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March, 2008 - Vol 48, Number 3

March, 2008 - Vol 48, Number 3
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Letter from the Editor
Competition Corner
Jan. Membership
Board of Directors
DE & TT #1
2008 DE Schedule
The Power Chef
40 Years Ago in the Nugget
GGR Tech Bulletin
Showroom Stock Classes
2008 Parade Registration
New PCNA President
New 911 GT3 RSR
Porsche Boot Camp
New Cayenne GTS
Crab 34
Zone 7 Autocrosses
Topless Concours
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Dear Porsche Enthusiast,

Welcome to The Nugget, the email newsletter of the Golden Gate Region, Porsche Club of America.
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Pawlina Paraskova CG
Executive Editor of The Nugget
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President's Message
Bill Dally--by Bill Dally, GGR President

Bill has been buried at work this month. He'll be back next month. --Ed.
Jerry WoodsSmart Racing
Letter from the Editor
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--by John Celona, Nugget Editor

Calling for a GGR Historian!

Yes, that's right, we're looking for a GGR Historian. Believe it or not, I'm not making this position up. It's actually defined in GGR's so-called "Red Book," which is the repository of all sorts of procedures, definitions, and records for the club. The name must go back to some obscure connection with Chairman Mao's enthusiasm for Porsches, but that's another matter.

Anyway, the historian would be taking on just one task: creating an electronic archive of back issues of The Nugget. Much of that would be just assembling existing PDF versions of The Nugget, but it would involve some scanning when only paper versions are available. Probably, amongst all the club members and what's in the GGR storage area, a complete collection is available. And the webmaster opines that, depending on how large the archive is, some significant portion of it could be made available to all members on the web site.

If you're interested in taking this on, please click on my photo to send me an email. It would be a lot of fun, and financial support from the club is available (for scanning costs, for example).

As always, thanks for reading.

Competition Corner
Thompson--by Dan Thompson, Competition Director

Now we are into the competitive season in Time Trial, with a wonderful two days of lite fog in the mornings and warm sun in the afternoons at Infineon Raceway. And yes, we actually got timed runs in. We now have track records for Infineon, after 4 tries. Unfortunately this may be our last trip back to Infineon for awhile. We had a less than stellar turn out, and without enough folks to run the track, the fees may become prohibitive for future forays there. If you didn't run Infineon, you missed a great weekend of weather and track time.

For our remaining DE/TT events for 2008, any Porsche may attend the DE portion of the weekend using stock 3 point belts with stock seats. If you plan on attending one of our events you need to make sure your stock belts and seats are in good working order. If you have an older car we strongly suggest you replace your belts with new ones. UV degradation happens in a very short time, and your belts are your first line of safety on the track. Instructors have the last say as to whether they will instruct in your car if your seats or belts are suspect, so err on the side of safety.

On to the Autocross series. Our first event will be March 15 at Alameda Point. We will now be using one of the actual Navy base runways. #725 if you want to do a search on Google Earth. We have about 3,000 feet of length but only about 200 feet of width. This will lead to some interesting course designs. But I am sure with the talented course designers we have in GGR, we will be able to utilize the new venue to it's fullest after our first visit.

And later this year we will be having a 914 Shoot Out, it will be a two-day event run in conjunction with the Zone7 AXs scheduled for Marina Airport on August 2 and 3. We are planning on some special things for the 914s that come and run either one or both days. Plan on being there. More information on that event to come as our plans come together. You can preregister for the 914 Shoot Out on

OK, the weather is improving so you have no more excuses. Get the Porsche out of the garage and join us at one of our many driving events this season. Hope to see you out there.

January Membership Report
-by Jeff Kost, Membership Director
Jeff Kost
Total Members:     2531
Primary:               1480
Affiliate:               1050
Life:                          1

