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February 2010. Volume 50, Issue 2
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From the Wurst Wing
Track Primer #2: Risks
Letter from the Editor
Porsche Pets Rule!
Competition Corner
Board of Directors
Membership Report
The Power Chef
Good Will or Not so Good Will
2010 Rules Changes
2010 Porsche Turbo
Porsche Driving School & Travel
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CoCo GCoCo Giselle, CG
Executive Editor of The Nugget

Coco this month has settled into her editing duties with a comfy nap spot near my computer. She particularly likes the heart-shaped pillow and her new ultra-glitter collar.

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From the Wurst Wing
--by John Celona, GGR President

The New Year is at SPEED

For last month's issue we were enjoying the last little bit of respite before the new year got into high gear, but this month we are THERE. Club members have been busy working on getting this year's events rolling and we even had our first event already. Here's the news on what's going on!

Annual Awards Banquet January 10th

Good to see all the folks who made it to our annual awards banquet, held at the Blackhawk Auto Museum. Kudos to Mark Powell for organizing the event and to Bill Dally for acting as master of ceremonies.

This event is our annual opportunity to recognize the people who've turned out and driven well in the time trial and autocross series and, more particularly, to recognize the club members whose contributions over the past year have been outstanding even in the context of the many dedicated volunteers who put the events on. I'd like to recognize these winners of our special club awards for this past year:

  • The Family of the Year Award goes to the family in which everyone pitched in and contributed to the club the most over the past year. For 2009, we were pleased to award this to Mark, Bernadette & Jordan Gersh.

  • The Enthusiast of the Year was our concours and rally chair (for us and also AX for Zone 7) Larry Adams.

  • The Competitive Event of the Year was awarded to Warren Walker and Mike Cullinan for the club race at Thunderhill. 

  • The Social Event of the Year was awarded to GGR social director Mark Powell for the 2008 awards banquet. 

  • The Don Lang Award is presented annually to the GGR member who most exhibits the spirit of good sportsmanship and service to the Club as shown by Don Lang, in whose memory the award is presented. This year, we were pleased to award it to Ross and Paulette Johnson.

  • Lastly, GGR's greatest honor is the Perc Bliss Award, named in honor of GGR's first president. It is awarded annually to the member(s) who made the greatest contribution to the club over the past year. This year, we were very pleased to present it to Mike Cullinan and Warren Walker for their outstanding work in adding club racing and revitalizing the time trial and drivers' education series.
If you missed this great event, don't worry! There will be another one next year. Pitch in for a club event and maybe you'll be one of the winners!

GGR 50th Anniversary Update

The organizing committee has been hard at work figuring out the where and when for this event and we are presently locked in bare-knuckles negotiation with potential venues. We should have some details next month.

Mark your calendar, though! September 11-12. 2010 you'll want to join us for the big celebration!

Calling for Missing Nuggets

Over a year ago we signed up GGR member Ralf Dossman as the GGR Historian to take on a very special project: creating an online archive of all The Nuggets since The Beginning of Time. This archive will be available through the web site and launched as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations.

As you may have seen from the columns past Nugget Editor Jim Bauman wrote, looking through old issues of The Nugget is just a hoot. More importantly, they provide the collective printed memory of the club as its been written over the last 50 years.

A number of members have already kindly donated past issues and Ralf has been hard at work tallying the collection and researching scanning options.

To complete the collection, we're asking members to loan or donate the following issues we are looking for:
  • 1960-61: all issues
  • 1962: all but August
  • 1963: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Aug
  • 1964: Jan, Aug
  • 1965: Mar, Apr, Jun, Aug, Nov, Dec
  • 1966: all issues
  • 1967: all issues but Nov
  • 1968: all issues
  • 1969: all but Dec
  • 1970: Jan - Oct
  • 1971: Sep
  • 1974: July
If you have one or more of these issues and could lend them to us: please click here to send Ralf an email. Thanks in advance!

I think that will do it for February. Happy Valentine's Day and see you at an event!

