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September 2010. Volume 50, Issue 9
In This Issue
From the Wurst Wing
Letter from the Editor
Competition Corner
DE at Thunderhill
Board of Directors
Membership Report
The Power Chef
Remembering #622
Military Vehicle Tour
918 Spyder at Pebble Beach
918 Goes Into Development
2010 Carlsen Concours
Legends Brings out the Brass
Carerra de Sierra
Ledson Concours d'Elegance
7th Annual Charity Challenge
Zone 7 AX & Oktoberfest Weekend
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Dear Porsche Enthusiast,

Welcome to The Nugget, the email newsletter of the Golden Gate Region, Porsche Club of America.
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CoCo manteca
CoCo Giselle, CG
Executive Editor of The Nugget

Once she heard that the Presidents' Dinner would be attended by executives from Porsche Cars North America, CoCo decided to go for a more formal look and is considering a black and gold ruffled Spanish mantilla. She reserves the right to change her mind, depending on how she feels that day.

Send in your baby's photo! Animals are people, too!

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From the Wurst Wing
--by John Celona, GGR President

Join Us for the GGR 50th Anniversary

Sponsored by Carlsen Porsche & Porsche Cars North America

We're in the final run-up to the 50th. Hope you're getting excited about it; we are!

Check the top of this newsletter or the  GGR web for more information or to register. 

Registration deadline extended to September 7th!

Following many pleas by folks trying to sort out their plans or line up a table of 10 at the Presidents' Dinner, we arm wrestled with the caterers to get a one-week extension for the Presidents' Dinner and Islands Get-Away. Autocross registration will be open until Thursday, September 9. Raffle tickets may be purchased online until Friday, September 10th, and then will also be available for purchase at the actual events.

Register for: Presdidents button

The Foothill Repertory Dance Company in rehearsal for the show at the Presidents' Dinner

If you miss the Dinner, you can still attend the Islands Get-Away or buy raffle tickets! (All proceeds will be donated to charity).

Register for: Islands button         Buy: Raffle button

Here's a recap of the festivities:

Saturday, September 11: Autocross at Alameda

AlamedaWhat better way to kick off the celebration than an autocross at our usual Alameda site? Cost will be $20 more than usual at $65/person or $55 for PCA members, which includes a FABULOUS PONDEROSA BBQ, including: carved BBQ tri-tip roast with Santa Maria spices, BBQ 1/4 chicken, Western Trail chili, fresh corn on the cob with butter, homestyle potato salad, tossed green salad with vinaigrette, watermelon wedges, garlic bread, assorted beverages and assorted ice cream bars.

Then, Saturday, evening, the festivities move on to the:

The Presidents' Dinner

City Club6-10 p.m. at the City Club of San Francisco, 155 Sansome Street, San Francisco on the top of the Pacific Stock Exchange Building. Attire is black-tie optional. Cost is $100/person or a table of 10 for $800 (get your friends together and SAVE!).

Menu includes wine & beer; passed appetizers: chorizo-stuffed Medjool dates wrapped in bacon, arugula & pesto chicken skewers, Dungenes crab cakes with roasted bell pepper aoli, ahi tuna tartare on a crispy tortilla with soy vinaigrette, and antipasto.

For dinner: lobster bisque; peppercorn crusted filet of beef; roasted garlic mashed potatoes; braising greens and red wine sauce; chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mousse for dessert; tea and coffee.

After dinner, stick around for a LIVE VEGAS-STYLE FLOOR FosseSHOW featuring the Foothill Repertory Dance Company directed by Bay Area Critics Circle winner Bubba Gong performing a Fosse-style review celebrating "All That Jazz" to music from Chicago, All That Jazz, Sweet Charity and more. Artistic, Entertaining and Celebratory.

All attendees receive a 50th anniversary gift, while GGR past presidents attending will also receive a special commemorative gift.
Click here for parking options. For overnight accommodations, we recommend Le Meridien, which is within walking distance and has great room rates online. Book early to get the best rates. As an alternative, the Mandarin Oriental is almost across the street.

Then, on Sunday, September 12th, we continue on with the:

Islands Get Away

11 am - 3 pm at the historic Nimitz Mansion on Yerba Buena Island in San Francisco Bay (exit off of the Bay Bridge). Cost is $50/person and $20 for children under 12. FREE valet parking is included.

You'll be greeted on arrival by the renowned string quartet "Synchronicity" performing a repertoire of classical and modern pieces. During the performance, you'll be served appetizers consisting of: brie en croute with honey glazed pecans, crackers, grapes, rosemary mixed nuts, and sea scallops on cauliflower pureé served on an asian spoon.
NimitzThen, treat yourself to a barbecue lunch of barrel-smoked chicken quarters; grilled citrus and honey pork tenderloin; country potato salad; fresh fruit display; summer vegetables; sweet baked beans; assorted rolls; assorted cookies, brownies, and pastries for dessert. Includes iced teas, lemonade, bottled water, tea and coffee.