New Members:     25
Transfers In:        13
Transfers Out:       7

New Members

Maribel Amodo-Chiu

Daly City


Craig Backer

San Francisco

1982 911

Tammy Bailey



Jerry Buysse

Los Altos

2008 911 S

Rob Chiang

Santa Clara

2008 Cayenne

Michael Chiu

Daly City

2007 Cayman S

Jim Cismowski

Pleasant Hill


Robert Deforest


1985 911

Bill & David Ellsworth


2000 Boxster S

Michael Fox

Los Altos

2008 Cayenne

Sonia Gomez-Rexelius

San Francisco


David & Sayuri Grieshaber

South San Francisco

2007 Cayman S

Dereck Horn

Palo Alto

1973 914

Sidney Huey


2002 996

Kai Klassen

San Francisco


Joe Lee

Castro Valley

1968 912

Ron Lewis


2003 911-966

George Liu



Jeff Long



Robert Maranda

Palo Alto

1996 911C2

Stephanie Minorgan

Palo Alto


Pere & Juan Obrador

Mountain View

2008 Carrera

Wayne Okubo


1996 993

Timothy Place

Brisbane 4066

1990 928 S4

Kevin Platshon

Menlo Park

1985 911

Linda Preston

San Carlos

1996 911

Peter Rexelius

San Francisco

2003 996 C2

Tracy Seigart

San Jose


Evan Shahin

San Jose

2006 Cayman S

Douglas Sharpe

San Jose

2007 911 Turbo

Philip Slattery

Palo Alto


Laura Swan



James Syar

San Francisco

1975 911 S

Clifford Veltenaar

San Jose

1972 911E

Stephen Wolking


1979 930

Jeanne Wu


2005 Cayenne


25 Years

Snookie Arolla

Santa Clara

20 Years

Jeanette Ramies

Portola Valley


Hp Wilms

Mill Valley

1990 964

15 Years

Michael Cullinan


1980 911

Patricia Kindred

Morgan Hill


Kevin Morrissey

San Francisco

1996 993

John Sherck

Los Gatos

1969 911

10 Years

Jesse Avilla

Union City

1996 993 C4S

Eelco & Carol Bergman


1970 911s

James Paugh


1974 911

Moe Reitman

San Francisco

1998 911

Patricia Thompson

Morris Plains


Gail Wakeman



5 Years

Kevin Clark

San Francisco


Sondra Cooper

San Rafael


Elizabeth Culp

San Carlos


P Fuentebella

South San Francisco

2003 Boxster

Lisa Goodins



Kristina Hansen

San Carlos


Christi Hilton



John Jefferies

Santa Cruz

1976 911

Larry Kepic



Bohumil Kypta


1983 911SC

Henry Lee

San Francisco


Jennifer Locanthi



Susan Madson

San Francisco


Robin Minor



Selva Naidu

San Jose

2003 Boxster

Leonard Stanton


1983 911 SC

Volker Weber


1961 356 BT5

John Yovino

Union City

2002 986 Cabrio

Board of Directors
Celona--by John Celona, GGR Secretary

GGR Board Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2008

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. at the house of the president, Bill Dally. Present were Bill Dally, Dan Thompson, Larry Sharp, Matt Switzer, Mark Powell, Paul Larson, Andrew Forrest, John Celona, Bill Benz, Larry Adams, Bob Murillo, and Claude Leglise. Jeff Kost was absent.

Call for agenda changes: none
Call for calendar changes: none

Minutes of the January meeting were approved.

Postmortem of events
  • 1/13/08 Awards Brunch
  • 1/18/08 Harry's Social
  • 1/19 Zone 7 Presidents Meeting and Awards Dinner: National PCA Vice-president was present. His major concern was liability. He emphasized that PCA cannot sponsor a carting event because it's not covered by insurance.
  • 1/26 GGR Ground School
  • 2/2 Boxster Brunch 10am at Alice's Restaurant
  • 2/2 Tech inspection S Car Go
  • 2/2 Tech Inspection David Loop
  • 2/9 Tech Inspection Carlsen

Directors' Reports

nothing to report


Upcoming event status report:
  • 2/22 Friday Night Social
  • 3/15 Auto X  #1 Alameda
Certificates are ordered for the following events:
  • DE/TT # 1 Infineon
  • 3/15 Auto X  #1 Alameda
Treasurer:  The treasurer presented a report recapping income and expenses for the year to date. Income was from time trial registrations and the end-of-year banquet. Expense items were a donation to Child Advocates Charity, renewal on the GGR storage area, banquet expenses, and books for ground school. The total bank balance is down from $128k to 118k. The bank account will soon be down another $30k due to time trial expenses in advance of the actual events.

Secretary:  visited the GGR storage area. It's costing the club $1300 per year for that, and is filled with a lot of items the club doesn't need to keep (a box of paper bags, an old time trial banner, etc.) After discussion, two action items emerged:
  1. Solicit to fill the position of club historian (presently unfilled) with the goal of creating an electronic archive of back issues of the Nugget to hold onto instead of the paper copies.
  2. Organize a trip down to the storage area to clean it out and sort items into "keep" and "don't keep" piles. Hopefully, the "keep" pile won't require a storage area, or can be stored in a much smaller and less expensive storage area.
Social: a number of suggestions have been made for upcoming events, but nothing has been planned yet.

Membership: not present

  • Signups for the first time trial at Infineon are significantly below the budgeted number and it presently looks like the event may lose money.
  • The autocrosses at Marina (GGR and LPR on consecutive days) will include an event-within-an-event: a 914 shootout. The purpose is to get some of the many 914 club people to the events, and maybe even induce them to attend some other autocrosses or time trials.
  • Research on the specifications for a new timing system for autocross is continuing. The system needs to be specified for all components (software, computer, wireless sensors, bar code reader, etc.) and we need to make sure all components are compatible.
  • Alameda will be a challenge to lay out courses because the runway area is 200 feet wide, although 4000 feet long. This doesn't leave a lot of lateral space of laying out a course with cars going down and coming back.
  • An agenda item for the next meeting is to find out the status of SCCA's efforts to obtain long-term access to an autocross venue.
Webmaster: no problema. Everything's fine.

Topics for discussion

Proposal 1.
Run 3 timed laps instead of two.
This is an attempt to increase TT participation. The amount of extra time needed is manageable. Implementing this will be up to the TT chair.
Proposal 2. Allow DE cars a "taste of TT" by allowing them to run 2-3 laps in the TT format after all official timing has ceased. Participant self-timing may be allowed.

