February Autocross Report

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February Autocross Report

The 2017 Autocross season is fast approaching. You’d better be well under way on your winter projects if you’re going to be ready for the first event on March 19th! Time to get those super-sticky tires on order too!

Myself, I just pulled the motor out of the 914 race car this last weekend. (Yes, I’m way behind!) But I’ve already cut 3 lbs of useless metal off the chassis so things are underway.

If you missed the Holiday Banquet, you missed a great event. An open bar, great BBQ, and a room full of wonderful Porsche people – how could you not have a great time?

And the Mozart Auto Collection was an eye-popping treat! A great selection of both drop-dead gorgeous, fully restored cars as well as wonderful un-touched survivors with that great patina from decades of everyday use. Time capsules from our past. Unfortunately, they have a no photos policy, so I can’t share any pics of my favorites. But suffice to say, if you haven’t seen it, do not pass up the opportunity if you get another invitation.

One last congratulations to all the 2016 autocross trophy winners. Below are the trophy winners that were able to make it to the Banquet.

Back Row (from left to right): Tosh Yumae, Terry Zaccone, Mike Mahiques, John Brosnahan, Himanshu Patel, Ron Castle, ?, Paul Smith, Kevin Laird, Ed Hunter, Magnus Back, Andrew Blyholder
Front Row: Brad Kellett, Tara Shapowal, Steve Lau, Curtis Robertson, Dave McGuigan, Joe Lee, Jay Morrison

If you’re interested in becoming an autocross instructor, or just improving your instructing skills, Zone 7 is putting on an Autocross Instructors School, hosted by the Sacramento Valley Region on February 25, at Niello Porsche, 4525 Granite Dr, Rocklin, CA. Cost is just $25, which includes lunch. Lunch starts at noon, and the instruction will start at 1 pm. Larry Sharp will share his insights from 40 years of autocross and high performance driving instruction. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Hope to see you out there – go fast!

Andrew Blyholder
GGR Autocross Chair

Upcoming 2017 GGR Carlsen Porsche Autocross Series Calendar
Sunday, March 19th – Alameda
Saturday, April 8th – Marina (Zone Event)
Saturday, May 27th – Alameda
Saturday, June 24th – Alameda
Saturday, July 29th – Alameda, GGR AX School
Sunday, July 30th – Alameda
Saturday, August 26th – Alameda
Sunday, September 17th – Marina (Zone Event)
Sunday, October 29th – Alameda (Zone Event)
Saturday, November 18th – Alameda

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