Track Primer #2: Risks

John Tavernetti
--by John Tavernetti, DE Communications

The Golden Gate Region of the PCA hosts roughly half-a-dozen weekend Driver Education (DE) events at various racetracks in Northern California each year. If you have never attended one of these events, you are missing out on a marvelous experience. Not only are these events a fun and cathartic escape from the routines of daily life, they offer a relatively low-cost way of improving your driving skills. Our crew of instructors is among the best you'll find anywhere short of the four-figure entry fees charged by professional racing schools.
But perhaps driving your Porsche around a racetrack sounds risky? A bit too far outside your personal comfort zone? Ask yourself this: How many times in the past year have you found yourself travelling at speed on the freeway alongside a large car whose driver was either: a) talking on a phone, b) eating, c) texting, d) balancing a hot cup of coffee in one hand or e) loading a DVD into an entertainment system in order to stop their kids from throwing various plastic objects at them from the back seat? More than once I bet. Me too.
Compared to what we all experience on today's busy public roads, a well-run DE event is actually a more-controlled environment. It's true. Consider this: Every car at a DE has just passed a basic technical inspection. Every new student driver has an instructor alongside them constantly communicating proper actions to take. Usually less than twenty-five cars are allowed at a time, spread out over three miles of track. Every corner of the track is watched by workers who, using variously colored flags and a radio, can warn you in advance of any unusual condition ahead. Other cars cannot pass you unless you stick your entire arm out your window and point them by on the side of your choosing. No drivers are eating, drinking, texting or talking on the phone. Every driver is a Porsche owner who wants to bring their car home safely at the end of the weekend. There's more... but you get the idea.
Of course, I cannot tell you that DE events are without risk. There are risks. Things can and occasionally do go wrong, despite everyone's best efforts. Statistically however, incidents of vehicle damage are rare and, thank goodness, actual injuries are nearly unheard of.
In exchange for stepping a bit outside your comfort-zone you may find yourself having more fun than you ever thought possible. And while you're at it, you'll be developing valuable car-control skills and situational awareness that may help you avoid an accident on a public road someday... you know, when that SUV driver in the next lane watching a video on his i-phone spills twenty ounces of boiling coffee on himself. Possessing the sufficiently-practiced skills to instantly (i.e. subconsciously) extract maximum handling and braking potential from your Porsche at that moment might make all the difference.
For more details about upcoming track events, including complete event rules and safety requirements, please visit
I'll see you at the track!
John Tavernetti, PCA Instructor

Letter from the Editor
Alameida big
--by John Celona, Nugget Editor

Porsche Pets Rule!

If you have a pet (or pets!) of your own or perhaps have seen the amazing "Pets Rule!" show at Sea World, you already know what a remarkable addition to your life a companion animal makes. They truly are one of the family. The difference, of course, is that no matter how awful or frantically busy your day, a pet is still there wanting their day to be made utterly wonderful with a few pats, a little play time, and perhaps a treat. What a wonderful gift to make someone else's life just great so simply.

Carol and George Grialou, the godparents of the Boxster Brunch, help us kick off our "Porsche Pets Rule!" feature with photos of their baby Abbey. Send in a photo and short blurb on your pet! They can be next month's "cover model"!

Thanks for reading.
Porsche Pets Rule!

I am sending you a picture of our baby girl.  She's 7 1/2 years old and a Black Toy Poodle.  When Abby was born she weighed 5 oz.  We picked her up when she was 7 weeks old.  Then she weighed 1 1/2 lbs.  Now at her age she tops the scale after eating at about 8 lbs.  We have noticed that she has trained us very well.  We have always had bigger dogs, like labs, so Abby is our first very small dog.  We have made an excellent choice and hope she lives a long life.

Abbey Grialou
George and Carol Grialou and Abby too!

Whoa! Little girl! Our CoCo Giselle tips the scales at 13 lbs. Guess we won't get them together soon!
High Performance House
Competition Corner
van Norsdall
--by Wayne Van Norsdall, Competition Director

The DEC meeting went off without a hitch and the new points system / rules have been adopted for the 2010 season. Unfortunately, we have a few small technical changes to discuss at the Feb 2nd board meeting before I can publish them. I am expecting to have the new rules and points system published no later than Feb 6th on GGR's web site. I will send an email blast announcing the rules have been posted.

