December Membership Updates

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December Membership Updates

Turkey Blues! But Better Days Are Coming!

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OK, Thanksgiving has come and passed quietly and without great fanfare or large family gatherings…but we can look forward to a better 2021 for many reasons…released from captivity, inoculations that work, new model years, et al. So slather some mayo on a white bread slice, add turkey and let’s move on.  

Forgive me but I have to report on my new Taycan 4S. And yes, I got it at Porsche Redwood City – our main sponsor! It’s an amazing machine…although the manuals (3) are about as long as War and Peace! I was able to get the Porsche Charging Dock for the Mobile Charger Connect (yes, all in caps) installed in the garage so I’m not at the total mercy of the country’s charging terminals. Although these are being added almost daily – in fact we have a number here in Half Moon Bay. So nice!

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Here’s the kicker though, Porsche gives me 30 minutes of free charging every day for the next three years at all Electrify America fast chargers in the USA! Quite a perk. So, if you’re thinking of getting one, put that on the “amazing list.”  


So, a Taycan just set the EV world drifting record as witnessed by Guinness World Records. The record took place at the Porsche Experience Center at the Hockenheimring in Germany, and Chief Instructor Dennis Retera was at the wheel. Retera circled the 200-meter long drift circle for 210 laps, or 42.171 kilometers (26.204 miles), for 55 minutes. Fortunately, the circle was sprayed with water to aid the drifting, which is part of the standard procedure to qualify and take this Guinness World Record. This Taycan was rear wheel drive only, a model that is being sold in China now. Check it out here:

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Membership Updates


The club continues to thrive even during this time of Covid thanks to all of you who have joined the club and continue to volunteer. We also are so pleased that we continue to see 100+ of you renewing your membership each month. You are the club! Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Primary Members – 2392

Co-Members – 1140

Lifetime Members – 4

Total: 3536

Give PCA & GGR for Christmas!


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Know someone who owns a Porsche but isn’t a GGR member? Membership to the Porsche Club of America is a great holiday gift idea! For only $46, PCA membership provides year-round Porsche fun, complimentary subscription to PCA’s award-winning monthly magazine, full access to, access to the members-only online marketplace, exclusive access to PCA’s bi-annual members-only raffle, free PCA logo window decal, and discount on parts. Click below for more information. Deadline for a holiday gift membership is 5pm EST, 12/18/2020.

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PCA is currently accepting nominations for the following National Awards:

• The Glenn Lazar-Harry Blanchard Memorial Trophy (PCA Enthusiast of the Year)

• The Ferry Porsche Trophy (PCA Region of the Year)

• The Porsche (PCA) Family of the Year

• The PCA Public Service Awards

For details or to submit a nomination, contact: Michael Soriano

National Awards Chair –

Click here to read National Awards Nomination Guidelines

Deadline for submissions is December 31, 2020

Targa Raffle ends December 11!

There’s still time to enter the 2020 PCA Member only raffle. For the Fall 2020 Member Only Raffle, the grand prize is a Porsche 911 Targa 4S plus $25,000. Alternatively, winners may also choose $85,000 instead of a car plus $25,000. After the initial 8,750 entries, another Grand Prize will be added for every additional 4,750 entries sold. Raffle entries are $50 (USD) each. All entries received by December 11, 2020 will be accepted into the raffle.

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The 2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4S has the best of both worlds: A hard targa top that shares the coupe’s handsome silhouette and also retracts to become a convertible. It’s perhaps the most distinct model in the 911 lineup short of the track-focused GT 911s. Powered by the same 443-horsepower flat six found in the CarreraS and 4S and paired with an eight-speed PDK automatic gearbox, the Targa 4S will scoot from 0-60 miles per hour in 3.4 seconds. Click here to read more about the 911 Targa 4S.

Not following PCA? Check These Out!

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PCA National’s first foray into social media was on Facebook, and that took place approximately one decade ago. Facebook was joined shortly thereafter by PCA’s YouTube channel. Since then, PCA National has launched Instagram and Twitter channels, all of which have been steadily gaining followers. If you haven’t checked them out lately, give them a look and follow or subscribe.


Facebook is PCA’s flagship social media channel. It has almost 113,000 followers. Primarily, PCA uses it as a means of disseminating interesting stories (both original and curated), Porsche news and news about PCA National events.


PCA National posted its first YouTube videos in the winter of 2010. Check them out.


