Electric Dreams and Other Miscellany

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Electric Dreams and Other Miscellany

I wanted to kick things off this month with a few quick updates as the year gets into full swing for GGR, as well as a few thoughts on electricity.

First: events. Despite it not even being the end of January, we’re already four events deep into our 2019 calendar. Our spectacular Winter Gala at the Legion of Honor was followed by the 2019 kick off of the Friday Night Social series, and the first in a new series of socials / mixers at Paul Martin’s in San Mateo. The Paul Martin event saw more than 40 members enjoy happy hour, light bites, and the usual lively discussion about all things Porsche. This past weekend we also had an early kick off to our fun run program, with a drive through the Santa Cruz mountains ending with a wine tasting and lunch at the gorgeous Thomas Fogarty Winery.

That motoring event sold out in just seven minutes, which is why you’re seeing an earlier start to our motoring calendar this year – we’re trying to pack in even more driving events in 2019 just to cater to demand! Speaking of which, we’ve now locked down our autocross calendar and most of our track and motoring calendar, and the dates will be published at http://pca-ggr.org/calendar soon. 

It was that fun run this past weekend driving my Carrera T, which is a more enthusiast focused version of the 991.2 generation complete with stick shift and less weight, that led me to think a little more about electricity. Specifically, whether the coming push toward electrification of cars will gradually shift people away from clubs like GGR. There is a large movement towards cars as appliances, rather than used for enjoyment, and with our club so focused on the latter it got me thinking… 

With manufactures like Porsche pushing into the electric car space, I believe that while the “enthusiast” community will shrink, there will always be a contingent that drives just for the sake of enjoyment. Perhaps it’s somewhat of a grating metaphor, but think of horse riding; the car took over from the horse as the primary means of transportation, and yet in most parts of the world you can still see many kinds of enthusiast horse riding events every single week. I love to think of the parallels in thought between us looking at electric cars now, and those witnessing the dawn of the car when horse and carriage were still primary forms of transportation. 

So in summary, I think our community will be around for a long time yet. Roborace notwithstanding, I’m as excited about progress in the electric car space as I am about the next great driver’s car and the ever more entertaining Formula E racing series. 

Just don’t make me watch an autonomous vehicle race… 

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