Remember that our first autocross is March 20th and our first track weekend is March 26th/27th/28th. There will be a track orientation day Thursday 25th for those who sign up for all three days and Friday 26th for those who choose the two day event. So bleed your brakes and get ready for another exciting season!

European Autotech
Board of Directors
--by Bill Benz, GGR Secretary

GGR Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes for January 6, 2010
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by President Celona at 7:00 pm at his home.
All members of the Board were present. The Board was joined by Sharon Neidel (Zone 7 Representative), Mike Cullinan and Warren Walker (GGR TT/Club Race Chairs), Chris Hamilton and Joe Lee (GGR AX Chairs), Andrew Forrest (WebMaster)and Past
President Bill Dally.

Agenda Changes
The draft meeting agenda was agreed upon with the addition of a discussion of the upcoming awards banquet

Calendar Changes
Calendared dates for Board meetings were reviewed.
Postmortem of Past Events
Dent-Pro day was a success with a turn out similar to last year.
The final autocross of the 2009 season had expected attendance
Over 30 cars were present at the Boxster Brunch organized by George Grialou
Many members continue to enjoy the Friday night socials organized by Shirley Neidel on the third Friday of each month at Harry's Hofbrau in Redwood City.
Directors' Reports
            President - Nothing to report

            Vice President - Insurance is being ordered for the autocross events presently on the calendar for 2010.

            Treasurer - Outgoing Treasurer Bill Benz reported that the transition to incoming treasurer Linda Adams was progressing on schedule. Estimated income tax payments and Franchise Tax Board taxes have been paid. As expected, the end of the year bank balance was down about $10,000 as compared to a year ago. This was consistent with the budgets and the less-than-expected attendance at several driving events during 2009. The Treasurer's report was approved.

            Secretary - Nothing to Report

            Social - Past Events were reviewed. The upcoming year-end banquet was discussed. Final payments have been made, the schedule for the event was discussed. Seventy six people have signed up.

            Membership - The slight decrease in membership noted throughout 2009 appears to be slowing. Sixteen new members were accepted.

            Competition - The Driving Event Committee will meet on January 16, 2010. Any rule changes the Committee proposes will be sent to the Board. The Board approved an e-mail vote for or against the rule changes to be proposed by the Committee.

            Webmaster - The transition to Andrew Forrest has been completed.
Topics for Discussion
            Budgets for the 20010 Autocross series and 2010 Time Trial/Club Race Series were presented, discussed and approved.
            A $60.00 payment to assist the set up of the Zone 7 website was approved.
            The GGR 50th anniversary was discussed. An event Committee has been organized. A preliminary proposal for a two-day event to be held September 11-12 was put forward. The Board authorized the payment of deposits to reserve facilities for the event.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9 p. m.

BPS Repro
November  & December Membership Report

Jeff Kost--by Jeff Kost, Membership Director

The primary membership level held flat thru November and December, similar to what we have seen over the last six months. New memberships remained strong relative to recent history and transfers in/out were relatively balanced. I hope that all had a Happy New Year and wish you health and prosperity in 2010! Just a suggestion, how about as a resolution for the New Year, each of you looks for one new member to add to GGR!

Total Members:     2343
Primary:                1365
Affiliate:                   977
HQ Life:                      1
GGR Life:                   3
New Members:         16 Nov/16 Dec
Transfers In:               3 Nov/5 Dec
Transfers Out:             8 Nov/2 Dec