This is an attempt to increase TT participation. The amount of extra time needed is manageable and participation can be limited. There will be no timing whatsoever so this is essentially a DE run session with the cars spaced out and allowed 2-3 laps.

The grid for this can be managed informally. There may be participant  qualifications, e.g., they must be certificated, not new to track. This would be moot if PCA National updates there TT minimum standards. In the meanwhile, we can try to hook a few more TT participants and not run afoul of the rules.

This proposal will be discussed further.

Proposal 3: the showroom stock classes are being added for autocross. This has already been approved. This will provide separate classes for cars which are as-delivered, starting with 1990 and newer 911's, all Boxsters, all Caymans, and all Cayennes. The points system will be continued for older and for modified Porsches.

4. Sponsorship Status: the banner will be at the first event. T-shirts will be at the second event. Recognition and thanks goes to Mac Cranford, who took on the job of following up with all the prospective sponsors and getting sponsorship commitments.

5. SVR  Hard Copy  Stats. SVR allows members to receive a printed copy of their newsletter for an additional cost of $20 per year. 65 out of about 600 members signed up for this. There was discussion that this doesn't make sense for GGR because of the considerable additional time required to create a printed version, because the club is so much larger, and because the Nugget has been extensively redesigned to take advantage of its electronic format.

6. Board email address and GGR Announce. The former system for sending an email to the GGR board alias and for sending out announcements to a "GGR Announce" list went away with the old web site. We need to figure out a way to recreate this capability. Paul, Andrew, and Claude will work these issues.

7. Discussion of safety rules for DE and TT events.

a. Matching seats. This issue has been sorted out with the help of Larry Sharp.

b. DE belts. The present rules read that only cars with airbags can participate in DE with stock, three-point belts. The proposal is to conform to PCA rules which state any stock car can participate in DE. Under the present rules, all safety equipment is subject to tech inspection upon arrival at the track, and instructors have discretion to refuse to instruct in cars with safety equipment that is not in acceptable condition. The consensus was to ensure that safety equipment is closely examined in tech inspection, and that instructors are reminded of their rights and responsibilities. Motion was made and passed to conform to PCA minimum standards for DE with 6 in favor, 1 opposed.

c. TT belts. Larry Sharp reported that PCA National is adopting the same minimum standards for time trials as for drivers' education. The motion was made to (1) allow cars (a) with front and side air bags and (b) less than 250 modification points to participate with stock seat belts, or (2) to conform to PCA National standards if they are more strict. Past President Claude Leglise asks that the minutes reflect his opposition to the motion. The votes were 3 in favor, 3 against (1 absent), so the motion did not pass.

A motion was made that, upon adoption of PCA National standards (which are expected to be less strict), that the club adopt this proposal (which is more strict than the rules proposed at National). By consensus, this motion was tabled pending the actual adoption by PCA National.


The meeting was adjourned at  9 p.m. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 19 at 7 p.m. at the home of the President, Bill Dally. Please contact the President, Bill Dally, at to add items to the agenda.

Drivers' Ed & Time Trial #1 at Infineon Raceway
Forrest --by Andrew Forrest, Drivers' Ed & Time Trial Chair

Infineon DE-TT #1 Review/The 2008 Series Theme/Some Exciting News about TT Eligibility

The 2008 Driver's Education and Time Trial season got off to a great start at Infineon Raceway mid-February with nary a drop of rain and quite a few smiles to go around.  Approximately half the participants elected to participate in the timed runs and some very good results were obtained.  Those competitors who couldn't join us at this past event should be aware -- your nemeses have got a head start on points accumulation in the Time Trial Series!

infin 4
David Loop, our newest GGR Instructor, leads Scott Reynolds in the esses
photo by David Wong, Avatar Numedia

Infin 1
Mike McDonald ceding to Marc Blatt, Glynn Dennis Sr., Tom Thomas, and Antoun Nabhan

This year's series theme is a pun on a popular Sci-Fi Comedy Movie from the 80s: "Track to the Future".  It represents our continued emphasis on growing our series by concentrating on the roots of what has made it great in the past while recognizing the shift in our members' cars towards more modern examples.  Our Driver's Education and Time Trial team has spent several years evolving our program to accommodate the many of you out there with Boxsters, 996s, 997s and now Caymans (not to mention GT-3s) all the while ensuring that core features of our series, such as our talented and experienced instructor corps continue to shine.

Infin 2
Beautiful weather...

Exciting news: is your car not eligible for Time Trial? It may be soon... Many of you are no doubt familiar with the Driver's Education Minimum Standards that our national club has put forth -- they form the basis of every PCA region's DE program.  Some time during this year, it is anticipated that PCA National will be adopting a set of Minimum Standards for Time Trial which will resemble the DE standards closely with respect to car preparation requirements.  The GGR Board of Directors has approved in principle, expanding the eligibility for Time Trial to newer cars (multiple-airbag) that are not overly modified (fewer than 250 modification points) once these national TT standards are officially adopted.  This means owners of largely stock cars such as 1999 (or newer) Boxsters will be eligible to participate in the Time Trial competition without installing multi-point harnesses and the corresponding appropriate seats.  This development could even happen before our next event!

