February 2020 Autocross Report

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February 2020 Autocross Report

GGR Club members attending this year’s Holiday Party at the USS Hornet in Alameda were greeted by an autocross-style chevron grid of Porsches!

Apple SSD 2M2048L Media:Users:jncelona:Desktop:2020-02-Nugget:AX photos:AX1.jpg

Once aboard we were then treated to tours of various areas of the ship, WWII era:

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And space race era (the Hornet served as a command module retrieval vehicle):

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Then it was on to the Officer’s Wardroom for dinner and awards

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John Celona presented Club Awards

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In the final part of the program, Ed Hunter, Autocross Director, passed out Class and PAX awards to the top finishers in each class and the top 10 in PAX.

2019 Class Winners:

Class Place Name
AX02 1 Monty Pack
AX02 2 Steve Lau
AX02 3 Andrew Blyholder
AX03 1 Dave Dunwoodie
AX04 1 Eric Lam
AX04 2 Ed Hunter
AX04 3 Greg Adams
AX05 1 Alan Jung
AX05 2 Ovidiu Predescu
AX05 3 Joe Weinstein
AX06 1 Doug Brekke
AX06 2 Fredy-Edwin Esse
AX06 3 Anders Truelsen
AX07 1 Teddy Framhein
AX07 2 Derek Boyd
AX07 3 Alan Booth
AX08 1 Himanshu Patel
AX08 2 Drew Powers
AX08 3 Paul Smith
AX09 1 Shannon Yeo
AX09 2 Connie Lu
AX09 3 Grady Carter
AX10 1 Allen Chen
AX10 2 Tony Loeza
AX11 1 Rj Harrison
AX11 2 Luis Argote
AX11 3 Stacy OConnell
AX12 1 Brant Ballantyne
AX12 2 Isaac Potter
AX12 3 Rodney Rapson
AX14 1 Terry Zaccone
AX14 2 Caevon Hekmaty
AX14 3 John Brosnahan
AX16 1 Reuben Rivera

2019 PAX Winners:

1 Monty Pack AX02
2 Steve Lau AX02
3 Andrew Blyholder AX02
4 Teddy Framhein AX07
5 Brant Ballantyne AX12
6 Tara Shapowal AX02
7 Shannon Yeo AX09
8 Himanshu Patel AX08
9 Ed Hunter AX04
10 Eric Lam AX04
10 Peter Von Behrens AX03

Pictured below are the top PAX finishers, led by Monte Pack ! (holding the 1st place perpetual trophy on the left).

Apple SSD 2M2048L Media:Users:jncelona:Desktop:2020-02-Nugget:AX photos:AX6.jpg

You may notice several people sporting dog tags, they were printed especially for the event and featured GGR Member’s names as well as they autocross run group classification if applicable. Here is the “typewriter” used to make the tags:

2020 Autocross Season Schedule

Finally, we are still working through contracts on 2020 dates so these dates are not yet confirmed, but some of you have been asking so you can start planning 2020. These are the current “dates of record”:

  • AX1 Alameda 3/21
  • AX2 Marina 4/25 (joint Zone weekend with LPR)
  • AX3 Alameda 5/16
  • AX School Alameda 6/13
  • AX4 Alameda 6/14
  • AX5 Alameda 7/18
  • AX6 Alameda 8/15
  • AX7 Marina 9/27 (joint Zone weekend with LPR)
  • AX8 Alameda 10/18
  • AX9 Alameda 11/21
Again, not confirmed yet, but these will likely be the dates. The contracts may take a month to finalize; we will keep you up to date via the newsletter and blog.

Ed Hunter

Autocross Director 2018-2019

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