December 2018, Motoring Report

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December 2018, Motoring Report

As 2018 draws to an end, I’d like to extend a heart-felt “Thank You” to all those who joined us on the final motoring event of the year to help the extended community in Butte County which witnessed a tragedy in their community by the wildfires . This event was well attended and 100 percent of the proceeds went directly into the community to help their rebuilding efforts in a very small way.

With the holiday season behind us, I think this is a good time to share with all of you what Motoring Events you should expect in the new year. The vision is to have low-touch, replicate-able events that are super fun and holistic.  Let me explain.  The goal is to have events that have the driving of our cars as a centerpiece but also take a holistic approach to the whole experience.  So, socializing, food and driving experience all play a role.  
For 2019, we will have at least one event every month and there will be a current calendar of these motoring events on GGR website for planning purposes.  Fully detailed emails will be sent out well in advance of the events to guide you to register and other pertinent information.  However, at this time, we do have the dates for the sought after multi-day overnight trips that you can use for planning purposes.  Please continuously check the GGR website calendar for the latest updates.
Mendocino Trip April 26-28
Mammoth Lake Trip  June 14-16
Santa Barbara Trip October 4-6   (This is not to be confused with a non-GGR Santa Barbara event offered via Treffen in April)
The rest of the events are typically accomplished in a half-day format during a weekend day.  The full list will be published to the GGR website in January.   
There are other trips that are in the planning stages.  For example, a day trip following the Artisanal Cheese route of Western Sonoma County or a 3-4 day trip to Death Valley, among others. 
We really would like to hear from our constituents about what you like or dislike and what you want to see more of.  So, drop me a note and share your thoughts.
Stay tuned.

Robert Habibi
Motoring Director

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