Infin 3
...and plenty of track time!
The lone silver car in the foreground ascending the hill to Turn 2 is Andrew Jones. In the far distance in that same photo, entering Turn 6 are Tom Thomas, Thilo Koslowski, and Jeff Kost.
photo by Claude Leglise

Our next track event is this April 18 - 20 at Thunderhill Park Raceway near Willows, CA.  You may attend Friday, the weekend, or all three days.  Spring is a beautiful time of year to spend at Thunderhill, we hope you'll be able to join us.  Watch the web site for registration information.

Andrew Forrest,
2008 GGR DE/TT Chair
650 387 4019


In the paddock at Infineon Raceway, Proud parents Ross and Paulette Johnson beam over son Kole as he demonstrates his apex-cone-seeking leftward glance, suitable for use at turn two at Thunderhill (CCW).  Note also his adherence to proper GGR procedure as evidenced by the prominently visible annual tech sticker on his vehicle.

photo by 25-year GGR member Sergio Meza
2008 Drivers' Ed & Time Trial Schedule
TT banner

  Sat Mar 29, '08   Ground School Round Table Pizza, Concord

  Apr 18-20, '08   Driver's Ed & Time Trial #2 Thunderhill

  Sat May 3, '08   Ground School Round Table Pizza, Concord

  May 24-25, '08   Driver's Ed & Time Trial #3 Buttonwillow

  Sat Jul 26, '08   Ground School Round Table Pizza, Concord

  Aug 16-17, '08   Driver's Ed & Time Trial #4 Thunderhill

  Sat Aug 30, '08   Ground School Round Table Pizza, Concord

  Sep 20-21, '08   Driver's Ed & Time Trial #5 Thunderhill

The Power Chef
NE Bike
Kitty Culinary Tips

--by John Celona, The Power Chef

If you're a cat owner, you know all too well that the legendary finicky-ness of Morris The Cat is not just the creation of deluded copy writers. Unlike dogs, who seem to consume most anything that falls near them, cats indeed can be very picky about what they eat.

The Executive Editor of The Nugget, Ms. Pawlina Paraskova CG (a.k.a. The Intrepid Miss Kitty) is certainly among them. She has sniffed and walked past a wide assortment of items. Most dry cat food is a big no, but she does like Purina salmon flavor with brown rice (not that I can fault her for going for the whole grains!)

Likewise with wet cat food. Friskies Salmon Dinner is a big winner and she'll tolerate some of the other fish flavors, but Mixed Grill is a big loser. Chunk light tuna (the human variety) is also a favorite, but not the solid white (I guess it's not fishy enough!). And, suprisingly enough, Tiki Cat is a real hit-or-miss--despite costing twice what a can of tuna costs!

Then there's Miss Kitty's all-time favorite: raw chicken liver. She goes crazy just at the smell of it. I suppose it must remind her of some of the better birds she's eaten in our yard. I have to make sure she's not around when I'm washing fresh chickens or she'll be yowling at my feet until she's gotten some. (Yes, she would also be quite happy to down any of the other parts of the chicken, too!).

Of course, we could simply throw in the towel and feed her just tuna and raw chicken parts, but--her sterling carnivore credentials notwithstanding--I worry that the hundreds of people who've devoted their lives to developing cat foods may have actually put some other things in there that are good for her.

Accordingly, in the interests of domestic tranquility, I've developed a recipe for Kitty Kasserole which seems a reasonable compromise between nutrition and utter indulgence. See if your cat agrees! (Note: dogs will likely inhale it also.)

Following the recipe is another tip for easily administering pills when your cat needs them.

Kitty Kasserole


The Gist

Mix a little wet cat food (preferably a fish flavor) with some chunk light tuna and juice. Top with some dry kitty treats. Microwave briefly to heat.


2 Tb. wet cat food (preferably a fish flavor)
2 Tb. chunk light tuna in water with juice
2 tsp. dry kitty treats
a small, tasteful, ceramic bowl for serving


Lightly mix together the wet cat food and chunk light tuna. Don't overmix so there are still nice chunks of tuna visible, and make sure you use the juice from the can (our cat thinks that's the best part!). Top with the dry kitty treat and microwave just enough to warm slightly, about 10-15 seconds at most. Serve immediately and be careful not to step on your cat while he or she is lunging for it.


After many trials, we've settled on Friskies Salmon Dinner for the wet cat food, but do go with whatever is your cat will consistently eat. Then you can buy in bulk to save money. I get Salmon Dinner by the case at Petco for about 30¢ a can. Likewise, chunk light tuna in water goes for about 60¢ a can at Costco. (Avoid the oil-packed variety for both you and your cat--it has way too much fat!).

There are lots varieties of dry kitty treats out there to go on top. Don't mix these in so they keep a nice contrasting crunchy texture with the wet food. My dear sister-in-law Sheri kindly buys us loads of Kitty Mousse Salmon treats--so much that I really don't know what they cost!

