February 2019 Track Report

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February 2019 Track Report

Learning Curves

In last May’s write up, we reviewed the opportunities to learn and/or increase our proficiency at more courses than we had typically done in the past several years, simply by driving oft-visited tracks in the opposite direction from which we usually have run.  There is always a “learning curve” (or “curves,” to be metaphorical) when extending one’s efforts to extend his or her knowledge or skills.

Far be it from the GGR track series to hold you back from such extension.

At the beginning of every water polo season, I explain to the players new to water polo (and their parents) that for the first three or four weeks, water polo will seem like the hardest sport they will ever have tried (because it is).  They will be royally tired;  they will be sore;  they are going to hate me because of all the drills and conditioning I will have them do (the entire time not touching the bottom or “resting” by hanging on the sides of the pool); they are going to want to quit.

“Hang in there for at least three weeks,” I advise. “Your bodies will have acclimated to the work, and by the fourth week, you’ll be fine, and all of a sudden water polo will be fun.  Besides, you will have made at least ten new friends in the process.”

For those of you who have already reviewed the 2019 track schedule, you will note that the schedule does not mention the direction we will be running at the respective events.  This is not intended to spring such information on you when you show up at Tech on Friday evenings, but merely to allow time to continue to evaluate the benefits and operational details when considering turning things around.

We will start with our upcoming Instructor Training and first DE weekend February 16-17 at Thunderhill.  (Register at https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/pca-ggr-instructor-training-de-1-thunderhill-raceway-park-golden-gate-122582.)

We will be utilizing the 2 mile course – one that is not as familiar to most drivers as the 3 mile course.  In order to double the learning curve, we will run the 2 mile course in the “normal” (counter-clockwise) direction on Saturday, and “counter-course” (clockwise) on Sunday.

I have driven the 2 mile course in the clockwise direction, and it is a blast!  (BR Racing, our track series’ primary sponsor, concurs.)  Were my eyes wide open?  You bet!  So was my big toothy smile!

Accuweather is predicting sunny skies and mid-60’s temperatures – perfect to seat in those new brake pads of yours!

I’m already licking my chops for our April event (wink)!

See you at the track!


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