December, 2020 Autocross Report

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December, 2020 Autocross Report

Our last autocross event was held once again at Cow Palace on November 15th. The smooth flowing course designed by Golden Gate Lotus Club rewarded participants with seven laps in the morning and six more laps in the afternoon. While early morning rain the day before made for interesting autocrossing experience for GGLC, our event was rewarded with perfect autocrossing weather. Thanks to all participants for keeping the event safe and fun for all as usual. Here is a snapshot of results from our last and sixth event:

Raw Times PAX Times
Rank Best Time Driver Class
1 32.118 Monty Pack AX02
2 32.405 Steve Lau AX02
3 32.491 Tara Shapowal AX02
4 32.529 Teddy Framhein AX07
5 33.113 Ovidiu Predescu AX05
PAX Rank PAX Time Driver Class
1 31.461 Brant Ballantyne AX12
2 31.553 Teddy Framhein AX07
3 31.807 Andrew Blyholder AX16
4 32.021 Grady Carter AX09
5 32.118 Monty Pack AX02

GGR’s competitive environment is a benchmark for PCA regions across the nation. The PAX system is developed to gauge competitiveness of drivers across different classes of cars. Please help me recognize our top ten drivers on the PAX list. A hearty congratulations goes out to Teddy Framhein for achieving the top rank on this coveted list.

2020 PAX Ranking
Rank Driver Class Points
1 Teddy Framhein AX07 488
2 Andrew Blyholder AX16 447
3 Brant Ballantyne AX12 432
4 Monty Pack AX02 429
5 Grady Carter AX09 396
6 Drew Powers AX07 388
7 Eric Frasch AX07 320
8 Connie Lu AX09 300
9 Steve Lau AX02 281
10 Himanshu Patel AX08 256

Congratulations also to all class winners.

2020 Class Ranking
Rank Driver Points
AX02 Monty Pack 100
AX03 Dave Dunwoodie 100
AX04 Ed Hunter 80
AX05 Ovidiu Predescu 100
AX06 Anders Truelsen 58
AX07 Teddy Framhein 100
AX08 Paul Smith 88
AX09 Grady Carter 100
AX10 Dave McGuigan 60
AX11 Stacy OConnell 88
AX12 Brant Ballantyne 80
AX14 Andrew Wittrock 68
AX16 Andrew Blyholder 100

2020 presented us with the shortest autocross season in the recent history, with Covid-19 forcing a late start of the season on June 28. Despite missing events in March, April, May and early June, the second half of the year rewarded us with a total of six events. Our autocross lemonade ended up tasting mighty sweet using Covid-19 lemons.

We are cognizant the many enthusiasts that were unable to attend events due to unprecedented demand, as well as the members that were unable to participate from lack of prior experience. We strive to address these issues next year.

Looking forward to 2021 season.

Himanshu Patel

On behalf of the Autocross Team

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