After lunch, watch THREE LIVE PERFORMANCES as the award-winning Foothill Repertory again takes the stage to celebrate "Hollywood to Bollywood." "One World, One Beat" kicks it off with Haitian, mambo, belly dancing, and Jai Ho from "Slumdog Millionaire." That's followed by a Patrick Swayze tribute featuring the music and dancing from "Dirty Dancing." We end up with "Michael: The Beat Goes On...", a tribute to Michael Jackson including a live performance of "Thriller."

But wait...There's More!

Win a FREE 2-day course at the Porsche Sports Driving School

Porsche School

Porsche Cars North America has donated a FREE 2-day course at the Porsche Sports Driving School in Birmingham, Alabama (travel is on you!). Value: $2,995.

We'll be selling raffle tickets at $20/each (link on the web site also) via Motorsports Reg through September 10th and in-person over the course of the weekend. The more tickets you buy, the more chance to win!

All proceeds will be donated to charity, and you DO NOT have to be present to win!

Don't wait around for the 100th! Plan your weekend in San Francisco and join us in in the once-in-a-lifetime celebration of 50 years for GGR!

Till next month...


Letter from the Editor
Alameida big
--by John Celona, Nugget Editor

Thanks to Mike Cullinan, Ross Poole, and Rich Tsai

Thanks very much to Mike Cullinan and Ross Poole for pulling the Blue Porsche article and photos together for this issue. Also thanks to Rich Tsai for links to photos and text for various events. We love contributors! And, thankfully, with publishing via email we can get them out quickly and have room for them all!

Rich will also be the official club photographer for the Presidents' Dinner, so, once you're all gussied up, it's a great chance to get your photo taken in front of the Diego Rivera mural. Photos will be available on the GGR web site after the event.

Nugget Archive to go Online at the Presidents' Dinner

As you may recall, GGR Historian Ralf Dossman and I have been working for over a year to build an online archive of all the Nuggets since the beginning. GGR webmaster Andrew Forrest now has the scanned files in hand and is working on implementation. As part of the program at the Presidents' Dinner, we will have an electronic "ribbon cutting" ceremony to make the archive live. Thanks very much to Ralf and Andrew for making this online history of the club happen as part of the 50th celebration.

Don't Miss the 50th!

With the way they are shaping up, the 50th anniversary events are looking just super. Here's hoping you'll be able to attend at least one of them, rather than hearing about them afterward and wishing you had gone!

I look forward to seeing everyone there.
High Performance House
Competition Corner

--by Claude Leglise, Competition Director

The big topic this month is the proposed changes to the Autocross, Driver Education and Time Trial rules for 2011. A number of you have proposed new rules or modifications to the existing ones. Below is the summary of what these proposals are.
Autocross Change #1: Two drivers sharing a car. Section 4.3A
"I would like to propose that the wording for section 4.3A be amended and clarified. Some people interpret the section to mean that 2 driver cars in the same run group are allowed. I would like the rule changed (if that is how most currently see it) to clearly state that with 2 driver cars - each participant must drive in a different run group.

Here's the current text:

4.3A Autocross
a. Cars shall be gridded in groups.
b. The first driver of a car must run within the assigned run group. Second drivers will have their own group line, and should run before the last driver in the next run group. Each driver will receive only one run per cycle of the grid, except for official reruns and except for instructor drives."

Autocross Change #2: PAX multiplication factors. Appendix B2
Input #1: "PAX multiplication factors need to be addressed...Lower classed cars such as AX 16 and AX 15 seem to be disadvantaged currently...or AX1-5 seem to have a distinct advantage currently.
PAX champions are coming from the upper classes just about every year."
Input #2: "PAX scoring in general needs to be reassessed. Low PAX cars don't appear to be scored appropriately. PAX for AX 1 to AX 3 need to be reviewed or classes should be consolidated as no PAX differential exists between AX1 to AX3. I think we just need to look closely at current data."

Autocross Change #3: Course outline. Section 4.3A f.
"Chalking the outline of the course is very important for making the course easily readable for newcomers. Constantly attracting newcomers and turning them into regulars is critical for the long term health of our series. Rule 4.3A,f clearly says that the chalk outline must be inside the cones. That results in large areas of the chalk being driven over and quickly erased. I think it makes more sense to put the chalk line outside the cones. I propose changing 4.3A,f to read: "Course boundaries shall be determined by existing terrain and/or white chalk lines or equivalent, and outlined with pylons. The base of each pylon shall be outlined on the pavement."

Comment received on-line: "I do think in addition to rule regarding outlining courses that we should also assure course designs use a minimum of cones, no fake cone boxes, etc for all same reasons Andrew outlines for outlining courses. I can say as a fairly experienced AX driver GGR courses have been some of the hardest for me to follow out of all clubs I have driven with. Often we use lots of cones with lots of cone boxes that really aren't features of the intended course direction."
Autocross Change #4: Display car class. Section 4.6

"Given that our class structure results in different car models in the same class, and that our system depends on fellow competitors in each class policing each other for rules violations, the system can only work if you know which cars are in your class. I therefore propose that all cars at an autocross must show their class, as is currently done for time trial. It's just a little more tape or shoe polish, so it shouldn't be a big deal to comply. I propose a new rule 4.6A,b: "All cars in classes other than FUN, shall display class letters/numbers complying with rule 4.6T-a below. Shoe polish will be allowed for autocross use."

