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Awards Banquet Registration Closes on January 2!  

Join Us for GGR's Annual Awards Banquet

When: Sunday, January 8th, 11:00 am-3:00 pm
Where: Sparky's Hot Rod Garage, 975 Industrial Road, Suite B, San Carlos
Cost: $60/adult, $25/child

Click here to register.

GREASE is the word! The GGR Awards Banquet will take place in an all new venue Sparky's Hot Rod Garage on Sunday January 8 at 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. and will feature an over-the-top 50's diner experience with passed appetizers, gourmet buffet , HOSTED wine and beer bar and LIVE dance entertainment featuring excerpts from the motion picture GREASE. Get out those poodle skirts and leather jackets or come in your favorite "greaser" car guy attire!

Greet old and new Porsche friends as we honor the winners of the 2011 region and competition awards.
Registration Deadline is Monday, January 2nd.

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December 2011 & January 2012. Volume 51, Issue 11
In This Issue
Join Us for the Annual Awards Banquet
From the Wurst Wing
Volunteer Appreciation / Joint Board Winter Gala
Letter from the Editor
Board of Directors
Membership Report
The Power Chef
Social Report
Rennsport Reunion IV
Terry Zaccone Recaptures the Dummkopf Award
Quick Links
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CoCo in warp
CoCo Giselle, CG
Executive Editor of The Nugget

With so many holiday parties to attend, CoCo has been gown shopping. Here she is in her simple, classic, silk and white mink wrap. 

Send in your baby's photo! Pets are people, too!

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From the Wurst Wing  
celona4 --by John Celona, GGR President

Congratulations to the New Board & Club Officers 

At our volunteer appreciation day on December 11th, we welcomed the club members who have stepped up to club positions for 2012. See the write-up below on this great event.

Thanks very much to all the folks who put in the hours and work to handle club business and make the events happen. Here's a roundup of who your club officers are for 2012.

2012 GGR Board of Directors 

Vice President Paul Larson
Linda Adams
Treasurer Linda Adams

Richard French
Secretary Richard French




Competition Director Bill Benz
Joe Sweis
Social Director Joe Sweis

Mike Sherman
Membership Director Mike Sherman
Andrew Forrest

2012 GGR Officers

Carl Switzer
Track Chair Carl Switzer
Larry Adams
Concours Chair Larry Adams
Chris Hamilton
Autocross Chair Chris Hamilton












Also let me thank the club officers for whom I don't have photos handy:  

  • Autocross co-chairs Elaine Macey, Andrew Blyholder, and Kevin Laird
  • Track Chief Driving Instructor John Tavernetti
  • Sponsorship Chair Clemson Chan
  • Historian Ralf Dossman

We're looking forward to another great year in 2012! 


Annual Awards Banquet Coming UP! 

As noted at the top of The Nugget, GGR Annual Awards Banquet is coming up on January 8th, with a January 2nd registration deadline looming. Hope you can join us for this great event to kick of 2012.


Till next month...  





GGR's Volunteer Appreciation Day / Joint Board Winter Gala    
 --by Bubba Gong, Event Co-Chair  

Outpouring of Support for Toys for Tots at Winter Gala  

With a magical "HO, HO, HO" Santa and his helpers arrived to the melodic strains of Michael Buble's Santa Clause is coming to make GGR's Winter Gala a sparkling black-tie evening of fun, food, friendship, and festivities.


Guests were greeted by a gigantic outdoor lighted Christmas Tree and ascended the Grand Rotunda under a stained glass dome for a complimentary tasting of selected Wall Street Journal Red and White Wines, sparkling waters, and soft drinks. Passed appetizers by Master Chef Carlos Calderon and his efficient professional staff provided delectable appetizers from Ahi seared Tuna to Italian stuffed mushrooms. GGR members tasted an assortment of artichoke, mushroom and truffle pates, seasonal fresh fruits, and exotic cheeses with artisan breads.  