New Members

Roger Allas

Santa Clara

2005 Carrera S

Tom Atkinson


2000 911

Peter Barrett

Palo Alto

2001 Carrera 4

Phil Bazell


2006 Cayman S

Laura Brock

San Jose


Mark Buchanan

San Francisco

2009 Carerra S

Tony Cerami

Emerald Hills

2002 911 Turbo

Jim Cihla

San Jose

2004 Boxster

Greg & Yvonne Fisher


2006 Carrera997

Keith Gillum

San Jose

2000 911

Lisa Gonsalves

Walnut Creek


Mike & Donna Greenberg


2007 911

David & Megan Gutelius

Menlo Park

1991 964

Greg Hoff


1996 Turbo

Eric & Shie-Rei Huang


2004 911 GT3

Brette Hudacek

Palo Alto


Kevin & Veysiye Johnstone

Mountain View

2007 997

Danny Jump

San Jose

2001 Boxster S

Barry Klawans

San Francisco

1979 924

Shane Knapp

San Jose

1986 944 turbo

Richard & Noriko Law

Mountain View

1987 Carrera

Ken Lee


1981 911sc

Nicole Mitchell

San Bruno


Tiffany Montague

San Jose


Alan Muschott

Menlo Park

2008 Carrera

Daren Okada

Menlo Park

2006 997S

Darius & Zamira Oravec

San Jose

2009 Cayman S

Katherine Prescott

San Carlos


Vijay Raghavan

San Francisco

2000 Boxster

Kimberly Rooks

Boulder Creek


Stephanie Roston

San Francisco


Joan Secoquian Clark

San Jose

2008 Cayman S

Nima & Reza Shams

San Jose

1984 944

Lili Stiefel

San Francisco

1967 911

Robert Superko

Portola Valley

2006 carrerra S

Ted & Nadine Tevis

San Jose

2002 996 TT

David Venuti

Los Altos

2007 Cayman

Allen & Teresa Wilt

Carson City

1998 Carrera 2S


 35 Years

Gerhard Georgi

San Bruno

1974 914

Sharon Neidel

Redwood City

1994 968

30 Years

Norman Steward


1955 550 SPYDR

25 Years

Joseph Berube


1985 930

Aaron Howe

San Geronimo


James & Jean Ohl



Claudia Fleming



Roger Sheridan

Paso Robles

1970 914-6

 20 Years

Curt Hammill


1969 911

Martin Wu

San Francisco

1983 944

Linda Sheridan

Paso Robles

15 Years

David& Linda Carman

San Jose

1990 944S2

David Clark

St Helena

1960 356 S90

Kris Moore

Los Altos Hills


Mark Shattuck


1970 911E

Stuart Ward


S 78 911SC

Kate Cavell


1972 911S

10 Years

Mark Bennett


1988 944

Claire Eason



Boris Elpiner



Julia Erlandson

Palo Alto


Roxanne Graas

San Jose

1996 993

Barbara Kelly



George Koster

Crystal Bay


Kenneth Owyang


1997 911

Pam Park



Judith Reding



Harlan Spiva

San Jose

2001 911

Lisa Wicker



George Buck

San Jose

1975 914

J Lynch


1985 911

Alexis Quiring

San Francisco

5 Years

Alger Chapman

Moss Beach

1985 944

Shannon Clemente


Sherry Deats

Menlo Park

Lee Hamilton



Pascal Lehmann

Potts Point Nsw 2011

Jeffrey Malone

San Francisco

1978 911sc

Yochiko Okamura

San Francisco


Gary Reis

Menlo Park

1986 911

SirAndy Schmidt


1970 914-4

David Shapiro


1996 911 C4S

Silvia Spiva

San Jose


Elizabeth Sweeney

Portola Valley


Albert Yue

San Francisco

1965 356SC

Larry Blair

San Jose

2004 911 GT

Greg Brandeau

Los Altos

1983 944

Joe Eschbach

Los Altos


Glenn O'Dell


1987 930

Phil Turner

Pleasant Hill


Wayne Van Norsdall

Walnut Creek

1973 914

TRG ad

Vineyard Specialties3

The Power Chef
NE Bike
"The Importance of Being Earnest"...

--by John Celona, The Power Chef®, of course, the title of a play by Oscar Wilde and later a movie. In it, a man by the name of Jack is a major landowner and justice of the peace, with tenants, farmers, and a number of servants and other employees all dependent on him. For years, he has also pretended to have an irresponsible black-sheep brother named Ernest who leads a scandalous life in pursuit of pleasure and is always getting into trouble of a sort that requires Jack to rush grimly off to his assistance. In fact, Ernest is merely Jack's alibi, a phantom that allows him to disappear for days at a time and do as he likes (synposis courtesy of SparkNotes).

Through a tangled series of events, "Jack" learns that his name is, in fact, Ernest, and this rather remarkably proves to be the key to winning the heart of the woman he's already fallen for. In the end, Jack admits "I've now realized for the first time in my life the vital Importance of Being Earnest."