Autocross Change #5: Posting times. Section 4.7 b

"Due to the difficulties we've had transitioning to a new timing system over the last few years, we've gotten out of the habit of posting times on the side of the timing trailer as the event runs. I think this is very unfortunate. First, perusing and discussing the time was a significant nexus for social interaction among drivers. I miss that. Second, if times are not posted, you have no way to discover mistakes in your times or your competitor's times. Correcting a time after everyone has left the site is virtually impossible to do in a fair manner. All the witness and evidence are gone. Rule 4.7-b already clearly states that time should be posted, but I'd propose to strengthen it by adding a a couple of phrases to the first sentence: "Times will be posed by Class after each run group so that all entrants may view the results before leaving the event site.

We should also delete the following sentence, as we no longer use score cards (in Section 4.7 b)"
Comment received on-line: "I support [the] suggestion that rules require posting of all official times during event as well as marking cars with class numbers."

Autocross Change #6: Deliberate shortcut. Section 4.7A

"We've talked in the past about having a rule that will prevent someone from deliberately shortcutting the course, taking out any pylons in the way, and gaining an advantage because the shortcut was worth more time than the pylon penalty. So here's a proposal for just such a rule. New rule 4.7A-h: "The course must be driven as intend by the course designer. If any driver is observed by a course or timing worker to have deliberately shortcut the course, regardless of any pylon penalties incurred, in such a way as to gain a time advantage, the run shall be declared as a DNF and no time given. The Autocross Chair shall be the final arbiter of all such situations."

Comment received on-line: " I can't support the short cut rule he proposed. It would not be practical and we shouldn't put course workers in position to make judgment of someone's intent when hitting a cone. I just don't see this being a practical rule to add."

Autocross Change #7: Count only morning runs.
"I would like to propose that GGR come in line with more common AX practice of only counting first 3 or 4 runs for official time. Remaining runs during day would not count towards official class or PAX awards. This will allow those who are competing for time to attend AM session without being forced to take entire day to assure times are competitive. This should have little impact to running of events and should make time keeping and administration to a minimum. Big part of sport of AX is quickly learning course and being fast in limited amount of runs. Having many trys really eliminates skill component of AX. In addition having timed runs early means no reruns after timed official runs assuring smooth and timely running of cars meaning more runs for us all!

This is a successful practiced utilized by many other PCA regions and other marquee clubs."

Autocross Change #8. Add weight reduction to PAX Scoring.

"There should be a significant PAX adder or an automatic move to AX 1 when a car's weight has been reduced more than 10 percent from published stock weight. Current classing system doesn't penalize cars with excessive weight reduction adequately. The current scoring system doesn't account for sheet metal removal, undercoat removal and a few other items that can reduce weight from stock curb weight. My car is over 700 lbs lighter than its original curb weight. If I run my cantilever slicks I only get to AX5 on current scoring system. Other regions assess significant points to excessive lighting - Zone 8 for example has a table of weights and associated points."

Autocross Change #9: Adjust points for slicks.
"If two drivers in single run group are eliminated as proposed above the points for race slicks that require higher operating temperature than dedicated DOT R tires should be made equal in the point system. Most race slicks require operating temperature of 160 degrees or more. I would like to see an exclusion if this no 2 drivers in one run group is adopted for special events such as 914 or other model shootouts where race cars on slicks compete. Edit. More I think about under 100 treadwear DOT tires and Race slicks I think race slicks should only receive point adder equal to under 100 tread wear DOT R tires. If we look at the data from recent events its clear that A6 Autocross compound tires are just as fast as race slicks especially with shorter 30 second laps that we have seen this year. I'd like to propose that we lower points of race slicks equal to that of DOT R treadwear under 100.

Autocross Change #10: Adopt SCCA course design rules.
"I would also suggest a review of 2010 SCCA Solo 2 course design and common sense rules as an appropriate supplement to our course design rules. They do have many good guidelines that may enhance our course designs and overall safety of our events."
Time Trial Change #1: Car Numbers. Section 2.6T
"Rationale: The variety of participants is much greater leading to more demand for assigned car numbers so we propose this rule to simplify the administration of them and better meet our members' requests.

2.6T Driver's Education/Time Trial

d. Car numbers are assigned by the Registrar and will remain assigned to active participants of the Driver's Education / Time Trial Series. Car number requests will be considered subsequent to an initial event registration. Car numbers assigned to drivers who have not participated in the Driver's Education / Time Trial series for one series year may be recycled and reassigned. Drivers sharing a car may use the same car number but with a suffix (e.g. "A" , "L", "X" etc.) attached to the number in order to distinguish the drivers. Additionally, for a participant requesting a number that has already been assigned, the participant may also choose to use that number with a suffix (e.g. "A", "L", "X" etc.). Temporary number assignments for a given event may be accommodated at the discretion of the Registrar.

