February 2020 Track Report

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February 2020 Track Report

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Our 2020 track season ain’t fitting into last year’s shoes.  Let’s see if we can get 2018’s on.

While 2019 provided some very different offerings, including running courses in the reverse-from-normal direction, running a rarely used course in the reverse-from-normal direction, and a 103 dB DE, the track program was hammered financially.  Worst season ever in that regard.  As a regroup, we’ve really analyzed how to not let that happen again.  The 2020 season attempts to provide the tried and true offerings you are most accustomed to.

We have already kicked the season off “in the classroom” with the first tech session on January 11 hosted by our platinum sponsor BR Racing.  The next tech session is February 8.  Be there!

We hit the track with our first DE and club race on March 28 at your track chair’s favorite, Buttonwillow Raceway.  This is much earlier in our season than the typical May dates we have been there in past years, but come what may (no pun intended), the weather at the end of March should be perfect.  Register for Central Coast Region’s Friday DE, and you can kick you season off with a three day weekend!

Next up is our three day “Spring Classic” April 24-26 DE and Club Race at Thunderhill.  Our friends from the Pacific Northwest Region (35 of them) had such a blast with us last year, that they’re coming again!  This could be akin to feeding a stray cat, but hey – we’ll welcome stray Porsche drivers!  They are so excited about coming, that PNWR registrations are outpacing GGR registrations so far!

…aaaaaaand, we’re going after “Kahuna at Laguna” again May 22-24!  (You may have seen earlier announcements for it to start May 21, but we black flagged that day.)  It’s still a 103 dB Club Race event, accompanied by an advanced DE group or two (which depends on how many race registrations we receive).  Last year’s Kahuna was a terrific weekend.  Seeing a run group of nothing but Cup cars is impressive!  A special note about this year’s Kahuna and the fact that it is in May, not July:  The same weekend is the California Roots Music & Arts Festival, and we are aware that Monterey lodging is going fast.  Act now!

Your track chair thinks that’s enough to tickle you with for the time being.  Hydroplane practice season is just about over, so get those summer tires on, check your brake pads, mic your rotors, and get those monster track cars of yours ready!

Eyes up, drivers!  You can see the next turn in from here!


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