I rather think that developing a regular exercise habit is akin to discovering "the importance of being Earnest." We all lead very busy and full lives. It is all too easy to let work, family, work, social duties, hobbies, and work squeeze every bit of extra energy and ambition out of you. Then, on those rare occasions when you can take a breather, it is all too tempting just to relax with a movie or a magazine--all too easy, in other words, just to be the entirely serious "Jack."

Lurking within you, though, is a fit person struggling to get out. Perhaps you're lucky enough that your inner "Ernest" is already out and he sneaks off for exercise regularly. I must confess to finding it rather easier to keep "Ernest" a secret until I get to know people better. Much easier to say I'm "not available" from 11:30 to 1:30 than to say I'm dashing off to do the noon masters' swim workout.

Immediately after the New Year I see a great many would-be Ernests at the gym. Being a regular, it's quickly evident when a newcomer arrives, usually confirmed by their looking around in bewilderment. Men typically grab dumbells for a few bicep curls, then resume wandering.

I do wish them all the best, and hope they can continue. Fitness has a wonderful way of enhancing the entire rest of your life, whether you're autocrossing, working in the yard, playing with the kids, or just unloading the car. It is a wonderful feeling to be fit enough to move and do what you like without worrying about imminent injury.

Sadly, almost all New-Year-Ernests revert to Jack all too quickly. They've shown up, perhaps worked hard enough to get sore, not noticed a lick of difference after a week or two, become discouraged and go back to the office and the Blackberry--neither of which has notable fitness benefits.

Equally regrettably, though the messages on the importance of fitness and exercise seem loud and clear in media and culture, acceptance of making allowances for fitness seems the exception rather than the rule. The attitude seems to be "It's great that you work out. Just don't let it interfere with your work."

I think giving in regularly to your inner Ernest to exercise has huge benefits in work productivity which are largely unrecognized. I am highly motivated to work hard and get my work done so I have time to work out, too. The Jacks of the world show their mettle by scheduling all-day meetings. I'd rather compress it to 2-3 hours, fit in the workout, and maybe even make dinner, too. Call me an incorrigible Ernest. I rather think of it as a daily escape for the sake of ME, aside from all the time I devote to other people and things.

Maybe there's an angle here: if more people thought of exercise as a guilty pleasure they surreptitiously indulged in rather than drudgery, they might stick with it!

Besides, think of the benefits of not having time for a big lunch! And, if someone asks where you've been for the last two hours, just say "Working earnestly." (wink!)

Bon Appetit,
The Power Chef

If you're living "earnestly," you may have to munch lunch at your desk when you get back to the office. Here's a truly great sandwich that waits very well in the office fridge until you return!

An Easy (but "Ernest"!) Tuna Sandwich


The Gist

Make an easy tuna salad with drained, canned tuna, equal parts mayonnaise and yogurt, minced red onion and celery. Have on whole wheat bread with lettuce and tomato. Eat along  with a can of corn for a complete meal.

2 cans tuna in water, drained (white or chunk light)
1 tbs. mayonnaise
1 tbs. yoghurt
2 tbs. minced red onion
2 tbs. minced celery
4 slices whole wheat bread
4 slices tomato
4 pieces lettuce
1 can of corn

Combine the tuna, mayonnaise, yoghurt, onion, and celery and mix thoroughly. Distribute onto the 4 slices of bread. Put 2 slices of bread together with the lettuce and tomato in between. Enjoy with the can of corn on the side.

I prefer chunk light tuna to white because it seems to have more flavor and is less dry. Mixing equal parts yoghurt and mayonnaise gives the right creaminess while halving the fat content.

Spreading some tuna salad on each slice keeps the sandwich moist and eliminates the need for extra mayonnaise on the other slice of bread.

This produces a very tasty tuna salad with far fewer calories than the usual variety. I eat it regularly and without hesitation.

Tuna Mexicana: skip the celery and instead add a small can of drained, mild green chiles. Black olives would also be good.
Thai Tuna: combine the tuna with 1 tbs. olive oil, 1 tsp. thai fish sauce, 1/2 tsp. lime juice, a small can of mild green chiles, and 2 finely minced kafir lime leaves (I get them off my tree.) Exotic and very tasty.