With music underscored by the Trans Siberian Orchestra, Il Divo, and classic Christmas favorites, honored Porsche volunteers and their guests proceeded to the majestic grand courtroom for a sit-down dinner of Prime Rib, Filet of Wild Salmon, or Stuffed Portabello mushroom, au gratin potatoes, and grilled vegetables. Fascinating exhibits on the second floor were open for viewing and interactive play including rare Folklorico costumes, the cape of Queen Isabella of Spain, and a favorite "ride the wave" surf board. A second visit to the San Mateo History Museum is a must in the New Year and one to be enjoyed with family and friends leisurely for a unique slice of life in California History right at our own backyard.  




Presiding "Justice Herr Doctor Professors Butzi Carrera" complete with German accent aka John Celona surprised the audience with a hilarious mock court trial of Defendant Joe Lee with Prosecuting Attorney Carl Switzer, Defense Attorney Bill Benz, Court Reporter Louise Sousoures and Bailiff Chris Hamilton. Defendant Lee was charged of the installation of an illegal carburetor spring in a 912. All the players had everyone in stitches at their crazy courtroom antics which were like a fine-tuned, well-rehearsed and polished comedy troupe. Particularly amusing was Bill Benz who "who tripped the light fantastic" with his jovial and witty dialogue and the grand gestures, posture, and charisma of a seasoned, veteran Broadway star. Joe Lee in black and white stripe prison garb and chains was carried out of the courtroom with a "GUILTY" verdict by Jury Foreman Mike Sherman. It was a HOOT!   


To see Carl Switzer's masterful prosecuting argument, click here.  




Outgoing Board members were recognized and acknowledged for their service with specially designed and embroidered black polo shirts provided by Carlsen Porsche. Newly elected Board members Richard French, Secretary; Linda Adams, Treasurer, and John Celona, his second term for President, were also introduced and sworn in for the new year.  




In a colorful palette of red linens, purple napkins and table centerpieces of lighted gingerbread houses in snow surrounded by purple and red ornaments, guests were seated with the first course of Heirloom Tomato and Mozzarella in lemon and basil vinaigrette Napoleons and concluded with a decadent Tricolor Mousse cake with shaved white chocolate and coffee service.  




Making a fantastic Grand Finale, Santa Clause and his helpers were greeted table to table by jubilant members who sat on his lap as his helpers distributed favors of peppermint sticks and candy canes. All GGR members received party favors of signature car designer Wine Stoppers.  




Christmas came early to GGR Porsche Club: a sparkling winter gala and spectacular success with members' generosity of spirit, holiday cheer, and outpouring of support for the TOYS FOR TOTS Drive.  




An evening to be remembered for the traditions but more importantly, for the camaraderie and good will of the wonderful members that make Golden Gate Region Porsche Club special in every way, not just for Christmas, but through all the year! 




Letter from the Editor  
Alameida big
--by John Celona, Nugget Editor

Thanks to Contributors

Continuing thanks to all the folks who keep sending in contributions to the Nugget each month: Bubba Gong for the article and photos on the Volunteer Appreciation Day / Joint Board Dinner Winter Gala (not to mention putting on the event!), and David Leong for the article and photos on Rennsport Reunion. Keep them coming!

Send in your pet photos! Porsche Pets are people, too! 


Thanks for reading.   


kahlers 3
Board of Directors  
--by Bill Benz, GGR Secretary

GGR Board of Directors
Minutes for November 20, 2011



Call to Order

President Celona called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm at his home.



All members of the Board save the Competition Director and the Social Director were present. The Board was joined by Larry Adams, Chris Hamilton (Autocross Cochair) and Richard French.


            Agenda Changes - None

            Calendar Changes - None


Postmortem of Past Events

The October 29, 2011 autocross at Alameda had a good turn out and many runs for each competitor.

The November 12, 2011 dent removal demonstration at Dent Pro went well.       

Many members continue to enjoy the Friday Night Socials organized by Shirley Neidel on the third Friday of each month at Harry's Hofbrau in Redwood City. The November event was on November 18.

The November 19, 2011 autocross at Alameda had a good turnout, no incidents and ten runs for each competitor.


Directors' Reports

            President - Jeff Kost has resigned as Competition Director citing time pressure from his job. The Board appreciates Jeff's smart leadership in this position this past year. The Board appointed Bill Benz to fill the remainder of the Competition Director's present term and asked Chris Hamilton to consider running for this position's next full term. The upcoming volunteer appreciation dinner was reviewed.


