December, 2018 Motoring News

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December, 2018 Motoring News

The motoring activities for the Golden Gate Region in 2018 were capped off by two exciting events.  First up was GGR’s ever popular 3-day event from San Francisco Bay Area to the beautiful coastal town of Santa Barbara where 30+ Porsches (and their occupants!) enjoyed an energetic journey through the lush backroads, wineries, coastal stretches of highway 1 while enjoying amazing food prepared by some of the most renowned local chefs.  This event was to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society and their tireless efforts in search of a cure.  

The second event was another favorite venue which takes a no-highway approach to the beautiful coastal town of Carmel where nearly 40 Porsches took the backroads on a 3-hour Run to come together for a scrumptious South-of-the-Border treat in an amazing weather.  Where do I sign up next?

The GGR community is to come together one last time for the year in December in response to the devastating fires in Northern California and will undertake a charity Motoring event with 100 percent of the proceeds to benefit the victims of this tragedy.  This event will begin in Sausalito, Marine County and will end up in the gorgeous and quaint downtown of Healdsburg for a group picnic lunch.  The three-hour energetic run in the backroads and via highway One  should help build up an appetite.

This is Robert Habibi, your Motoring Director-elect for 2019.  I also would like to share with you our plans for 2019. The vision is to continue on the successful path we have been on under the tireless leadership of Michael Griffin but also make some incremental changes in response to the changing demographics of the Porsche owners.   These changes will emphasize a more wholistic approach to motoring events where the people, cars, places, foods, etc. are all part of a larger experience.  You can expect more theme-based approach to some of these motoring events.  Enough said for now, I think!  Please stay tuned and I look forward to personally welcoming you to our next Motoring event. Enjoy the Holidays.

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