Carmel Valley Fun Run

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Carmel Valley Fun Run

The final tour of the 2017 year was our Carmel Valley Fun Run. The drive route was comprised of two uniquely different paths. Pair the paths’ natural beauty with P-Cars, sunshine, and GGR members and we had an unforgettable getaway. So for those of us who took our Porsches out of the garage for the day, we were treated to a scenic trip starting from Hollister heading south along Airline Highway of two lane country highways, sweeping turns for some 90 minutes before taking a pit stop in King City. Before reaching King City, we enjoyed long roads (like the one below) with our cars to stretch their legs (just a little).

The long, straight road down Highway 25 leads to twists over the horizon.

After our pit stop, we meandered north on US-101 into the farmland of Greenville reminding us of where much of our food is grown (Greenfield is centered in one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world. 80% of the lettuce grown in the United States is grown in the Salinas Valley). We even had a non-Porsche club member join us along Thorne Road in Greenville. That was a sheriff. He was just making sure we didn’t get lost and after five or so miles he had better things to do and went on his way. Seriously!

Heading west up the mountain side, toward the tall timber.

We continued along taking in the views ascending some 2,000 feet into the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains via Arroyo Seco Road until reaching Carmel Valley Road where we were greeted by more twists and turns shaded by overhanging oaks.

Jeffrey and Kathy Lui enjoy meeting and greeting members at the end-of-FunRun lunch.

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