December Motoring/Social Report

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December Motoring/Social Report

by D.Michael Griffin, VP/Motoring Director and Bern Beecham, Social Director

This past year was an incredible season for our FunRun program. We had 10 road events with nearly 1000 total participants! That’s a lot of GGR drivers and co-pilots. So in November, when our FunRun “Production Team” met to evaluate 2016 results, we decided to pencil-in another 10 events for the next year. We thought to take advantage of learned experience on previous events, by repeating the successes of 2016, and applying them to 2017. You’ll be pleased to know, we will include at least one, maybe even two overnighters for those who can take-off for a long weekend.

A continual objective for our Team will be to focus our drivers’ attention on safety. To this end, we’ll keep events limited to four run groups of 10 cars each, plus a lead car for each of the four groups. While the popularity of FunRuns puts pressure on us to increase the number of cars on a Drive, we feel having the total cars limited to 44 is necessary for a safe operation.

As most of you know by now, every one of our Drives is quickly maxed-out, and the only safe way to increase car participation is to up the total number of FunRuns. But the fact is that 10 Drives is all our current Production Team can handle. This is where we need your help. As we go through 2017, we’ll need you experienced FunRun drivers to step forward and volunteer to join other of your pals on an event production team, whether as Lead Driver, Grid Worker, or helping oversee an event. Our goal is to have developed additional production teams, so we can add more FunRuns to the existing mix
Please contact GGR Social Director Bern Beecham [] to indicate your interest. If you have a favorite Drive in mind, we can help you produce it. And if you just want to join in with our crew, that’s super-OK, too. It’s only through the assist of dedicated volunteers, that we’ll be able to keep the good times and the good FunRuns rollin’…  As PCA keeps reminding us, “It’s not the cars, it’s the people.”

Happy holidays! Michael & Bern

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