[Delete in entirety]
e. Car numbers will remain as designated for a period of one series year. Nonparticipating drivers may reserve their number for $25.00 per year for a maximum of two consecutive years."

Time Trial Change #2: Clothing requirements. Section 2.3D c.
"I propose that we amend Rule 2.3D c. that reads : "Drivers must wear long sleeve shirts and long pants; all clothing to be of natural fibers." by adding the following text: "Event chairs may allow wearing shorts and T-shirts in hot weather."
Time Trial Change #3: Use Club Racing rules in upper classes of DE/TT.
"Since we want to encourage members to TT/DE AND to Club Race.....

I propose that as a start, we use the PCA Club Racing National rules to class the super classes which are GTA, GTB, GT-1 thru GT-6 and GTP-1 thru GTP-6 at the GGR TT events. These are based on engine size, weight, etc. and have passed the test of time..............

It might encourage the racers to run for timed runs on non Club Race weekends and it might encourage some members to get their cars ready for Club Racing."
Please review these proposals and send me any comment you may have on them (, in support or otherwise. The annual Rules Meeting will be held Saturday September 25th and the DEC will present its recommendations to the board at the October meeting. This is your chance to contribute your thoughts.
I hope to see you at Thunderhill the weekend of September 18 and 19.


DE at Thunderhill

DE at TH
European Autotech
Board of Directors
Bora Bora

GGR Board of Directors
August, 2010
The annual August Golden Gate Region Board of Directors Strategic Retreat to Bora Bora was extended from its usual five days to five weeks after discovering that, by changing from "car club" to a "car company" we could qualify for $3 billion in unused TARP funds. We also did have to promise to vote democratic in the next PCA election

That turned out to be a fortunate change because, despite their best and most diligent efforts, most board members required a week to sample all 74 varieties of blended fruity drinks on offer. Thereafter, it was possible to begin working in earnest on the club's strategic agenda.

After a comprehensive analysis of the global macroeconomic situation, reading the patterns made by burning VW board minutes with incense, and much navel-gazing, the board voted unanimously to adopt a strategic goal of "Don't Worry. Be Happy."

However, an old copy of the McKinsey Quarterly found in a men's room suggested the board also adopt a stretch goal. Thereupon, the board adopted a stretch goal of acquiring F1 racing and requiring all teams to run either 356's or VW Karmann Ghia's (no pesky 914's!).

At about that point, the pilots of our chartered Gulfstream recovered consciousness, and the board elected to depart before any more members lost their passports in the nightly Texas Hold-Em tournament.

TRG ad
June & July Membership Report
Jeff Kost
--by Jeff Kost, membership director

Membership has been holding steady the last couple of months, at a level higher than we have seen for the last 18 months or so. Transfers in and out are balanced and at this point, there do not appear to be any real trends to follow... As always, please continue to do what you can to recruit new members. Even more importantly, as we move into fall, come on out and join one of the many fun club events!
Total Members:    2391
Primary:               1396
Affiliate:                  994
HQ Life:                     1
GGR Life:                  3

New Members:      35 / 36
Transfers In:            5 / 8
Transfers Out:         9 / 1