            Vice President - Insurance has been ordered for the drivers' ed event at Laguna Seca on November 22 and the Zentrum Motors drive on December 10. Insurance is being ordered for the December 11 volunteer appreciation dinner.


            Treasurer - The Treasurer's report was delivered and accepted. The year in winding down on budget. The treasurer asked the Board to get draft budgets to her by mid to late January 2012


            Secretary - The election of officers and ratification of bylaw changes was completed on November 16. 118 votes were cast. John Celona received 115 votes as President, Linda Adams received 116 votes as Treasurer, Richard French received 115 votes as Secretary. 110 votes were in favor of the bylaw revisions. Last month's minutes were approved.


         Social - The Social Director is recuperating.


            Membership - The Membership Chair reported that the membership numbers continued to be stable. New members were approved.


            Competition - The newly-appointed Competition Director indicated that he would check in with the various competition programs and not mess with their present smooth operation.


            Webmaster - Website running just fine.


Topics for Discussion

            A Board meeting was scheduled for February 5, 2012.



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p. m.






Zentrum SS

Membership Report 

Mike Sherman--by MIke Sherman, Membership Director


 GGR Regional Summary - October 2011



One of the great parts of doing this job (it's not the pay) is that I get to peruse all the materials that PCA National sends me, as well as the motor mags...and anything Porsche that I can find. One interesting tidbit - while the Greek economic problems light up the headlines (although by the time you read this, those creators of the democratic process may have fixed everything), there was a piece that noted that there are more Porsche Cayennes registered in Greece than taxpayers declaring an income of 50,000 euros (£43,800) or more. Oh yes, our SUVs continue to make the news...Maserati may get into the act with a new SUV called, "Kubang," and news is that Bentley may design one for emerging markets such as India! Hmmm, do you think we'll see that min-Cayenne (the Cajun) in the US soon? Watch the upcoming LA Auto Show for some Porsche surprises.

All the best, Captain Mike


Primary Members       1,465              

Affiliate Members           967     

Life Members                     1         

Total Members             2,433


New Members:23 (+7 Affiliate Members)

Eric P. Braverman,                             2005       Boxster

Marek Brzezinski                               1998       911            Blue

Alex T. Carig,                                      2007       911            Black

Austen C Chen                                   1987      944S          Red

Channing Cheuk& Jennifer Hsieh      2008       Cayman    Black

Michael Cornwell                                2009       Cayman    Gray

Charlton & Chloe Hawkins                  1975       914            Yellow

Richard A. Kramer,                               2011       CarreraS Silver

David R. Lee&Chery Moser                  2001       Turbo         Silver

Janet E. &Andra McFarlane                 2005       CarreraS Silver

William D. Meeker,                               2008       Boxster     Green

Donald A. & Eric Norman                     1996       933            Black

David F. Parker,                                    2008       BoxsterS Orange

Michael E & Clarissa Quan                  2001       911 Turbo       Yellow

Dan Seltzer                                           2005       911            White

Michael R. Seringhaus                         1998       Boxster     Silver

Glenn Seymour&AretiSkalkos               2004       BoxsterS  Blue

Timothy G. Smith                                   2004       911 Turbo       Red

Thomas D. Tyler                                    2012       911            Black

Jean Van Kerckhove                             1998       993            Blue

Nathan D. Whitaker,                              2000       Boxster     Silver

Axel & Monika Wolff                              2005       997S          Red

Sean & Dawn Yoshinaga                       2008       Carrera    White

2011       Cayenne       Gray



Transfers In- 7 (+4 Affiliate Members)

Clarke, Michael (NFL)                                      2004             CayenneS      White

John J. & Janice Lucena (OR)                          2000             911

Janet E. &Andra McFarlane (CCC)                  2005             CarreraS        Silver

Painter, William L. (DIA)                                  1998             911                  Silver

David F. Parker (CCC)                                      2008             BoxsterS        Orange

Bejan& Catherine Rafii                                    1988           911  Carre         Blue

Matthew T. & Matt Winstanley (POT)               1992 968       White


 September2011 Anniversaries



40 Years - 1971

Dennis Singleton                                                         1970            911T


30 Years

John Fumia                                                                  1964            356C

