Board of Directors Meeting for May 21, 2019

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Board of Directors Meeting for May 21, 2019

Board Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2019

Present: John Celona, Serena Cheng,  Brian Emmett, Brad Kellett, Jim McClelland, Marianne Merritt, Michael Sherman

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 6:44 pm.

Call for agenda changes:

Call for calendar changes:

Call for budget changes:

Directors’ Reports

Several Presidents from large regions have decided to start meeting on a periodic basis to discuss the shared challenges of regions with over 1,000 members.  The first meeting conflicted with May’s GGR board meeting, but GGR’s President will attend these moving forward. Topics to be discussed range from regional communications, strategic planning for growth, and how to manage large DE and social events.

The President’s update continued with a recounting of the GGR trip to Spa and the Nurburgring.  The event was well managed by external parties (RSRNurburg and Speed Secrets), and the attendees had an incredible time.  Lots of great lodging, dinners and of course great driving. The weather at Spa was great, while at the Nurburgring drivers were challenged with a  freak snow storm!

Finally, the President led a recap of club financials on behalf of the Treasurer.  As the treasurer forecast, the club is presently investing considerable sums in setting up future events (notably, the 4-day Club Race at Laguna Seca this July), with revenues to follow as the events take place.

A brief update from the Vice President indicated that insurance situation for all upcoming events is  looking great.

An update by email was made by the Treasurer, the details of which were discussed during the President’s update.  A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was carried without dissent.

A motion to approve the Secretary’s report of the previous Board meeting minutes from April was carried without dissent.  

Social Director:
Since the previous board meeting, we’ve had two social events of note.  First, the new member mixer in April had attendance from 46 members, including 19 guests.  The event itself was profitable to the club, and the feedback was uniformly positive. Our most recent event, which started at the Berkeley Pier and concluded at V. Sattui winery also was profitable.  Despite the heavy rain, the event was well received.

Upcoming events include a Porsche trivia night, to be hosted at the Avalon in San Francisco, as well as a South Bay social to be formally announced in July.  A club family picnic for the summer was ruled out due to a variety of scheduling reasons, but we are instead targeting October for that event to be held. Stay tuned for details!

Motoring Director:
The Motoring Director was not in attendance, and provided no report.

Track Director:
Since our previous board meeting in April, we’ve had two events that the Track Director provided updates about.

The combined DE/CR 3 day at Thunderhill in April had fewer attendees than expected, but did include 35 drivers from the Pacific Northwest Region.  Drivers enjoyed the 2 mile course on Friday, run counterclockwise in the morning, and clockwise in the afternoon. On Saturday, the full 5 mile was driven in its usual direction, with Sunday being run in the reverse.  Despite initial reservations by many drivers, by the end of the weekend the feedback had completely turned around and was quite positive.

The second combined DE/CR was a 2 day event held at Buttonwillow.  Unlike many events held at Buttonwillow in recent years, this was run in the “reverse” direction for the first time since 2006.  Consistent with the experiment held at Thunderhill, there were some reservations about this in advance but at the end of the weekend the feedback could not have been more positive.  Members of the PRC joined us for the weekend, and they had a great time. The DE/CR updates concluded with a brief discussion about potentially running at Buttonwillow twice a year.

A brief financial analysis of track events this year uncovered some interesting details.  In 2019, we’ve already 4 events versus 3 in 2018, yet across those 4 events we’ve had the same number of attendees as last year.   This may indicate an issue with saturation of interest, so there was a discussion of instead cancelling next February’s instructor training and combining it with the usual DE held at Thunderhill in March.

The 4 day combined CR/DE is still in planning.  Registration for DE is already open, and over-subscribed.  Club Race registration will open on June 3. There have already been meetings with the PCA National Steward regarding the event schedule, safety procedures, and other logistical matters.  Porsche of Redwood City (née Carlsen) has graciously provided the race with two pace cars!   Lodging for the GGR track team and National stewards has been secured, and the race tire services are still being discussed.  Proposed dinners for the event so far include a Friday meal at the track pavilion, and at Turn 12 in downtown Monterey on Saturday.

Even if you’re not driving, be sure to come down and watch!

AX Director:
The AX Director was also not in attendance, but a report was provided via email.

AX #3 (which was also a Zone 7 event) was held at Alameda on Saturday, May 16.  The event was sold out with 105 pre-registered several weeks before the event. The event was oversubscribed and had a wait list of about 20 drivers.  Due to the weather forecast, there were only 75 attendees. With that said, the weather partially cooperated, and there were 3 dry runs in the morning and 3 wet runs in the afternoon.  Another well run event by the AX team!

Of note at this event was reliance on online scoring.  Timing slips were not used due to the rain, and it’s possible that we may do the same in the future.  Due to some construction, there was some confusion on site access. The AX Director will reach out to property managers to understand the duration of that construction so that we can put in more appropriate signage for next time.

The next event is the AX School on June 22, with AX#4 on the following day.  Registration is open for both events and we have 67 already signed up for AX#4 (105 capacity) and 61 signed up for the AX School.

Membership Director:  
As of the May meeting, the GGR club had 3506 members, 2388 of which were primary, and 1111 co-members.  A motion to approve all new members was carried unanimously.

The Membership Director had a few other sundry updates including:

  • T-shirts for upcoming Autocross school have been designed and are being printed
  • He’s been mailing lots of GGR window stickers and pins to European auto clubs, predominantly in Germany and Holland.
  • There was a discussion of holding board meetings at Carlsen in the future, but due to the need to hold during operating hours, the GGR board has decided to politely decline their generous offer.

Editor (The Nugget):
The editor requested that all blog posts from board members be published by May 27.  A monthly update to website readership data was also provided.

The board was provided a sneak peak of the upcoming website.  The Webmaster gave a walkthrough of the work in progress, and the board provided some initial questions and feedback.  Once a more fully polished site is ready, the board will formally review for final changes before the site goes live.

Topics for discussion:
An incident that occurred between a driver and instructor related to the April DE at  Thunderhill was discussed, and based on the resolution described by the Track Chair, the Board decided that no further action was required.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.

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