New Members

Doug & Diana Beck


964 Blue

Brad Benson

San Carlos

GT3 Blue

Cas & Cindy Casamina

Santa Clara

Boxster S White

Peter Chiang

San Carlos

Carerra S Silver

Anthony & Chris Cincotta


Carrera S Red

Antonio & Cosana Eram

Palo Alto

Boxster s Black

Ashma & Elizabeth Ganesh

Mountain View

spyder White

Brian Gigliotti

San Francisco

Cayenne S Gray

Bill Given


Cayenne Other

Shadan Golkar

San Francisco


Charles & Nuria Higueras

San Francisco


Ked & Cecilia Hogan

San Franisco

Carrera 4S Black

Thomas Hogan

San Rafael

993 C4S Red

Janet Hsu

San Carlos


Mike Hubbard

Mountain View

996 GT3 Silver

Rob & Rowie Jaron


911T Red

Bruce & Terrie Johnson

Boulder Creek

Boxster S Blue

David Killion



Mary Lebedowicz

Mount Vernon


Bruce Lubarsky

San Francisco

911 Other

Gerald Luiz

Los Gatos

Carrera S Blue

Deloris Luthin


914 Black

Tanya Luthin



Amin Maskatiya


GT3 RS Black

Dominic Massoni

San Francisco

911Carrera Red

Galen Myers

Stinson Beach

Spyder White

Kate Nakamura



Rajesh & Mukesh Nigam



Stephen Norman

San Jose

Boxter S Gray

David & Tracey O'Rourke

San Jose

911 4S Gray

Ian Parrott


997-2 Gray

Jeffrey Peirano

San Jose

997 c4s Silver

Jim Pflaging

Menlo Park

964 C4Wide Black

Ravi & Amy Prasad


Cayenne Black

Vera Randolph

Walnut Creek


Mike Ray


GT3 Silver

Marcus & Mike Reeslund

Redwood City

911 Turbo Gray

Katherine Romano



Hamid Sajjadi

San Jose


Tim Salveson

Redwood City

PorscheGT3 White

Roberto Sanabria


Cayman S Gray

Jan Slimmer

Menlo Park

Paul Soals

Foster City

Boxster S Yellow

Florian & Elena Strasser


911 Gray

Sherman & Mary Tillman

San Francisco

Carrea Silver

Deanne Tucker

Los Altos


Jim Vaught

Menlo Park

912 Green

Monica Wharton

San Ramon


Zack Willis

Redwood City

C2S Silver

Mark & Ursula Woudsma

San Jose

911 Blue



50 Years!!!

Bob Garretson



45 Years

David King

Mountain View



40 Years

Ken & Linda Mack


RS America

30 Years

Mathieu Lowrance


74 911 BLUE

25 Years

Peggy Hinkle


20 Years

Susan Group

San Mateo

Helen King

San Martin


Jim Ralston


68 912

Daniel & Joanne Thompson

San Jose


Thomas Van Overbeek

San Jose


15 Years

Lucinda Berdon


Philip Bowser

San Jose


Donald & Laurie Brunell

Walnut Creek

84 911 BLUE

Mark Houston



Gilbert Kliman


C4S Silver

Alan & Sonia Kneier

San Mateo


Judy Morris

San Jose


Marisa Stark

San Leandro


10 Years

Allen Akin

Palo Alto

Carerra Other

Edwin & Maria Bautista

San Francisco


Ilissa Best

San Carlos

Courtney Della cava

Mill Valley


Marjorie Fox

Foster City


Matthew Franzen

Mountain View

911 S White

Elizabeth Gassel

San Francisco


Dennis Kaneshiro



Garrick Lew


930 Other

Kaye MacKenzie

San Jose


Jennifer Parman

Mountain View


Geso Petri



Joseph Weinstein



5 Years

Melody Baumgartner

Menlo Park


Michael Boyle

Santa Clara

914 Blk

John Byun

Palo Alto

911 Blk

Julia Byun

Palo Alto


Lloyd Chambers

Portola Valley

Cayenne Crystal

Canyon Chan

San Mateo

GT3 Black

Helen Chan

Redwood City


Vicky Debler

San Jose


Robert Gallagher


Boxster S White

Edwin Jones

Los Altos

911 Yellow

David & Nancy Kalkbrenner

Palo Alto

356 beige

Kenneth Lavezzo

Los Gatos

944 brown

Patrick Lin

Palo Alto


Mark Matthiessen


911SC Brown

Mick & Lia Teresa


930 Brown

Vineyard Specialties3

The Power Chef
NE Bike
--by John Celona, The Power Chef

Cruising Through 50

As it turns out, I'm cruising through the 50-year mark the same year as the club. For both of us, this is a time for a big party, a little reflection, and plans going forward.

The party for the GGR 50th you've read about elsewhere in The Nugget. Hopefully, you can attend one or more of the events. Given the amount time and club money that's going into them, it's a pretty fair bet there won't be a celebration like this one any time soon!

As for the reflection part, GGR has been through a lot of changes over the last half-century. As I have heard it related to me, the club started off with a focus on social events. Members would get together for dinner--both in connection with other club events and just to get together. The club was a lot smaller then, the pace was slower, and it was perhaps easier for people to get to know each other and spend time together. Pretty much all the members worked on their own cars.

There have been continuous changes in the club throughout the last 50, and some more abrupt. The continuous part has been the influx of people into the Bay Area and the faster pace of life. Believe it or not: there are still more people moving into the Bay Area. The 2000 census put the population in the nine-county Bay Area at 6.8 million, and a 2009 estimate puts it at 7.4 million. When GGR was founded, the population was only half what it is today.

And I don't need to tell the readers about the pace of life today. Families with children devote whole weekends to driving around to the offspring's events, whether soccer or water polo. When I was growing up, we had away games where we were transported by bus from our home school to the other school and back. That was it.

And voice mail was the big innovation. Someone no longer needed to be there to take a message. Today, people often expect you to be instantly available via cell phone, email on your cell phone, or text. As has written about extensively, communication has gotten faster, more frequent, and briefer. It seems this is only the start. For kids these days, "whr r u?" is a complete sentence.

All this perhaps makes it harder to maintain the club feeling for being a member of GGR. If you do autocross, you see the people who do that. They're mostly distinct from the club members who do the track events. If you do neither of those, you probably almost never knowingly run into or talk with other club members. The vast majority of GGR members receive their Panorama and Nugget each month (if we have their email address!) and we never see or hear from them.

That's why the 50th anniversary celebration is such an adventure: we've got something for everybody. We've got the autocross on Saturday for the people who like to drive. We've got the Presidents' Dinner for people who like to dress up and go out to a fancy event. We've got the Islands Get-Away on Sunday for people who like a casual event perfect for bringing the kids along. You never know what will work until you try things.

Certainly, the club will continue to change going forward. You either embrace and make the most of the changes or ignore and resist--like a house on an eroding bluff above the beach.