Allen Grossman                                                       1964            356C


25 Years - 1986

Robin Vanni                                                    


20 Years - 1991

Anne Myers               

Otis Paul                                                                      1965            356


15 Years - 1996

Laura Fuson               

June Klein                   

Nicholas Stenn                                                            1986            930S


10 Years - 2001

Martin  Chang                                                              1995            911                  Yellow

Christopher            Pascoe            1978            911 SC


5 Years - 2006

John Arthur                           2001                  996      Dark Grey

Mary Beaubier                        

Chris Cox                              2004           911 GT3          Black

Charlie Davis                          

Peter & Mary Kittel                 2006            Cayman S    Mid. Blue

Douris  Reed                          2005            Cayenne     Gray

Tracy & Sandy Sakai             2007 Cayman S Silver

Gary Stentz                           2002            Boxster         Metallic

Paul & Joy Fazzone              2007            Cayman S     Basalt Black

Anthony Shen                       1988            930                  Black

David & Joni Sperow             1967            912                  Green

Lee Tyree                               1987            911                  Red



GGR Regional Summary - November 2011


Someone said once that the hallmark of an organization is built around its membership. That's so true. Of course, Groucho said once he'd "refuse to join any club that would have me as a member," but then he didn't drive a Porsche (a Cadillac man, I believe...maybe Harpo?).After all, membership is what you make it. I'm pleased that our club has progressively committed to increasing its events and thereby offering you, our members, the opportunity to participate in numerous programs, whether they be Boxster brunches, Friday Night Socials, AX, Track Days, welcome dinners, banquets, etc. Check out the calendar at where you'll find a host of upcoming events. If you've got some ideas or suggestions on what other programs would be enjoyable for the club, please don't hesitate to contact any of us on the board. And remember that your bumper-to-bumper warranty does not include the drive safely. All the best, Captain Mike


Primary Members        1,459              

Affiliate Members            962     

Life Members                     1         

Total Members             2,422


New Members:22 (+11 Affiliate Members)

AunkurArya& Tina Bhatnagar                     2006             CarreraS        Gray

Anthony Carrasco                                       2003             911Turbo        Silver

Earl & Patricia Charles                                2000             911                  Blue

Juan Cortes (Bogota, Colombia)                1956             356A               Silver

WilhelmusCrooijmans                                  1986             944Turbo        Red

Tom Evan                                                      2010             GT3                 White

Garrett & Nick Fowler                                   1999             996                  Blue

Masao Fujita                                                 1989             911                  Black

David & Grace Griffin                                     2011             911S                White

Jonathan Harriman& Theodore Serbinski      1972             914                  Yellow

Robert & Jeff Head                                         2011             Cayman S

David & Lillian Lau                                          2007             Carrera

Lee, Derrick                                                     2012             CarreraS        Black

John & Louise McCormack                             2012             911                  Blue

John Mendoza & Jonathan Pulido                  2007             GT3                 White

AlexandreNaaman& Janet Wang                    2006             CayenneTS    Black

RajParmar                                                       2008             CaymanS        Black

BarrySchiffman                                                1993             928GTS          Silver

David Settles                                                   1997             911C2             Black

RobertShambarger                                          2009             Carrera4S

Dennis & Jennifer Tietz                                    2007             CarreraS        Blue

JonWollf                                                          1997             Boxster           Silver


Transfers In- 5 (+1 Affiliate Member)

Sherry Angelini (DIA)                                       2000             Boxster           Arctic Silver

Katherine Chen (CAR)                                     2006             Cayman

Art &Jake Margolis(NNJ)                                 1991             911

Marshal Mercer (SGB)                                     2011             Carrera4S      White

RobertShambarger (CCC)                                           2009             Carrera4S


November 2011 Anniversaries


40 Years - 1971

Charlot Singleton


35 Years - 1976

Frances Costa


30 Years - 1981

John Fumia


25 Years - 1986

Raoul Proctor


20 Years - 1991

Noah Anglin

Stephen Stallings

Jim Bauman

Bruno Combe


15 Years - 1996

Patricia Stark

Stanley            Woo


10 Years - 2001

Garth Falk

Norine            Quinones

Stephanie Reib

Tom Sweet

Nina Tong


5 Years - 2006

Richard Baker

Carol Buoncristiani

David Buoncristiani

Ana Fernandez Leon

Christine Hutson

Phil Hutson


David Sullivan

Bruce Wooley

Christian Yue

Oliver            Coolidge

Don Harrier

Jody Harrier







Pacific Power Motorsports
The Power Chef®  

NE Bike --by John Celona, The Power Chef


Cookbook Coming Out SOON! 