Instagram is the newest of PCA’s social media channels.  If there is an overriding philosophy around what they post can be summed up thusly: Instagram is for pretty pictures of Porsches. Of late, they’ve been doing a series of daily posts of Porsches in interesting colors to support and to promote the Rennbow project ( is external)). Instagram is the fastest-growing PCA social media account and if you want to look at photos of beautiful Porsches, it’s where you should hang out. Follow them @PCANational

New Members in November.

Evan Alonzo 2007 911 Turbo GT Silver San Jose

Mac Apodaca 1997 Boxster Black San Jose

Rena Burns 2002 Boxster S Black San Francisco

Brian Chau 1995 911 Carrera Grds Red San Mateo

Neil Evans 2020 Taycan Turbo Black San Jose

Ward Hamilton 2020 Macan Metallic White San Francisco

Diana Hsien 2017 Macan Turbo Black Los Altos

Dustin Huang 2010 911 Carrera S Arc Silver San Jose

John-Paul Jespersen 1986 944 Turbo Black San Francisco

Tommy Jordan 2018 911 Carrera San Francisco

Christopher Kedzierski 2011 911 Carrera S Black Pacifica

Mike Lamb 1964 356 Redwood City

David Mccoy 2014 Cayman S Blue Modesto

Daniel Morillo 2019 911 GT3 RS Red San Francisco

Andrew Nguyen 2006 911 Carrera 4S Atlas Gray San Francisco

Gabriel Ronen 2014 Cayman S White Half Moon Bay

Keith Simon 2009 911 Carrera S Cab. Midnight Blue Woodside

Marion Smith, III 2015 Cayman San Francisco

David Szeto 2018 911 GT3 Silver San Francisco

Chancey Tilston 1997 911 Carrera S San Jose

Benjamin Trumbull 2019 911 Turbo S San Jose

Javier Valencia 1965 912 Ruby Red 6402 South San Francisco

Prince Valluri 2020 911 Carrera S Green Santa Clara

Atul Gavande 2007 911 Turbo Los Altos

December 2020 Anniversary Members

50 Years – 1970

Rodney Chinn 1967 911S San Francisco

Thomas Foster 1958 356 Cupertino

35 Years – 1985

Andrew Blyholder 1972 914 Richmond

30 Years – 1990

Kenneth Moore 1988 911 Turbo Los Altos Hills

Tim Murphy 1986 911 Turbo Black Hillsborough

25 Years – 1995

Robert Marx 1969 912 Blue Pleasant Hills

20 Years – 2000

Drew Hudacek 1984 911 Carrera Slate Blue Palo Alto

Paul Marty 1985 911 Carrera Guards Red Redwood City

Dean Meniktas 1984 911 Carrera Blue Moraga

Stephen Yu 2009 911 Carrera S Gray Portola Valley

15 Years – 2005

Drew Hudacek 1984 911 Carrera Slate Blue Palo Alto

Paul Marty 1985 911 Carrera Grds Red Redwood City

Dean Meniktas 1984 911 Carrera Blue Moraga

Stephen Yu 2009 911 Carrera S Gray Portola Valley

10 Years – 2010

Robert Espeseth 1980 911 SC White Skien Norway 3714

William Hreha 2010 Cayman Black San Jose

Nicholas Mukkada 1996 911 Turbo Silver Richmond

Lane Nonnenberg 1972 911T Black Menlo Park

5 Years – 2015

David Avila 2009 911 Carrera 4S Meteor Grey Redwood City

Lynne Burgan 1988 911 Carrera Targa White Colfax

Jason Cheng 2014 911 Carrera S Agate Gray San Francisco

Ramon David 2007 Cayman S Guards Red Daly City

Eric Garvin 2014 911 Carrera S Grey San Francisco

Peter Liou 1996 911 Carrera 4S Blue Saratoga

Boris Pique 2018 911 GT3 White Walnut Creek

Sanjay Prasanna 2016 Boxster Black Hillsborough

Kenny Tse 2003 911 GT2 San Francisco

Darryl Woo 2015 911 Turbo Sapphire Blue San Francisco

David Young 2009 911 Carrera S Guards Red San Francisco

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Hey four-door folks – Porsche has set up a separate news and information e-news email specifically for those of us who also have the 4-door, four wheel versions of these great autos. So, if you haven’t seen it, take a quick look and sign up for the info that’s available on these great autos. Go to to sign up for this new addition to Porsche info.

If you have any questions about membership, please get them to me ( and we will have them answered ASAP. Stay well, stay socially distant, and wear a mask for heaven’s sake!

“Capt Mike” (aka Capt. Mike Sherman, USN-Ret.)

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