Kitty Pill Administration

Unfortunately, a fact of life with letting your kitty out in nice weather is he or she may get into a fight. Cats are highly territorial and, if another cat intrudes on your cat's domain, a scuffle may ensue (as recently happened with our cat--at our back door!). The problem is that sharp cat claws and teeth make tiny but deep puncture wounds which seal over quickly and are difficult even to locate, but which often become infected.

If a wound becomes infected, an abcess can form which will require draining by your vet (not fun). However, if antibiotics are commenced with 24 hour of a probable or possible fight wound, they will usually stop any infection from spreading.

The usual method of administering a pill to a kitty is to forcibly place it far enough in the back of her mouth that she swallows it rather than spitting it out. Having already had rather enough with the sharpness of our cat's teeth and the shortness of her temper, I came up with the following method to make it easy on all of us. She actually likes it so much she has no idea she's taking a pill!


2-3 small chunks of raw chicken liver
the pill


Use a paring knife to cut 2 or 3 small chunks of liver (about half the size of a sugar cube). In one of the pieces, make a slit with the knife and insert the pill into the slit. Cat pills are small enough that you should be able to insert the pill entirely into the piece of liver.

Give to your cat immediately as the liquid of the liver will start to dissolve the pill.


Our cat readily consumes a much greater quantity of liver than this, but using only 2 or 3 chunks enures she wolfs them down before realizing there may be something there other than liver (antibiotics tend to be very bitter). Then she usually licks the bowl afterwards, so there's no worry that she didn't get all of it.

Bon appetit,
The Power Chef
40 Years Ago in The Nugget: March 1968
--by Jim Bauman, Notorious ex-editor of The Nugget (presently at large)

March Nug40

Well, last month's cover featured a snowbound 356 Cabriolet in the snow at Yosemite. In March, the editors continued to feature Yosemite on the cover with another picture from the 1967 Tour (the very first!) - with Yosemite Falls in the background.

Ah, here is a short note clarifying the policy regarding membership applications. It stated "It shall be the policy of the Golden Gate Region of the Porsche Club of America that membership applications will be distributed only by the Membership Director. The Membership Director shall distribute the applications only at P.C.A. events (preferably dinner meetings.)"  Wow... tough crowd!

Dwight Mitchell passed on a tech tip for lowering a Porsche or VW engine in order to remove it from the car.  Jack up the car as far as possible, slip a BIG block of ice under the engine, lower the car til the engine rests on the ice, remove the bolts securing the engine.... As the ice melts, the engine is lowered slowly to the ground. No mention on how to reverse the process.

Back to Yosemite... a two page ad beckons members to attend the 2nd annual Yosemite Tour. Hold on... $35 per couple? Oh, that includes a deluxe room at the lodge, gourmet dining and dancing at the Ahwahnee Hotel, all taxes and tips.  At first glance it did seem a little pricey...

GGR's geography back then was wide reaching. New members from San Jose, San Francisco, Inverness, and Walnut Creek were welcomed into the club.

The classifieds featured this:

1961 S-90 REUTTER CABRIOLET, Nassau Blue. John Williamson's 1967 Class "E" autocross champion. 4000 miles on new engine. 0.020 overbore balanced, chrome velocity stacks; BAEA gears; Koni shocks; 6 _ chrome shells with knock offs; 5.00 - 9.20 - 15 Blue Streak tires; front and rear sway bars; extractor and chrome stinger. Full white tonneau cover; chrome headlight stone guards. All new trim. Speedster seats; competition seat belts; cocoa mats front and rear; new interior paint and upholstery; leather steering wheel cover; AM/FM/SW Blaupunkt radio with dual speakers; custom nerf bars and/or bumpers; 3rd in concours at 1967 Sports Car Olympics. Ready to win Class "E" again in '68. Photo available on request. -- $3295.  Contact JOHN WILLIAMSON.

OK, here's a challenge. Is this car still in the Bay Area? Let me know.. I'll photograph it and include it in the next Nugget!

GGR Technical Bulletin


SUMMARY: Non-airbag cars may participate in GGR's Driver's Education (DE) events without installing multi-point safety harnesses.

AFFECTS: Driver's Education participants with non-airbag cars (meaning street cars that were delivered without airbags such as 914s, 911 SCs, 911 Carreras (84-89), etc.).

DETAILS: GGR adopted a new rule for 2008 that required non-airbag cars (as defined above) to employ multi-point harnesses in order to participate in Driver's Education events.  This new rule has been canceled, restoring the preparation requirements for non-airbag cars participating in DEs to the level present in 2007.  This change does not affect car preparation requirements for Time Trial participation.  This change does not override PCA National's requirement that multi-point harnesses be accompanied by appropriate seats. With this change, GGR is still in compliance with PCA National's Minimum DE Guidelines and is now in agreement with the requirements of other local PCA regions.

Members are reminded that safety gear should be in good working condition, is subject to tech inspection to ensure that is the case and that instructors have the right to refuse to ride in any car if they feel it would be unsafe.

If you have been affected by this change the DE/TT Chairman would like to know about it.  Please contact the chair at to let him know.