As you might guess, many people over the years since I started writing this column have asked for recipes and if I've considered putting a cookbook together. The answer is: been working on it! I started on a manuscript in 2008 and have since then been steadily working on creating, testing, photographing, and writing up recipes.

That was followed by a little adventure pursuing what I'll call the "traditional" publication route: writing a book proposal, soliciting agents to take me on as a client and pitch publishers, and so on.

The result, as you might guess, is rediscovering how difficult it is to get published if you aren't already famous or married to someone famous. I'm sure Michelle Obama could get a book published in a heartbeat, if she hasn't already!

Thankfully, in the interim the self-publishing revolution has been happening, along with the rapid advances in tablet computers (the iPad!). All this means that someone like me can get a book out there despite being a nobody.

I've been working over the holiday break on finishing the manuscript and the electronic self-publishing process. Got my ISBN number already, have created the ePub document, and as soon as the iTunes folks get back from vacation on December 29, I'll upload the cookbook for sale through iTunes as an iBook. The Kindle version will be next.

The great thing about the simultaneous advances in publishing and technology is that people with an iPad will be able to purchase a full-color copy of the cookbook with all the color photos in a size someone can actually use. Also will be available for iPhones and iPod touches, though I hate to think what it's like trying to read a book on one of those.

Next will be seeing if there's any interest in a print version. There are print-on-demand self-publishers one can work with, but with the cost of printing in full color, not sure how much "appetite" for that there would be.

Anyway, gives me something to do late at night when I'm too tired to work any more on my day job!

Hope your holidays were happy and well-fed!

Bon Appétit,  

The Power Chef


Our Christmas Eve dinner started with my Crab Corn Soup. Here's the recipe I just set down for it. Start your fancy dinner with a 5-star soup!   


Crab Corn Soup    


crab corn soup 

The Gist 

Chicken stock is heated with creamed corn, then sautéed minced ginger, cilantro, green onion,and ham go in. The soup is thickened with corn starch and flour, then egg whites are whisked in. Cooked crab meat and white pepper finish it. 


Optional for making your own chicken stock:
2 chickens
1 cup fresh ginger, sliced thin
1 bunch green onions, lightly pressed
water to cover
2 tsp. salt
or just 1 gallon good chicken stock
or 1 gallon water with chicken stock base to taste

4 15-oz. cans creamed corn
4 Tb peanut oil or chicken fat skimmed from the stock
1 bunch cilantro, minced
3 bunches green onions, chopped
4 Tb minced fresh ginger
1 cup minced ham
1/4 cup rice or white wine
6 egg whites, lightly beaten
4 Tb corn starch
4 Tb flour
1-1/2 lbs. cooked crab meat
1 tsp white pepper
additional salt to taste

Thoroughly rinse the chickens in cool water, then place in a close-fitting stock pot. Add the ginger, green onions, salt, and water to cover. Bring to a simmer, then simmer for 1 to 4 hours. Remove the chicken, ginger slices, and green onion and discard (or eat if you like well-cooked chicken!). Add the creamed corn to the stock and keep it simmering on the stove.

If you like, reserve a little of the minced cilantro and green onion to garnish on each bowl as you serve them.

In a large sauté pan, heat the peanut oil or chicken fat over high heat. When hot, add the minced ginger and sizzle for a minute or two. Add the green onion and cilantro, give a few more stirs, then add the ham. When all is hot and sizzling, add the rice wine. Give a stir for a minute or two until all the alcohol has evaporated (no more alcohol smell in the steam).

Add these ingredients to the simmering stock. Add all this to the stock and bring back to a simmer.

Mix the corn starch and flour together dry, then add just enough water to make a smooth pasted. Once all the lumps are out, add a little more water to make the mix thin and pourable. Whisk this paste into the simmering stock to thicken it. You should have a nice creamed soup consistency.

