Board of Directors Meeting for September 10, 2019

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Board of Directors Meeting for September 10, 2019

Board Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2019

Present: John Celona, Serena Cheng,  Brian Emmett, Ed Hunter, Brad Kellett, Brian Phan, Michael Sherman

Call to Order: 
The meeting was called to order at 6:48 pm. 

Call for agenda changes: 

Call for calendar changes: 

Call for budget changes:

Directors’ Reports

The report from the President began with a recap of the summer PCA National Board of Directors meeting.  Due to technical issues with that conference call, the meeting minutes are not yet ratified, so we will not summarize here until those meetings become official.

As mentioned in May meeting minutes, the President is starting to attend informal meetings with Presidents from other large regions to collaborate on shared challenges.  A conference call for the second meeting is to be scheduled soon.

Finally, there was discussion on how GGR approaches member privacy.  For consistency, the Board proposed and unanimously passed a motion that member lists will not be publicly published for events, and will only be viewable by registered event attendees.  

The Board also clarified the manner in which member contact information can be solicited.  For example, if member1 wishes to contact member2, member1 shall contact a member of the GGR Board, and that Board member shall reach out to member2 to ask if he/she wishes their contact information to be shared with member1.  If member2 assents, then the connection will be made.

The annual GGR volunteer appreciation dinner is being scheduled, and the Vice President asked the board to submit volunteer names for invitation.  Invitations will be sent out later in October.

The Board discussed the Treasurer’s report, with specific focus on overall club results  due to track events being less well attended than expected. On a positive note, Autocross, Social and Fun Run events all continue to be profitable.

The Club’s legal and tax document disposition is to be determined, due to a change in where our current documents are stored.  The Vice President will research the retention policy for both content and duration.

A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was carried without dissent.  

The 2019 Board election was briefly discussed.  An email will be sent out to solicit candidates for election, and the Secretary will report back to the Board should any interested parties volunteer.   

A motion to approve the Secretary’s report of the previous Board meeting minutes from July 9 was carried without dissent.  

Social Director:
This summer has had two successful social events, and the Social Director recounted some details about each. 

First, we had another event hosted by RRS Auto Group, with a meet and greet at their garage, a drive to Byington Winery in the Santa Cruz mountains.  This event was sold out with another 40 attendees having a wonderful time.

Second, there was a brunch at the Golden Gate Yacht Club, which also coincided with a Fun Run on the same day.  Despite that scheduling conflict, new members came out in force, with very positive comments about having purely social versus a driving related event.

The Social Director and Membership Director both briefly discussed whether it was time to have another New Member Mixer.

Up next, on October 13 there is a Club BBQ at Vasona Park in Los Gatos.  Capacity for this event will be limited to around 100 people, with current projected prices being $40 per adult, and $20 per child.

Finally, there was a wide ranging discussion about the nature of this years award events.  Topics ranged from a proposed pre-holiday event prior to Thanksgiving, to whether the Region and Autocross awards should continue to be combined, or if we should experiment by keeping them separate.  More details will be published and communicated as decisions are finalized.

Motoring Director:
The Motoring Director was not present, and provided no report separately.

Track Director:
The Track Director was not able to attend in person, but did provide a report in advance via email. 

The Track Director and Treasurer still have some accounting to work out amongst themselves for recent DE and CR events, and will rectify those details prior to the next Board meeting.

While a detailed analysis and postmortem will be held at a future date, the recap of “Kahuna at Laguna” confirmed that the event was highly enjoyed across the board.  PCA stewards were pleased, and the POC racers that joined us also had a great time. The Director included some comments on how to better advertise, should there be an event like this in the future, as the registered turnout was not as high as expected.  The lower level of registration contributed to this event not meeting financial targets, which will be discussed more fully at the postmortem.

The DE at Thunderhill in early September appears to have been quite successful.  With around 90 DE drivers and 34 racers. Financially things look close to break even.

There are two remaining events for the 2019 season : a three day DE at Laguna October 18-20, and the club race at Sonoma the following weekend.  Planning for 2020 is already in full swing. Dates will be similar to 2019, with Laguna Seca CR being an event that needs more discussion before committing to something similar to this year.

AX Director:
Our 2019 Autocross season is running like clockwork.  Both AX5 and AX6 at Alameda had full attendance at 105 cars, and both events were a ton of fun and ran fine.   While the AX Director had previously done annual budgeting based on 90 cars in attendance, increasing that cap helps in the afternoon to keep worker stations fully staffed.  Due to this, we’re running ahead of budget.

Up next we have AX7 at Marina on the weekend of September 28 and 29.  LPR will run the event on the 28th, and will also coincide with a Zone 7 dinner that evening.

To wrap up this year’s AX season, we’ll be back at Alameda for both AX8 and 9.  Looking forward to 2020, dates have been submitted to respective venues, but we do not have confirmation at this time.  We’re tentatively looking at the 3rd Saturday of each month from March through November, with the exception of June due to Parade 2020 in Palm Desert falling on that weekend.

Finally, our current AX Director has decided it’s time to start looking for his replacement.  Timing of this transition is still to be determined, based on available eligible candidates.

Membership Director:  
As of this meeting, PCA GGR had a total of 3538 members, with 43 new members and 41 drops since the prior meeting.  A motion to approve all new members was carried unanimously.  

The Membership Director recapped the Concours held at Porsche of Redwood City.   Over 300 people attended, and 41 cars were judged.  

Finally, PCA has subsidy program for charity or public service.  Given our recent charity contributions, our information has been submitted to PCA for review.

Editor (The Nugget):
The Editor requested that all blog posts be published by Wednesday, September 25.

The Webmaster was not present, and provided no report separately.  However, the President did indicate that progress was being made and the Board would have a preview of the final product in short order.

Topics for discussion
A full postmortem for the summer Laguna Seca CR/DE and other track events will be discussed at a future date.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm. 

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