Board of Directors October 19, 2016

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Board of Directors October 19, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes
October 19, 2016

Present: Andrew Forrest, Larry Adams, Andrew Blyholder, Michael Griffin, Richard French, Brad Kellett, Bryan Phan and Brian Emmett

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:42PM

Call for agenda changes
The topic of the holiday dinner and website calendar were added to the agenda.

Call for calendar changes:
No changes to the calendar requested.

Postmortem of events
Attendance at the October 17 AX down due to rain. 50 cars showed up for some quick sessions, and were done by 2PM right when the sun came out.
The October 9 Zone7 Concours in Livermore was well attended by GGR members.
The Labor Day weekend Club Races at Thunderhill Raceway Park were quite fun to watch.
DE and Club Races at Infineon are coming at end of October for advanced drivers.

Directors’ Reports
President: No updates.

Vice-President: Insurance certificates for Sonoma will be handled by NASA. AX has a new insurance certificate through final event of the year on 12 November. Insurance for Holiday party still needed.

Treasurer: AX to break even for the year, and Zone Series events (ax/concours) costs discussed. Motion to approve the treasurer’s report was passed.

Secretary: Motion to approve the previous board meeting minutes was passed. Ballots for 2016 board election to be emailed at end of month.

Social: FunRun to Santa Barbara went very well, and team will try to make repeat event; ~40 cars, 60 people attended. Carmel Valley Run upcoming weekend of 22 October. Holiday party confirmed at Mozart Auto Museum in Mountain View, Computer History Musesum for luncheon on Saturday Jan 7, 2017. Social team has been working hard to generate new events, new producers, and has begun to consider timed rallies for future events

Track Chair: PCA to participate with NASA at Sonoma at end of October. There was a need a for few more cars, but anticipate being a good event.

AX Chair: AX attendance down due to rain.

Membership: 3133 members total, 2074 active members. Motion to approve the new members was passed.

Editor (The Nugget): Please complete your blog post for the November Nugget by Friday, October 28th.

Webmaster: Not present.

Topics for discussion
Calendar updates were discussed and Brad Kellett agreed to update GGR website calendar monthly.
Club volunteer appreciation was discussed and the motion to allow complimentary entry to holiday party with spouse passed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:46PM.

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