Closing out a Covid-safe year with three(?) more events

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Closing out a Covid-safe year with three(?) more events

This has been a scary year for all of us. Our first priority at GGR remains the same as yours: staying safe. We send our best wishes and hopes to all GGR members that you and your loved ones have stayed safe in this global pandemic.

Our second priority has probably likewise been the same as yours: carrying on while staying safe. For many of us, that’s meant working and schooling from home. Others have needed to report in-person for essential activities. Social-distancing and masks have become a regular part of all of our lives.

For GGR, staying safe and carrying on also meant figuring out a way to have Covid-safe events. Towards that end, the Board of Directors last spring developed and adopted a Covid-safe event plan and protocols. That plan was approved by the Porsche Club of America Executive Committee.

Following that plan, we’re pleased to have had a number of Covid-safe events without issues. We’ve had five autocrosses at the Cow Palace after other venues closed due to Covid restrictions. We’re very grateful to the personnel at the Cow Palace for being utterly prompt, professional, and friendly to help us in putting on these events. Autocross co-chairs Himanshu Patel and Ed Hunter and the entire autocross team have likewise worked tirelessly and often on short notice to make these events happen.

Similarly, Track Chair Jim McClelland and the track time have worked overtime to figure out and execute what we can safely put on. The abbreviated season kicked off with a PCA Club Race at Sonoma Raceway in August, followed by a September Drivers’ Education and Club Race at Laguna Seca, a Club Race/DE at Thunderhill, and closed with a club race at Sonoma in October.

The challenges have been many, with Covid compounded by fires. We’re thankful for the tireless efforts of all the GGR volunteers and congratulate them on their success in executing safe events. A little bit of safe fun goes a long way in helping people face the challenges in the rest of their lives.

Three more events are on the horizon to close out this year. First is confirmed: our final autocross of the year will be Sunday, November 15th at the Cow Palace. Regrettably, all autocrosses have sold out within minutes due to the Covid-safety limit of 50 drivers (about half our usual cohort). Here’s hoping you got in a few laps this year. For those able to sneak in and register in the first few minutes, Himanshu & Crew have put on an outstanding event: 12-14 laps each time! It’s been a great opportunity to really figure out the fastest way through a course.

This event was #6: which means we have enough to give out autocross awards! Combined with the annual region and track awards, this means we can actually have our Annual Awards Banquet: a tradition stretching back to the club’s founding. To do this, we need to find an indoor venue where people can be spaced out enough to remain safe following dine-in restaurant protocols. The search is on the way, and maybe maybe maybe it will happen on Saturday, January 9th.

The other potential year-ending event is our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Day. This annual dinner is complimentary to invited volunteers to thank them for all their efforts putting on events all year long. The date penciled in is Sunday, December 6th–pending finding a venue with suitable Covid-safe capacity. Stay tuned for this one also.

Lastly, a word about the event that didn’t happen this year: a big celebration of the 60th anniversary of GGR’s founding (yes, that is this year also). That simply wasn’t feasible given the situation, but we’re hoping a delayed celebration may be possible in the summer of 2021. The Board has allocated some funds to this possibility, which will be developed (or not!) as the situation progresses.

Thanks to all the GGR members for sticking with us this year. Better times are coming, and we’ll be here to help you have fun with the world’s finest automobiles and the people with a passion for them. As the PCA slogan goes, “It’s not just the cars; it’s the people!”

Stay safe, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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