Driver’s Education at Thunderhill on June 24-25

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Driver’s Education at Thunderhill on June 24-25

ThunderhillJoin us at Thunderhill Raceway Park on June 24-25 2017 for a Driver Education weekend.  We welcome any safe driver, with any safe car.  At Thunderhill we’ll have everyone from first-timers to more experienced track-day fanatics. This is the first time we’ve held the event in June so the weather should be magnificent.

The feeling of moving fast as you drive at full throttle down the main straightaway. The thrill of executing a turn perfectly at speed. The focused processing of feedback from the steering wheel, the brakes, the motion of the body, the noise of the engine. The exhausted high you feel after focusing hard and concentrating on your driving for a full 25 minute session. The feeling of oneness with your Porsche. The amazing Freedom you feel. If you’ve never tracked your Porsche before, these are just a few of the thrills you’ll get when you come to a track weekend with GGR.

PCA-GGR’s events are focused on safety, fun and maximum track time. PCA nationally trained instructors are provided to help you be safe while honing your track driving skills.  We are a non-profit (which keeps our entry fees low), but we operate one of the better track programs in the western U.S. 

To register for Driver Education at Thunderhill use this link on Motorsportreg

Ground School
We will announce time and location of ground school shortly.

Richard French
PCA-GGR Track Chair

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