CoCo Giselle Triumphs at Pageant to Claim Miss Chinacat USA Crown

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CoCo Giselle Triumphs at Pageant to Claim Miss Chinacat USA Crown

Following an intense, week-long process and months of preparation, CoCo Giselle, Executive Editor of the Nugget, triumphed at the Miss Chinacat USA pageant at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts to claim the crown of Miss Chinacat USA 2019. Rounding out the Queen’s court were First Princess Mary Lou, a tabby from New York City and Second Princess Kai Lani Lee, a calico hailing from Hawaii.

A simple faux fur wrap kept CoCo warm in between run throughs.

CoCo’s preparation began months before with dance class, conditioning, grooming, pedicures, and endless rehearsal. At the end of each all-night session, she would return home for a complete fur cleaning, grooming, and conditioning before settling in for her day-long nap to get ready for the next night. Chilly nights and exhaustion prompted warm dress so she wouldn’t catch a chill.

Her pageant coach and choreographer Bubba Gong knew that CoCo had the beauty, talent, poise, grace, stamina, intelligence and sang froid to go all the way–she just needed the artistry and experience he could offer. Sponsor Decision Analysis Associates provided a bottomless pit of funding for the innumerable gowns, studio rental, trips to Europe for fittings, and crunchy kitty treats.

In the end, CoCo went with the gown created for her in Milan.

First up competition week was participating in a charity fund-raising fashion show benefitting the SPCA. After a number of fittings of potential outfits in both Paris and Milan, Coco settled on a simple embroidered satin gown with silk flower waist piece. Her tall, elegant, and restrained gait down the catwalk immediately captured the judges’ attention.

Then came the actual night of competition at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts. First up was the evening gown competition, which was the first chance to make an official impression in the judge’s minds. Nerves were taut as the contestants emerged. CoCo waited demurely in shadows as the other contestants processed, then made her entrance in a spectacular purple silk cheongsam accessorized with a large choker in tulle. The crowd went wild as she meowed for the judges in perfectly accented Mandarin!

The evening gown that stopped the Show!

Next was talent. CoCo knew she faced fierce competition from Mary Lou’s gymnastics routine and Kai Lani Lee’s almost-perfect rendition of Chopin’s “March Funèbre,” so she pulled out all stops to deliver a stunning classical Chinese ribbon dance fusion with hip-hop to Janet Jackson’s “Black Cat.” If were dogs present, they would have been barking!

The look that got a thousand looks.

Then came the critical swimsuit competition. No cat ever won without a strong showing in swimsuit. CoCo opted for simple, elegant, and bold look: eschewing the variety of one- and two-piece suits the other contestants wore, she wowed the judges with a sassy jazz walk down the runway “au natural” with just a simple orchid over her ear. Oh la la!

Finally came the last part of the competition: the question—a puzzler designed to reveal the best and worst in each contestant.

Aided by jade beads embodying centuries of wisdom.

Protests erupted as the judges posed to CoCo a totally unfair question for a beauty contestant: “What is the best Porsche?” CoCo just smiled and, drawing on her experience interviewing the chief engineer at Porsche to whom she had posed the same question, she calmly replied “The next Porsche.” Cheers drowned out the judges’ scoring. No doubt her aplomb was aided by the jade beads of wisdom and prosperity handed down in her family which she wore for this part of the competition.

The decision came down as no surprise to anyone who watched Coco’s stunning performance: the crown as Miss Chinacat USA 2019 went to CoCo Giselle!

A whirlwind of press interviews and appearances followed, capped by the coronation ball at the Fairmont Hotel on top of Nob Hill. She dazzled the crowd in a tulle cape with heart valentines before retiring just as the sun was rising.

A cape fit for a Queen.

We were able to chat with CoCo the next day when she called in to the Nugget offices to see how issue was coming along. “How was it?” we asked.

“It was somewhat tiresome being pawed the entire evening by aging rich tomcats, but I raised $3.5 million to fund finding forever homes for black cats. That,” she concluded, “made it all worthwhile.”

Congratulation to Miss CoCo Giselle, Miss Chinacat USA 2019!

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