Prepared by Andrew Forrest, 2008 GGR Driver's Education/Time Trial Chairman
on behalf of Dan Thompson, 2008 GGR Competition Director
Showroom Stock Classes Added to Autocross

Larry Adams
--by Larry Adams, Zone 7 Autocross Chair

The Showroom Stock autocross category instituted in 2007 for Zone events has been added to the Golden Gate Region rules for 2008. This class will allow owners of newer un-modified Porsches to compete against similar model and year cars. The points rules continue for older and for modified Porsches. The following is an outline of Showroom Stock specifications and classes.

Showroom Stock Specifications

OEM wheels and OEM tire sizes must be as originally specified. Tires must have a wear rating of at least 140. Cars must run with spare tire, jack, tools, owner's manual, etc. in place. No aftermarket equipment that could be reasonably perceived as performance enhancing is permitted.

Showroom Stock Classes
S.1:    All 968
S.2:    911 C2 (964: 1990-1994), C4 (964: 1989-1994) RS America (1993-1994)
S.3:    Boxster (986: 1997-2004)
S.4:    Boxster S (986: 2000-2004)
S.5:    Boxster (987: 2005-on), Cayman (2006-on)
S.6:    Boxster S (987: 2005-on), Cayman S (2006-on)
S.7:    911 Carrera (993: 1995-1998). All except Turbo
S.8:    911 Carrera (996: 1999-2005). All except Turbo, GT2, GT3
S.9:    911 Carrera (997: 2005-on). All except Turbo, GT2, GT3
S.10:    911 Turbo (965/993/996/997: 1991-on). All except GT2
S.11:    All Cayenne
S.12:    GT2, GT3, Carrera GT, all

Complete classification information will be available on the GGR website at and at registration at each autocross.

2008 Porsche Parade Registration
Hello and Greetings from Charlotte!

We, the Parade 2008 Team, would like to thank you for your continued interest in Porsche Parade 2008. As you have probably read in this months' PANORAMA we have a very exciting line-up of events in store for you here in the 'Queen City'.

At this time we would like to introduce the official Porsche Parade 2008 Website. It is now 'LIVE' and available for viewing at  Please feel free to explore the site and see what we have planned.  FYI - More information will be posted on the website as it becomes available.

*** Remember that Registration for the 2008 Porsche Parade opens at 9AM EST on Tuesday March 11th 2008 - Put it on your Calendar !!! ***


Harvey Yancey || Chair 
Porsche Parade 2008 - Charlotte
Carolinas Region
Porsche Club of America
New President of Porsche Cars North America
Detlev von Platen becomes new President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America

Stuttgart/Atlanta/Paris -- February 22, 2008 --  Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, Germany, names two new executive managers in its two most important markets.  With the departure of Peter Schwarzenbauer (48) who has been named to the Management Board of Audi AG, in Ingolstadt, Germany, responsible for worldwide sales and marketing, the Executive Board of the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer has named Detlev von Platen (44) as the new President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America, based in Atlanta, Georgia. The new Managing Director of Porsche France in Boulogne Billancourt will be Felix Bräutigam (40).Porsche President

Detlev von Platen will take over the job in the USA from Peter Schwarzenbauer on April 1, 2008. Since 1997, the political and business economist born in France has been responsible for the Porsche brand and the development of the Porsche France sales subsidiary, established in 1999. Sales on the French market more than tripled under the management of von Platen, reaching 2,916 vehicles in 2007. The dealer network is now made up of 32 Porsche Centers, including subsidiaries in the future markets of Morocco and Tunisia. Before taking on his current position von Platen held various management positions in sales and marketing for BMW AG between 1988 and 1996.

In Atlanta von Platen will be responsible for a successful team of approximately 250 employees. Since taking on this job in March 2003, Peter Schwarzenbauer has further improved the high profile of Porsche in the USA through the consistent marketing of the brand as a premium supplier. He has ultimately been able to achieve record sales four times in a row on the largest Porsche market. In spite of a very difficult market environment plagued by cutthroat price wars between other manufacturers, the 212 dealer operations in North America were able to sell 36,680 vehicles throughout 2007. This represents approximately 38 percent of total global Porsche sales. Thanks to a pre-owned car program established in 2004, the North American Porsche dealers now sell 8,000 pre-owned Porsche vehicles with a works warranty.

Schwarzenbauer has been with Porsche AG since 1994. After occupying management positions in the German market, he took on the job of Managing Director of Porsche Ibérica in Madrid in 1997. Schwarzenbauer will begin his job at the Management Board of Audi AG responsible for worldwide sales and marketing on April 1, 2008.

Felix Bräutigam is to become the new Managing Director of Porsche France.  Since 2004, the business graduate and MBA has been responsible for the supervision of all Porsche sales subsidiaries and regional offices at the sales center in Ludwigsburg. Bräutigam, who came to Porsche in 1996 after studying in Germany and the USA, was previously employed as General Manager Marketing Communication.

