blueberries

1 pint fresh blackberries

1 Tb. sugar

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1/8 tsp. cloves


Rinse the berries and drain. Hull and halve the strawberries. Place in a bowl, sprinkle the sugar, cinnamon, and cloves over the top, then toss very gently. Serve. 

Any fresh berries work great in this recipe. Raspberries or loganberries are also nice. For a color and flavor contrast, slices of fresh kiwi are also delicious and pretty.   



Come to the Annual GGR Picnic  


Join your fellow Porsche enthusiasts Sunday, July 23rd at Vasona County Park for this year's premier social event!!  


The event will feature a delicious BBQ lunch catered by Armadillo Willy's, a People's Choice Wash and Shine Concours, Trophies, Games, and more!!  Best of all, the price is only $15 per adult

and $5 per child!  


The event will be held in Vasona's Gateway Pavilion Picnic Area.  This is a large covered area with plenty of shade.  It is adjacent to large grassy area, perfect for games.  We'll also have the parking lot blocked off for Porsche only parking and our Concours Display.  



Armadillo Willy's Lunch will include Real Texas BBQ Ribs, Lonestar BBQ Chicken, Smoked Texas Beef Brisket, Chili Beans, Potato Salad, Willy's Famous Spicy Peanut Slaw, Green Salad, Cornbread Muffins, Soft Drinks and Desert!!


Register now so you don't miss this important event!!



Sunday,  July 23rd, 2011

11:00 AM to 3:00 PM




Vasona County Park, Gateway Pavilion

333 Blossom Hill Road

Los Gatos, CA 95032



Adults: $15, Children: $5

Note: There is also a Vasona Park Fee of $6 per vehicle payable at the gate.


To Register On-line:

Go to MotorsportReg.com

We need a final headcount in advance, so registration must be received by Sunday, July 16th.  


We also need volunteers to help set-up and run the event.  If you would like to help or if you would like more information on the event, please contact Mark Powell at markvpowell@gmail.com.




Often Wrong But Never In Doubt 


Benz--by Bill Benz


Last month I discussed favorite cars.  This column looks at a car (or is it cars?) with legendary history.  The car(s) in question is (are) the  1939 Type 64 Rome-Berlin race car (cars) also known as the "VW60K10" and, over the life of Porsche Club of America  and Golden Gate Region, referred to as the "Walter Mathe" car.  Over the past 25-35 years the late Mr. Mathe (the Bardahl fuel additive king of Germany) and this car appeared in the USA as part of historic race weekends and major Porsche anniversaries.

If one checks out  Ludvigsen's EXCELLENCE WAS EXPECTED, and other reference texts as well as articles in PANORAMA, EXCELLENCE and 356 REGISTRY over the last forty years one reads a generally consistent story -  in the late 1930's, a race from Rome to Berlin was announced.  Our favorite German rear-engined auto (and tank) design team came up with an entrant for this event based on the floor pan of their  early VW prototypes and a super slippery aluminum body.  Three examples were built.  The race was cancelled when some of its supporters became focused on getting from Berlin to Paris rather than Rome to Berlin.  The three cars were stored somewhere in the world of Professor Ferdinand who used one  for personal transportation in the early 1940's.  At the end of the war, occupying  GI's  found the the cars and did what  any fun-loving nineteen year olds would do - went joyriding until they had crashed and trashed two of the three race coupes. Nonrunning and marginally running cars loose their glamour even to young men, so the cars and car remnants were left with the Porsches.

At some point in the late 40's Mathe the Bardahl king enters the picture and the story gets downright fascinating.   These reference books and articles consistently teach that Mr. Mathe bought the uncrashed car  from someone connected with Porsche.  This is the car we all got to see  all these years.  Supposedly, this is the sole, the one and only, the unique, Rome to Berlin racer.  Now a new voice is heard in 356 REGISTRY.  News out of Germany tells us all three cars survived!!!.

Apparently when Mr. Mathe bought his car from Porsche those clever and generous Porsches  slipped the remaining two additional cars onto the Mathe truck without telling him.  Apparently he never noticed. ( I grew up hearing of friendly butchers who would secretly add a free extra pig's knuckle to my grandmother's pork order so I guess that this sort of thing happened all the time back in those days.) 

Late last century, Mr. Mathe went to the big  Nordschleife in the sky.  The Type 64 racer that he  and history held out to be the sole survivor was sold.  Fortunately for the sake of historic accuracy, persons apparently more astute and more observant than Mr. Mathe were given the opportunity to look through his garage. Among the piles of parts  - there they were - the other two Rome-Berlin racers!!!  If Mr. Mathe had only looked in that part of the garage at some point over his fifty year ownership  he might have spotted them.  Sure they were missing their bodies - no problem.  What difference is it if  their frames and other major parts were missing or damaged ? What was left was mighty old and ripe for purchase. 

 Word from Germany is that "restoration" is nearly complete and the restorers wish us to understand that, while the former Mathe car has "an impressive provenance", their newly-bodied, newly-constructed  car "...is arguably more authentic than the Mathe car."  It is proud to take its place as the second genuine, authentic Rome to Berlin racer.  Even better, depending on what parts remain unused, they could  be the basis of at least a third Type 64  in our future.  Who knows, it might end up being the most authentic of  them all, whatever that means.

I began these two columns with the observation that I was amazed how prejudiced I am.  There is no logical reason why, on the one hand, I should love Mike Robbins' speedster, which has had just about every part and panel repaired or replaced, and, on the other hand, I should be totally turned off by  this fabulous discovery.  But, that's the way it is.