Drizzle and whisk in the beaten egg whites. Shut off the heat and add the crab meat. Add the white pepper, then adjust the salt and pepper to your taste.

This soup can be made ahead and kept warm till serving time. Don't boil it once finished as the consistency and crab will suffer as a result.

Homemade chicken stock delivers over-the-top flavor, but the other options for stock still make a great soup. Leftovers are also great.

This soup does not freeze well. Freezing would make it runny and the crab tough.  


Social Report

Joe Sweis --by Joe Sweis, Social Director

GGR Social put on it's first event with the new director (me) and I think it's safe to say it was a successful event! We began with breakfast at Zentrum Motors in Oakland (accompanied with free oil change coupons), followed by a new (albeit short) drive through Orinda back roads and finished with lunch in Walnut Creek at McCovey's. A nice short after noon that allowed us to get together and enjoy some fellowship and still finish our holiday shopping!

In an effort to expand the Social activities of PCA GGR and enhance fellowship amongst members for 2012, I would like to schedule multiple events throughout the year. These would be events that may or may not include driving but nonetheless exclusive for PCA members and Porsche owners interested in join PCA-GGR. But an event is only as good as the people attending SO I would like to find out what YOU want to do rather than what I think you would want to do. Please take a few minutes to finish these quick 10 questions:

The results I've been receiving have clearly pointed towards driving related activities; I thought that the obvious answer but nonetheless wanted to confirm. What you want is what you'll get!

Stay tuned for our next event shortly. Happy Holidays to all!!

-Joseph Sweis
GGR Social Director




Rennsport Reunion IV

--article and photos by David Leong

1998 was the 50th anniversary of the first production 356. As the featured marqueatf the Monterey Historics, Porsche came to Laguna Seca, as it was known then, to celebrate a birthday. It was the largest gathering of Porsches to date, including a large number of cars that had never left the Porsche museum, let alone travel half way around the globe. Seemed like such a waste to do all this for one event, so Brian Redman asked Porsche to have the cars do a layover at Watkins Glen for the East Coasters. Pretty soon, they were doing it again at Lime Rock and then Daytona. They were known as Rennsport Reunions, and those of us who were there at the beginning kept wondering when it would be our turn. The Historics in 2009, where Porsche would again be the featured marque, shed a glimmer of hope, but it turned out to be relatively low key and only a taste of what could be. It had been over a decade, and in the meantime, 3 reunions were held on the wrong coast, and they never returned to the birthplace. This year, after 13 years, we got our wish. Rennsport Reunion IV turned out to be the most successful yet, with all of the pre-sales tickets sold out, and attendance reported at over 35,000, almost double the attendance of Rennsport I. All hopes are that with this level of success, we will not have to wait another decade before we see this event here again. Even Jerry Seinfield was overheard saying this is where the reunion belongs.




Requiring 3 days to cover all of the events, the reunion consisted of 8 race groups on track, and numerous displays in the paddock. Starting with the paddock there was the display of every significant race 911 in the history of the sport. The garages, normally occupied by swarms of mechanics readying cars to go on track, were transformed, with mood lighting, into a museum. Starting in the first garage was the second 911 delivered to the US, and a class winner at Daytona. Every stall was occupied with an icon from R to ST, RSR up through the hybrid RSR. Not to be outdone by the racing 911s, the street counterparts had their day in the sun too. Over in the laguna part of the raceway, was a display of every model 911 produced, all in concourse condition. Also in the infield was the main Porsche Corral, where a few lucky early birds parked their Porsches together for display. The demand was so high, 2 more areas were designated, for almost 1,000 cars, and many were still turned away to park with the masses. Back in the paddock was the Porsche Park in the Paddock. This area was reserved for more displays, music and a beer garden. On display was a 16 cylinder 917, the 935 called baby, the new 918 RSR supercar, and even Sally Carrera made an appearance. It was here that PCNA chose to make the North American debut of the 2012 991. Are we done yet? Well not quite. I still did not mention the tent of almost 50 cars, including a pair of 917 turbos, the Lowenbrau 962, Tag turbo Formula 1 McLaren, and the 944GtR. For those keeping score, that's over 4,000Hp in just those five cars.