Porsche expects its next big growth spurt in 2009, linked with the market launch of the four-door Gran Turismo Panamera. With Detlev von Platen and Felix Bräutigam, Porsche now has two experienced Porsche Managers at the helm of the sales subsidiaries in the USA and France ready to take on this challenge.

New 911 GT3 RSR

ATLANTA - February 13 -- The Porsche 911 GT3 RSR launches into the new model year with extensive modifications, with its North American debut scheduled next month at the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring - round one of the 2008 American Le Mans Series.

The most powerful race car based on the Porsche 911, which last year scored wins at the 24 hour races of Le Mans and Spa, the GT2 class win at Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, and an overall victory at the Nuerburgring 24 hours, competes in the GT2 class at international long distance races. The most distinguishing visual feature of the new GT3 RSR is the front end which received major improvements to the aerodynamics. The majority of innovations, however, are hidden under the weight-optimized body.

GT3 1

The first American team to announce that it will compete with the 2008 Porsche 911 GT3 RSR is the Sonoma, Calif.-based Flying Lizard Motorsports squad, which will enter the GT2 class of the American Le Mans Series with three of the new 911 race cars.  Porsche factory drivers Joerg Bergmeister, Wolf Henzler and Patrick Pilet will join veteran Darren Law and Lizard owners Seth Neiman, Lonnie Pechnik and [GGR member!] Johannes van Overbeek in the team's effort to win its first ALMS GT2 championship.

Other American Le Mans Series Porsche 911 GT3 RSR entrants plan to announce their plans and driver teams shortly.      

Aside from the additional spoilers on the front apron, new flicks, optimized air ducting with newly-designed side air outlets, generate more downforce and reduces drag. The rear end including the rear wing was taken from last year's race car. Extensive changes to the suspension dynamics increase mechanical grip considerably. The range of possible suspension set-ups have been increased.  

The 3.8-liter boxer engine of the GT3 RSR remains unchanged apart from slight improvements to details. It delivers 465 hp (342 kW) at 8,000 revs per minute and delivers a maximum torque of 430 Nm at 7,250 revs. The rev limiter of the efficient six-cylinder kicks in at 9,400 rpm.

GT3 2
Much of the know-how in the GT3 RSR's totally new gearbox has come from the Porsche RS Spyder LMP2 prototype. The sequential six-speed unit, developed by Porsche engineers, is considerably lighter than its predecessor. Internal friction was substantially reduced. The flat angle of the drive shafts allows teams a wider range of suspension set-ups.

Including the GT3 Cup and the GT3 Cup S, the GT3 RSR is the third race car based on the Porsche 911 offered by Porsche Motorsport. Thirty-five units of this fastest and most powerful 911 long distance racer are being produced in Porsche's R&D and Motorsports headquarters Weissach, Germany, and are currently being delivered to customer teams around the globe. The price of the GT3 RSR is 349,800 Euro plus VAT ($510,065 at one Euro = $1.45816).

Technical Specifications Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (2008)

  • Six-cylinder aluminium boxer engine, water-cooled;
  • 3,795 cc;
  • stroke 76.4 mm;
  • bore 102.7 mm;
  • 465 bhp (342 kW) at 8,000 rpm;
  • max. torque 430 Nm at 7,250 rpm;
  • air restrictors 2 x 29.5 mm;
  • maximum engine speed 9,400 rpm;
  • four valves per cylinder;
  • dry sump lubrication;
  • individual throttle butterflies;
  • central air intake;
  • electronic MS 4.0 engine management;
  • fuel injection;
  • fuel grade: RON 98 Super Plus unleaded; ALMS E-10 Ethanol mix
Power transmission
  • Six-speed gearbox with sequential jaw-type shift;
  • oil/water heat exchanger;
  • single-mass flywheel;
  • hydraulic disengagement lever;
  • three-plate carbon-fiber clutch;
  • rear wheel drive;
  • limited-slip differential 45/65 percent.
  • Monocoque body (basis GT3 RS road car) of hot-galvanised steel;
  • aerodynamically optimized front end with front spoiler;
  • aerodynamically optimised front underfloor;
  • adjustable rear wing;
  • 90-litre safety fuel tank with fast filling function;
  • air jack;
  • welded-in safety cage;
  • bucket-type racing seat (on driver's side only) with flame-resistant seat cover; six-point seat belt adapted for use of the HANS Head and Neck Support;
  • electric fire-extinguishing system.

GT3 3

  • McPherson spring strut axle;
  • Sachs four-way gas pressure dampers;
  • double coil springs (main and ancillary spring);
  • front axle arms adjustable for camber;
  • adjustable sword-type anti-roll bar on both sides;
  • power steering.
  • Multi-arm axle with rigidly mounted axle sub-frame;
  • Sachs four-way gas pressure dampers;
  • double coil springs (main and auxiliary spring);
  • rear axle tie-bar reinforced and infinitely adjustable;
  • adjustable sword-type anti-roll bar on both sides.
  • Complete suspension infinitely adjustable (height, camber, track).

Brake system with balance bar control.