Rennsport Reunion IV 




Registration is open for the Porsche Corral at the Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion.  The direct link to the registration is below. Seventeen race groups will participate in the event at which Jaguar is the featured marque; and it is Jaguar's E-type 50th anniversary.


      Here's a bit of trivia for you: Did you know that Jaguar's American racing roots are firmly planted on the Monterey Peninsula? It was in 1950, at the inaugural Pebble
Beach Road Races, that Jaguar achieved its first win on American soil. A 23-year-old American named Phil Hill, who months earlier accompanied the same Jaguar XK120 aboard the Queen Mary, took the checkered flag, thereby capturing international accolades for both himself and Jaguar.




RENNSPORT REUNION on October 14-16, 2011 promises to be an amazing weekend for the Porsche enthusiast.  Rennsport Reunion IV will be held for the first time on the west coast at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (MRLS).  MRLS is selling the Porsche Corral tickets for this event.  Use the link below and look for the ticket item described below to purchase the Porsche Corral at his historic event.  MBR is working on a couple of social activities prior to this event.


We will use Motorsportreg.com for the sign-ups.  Additional information will be sent in the future.


A0811P3DAY-PC:   3-Day Admission & Paddock with Porsche Car Corral Pass - Go to https://mazdaraceway.com/pages/tix_2011_Porsche Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV



      No vehicle will not be allowed into corral area unless it is a Porsche. You will be directed to general parking. Space is limited. Does not include hospitality. Passenger in vehicle needs only to purchase the General Admission & Paddock Ticket portion.   


Renssport Reunion 

15 Years of Mid-Engine Porsches

Success Story: 15 Years of The Porsche Mid-Engine Model Line


More than 300,000 Porsche Boxster, Caymans built


ATLANTA - June 22, 2011 - A nice round number to celebrate the birthday: Almost 15 years to the month after production began, the Porsche Boxster, together with its sister model, the Cayman, exceeded the 300,000 mark for the number of vehicles built. With its timeless attractiveness, this two-seat, mid-engine Porsche design has what it takes to make yet another sports car icon. To mark the anniversary, a Boxster Spyder with Platinum Silver metallic finish and Carrera red natural leather interior trim will roll off the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen production line in June, destined for a customer in Germany.


There are solid reasons for this long-standing success: The Boxster and Cayman are continuously developed based on a meticulous mid-engine concept and are therefore deemed to set the standard for sports cars of their class. In the important export market of the United States, this is the tenth year that they have been ranked among the "10 Best" vehicles by Car and Driver Magazine and occupy second and third place in Germany as the vehicles that hold their value the best, hot on the heels of the 911.


Boxster Spyder 


The Boxster's origins testify to the typical Porsche blend of capability, courage and farsightedness. In the economically challenging times of the early 1990's, the company decided to go onto the offensive and unveiled the classic mid-engine roadster concept at the 1993 Detroit Motor Show. In its design language, the show car was reminiscent of the 356 No. 1 and the 550 Spyder. The overwhelming public response clinched the decision to proceed to series production of the Boxster, which began in the summer of 1996, and introduced as a 1997 model.


Dynamic lines, outstanding performance and an attractive price quickly catapulted the mid-engine sports car onto the bestseller list while attracting new customers to Porsche. To put the successful concept on a broader stage, Porsche also developed a Coupe based on the open-topped, two-seater roadster that made its world debut at the 2005 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show as the Cayman. The enormous demand resulted in the Boxster and Cayman being built at Valmet Automotive in Finland in addition to Zuffenhausen.


The model range currently comprises the four open-topped variants, the Boxster, Boxster S, Boxster S Black Edition and Boxster Spyder. These are complemented by the Cayman, Cayman S, Cayman S Black Edition and Cayman R Coupes. The engine variants for the two model lines range between 255 hp and 330 hp thanks to Porsche Intelligent Performance fuel consumption is rated as high as 29 MPG highway.

Porsche Race Car Classic 

About the PRCC


On October 16, 2011 the Porsche Race Car Classic will bring together 200 Porsche race cars from 1950-1965 at the world famous Quail Lodge in Carmel, California. This gathering of purpose-built and production Porsches represents the largest gathering ever of the cars that put Porsche on the racing map so many years ago.


The race cars will range from the 550 Spyders of the early 50s to the 904s of the early 60s with all the many purpose-built racing models represented plus 356 coupes, Speedsters, and more. The cars, their owners, and the public will be joined by famous Porsche race car drivers from that golden era of Porsche's history.


The Porsche Race Car Classic - which has been years in planning - will be a fitting conclusion to Porsche's Rennsport Reunion IV which will take place just down the road at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on the same weekend. While Rennsport IV will have a few of these cars, the vast majority will be only at the Porsche Race Car Classic and the PRCC owes much to Porsche Cars North America and Porsche AG who have been so supportive of the Race Car Classic.


The Porsche Race Car Classic will offer all of the amenities that are to be expected at the world-class Quail Lodge venue. Meanwhile all net proceeds will go directly to our charitable partners - the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and the University of California, San Francisco Thoracic Oncology Program to aid in lung cancer research. The PRCC is committed to raising significant funds to help to battle this most-deadly and least-funded of the major cancers.


Get Tickets for the Porsche Race Car Classic at www.porscheracecarclassic.com as well as forms for the raffle of a 2012 Porsche Turbo Cabriolet.  


Contacts Event: Steve Heinrichs 775-691-2217 Media: Bruce Sweetman 615-579-4508


Porsche Race Car Classic 


Legends of the Autobahn
  2011 Legends

Concours in Paradise  

  Concours in Paradise

Carlsen Concours

  2011 Carlsen Concours

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