Take the Drivers' Education / Time Trial / Club Racing series. Track events were only started by GGR in 1978--and, at that time, over the fierce opposition of club members who thought track events should be left to SCCA. They then became a central feature which drew people throughout northern California to join GGR.

At that time, people mostly had dedicated track cars they towed to the track and other options for getting track time were few. Then the other options proliferated, and, as attendance declined, the club changed rules to allow cars without making extensive modifications (roll bars, racing seats, 5-point belts, etc.). Now, newer unmodified cars dominate the track series--but a big contingent of the dedicated track car people came back for Porsche Club Racing.

The Nugget was another example of difficult change. People still complain to me they would rather have a printed and mailed Nugget. We used to mail out the Nugget to about 1700 addresses. Now we distribute to 2700 email addresses, and it happens instantly, in full color, with more content, at a cost that is about 1% of what the printed version cost.

The club has changed a lot over the years, but it is basically here to be whatever the members want it to be. All it takes is someone to make happen what they like. The board is here to support just about anything the club members want to do. We're all volunteers putting in some time in between jobs and families to make something happen--and to put on events like the 50th that members can just show up and enjoy.

Here's hoping you can take a little time out of your very busy schedule and join us as a participant in something in addition to spectating via The Nugget. It's a fun ride. Come along and help build the future of the club with us!

The Turbo Carrera

In honor of the club's 50th Anniversary, I created a new signature cocktail: The Turbo Carrera. This little beauty will be poured at the Presidents' Dinner and is included with the price of admission!

The GistTurbo Carrera
Mix together, shake over ice, pour into your favorite martini glass and enjoy!

3 parts vodka
2 parts grapefruit juice
1 part Triple Sec or Cointreau
1/2 part lime juice or Rose's lime juice

Mix all ingredients together, shake over ice and strain into a martini glass.

Use fresh lime juice to make it less sweet, or Rose's lime juice if you like it sweeter.

Start Your Engines!              
Remembering #622

--forward by Mike Cullinan, article by Ross Poole

In the early 1990's, Tom Poole, a local Redwood Region member decided to build what he considered to be the ultimate track/street car for the GGR Time Trial Series. Turbo body work, turbo suspension, full interior, a cage designed and built by the 1993 NHRA Engineer of the Year that was a work of art, and lastly, a hand built, 3.5 liter twin plug engine that he built himself. The color was to be "Bugatti Blue" his favorite color.

Tragically, in April 1995, at age of 33, Tom passed away before he could drive the car, leaving his wife Laurie and three sons Ross, Eric and Carl, with Ross being the oldest.

Fast forward to 2004. I decided to look for a well prepared 911 for DE/Time Trial and sell my 914. I was not looking for any particular car, just the best 911 that I could find. I saw that Jeff Sykes, a GGR member, had the Tom Poole car for sale, # 59, but was asking a little more than I wanted to spend. A few months later I saw that the price had dropped and gave Jeff a call. I met Jeff at Tom Martenot's shop in Concord for a pre-purchase and shortly after Jeff and I came to an agreement and I brought the car home.

Blue car1

Before I purchased the car I called Fred Nelson, who had been a close friend of Tom Poole's. Fred gave me some info on the car and indicated that it would be a great car to own and drive. He was right, it was and is a fantastic car in all aspects: looks, handling and engine.

Time went by and I was enjoying the car immensely driving with GGR and doing some racing with the PRC group of racers. In 2007 I received an e-mail from Ross Poole, Tom's oldest son who now lived in Colorado. He wanted to touch base and asked that if I ever sold the car would I let him have first chance of purchasing it. At the time I thought I would own the car forever, who would want to sell a car like that?

So I sent Ross some photos and told him that ok, if I ever decided to sell, he would have first shot, but, I really did not think I would sell.

However, as I got more involved in racing I realized that the car was too nice to flog around in a racing environment. I eventually ended up owning and driving a spec911 with PCA and the PRC group. My blue car ended up just sitting in my shop, covered up, while I fought off vermin that wanted to make the car a home. I knew then that I should sell it so it could be driven rather than just sit.

So, I e-mailed Ross and after some time went by we came to an agreement. He would come to Hollister in March and pick up the car on Wednesday before GGR's first event of 2010, drive the car to our Thunderhill event and then take it back to Colorado.

That Wednesday in March Ross made it to Hollister. After going over the car and records we loaded up the car in his trailer and off he went. I followed the next day. Fred Nelson, Tom's old friend, had been assigned to instruct Ross so the circle was complete.

After driving for three days at TH, Ross loaded the car back up and left for Colorado where he uses it for track events. Ross's article that he wrote about his experience follows. Thanks to Fred Nelson for helping on this forward.