Good Will or Not so Good Will

Benz--by Bill Benz, GGR Secretary

Companies like to talk about the value of their "good will". One way to look at good will is to ask "how much TOO MUCH are you happily willing to pay?" When I'm buying $6000.00 purses for Ruth at the San Jose fleamarket I always look for the Looey Vooton name. I want to see it on the bag, on the flaps and on each and every one of the straps. I know that my man Looey knows how to make a great $6000.00 bag. I want everyone to know that Ruth and I are persons of attainment and dignatude. Looey locks that in even without the price tag showing. We ain't taking chances with anyone else like that Goochy fella. Looey's got this good will thing nailed. So does our favorite German car company.
It's interesting when a company or its marketing department starts to doubt the value of the company's good will. Remember when Jack in the Box made a big deal of getting rid of Jack . Explosives were involved.
Even more fun was when KFC decided that no one wanted to hear about "Kentucky" or "Fried" or "Chicken" and instead ran a campaign showing hard-hatted iron workers sitting on skyscraper girders excitedly opening their lunch pails to savor Kitchen Fresh Cooking (Get it? "K" "F" "C") in the form of humus wraps and nondairy yogurt parfaits...NOT-T-T-T-T!
In each case someone questioned the value of the good will associated with the old mark and decided that a do-over was needed. These advances were turned into hasty retreats. The first back to the established comfort of clown heads and in the other to the happy world of secret herbs and spices and a white-suited, bearded gentleman standing over a deep fat fryer.
The issue of goodwill value comes up in our world because of a comment I read this Fall speculating on the future of Porsche and Audi motorsport activities now that the two companies are more closely related. (Unfortunately, I now can't find the comment or a cite to it so this has to be taken as an urban legend.) The comment was to the effect that it might make sense for the Porsche and the Audi racing efforts to be combined and this would be a good opportunity to resurrect the "Auto Union" name.
For those of us who are way old "Auto Union" conjures up images of Germany from the thirties and "Auto Union 1000" sedans in the late 50's. My recollection is that the "1000" was sort of a Deutschlandic "Humber Super Snipe". I think I've seen three or four "Auto Union 1000s" on the highway in my lifetime. Let's be honest. This does make it more poplar than lots of other German cars of this era - Messerschmidt minicars, NSU Prinzs' and Amphicars. But not by much. My guess us that for younger car buyers (identifiable no pacemakers and almost no Depends) "Auto Union" comes up essentially a zero.
It's hard to imagine that "Auto Union" would be more valuable than "Porsche" in the sports car market place. To me, "Porsche" is almost as good as Looey Vooton!

suspension performance
2010 Proposed Rules Changes

--Here they are! Click on the photo and log in to the GGR bulletin board to really read them. --Ed.

rules proposals


EMC updated
2010 Porsche Turbo

New 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo Goes on Sale This Week

Porsche Icon Boasts 500 Horsepower, Delivers 25 mpg

ATLANTA - January 25, 2010 - Porsche Cars North America announced today that the 2010
Porsche 911 Turbo will arrive at its U.S. dealers this week and go on sale on January 30. This is only
three months after the debut of the highly acclaimed Panamera, Porsche's first Gran Turismo and
sports car for four.

Porsche traditionally has emphasized efficiency, but the new flagship 911 gives a new meaning to its
high-performance label. While its acceleration, braking and handling capabilities make it a true super
sports car, it goes about its business with a thriftiness that is equally remarkable and by no means
the norm in its class. With 20 more horsepower, and a 13 percent increase in fuel economy, the new
911 Turbo is indeed more powerful and more efficient.

"We are very excited to welcome the all-new 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo into the family," said Detlev
von Platen, president and CEO of Porsche Cars North America. "More than ever, this supercar is a
technological tour de force, and the seemingly unanimous accolades from the media support what
we already believe; this is the best 911 Turbo ever."

The 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo features the first entirely new engine in its storied 35-year history. The
new flat-six boxer engine now delivers 500 horsepower, 20 more than the previous power plant.
Maximum torque is up by 15 to 516 lb. ft. when equipped with the optional Sport Chrono Package

All of this means that the new 911 Turbo can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds when
combined with the new, highly acclaimed Porsche-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) seven-speed dual
clutch transmission. Top track speed is 194 mph for both the Coupe and the Cabriolet models and
its EPA estimates are a best-in-class 17 mpg city and 25 mpg highway for the new Coupe when
equipped with the PDK transmission.

