Fun weekend at Thunderhill

Last weekend, July 12-13, about 90 cars showed up at Thunderhill Raceway for our Driver’s Education event and learned the 27 turns of the five-mile course all in 100-degree weather. Many already knew the 15 turns of the original 3-mile course. Most of our instructors had spent a day with[…]

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President’s Message – June 2014

Richard French President

Over 200 members of the Golden Gate Region were at Porsche Parade in Monterey in June. We had the largest regional representation. It was also the largest Parade in its 59 year history with over 2500 people and nearly 1300 cars.

Along with the competitive events there were fun driving …

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2014 Porsche Parade in Monterey

The 2014 Porsche Parade in Monterey will be upon us in a couple of weeks. If you haven’t already done so you can register at the PCA website. (You will need to log in first) Monterey is the site of our 59th Porsche Parade, to be held this June[…]

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Autocross Report – June 2014

Andrew Blyholder Autocross Co-Chair

Autocross Where?

I cynically didn’t expect much response from my call last month for suggestions for new autocross sites, but did indeed get a number of very good suggestions and new ideas. Many thanks to those who responded. We will be pursuing all the ideas suggested in the coming months. And if anyone wants to take on the development of any sites or sites as a project, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Track Report – June 2014

Tim Smith Track ChairHere’s the rest of the 2014 season, for your scheduling convenience:

GGR 2014 Track Season

Jun 21-22 Laguna Seca – DE (following Porsche Parade)
Jul 12-13 Thunderhill – DE / TT (5 mile track!)
Sep 6-7 Thunderhill – DE / TT / CR (5 mile track!)
Oct 25-26 Sonoma – DE (w/ NASA)

For all you DEers and Club Racers, note that we will breaking in the new 5 mile track at Thunderhill Raceway at our July DE/TT and September DE/TT/ Club Race events!

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