We will always remember #622
Growing up with my father, I can remember one thing that stood out about him: His love of cars. I remember spending time with him at his shop at Sears Point. He would be working on his cars as I watched and helped as much as I could. That shop was a child's dream. There were so many tools, cars, and little things that could be collected. I fondly remember the smell of motor oil, gas, and rubber. During my formative years, I was constantly reminded by family and friends how much I remind them of my father. Now here I am 15 years later, grown up if you will, interested in the exact same things as my father was at my age. Even though it has been 15 years since my father was alive, I believe I was genetically coded to follow in his footsteps. I would rather be in my garage with my cars than almost anywhere else in the world. I am my father's son.
In the two years leading up to my father's death in the spring of 1995, he had a goal: To build what he believed to be the "perfect" street/ track Porsche 911. For two years he slowly assembled his dream 911, sparing no expense and making no compromises. From what started as the shell of a 1969 911, was slowly transformed into a sleek, wide body 1970's RSR. Even the color was unique. Beautiful Bugatti Blue. Upon the time of his death, the car was approximately 80% done. Not wanting to see my fathers hard work go to waste, his close friends from the car community decided to finish building the car in his honor. What they completed would go on to become a beloved part of the Porsche community.
About two years ago I began my search for this car. I was constantly reminded of its existence by a picture that sat framed on my desk, depicting my father standing in front of the partially finished blue 911. I wondered if this car was still around and if so, who owned it, and where it was. I accepted the fact that the chances of me finding this car were slim, but with my interested sparked, I set out to track the car down. After exchanging many emails with Fred Nelson, I found that the car was still alive, and owned by a member of the PCA Golden Gate region, named Mike Cullinan. At the time he was not interested in selling the car, but graciously offered me the opportunity to buy the car when the time came.

Blue car2
Flash forward almost 1 year and the opportunity that I never thought would come, came to me. Mike was offering the car to me. I decided the best way to go about it would be for me to drive out from my hometown of Denver Colorado, pick up the car and then return home. Then I thought...why not run it on the track before you drive home? It just so happened that the week I was planning on driving out was the same week/weekend as the PCA GGR "Rolling Thunder" track weekend at Thunderhill Raceway. I jumped at the opportunity to race the car on the track. Upon arriving at Thunderhill, which is nestled in the beautiful green, rolling hills around Willows CA, I unloaded the car from the trailer. I was so excited to get out on the track. Having never driven Thunderhill, or a Porsche for that matter, I was excited (nervous) to see how the car would perform, and what the track would be like. With Fred Nelson seated beside me we set off down hot pit lane, and into turn one.
What transpired over the next three days was the single greatest thing I have ever experienced in my automotive life. I was driving a car that my father built, on the track that has a memorial dedicated to him. The experience was nothing short of overwhelming.
The car was setup perfectly, and was more fun to drive than any other car I have ever driven. It gripped great through the turns, and had an exhaust note on the straights that would make a Carrera GT jealous. It seemed as though the track, the car, and me (the driver) were built for each other. I am not ashamed to admit that I might have shed a tear on one of my solo laps.
There is nothing I can say that will properly express how thankful I am to everyone who played a part in making this dream a reality. All I can do at this point is thank you individually. Thank you Mike Cullinan for taking such good care of the car. Thank you Porsche Club of America, Golden Gate Region for hosting such a wonderful event, and allowing me to be a part of it. Thank you Fred Nelson for finishing the car in 1995, for guiding me through this entire process, and for being a close friend to my dad back then, and to me now. Most importantly, thank you to anyone who has ever worked on the car, driven it, or just smiled as it drove by. It is because of all of you, that a son's dream was fulfilled. Thank you.
Ross Poole

EMC updated
Military Vehicle Tour

Military Vehicle Technology Foundation Tour, Saturday October 30 at 10AM.
GGR member Kevin Laird has arranged a tour for the Club of the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation (MVTF) in Portola Valley for Saturday October 30 at 10AM. Before his death, Jacques Littlefield assembled the largest private tank collection in the world.  The collection of vehicles date from WWI to the 1980's and range from motorcycles to a mobile scud missile launchers, and of course lots of tanks. 

Great at clearing traffic. Terrible mileage, though.

There is a suggested donation of $20 per person to the Foundation.  They are a 501c3 organization so the donations are tax deductible, and a receipt will be provided.  Expect the tour to last about 2 hours. Space for the tour is unfortunately limited to 30 people so e-mail Kevin () to reserve a spot, get directions, or ask any questions. 

Photos from last years tour can be found here.  We will meet in the parking lot of Konditorei (3130 Alpine Road, Portola Valley) and leave to caravan up to the compound at 9:45AM.  Be sure to arrive early to grab a coffee before we head out.


Jerry Woods
918 Spyder at Pebble Beach

--photos and text by Rich Tsai
On the 60th Anniversary of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, Porsche surprised spectators by driving the 918 Spyder on Cypress Drive down to The Lodge at Pebble Beach, all on its own power.


After a glimpse of the hybrid supercar as it cruised by and dived into a massive sea of media and Porsche fans, all your other senses shut down automatically to better hear the glorious exhaust note of the V8.  The unsuspecting would have concluded that a Le Mans prototype race car was among their midst, however, according 918 Spyder's project leader, Dr. Gernot Döllner, the engine is a 3.4-liter V8 derived from the Audi parts bin.  Add to that ingredient, not one but three electric motors totaling a combined 718 hp for a better power to weight ratio than the Carrera GT predecessor. 