"The Porsche 911 Turbo has always represented the pinnacle of the 911 model line since it was first
introduced in 1974," said von Platen. "Now, 35 years later, the Turbo is still considered the standard
when looking for the perfect combination of supercar performance with everyday drivability."

The 2010 Turbo Coupe and Turbo Cabriolet prices are $132,800 and $143,800, respectively.

Club Auto Sport
Porsche Driving School & Travel Club

Porsche Sport Driving School and Porsche Travel Club Offer a Wide Range of Activities for 2010

Special Driving Events Planned in Coming Year

Porsche driving school

Atlanta/Stuttgart, January 15, 2010 - Porsche is challenging its most passionate drivers in 2010 to
hone their performance skills on an array of new and established locations that include the renowned
Porsche Driving School at the scenic but challenging Barber Motorsport Park in Birmingham,
Alabama, as well as other special locations around the globe.

Internationally, Porsche has plans for special hands-on driver training, as well as exclusive travel and
driving experiences at exciting locations worldwide. Interested participants can begin booking
immediately through Porsche Sport Driving School and the Porsche Travel Club 2010.

Most appropriately at this time of the year, the first event is Winter Training as part of the Porsche
Driving Experience. Two ideal events for beginners are Porsche's Precision Training Camp in Austria
and Camp 4 in Finland. For the more experienced winter drivers, on the other hand, Porsche is
offering snowbound tracks and ice lake driving courses prepared exclusively for the German
automaker at the Porsche Driving Experience Center in north Finland, which recently opened in 2009.
Here several Winter Training Sessions are being offered on this frozen tundra from January until the
end of April. The ultimate driving experience here is reserved for the Master Training Experience with
Porsches running on ice with spiked tires that promise the ultimate in severe winter driving fun.                        

As always, the Porsche Sport Driving School operates year round and offers numerous courses for
beginners, intermediates and advanced drivers, including special programs tailored to specific
groups of drivers. Porsche Classic Training with historical sports cars, for example, is now being
held for the second time. Super Sport Training, in turn, thrills drivers with the very high-performance
Porsche sports cars such as the Carrera GT, the 911 GT2, or the GT3. The "Women Only," program,
as the name indicates, is targeted specifically at women with a penchant for driving in truly sporting

The Porsche Sport Driving School forms the heart of Porsche's performance driving events for most
of its customers and has been a part of Porsche's special events for many years. Here in the U.S.,
Porsche operates one of the country's top Sport Driving Schools anywhere.  Guest drivers of all skill
levels receive personal instruction in Porsche renowned sports cars from 28 top professional drivers,
many of whom are highly accomplished drivers in their sport with historic wins in some of the world's
most renowned races. For example, the team is led by the great endurance racer, Hurley Haywood,
who among other accomplishments, has won five times at the 24 Hours of Daytona, three times at
the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and twice the 12 Hours of Sebring. Various programs include beginning,
intermediate and advanced race instruction.  Programs can be booked for one, two or three days.

All in all, some 250 instructors working for Porsche the world over guarantee optimum support and
know-how for participants - on national and international race tracks, both offroad and on ice.
Participants even have the opportunity to acquire a motorsport license in order to join in customer
races such as the Porsche Sports Cup.

The wide range of activities offered by the Porsche Travel Club subdivided in 2010 into four specific
themes is both attractive and highly individual: Porsche Behind the Scenes, Porsche Weekends,
Porsche Adventure Tours, and Porsche Camps. Apart from day and weekend excursions to popular
destinations in Germany, Porsche Travel Club also offers exclusive tours to beautiful places both
nearer by and far away. Driving a Porsche sports car, a Cayenne or the Panamera, for example,
guests have the opportunity to discover both the Provence and the Côte d'Azur, the Alps or the

The various courses and sessions offered by the Porsche Driving Experience may also be booked by
companies wishing to give their employees a very special gift. For further information on both U.S.
and international programs, please visit or call 888 204-7474.

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Panamera drive

Time to start getting your car ready--only six more weeks till the driving starts!

As always, thanks for reading.
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region
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