We would be done with the off track attractions except we haven't mentioned all the celebrities. Norbert Singer was Grand Marshall, along with Jerry Seinfield, who was seen wandering the paddock with Peter Porsche. The autograph table was long, and the lines were longer. Vic Elford, Patrick Long, Wolf Henzler were amongst the signers. Others were out in cars. George Follmer in his L & M Penske 917 turbo, Jochen Mass and Bruce Leven in 962s, and Brian Redman in a 908/3 racing Bruce Canepa and Gijs van Lennep in 917s. Kevin Buckler brought his Daytona winning GT3. Hurley Haywood was leading in his 914/6 until sidelined by mechanical troubles and Bruce Canepa and Johannes vanOverbeek were having an exciting dice for the lead in 935s. Didier Theys set fast time of the day in an RS Spyder. Even Justin Bell was there with his TV crew interviewing his dad, Derek. While all the famous drivers and celebrities were a thrill, this was also a true reunion and social event for us regular folk too. GGR was out in force. I saw car owners and racers, but what I saw more of than anything else were volunteers working the event. Turn 4 seemed to be a very popular place to relax between shifts or driving duties.




Meanwhile, out on track in group 1 were the 718 spyders, abarth carreras, and 356s. There were 5 groups of historic cars taking to the track. The aforementioned Group 1, followed by group 2 which were 904s, early 911s, and 914s. Group 3 consisted of the plastic cars, 906, 908, 910, and the iconic 917. If you could not be at the Targa Florio, or Spa, this was your chance to close your eyes, imagining you were at Lemans, and just as you opened them, a gulf liveried 917K would go flashing by. Group 4 was the RSRs, the most powerful, and some would say, pinnacle of the 911, the 935s. Some of the most spirited racing came from this group. The newest of the historic cars were in this last group 5. These consisted of the monocoque era , of 956, 962, and the RS Spyder. Only 1 year into retirement but is now an historic car.




There were 3 more groups of contemporary racers. The Cayman Interseries cars were there in their tribute livery, except in many cases, the actual cars they were copying, were there too. David Donohue drove a Sunoco blue Cayman with the red and yellow stripes of his father's 917/30. They were joined by 993, 996 and 997 RS and RSRs to make up group 6. Some of these cars were split into group 5, as they were closer in speed to the 962s. Group 7 was the PCA club racers, and this is where you found many of our GGR friends. PCA club racing has everything from home-built 700Hp turbos to 4 banger 914s. There was a mad scramble to the PCA website for a chance at the 50 slots, and they were gone in a nanosecond. It was a unique opportunity to perform before such large number of spectators. The last group is very used to large crowds, as they are often a support group for ALMS races. Group 8, had contemporary GT3 Cup cars, both 996 and 997 varieties. They had the longest races at 45 minutes, and were the only group to race on both days. GGR's Rich Walton ran away with first on Sat. and an exciting second on Sunday, where the safety car led the most laps.




I have to add a PS to this article. Whenever I am in the corkscrew, I always look up at the runoff and think of Gonzalo Rodriguez. He was in a Champ Car approaching the corkscrew at 160Mph over a decade ago, when he went straight, resulting in a fatal accident. I was only a hundred yards from this very spot when news about Dan Wheldon started filtering through people's phones and tweets, and finally over the PA. That morning, Derek Bell was doing an interview in front of a car he shared with Rolf Stommelen, who would later die in a Porsche. I am not sure how well Derek or the other British drivers, on hand, knew Dan, but I know the British Racing Drivers Association is a very tight knit group. It was a somber drive home.


 More photos by David Leong are available here.  


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Terry Zaccone Recaptures the Dummkopf Award

With a come-from-behind-the-8-ball victory that stunned onlookers, Terry Zaccone has dummkopf awardrecaptured the coveted Dumkopf Award. Terry achieved this remarkable triumph with his infamous "Double Nautilus" autocross course design. This nefarious course required the driver to negotiate a concentric decreasing radius spiral at each end of the course, then somehow find his or her way out between the cones.

After creating his course-istic masterpiece, Terry then went out and got lost on his first run, thereby cementing his hold on the coveted pointed helmet.

To view the award ceremony, click here.

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