Building for GGR’s 60th Anniversary Year

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Building for GGR’s 60th Anniversary Year

GGR heads into its 60th anniversary year building on a great foundation of engaged, enthusiastic club members. Last month, we officially kicked off the year with our 60th Annual Awards Banquet on board the USS Hornet and a party at Club Auto Sport in San Jose. This month, we focused on rebuilding the team to put on another slate of great events for 2020.

First off, we welcomed Chris Hamilton on board as the new GGR webmaster. Chris formerly co-chaired the autocross series with Joe Lee and has remained active in autocross since then. Chris has put the club events for the year into the GGR calendar. Click the “subscribe” button on the right side of the GGR web home page ( about halfway down to get the dates on your devices. This is a great way to keep track of events, but you’ll also want to subscribe to announcements to get the latest and greatest. You can also do that on the GGR home page.

Chris has a whole to-do list after that, including installing updates and getting us going with the new web site. Please give him a holler at to say hello and thank him to taking on this critical role for the club.

We also welcome Himanshu Patel, who will be taking on Ed Hunter’s role as autocross chair. See Himanshu’s first column in this issue of The Nugget. Ed will continue to support Himanshu to ensure the autocross series remains a smooth running machine with lots of runs. A big part of the thanks goes to Himanshu, who took the lead in implementing a new timing system. When you cross the line and get a printout of your time, that’s Himanshu’s doing. Thanks, Himanshu!

As Ed and Himanshu have advised via GGR announcements (make sure you signed up for them on the GGR home page!), we have not yet gotten approvals in place for auto crosses at the spectacular Alameda site, but remain hopeful that can still fall into place. As a fallback and interim solution, Ed is working on autocross dates at Crow’s Landing, a NASA airfield southwest of Modesto. Granted, it’s a schlep from the Bay Area, but great once you get there. If you have any leads on big, big, big really big expanses of pavement in the Bay Area which may be possibilities for an autocross, do give us a holler.

Robert Habibi has stepped back from duties as Motoring Director, so we are looking for someone to fill those shoes. Thankfully, there is a complete and experienced motoring team to help out once we get someone in place. Candidates should have experience doing the fun runs so they know the drill. In the interim, we had to cancel the first event, which was scheduled for February 23. We are hopeful the March event may happen, so watch your GGR announcements (there they are again!) for news.

Joe Ramos has also stepped back from treasurer duties, so we are likewise looking for someone to fill that role. Candidates should have experience using Quickbooks. Actual tasks are pretty simple: entering expenses and deposits, getting checks readied for payables, and producing financial statements. Plus you get to attend board meetings for the FOOD! Almost too much fun to be legal.

Lastly, we are looking for a Secretary (a Corporate Secretary, not an admin!)—also a full voting board position—to take minutes at board meetings and run our annual election. This is the easiest way to get involved at board meetings—and don’t forget the FOOD! Anyone leaves a board meeting hungry it’s their own fault.

Lastly, the entire board is closely monitoring the club’s finances to assure we have a successful year financially as well as great events. More on that as specifics become available.

The board is here for all of you, the club members, to make sure GGR remains the great club members want to be part of. Feel free at any time to give us a holler at

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