  • Single-piece six-piston aluminium fixed callipers;
  • inner-vented, 380 mm in diameter;
  • racing brake pads.
  • Single-piece four-piston aluminium fixed callipers;
  • inner-vented, 355 mm in diameter;
  • racing brake pads.
  • Front: Three-piece BBS light-alloy wheels (11J x 18-34); central bolt;
  • Rear: Three-piece BBS light-alloy wheels (13J x 18-12.5); central bolt.
Electrical System

Motec display with integrated data recording; adjustable traction control; battery: 12 volt, 50 Ah, 140 Ah alternator.


Approx. 1,225 kg complying with A.C.O. regulations;
1,200 kg complying with FIA regulations.

Photos, courtesy Porsche Cars North America, are available here.

Porsche Driver Fitness Boot Camp in Africa
Porsche Factory Drivers Finish Fitness Camp on Fuerteventura Island

Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring Will Test Their Endurance

ATLANTA - February 19 -- At a ten day intensive fitness camp on Spanish-owned Fuerteventura Island (off Africa), Timo Bernhard (26 years-old), Romain Dumas (30), Sascha Maassen (38), Patrick Long (26), Joerg Bergmeister (32), Wolf Henzler (32), Patrick Pilet (26), Marc Lieb (27), Richard Lietz (24), Richard Westbrook (32) and Emmanuel Collard (36) have worked hard on their power and endurance. Porsche-UPS junior driver Martin Ragginger (19) also took part in the Porsche Fitness Camp under the direction of sport medicine specialist Prof. Dr. Frank Mayer from the Potsdam University.

Porsche factory drivers Bernhard, Dumas, Maassen and Long will all join Penske Racing for the 2008 American Le Mans Series (ALMS) season in the Porsche RS Spyder LMP2 prototypes, while Bergmeister, Henzler and Pilet will run for the year with Flying Lizard Motorsports with the ALMS GT2 class in Porsche 911 GT3 RSRs.  Collard will join the Penske group as an additional driver for the upcoming Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring.

The twelve Porsche pilots trained seven hours a day in a fitness studio and outside. In addition to power and endurance training the fitness schedule also included various exercises to improve their speed, flexibility and coordination.

"The drivers have stuck to the individual training schedules that I put together for them in December 2007. They turned up here at our fitness camp well prepared. Even the newer Porsche works pilots were at an excellent fitness level," said Prof. Dr. Mayer about his protégés.

Porsche camp

"For this reason we were able to again increase the intensity of the programme compared to last year," added the sport medicine specialist.

"The combination of power training, various forms of endurance training and team building exercises has given my fitness level a noticeable boost," says Timo Bernhard (Germany), the reigning LMP2 co-champion of the American Le
Mans Series.

"At the same time the first race in Sebring is the most physically demanding of the season. The fast corners put a huge strain on the neck and the bumps put an extra stress on the head and back," adds his teammate and co-champion Romain Dumas (France).

American Patrick Long, who contests his first full ALMS season in the Porsche RS Spyder this year, also feels optimally prepared.

"Even now I notice a big improvement in my fitness. Apart from that I've got a lot of ideas for my personal fitness schedule during the coming season."

Long's teammate Sascha Maassen (Germany) underlines another positive aspect of their training.

"The new works drivers Richard Westbrook, Wolf Henzler and Patrick Pilet have integrated well into our squad. The many team-building games we've played have helped tremendously with this."

New Cayenne GTS
from Porsche AG

GTS to Offer the Best on-Road Characteristics of Any Cayenne Porsche

ATLANTA -- Porsche will add some spice to the 100th anniversary of the Chicago Auto Show by unveiling the Cayenne GTS to the American public. Already known for exceptional on and off-road prowess, the GTS has been formulated, tested and tweaked to offer the best on-road characteristics of any Cayenne Porsche has ever produced.

The Cayenne GTS features a 405hp 4.8 liter V-8 engine. Based on the same V8 found in the Cayenne S, this more robust powerplant can be coupled either with an automatic Tiptronic S or, for the first time in a Cayenne V8, a six-speed manual transmission for those who want to take full advantage of this new power and suspension package. The GTS gets its cornering prowess from standard 21-inch alloy rims equipped with 295/35 R21 tires and air suspension that features Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM).

Cayenne GTS

The Cayenne GTS front end is reminiscent of the Cayenne Turbo while the body has a lower stance and a striking new wheel-arch design that complements the new 21-inch rims. The interior boasts redesigned front and rear seats that offer a sportier look and feel with Alcantara to hold both driver and passenger in place during spirited driving.

The 2008 Cayenne GTS goes on sale in February and pricing for this new model is US $69,300.

Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA), based in Atlanta, Ga., and its subsidiary, Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd., are the exclusive importers of Porsche sports cars and Cayenne sport utility vehicles for the United States and Canada. A wholly owned, indirect subsidiary of Dr. Ing.h.c. F. Porsche AG, PCNA employs approximately 250 people who provide Porsche vehicles, parts, service, marketing and training for its 212 U.S. and Canadian dealers. They, in turn, provide Porsche owners with best-in-class service.
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That will do it for March. Hope that's enough to read! (It sure seemed like a lot putting it together--or maybe it's just the sinus infection!).  See you at the March autocross.

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