Board of Directors November 16, 2016

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Board of Directors November 16, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes
November 16, 2016
Present: Larry Adams, Bern Beecham, John Celona, Michael Griffin, Michael Sherman, Brad Kellett, Richard French, Bryan Phan

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:49pm

Call for agenda changes
The topic of GGR regional awards was added to the agenda

Call for calendar changes
No changes to the calendar requested.

Postmortem of events

  • Carmel Valley fun run was the final social event of the year on the 21st. Well attended, no incidents.
  • Sonoma DE with NASA track event had lots and lots of rain, which caused poor attendance with lots of cancelations. Overall still a fun event.
  • After lower attendance for Autocross through the year, the final event had a huge 129 drivers. Drivers got 7 runs each for around 900 runs through the day. No issues, and a fun time was had by all. Announced early registration for the holiday party for AX class champions at the event.

Directors’ Reports

President (no present, but relayed through John Celona)

  • GGR has been renegotiating club racing insurance rates with PCA National. We’ve locked in a new rate for club races this year. Track budgets for this year and next will need to be adjusted.
  • Motion to approve an additional funds for this year’s club race at Laguna Seca was approved.
    Thorben Primke will be stepping down as webmaster and vacating his board seat in favor of focusing on his Motorsports Reg duties. In accordance with the GGR bylaws, the board will pass a motion to have Brad Kellett take his place at a future board meeting.
  • Nominations for the PCA region awards have been extended to the end of the year. GGR was runner up two years ago but didn’t submit last year. Michael Sherman will take the lead on a submission for GGR for club of the year this year.
  • Andrew Forrest will report on the Zone 7 president’s meeting at the next board meeting


  • Autocross winners and event volunteers will be allowed to pre-register for free for the end of the year holiday party. Names for pre-registration from each Director need to be given to Michael Griffin ASAP.
  • Holiday party announcement will go out by the end of the week.
  • Discussion about the budget impact to the holiday party of free attendees. Nugget Editor requested to publicize the event as part of the December edition rather than the January edition, Social Director agreed.


  • Enough of the yearly numbers are in to forecast that autocross will make small profit (with a slight loss on operating expenses), and DE will likely lose a similar amount.
  • Treasurer will cut a check for door prizes for the holiday party, to be issued to Social Director. Amount will depend on sponsorship for the event.
  • Treasurer requested Directors bring proposed equipment expenses to the next board meeting. Track Chair requested an expense for radios, Treasurer expects that not to be a problem.
  • BR Racing have not yet fulfilled their monetary contribution for sponsorship for the year. Advertising will be removed from the Nugget until payments are made. Treasurer will forward an invoice to Richard French to send along to them, and Richard will follow up directly
  • Motion to approve the treasurer’s report was passed


  • Motion to approve the previous board meeting minutes was passed.
  • In accordance with the GGR bylaws, the Secretary hereby certifies that the following candidates for open board positions were elected: Michael Griffin for Vice President, Bryan Phan for Treasurer, Michael Sherman for Membership Director, Andrew Blyholder for Autocross Chair, Bern Beecham for Social Director, and John Celona for Nugget Editor.
  • Motion to ratify the certification of the board election results by the secretary was passed


  • 11 fun run events were held over the course of the year, which is a new record. During the year, 575 cars participated with 374 passengers, giving 939 participants total.
  • Organizational meeting for the coming year was held with the fun run core team volunteers. For 2017, 11 fun run events were proposed and staffed with producers and leads. Dates are still being worked on.
  • Social events made a profit for the year, with the exception of the holiday party, which is run as a benefit to the club as a whole.

Track Chair

  • 15 track events were held over the course of the year. With sponsorships, track chair expects to make a profit for the year. Track Chair’s numbers are different to Treasurer’s numbers, and Richard French took an action item to go over the numbers and rectify the discrepancy
  • At the last track event, volunteers were notified about there not being an appreciation dinner this year (in favor of free entry to the holiday party). This was not well received, and to repair the relationship Richard French took the volunteers out for a dinner.

AX Chair

  • Not present


  • 3133 members total, 2091 active members. Record renewals for this month.
  • Motion to approve the new members was passed.
  • Proposal to mail out badges that have not been picked up from events was discussed.
  • Membership Director will send information to the Board for how to order Director business cards. Directors can file an expense after the fact.

Editor (The Nugget)

  • Total mailing list of 5500 people, with around 1000 opt outs over the years. The Nugget has a 42-46% open rate, half of which are on mobile devices.
  • Nugget Editor distributed a report of clickthroughs for the October and November issues
  • Please complete your blog post for the December Nugget by November 26


  • Autocross calendar for 2017 and updates to the Boxster Brunch and Friday Night Social schedules have been published.
  • Updated web store link for our branded regional merchandise

Topics for discussion

  • Motion to approve a resolution to give access to the GGR bank account to the incoming Treasurer, Bryan Phan, and President, Andrew Forrest, was passed
  • Request was made for Directors to prepare their budgets for the year, for review in January
  • Discussion about the opportunity to hand out the GGR regional awards at the holiday party. Information on the awards will be circulated to Directors by John Celona. Request was made for Directors to bring nominations for awardees to the next board meeting


  • There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:11pm

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