Board of Directors Meeting for May 24, 2017

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Board of Directors Meeting for May 24, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes
May 24, 2017

Andrew Forrest, Michael Sherman, Michael Griffin, Bern Beecham, John Celona, Brad Kellett, Bryan Phan and Brian Emmett

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm.

Call for agenda changes:
Discuss charitable donation.

Call for calendar changes:

Postmortem of events:
The Mendocino overnighter FunRun had 22 cars which drove a route to Ft. Bragg via Healdsburg up Route 128.  It was a great location but windy conditions impacted the outdoor mixer at the final destination. The FunRun up Miles Road to Livermore was well attended, well run and had great feedback from drivers.  This is the reverse route for those that participated last year with the final destination being at Wente vineyards for cellar tours, wine tasting and lunch.  There were 44 cars and 60 people in attendance. With an estimate of 200 people attending, the Panamera launch at Carlsen Porsche was a fun event, with great food and music, as well as former Panorama editor Pete Stout as a key speaker.  Pictures will be posted on the GGR website gallery.

Directors’ Reports

Nothing to report, but discussed with the Treasurer how to appropriately recognize Club Racing revenue.

The insurance certificate for Laguna Seca Club Race in June has not yet been received, and is still in process.

Financial reports were circulated and discussed.  The Club’s financial health is good overall, in no small part due to the profitability of the monthly FunRuns.  Yearly budget projections versus actual expenses are tracking to plan.  A motion to approve Treasurer’s report was approved.

A motion to approve Secretary’s report was approved.

The Social Core team had a planning meeting for laying out the rest of year, with some good events still upcoming.  However, the condition of certain coast roads will be a limiting factor for certain runs this year.  For the overnight trip to Santa Barbara in September, there was a proposal to make it a fund raiser for either multiple sclerosis or breast cancer research, as those conditions impacted the Club directly.  The Board agreed to proceed with the understanding that the charities next year might change based on input from the Club.   The FunRun event to TRG earlier this year was so popular that there will be an attempt to make a second run later this year.   There is still a need a FunRun event for June, with potential candidates being TRG or Occidental, depending on logistics.  Also discussed was an opportunity to have another member mixer in SF, but details needed to addressed in order to realize this.  Finally, it was decided to re-open registration for the GGR FunRun to Porsche Parade in Spokane.

Track Chair:
May and June are shaping up to be incredibly busy, with 4 track events upcoming in next 40 days.  The DE event at Buttonwillow has 65 cars registered at present, which is 2 fewer cars than last year despite a modest price increase.  30 Club Racers are currently planned to attend.  The Club Race at Laguna Seca in June has attendance well above last year. A Thunderhill DE will be held in June for the first time this year, so there is hope for larger attendance.  The event is on the Club calendar and scheduled for June 24 and 25.  The Sonoma Raceway Club Race on June 30 already has 30 drivers registered.  The Track Chair indicated there will not be an event Sonoma in October, however, there is a potential for replacing that event with one at Laguna Seca.  Based on feedback from ground school, the Track team is going to continue having the school as well as try experiment with additional instructor time, specifically a lead/follow session at the track, to encourage additional recurring attendance.

AX Chair:
Not in attendance, report sent via email.  Permit and insurance is in place for this weekend’s event.  Only at 71 registered as of today, so not a great turnout so far.  We anticipate bit of a last minute rush, so there are expectations of attendance of to 80-90.  It’s possible  the Memorial Day holiday weekend might be hurting us.  There were 100 drivers last year on this weekend, and 112 the year before on the weekend before Memorial Day.  The AX Chair will make more effort next year to avoid the holiday weekend.  The next event after this weekend is the annual autocross school, followed by a regular autocross the next day. The City of Alameda is willing to let us apply for multiple special event permits at the same time, so the AX Chair will apply for the 5 remaining events the next time he applies for the permits, which will require payment in full.  We can apply for 2018 season permits all at once next year.  The permit fees are separate from the site fees paid to the realty company.

As of the date of the Board meeting there were 3193 members, 2153 of which were active.  There were 72 new members in past month, including 99 renewals and 32 drops.  A motion to approve all new members was approved.  The Membership Chair sent to congratulate Club sponsor Carlsen Porsche for being honored as a Premiere Dealership in this month’s Panorama.  In the next Panorama, there will be mention of the FunRun to Mendocino. Finally, the email sent about  membership flyers was received by most members.

Editor (The Nugget):
The most read article last month was “My First Porsche” authored by President.  The Editor discussed the rise in additional signups to both the Nugget and GGR Announcement mailing lists, and suspect that the more prominent homepage affordance is the reason for the increase.  The Editor requests that posts for the next edition of the Nugget are to be due by Saturday May 27.  Finally, the remainder of Club Redbook will be discarded and rewritten by respective Board members.

The Board discussed the website stats report, which was provided prior to the meeting.  The current Redbook past award and Board members are now posted on website, with the data for 2014-2015 award winners missing.  Two sets of photo galleries for Mendocino & Mines Fun Runs are live.  Post-FunRun surveys for both Mendocino and Mines elicited a strong response from Club members.  The Track Chair expressed interest in post-event surveys for new DE students.

Topics for discussion:
Covered during Social report.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:38 pm.




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