Board of Directors Meeting for September 13 2017

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Board of Directors Meeting for September 13 2017

Board Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2017

Present: Andrew Forrest, Andrew Blyholder, Michael Sherman, Michael Griffin, Bern Beecham, John Celona, Brad Kellett, Bryan Phan, and Brian Emmett

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 6:27 pm.

Call for agenda changes:

Call for calendar changes:
Due to scheduling issues with NASA, we need to consider the re-addition of Sonoma DE to the calendar.

Postmortem of events
The Thunderhill Drivers Education and Club Race event on the weekend of September 2 was well attended considering the oppressive weather, but not attended well overall.  There were no incidents other than small grassfire.  The National Stewards applauded how well the Club Race was run.

Both Autocross events at Alameda on July 30 and August 26 had over 120 participants and were able to complete 7-8 runs.  As always, a good time was had by all.

The Fun Run on Mines Road to Mt. Hamilton  on August 20 had 60 attendees overall.  The event was well run and enjoyed by all participants.  

Directors’ Reports

Nothing new to report.

Insurances for all upcoming events up to date, other than the potential DE at Sonoma in October.  The location of the holiday party has been secured and catering for the party is still in negotiation.

The Board discussed the Club’s overall financial health, and whether some of the losses on certain events were acceptable.  Additionally there was discussion around improved expense management and event marketing.   A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was carried without dissent.

A motion to approve the Secretary’s report was carried without dissent.

The Social Chair confirmed that the last two Fun Runs of the year will occur on September 22 for the Santa Barbara weekender, and to Carmel Valley on October 7. There was further discussion around future considerations for event production, particularly around continuity of leadership for Fun Runs.

Track Chair:
The Track Chair provided update via email, and was not in attendance.  The Club Race and DE at Thunderhill on September 2 – 3 had approximately 60 drivers and 22 racers.  The weather was incredibly hot on both days, and many drivers left on Saturday due to the heat.  As noted in the event postmortem, the National Stewards applauded how well the Club Race was run.  Due to scheduling miscommunications with NASA, the Sonoma DE is likely back on the calendar for October 28 – 29.  The VP noted that we do not have insurance at this time for that event.  Finally, it was decided to stay with the current rules for 2018, so no revisions will be added to the yearly ballot.   The President requested that dates for DE/CR events for 2018 be communicated as soon as possible for publishing on the calendar.

AX Chair:
There are three final events remaining for the 2017 season.  There is a zone event at Marina event the weekend of September 17th, and two more at Alameda in October and November.  There was no new update on whether to procure a new timing system.  The AX Chair was able assess the system used by Redwood region to compare to ours.  Pricing research was underway for new timing beacons, tripods, display boards, timing software, and potentially a weatherized monitor for a real-time leaderboard.  The latter is likely is too expensive.  A motion to sell the GGR owned trailer was carried without dissent.  Finally, there were no proposals to modify AX rules

As of this meeting the GGR club has 3241 members, including 54 new members, 91 renewals, and 45 drops.  A motion to approve all new members was carried unanimously. In terms of Club marketing, an additional AX banner was procured and new placards were distributed to board members.  Additional PCA window stickers were also requested.

Editor (The Nugget):
The Editor requests that all blog posts be published by September 25.  The Club has also procured historical copies of Nugget, which should fill holes in archives online.  There was discussion about the need to determine best way on how to get scanned and published on website.

PCA GGR now has instagram account!  Follow the club at: Finally, the Redbook is now published as an online Google doc, and all GGR Board members can begin filling out data for their respective responsibilities.

Topics for discussion:
Discussed minor points of scheduling and attendee registration & logistics for holiday awards banquet.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:37 pm.


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