And you can plug it in to achieve an estimated 78 mpg!



Club Auto Sport
Green Light for Series Development of the 918 Spyder
Decision Made by the Porsche Supervisory Board
ATLANTA - July 28, 2010 - In its session today, the Supervisory Board of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, gave the green light to series development of the Porsche 918 Spyder. Reflecting the overwhelming response from the public and customers to the Concept Study, the Supervisory Board gave Porsche's board of Management the mission to develop a production model based on the car already presented. This concept version of an ultra-high-performance mid-engined sports car with plug-in hybrid technology made its debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show and at Auto China in Beijing, hitting headlines worldwide.

Michael Macht, President and Chairman of the Board of Management of Porsche AG: "Production of the 918 Spyder in a limited series proves that we are taking the right approach with Porsche Intelligent Performance featuring the combination of supreme performance and efficient drivetrain concepts. We will develop the 918 Spyder in Weissach and assemble it in Zuffenhausen. This is also a very important commitment to Germany as a manufacturing base."

The Concept Study of the 918 Spyder allows CO2 emissions of just 70 g/km, corresponding to fuel consumption of 3.0 liter/100 km (94.1 mpg imp) in the New European Driving Cycle, on the one hand, and the performance of a super-sports car, on the other. This extremely efficient drivetrain technology forms a symbiosis in the 918 Spyder with truly outstanding design and high-tech motorsport achievements. Further product details of the 918 Spyder will be disclosed in the months to come.
Gorman ad
Carlsen Concours

Charlie Burton Hands Out the Prizes
Charlie Burton
--by the Editor; photos courtesy of Rich Tsai

The annual joint GGR/Carlsen Porsche charity fund raising Carlsen Concours was held on Sunday, August 8th. A record number of squeaky clean cars showed up, making this by far the largest turnout in this year's Zone 7 concours series.

Carlsen 1

Many thanks for Charlie Burton and the entire gang at Carlsen for sponsoring this event, including providing prizes and a great lunch.

Car photos are available here. Awards photos are here.

Carlsen 2

Carlsen 3

This shy Boxster reveals its factory-installed 996 engine. Two points off for dirt on the firewall; no bonus points for horsepower.
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Legends Brings out the Brass
--text and photos by Rich Tsai

Legends of the Autobahn: West Coast Summer Concours

On Friday, August 13, 2010 at Rancho Canada Golf Club in Carmel Valley, California,
The Porsche Club of America joined the BMW Car Club of America and the Mercedes-Benz Club of America to co-sponsor the premier German auto spectacular called "Legends of the Autobahn".

Each club hosted their own booths and this year, Porsche was represented with over 50 vehicles in the corral.  30 Porsches were entered for judging following PCA concours guidelines.

PCA's Kurt, Manny, Caren and Vu flew in to meet Zone 7 members led by Sharon Nidel, the Zone 7 representative.  Images from the event are posted at:

PCA's leadership (from left): President Kurt Gibson, Executive Director Vu T.H. Nguyen, Vice President Manny Alban, and Secretary Caren Cooper
Carerra de Sierra
Carerra event
Ledson Concours d'Elegance
7th Annual Charity Challenge

On October 2-3, the Classic Sport Racing Group (CSRG) is holding the 7th Annual Charity Challenge vintage car race at Infineon Raceway which benefits the Speedway Childrens' Charities of Sonoma. CSRG members have donated over $600,000 to this worthy cause since the Charity Challenge began in 2003. There will be fan activities including track rides, raffles and a race gear sales center. The featured run group will be Historic 3 liter F1 cars from the Historic Grand Prix Group and invited Formula Atlantic cars. Practice is on Friday with racing on Saturday and Sunday.  

In addition to the racing, the Jim Russell Racing School and the Audi Sportscar Experience have once again invited attendees to use their amazing trackside facility for the FRIDAY EVENING, 10/1/2010, Cocktail and Hors d'oeuvres Reception and Auction. This is a wonderfully catered event with live music, auction and guest speakers. Tickets are $100 which can be purchased at the door Friday night.  

There is also a special offer with extra benefits for car club members who would like to attend the raced.  This offer includes:
  • Specially priced advanced tix $20 per person vs. $25 at the gate. (limit 4 per club member). Club members can also get the advanced price at the gate with a Club ID.
  • Premier on Paddock Car Club Corral Parking
  • On track exhibition laps - lunch time (we have room for 120 cars)
  • Free commemorative event poster
  • Priority Sign up for Charity Ride Arounds in race cars (these always sell out in the best cars). Clubs will be sent a roster of available "Ride Around Cars" approx one week before the event and can reserve a spot via email to CSRG car club ambassador.

If any of your club members are interested in this special offer, they can contact me at to have their name added to the advance ticket list.  Thank you and I hope to see you and your club members at the CSRG Charity Challenge.


Gary Horstkorta

Zone 7 AX & Oktoberfest Weekend
Zone AX

See you at the 50th!

As always, thanks for reading.
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
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