Board of Directors Meeting for May 16, 2018

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Board of Directors Meeting for May 16, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes
May 16, 2018

Present: Brad Kellett, Brian Emmett, Bryan Phan, Ed Hunter, Jim McClelland, John Celona, Marianne Merritt, Michael Griffin

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 6:55 pm.

Call for agenda changes:

Call for calendar changes:
Next Board meetings have been scheduled for 6/23 and 7/14

Postmortem of events
In the two months since the last Board meeting, there were a grand total of seven events!  

  • Autocross #1 on March 17 at Alameda was sold out, but only 81 drivers participated due to the threat of rain.  For those that did attend, they were treated to a well run event with great weather.
  • Autocross #2 on April 22 at Marina had 67 drivers, including a few drivers from the Loma Prieta Region.  The event was well managed, and included 9 runs per driver.
  • Drivers Ed #2 and Club Race #1 at Thunderhill on the weekend of March 24-25 was well attended, albeit windy and chilly.  The weekend did OK financially, and the report from the National Race Steward was positive.
  • The March FunRun from Saratoga to Pescadero was a great time with generally clear roads and a tasty final destination at Highway 1 Brewing Company.  Kudos to Eric Portzline for his first event as a producer!
  • Our first overnight trip of the season to Mendocino in April was another well run event.  The trip started with some initial rain, but cleared up north of Healdsburg. A great time was had by all, with lots of positive feedback about the Little River destination.
  • The second Fun Run of April to Watsonville was, as is now no surprise, a well run event.  It was well attended and enjoyed by all, with the only blemish being some road conditions which required the route to be shortened.  Kudos to Himanshu Patel for his first event as a producer!
  • In May we saw a repeat of last years drive from San Rafael to Petaluma to spend some time at TRG.  The event was sold out, with great roads and weather. The attendees enjoyed a great history lesson from Kevin Buckler, as well as a tech talk from the master techs at TRG, topped off with a wine tasting at Adobe Road.

Directors’ Reports

The President provided some updates with respect to some changes occurring at the PCA Executive Council, and the Board discussed the ramifications of those changes.  He used his report as an opportunity to encourage all GGR members that use social media to help Porsche celebrate National Sportscar Together day on the weekend of June 8 to 10.   

Be sure to join in the fun with the hashtag #sportscartogether

The Vice President provided an update to one of the questions raised at a previous meeting.  Specifically, we are not able to allow for electronic signing of insurance waivers during event sign-up on MotorsportsReg.   This is not possible due to the fact that we need witnesses signing each page of the waiver form. However, signed forms can be scanned and stored electronically.

Finally, insurance certificates for next planned DE/CR events are in place.  Autocross insurance certificates are all done for the year!

The Treasurer’s’ report indicated that club financials are looking quite healthy.  To date, all driving events that the club organizes are all profitable! A discussion was had about the AX school budget, and indicated that all was well.   The Treasurer proposed making year-over-year financial comparisons for better assessment of how club activities changing over time, as well as get an estimate of margins.  The Board agreed that this was a good idea. A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was carried without dissent.

The Secretary proposed taking over management of GGR Board of Directors contact database, which had no official owner.  The Redbook has been updated to reflect these official duties. A motion to approve the Secretary’s report of the previous Board meeting minutes from March 14 was carried without dissent.

The Social Chair was not in attendance, but a brief update was provided by the Vice President.  First, there is no GGR Fun Run scheduled in June in order not to conflict with the Mammoth overnighter that month.   The Vice President is also working on recruiting and training coordinators for awards and holiday party.

Track Chair:
Given the success of DE #2 at Thunderhill in March, the Track Chair was expecting similar results at Buttonwillow in mid-May.  He also provided an update with respect to the upcoming DE at Laguna Seca in July. Event pricing will be changing, as we’re expecting close to 160 cars, and there will be instructors available on both days.

The Club Race at Laguna Seca in July has the appropriate paperwork from SCCA in place.  The DE event at Thunderhill scheduled for September is expecting to have similar results to March, with the exception of the weather.   The CR at Sonoma with NASA in October has the appropriate paperwork in place.

There was also positive and constructive discussion on several other topics, including: the suggestion of driving additional track configurations for our existing tracks; the logistics of planning a future 3 day Club Race at Laguna; as well as the potential for doing DE events after dark at Buttonwillow for the most experienced drivers.

AX Chair:
GGR’s next next AX is on May 26, and the AX Chair indicated that attendance is looking good given the Memorial Day weekend.  For June, the AX school at Alameda already has students registered. The registration for AX#4 has not opened yet.

There was discussion about a spectrum of topics regarding other AX clubs in the area, ranging from event cancellations due to accidents, to coordinating with other clubs on locations, given the number of viable venues is slowly decreasing over time.  For GGR, future locations to be scouted and assessed include Cow Palace and the HMB airport.

Finally, our new timing system was deployed and used at the Zone 7 AX event in April.  Initial shakedown revealed some teething problems. The hardware worked well, but the software was flaky and we might need to revisit how to set it up.  Additionally, a longer range antenna might be in order to create better coverage.

The Membership Chair was not in attendance, but he did provide an update via email.  The Secretary reported this information on his behalf. As of the time of the meeting, the GGR club had 3362 members, 2277 active of which where active, including 1079 co-members.  In the prior 30 days, the club had 54 new members join, 107 renew, 39 drop, and 3 transfer in since. A motion to approve all new members was carried unanimously.

Editor (The Nugget):
The Editor provided website traffic statistics which indicated that the most read column of April was the AX 2 Report.  For May, the most read column was Ode to the Drivers.  The Editor requested that all blog posts be published by May 26.

The Webmaster has drafted a survey regarding the current website, to be sent out to our members.  She noted that some of the website sponsors have not provided updated copy for their sections and she will get that reviewed.  She also mentioned that the classified section was having issues due to price field, and the Time Trials section will be removed from website entirely as GGR no longer holds those events.  The Webmaster also participated as a judge on the PCA National website contest.

In terms of updates to the GGR website, she we are currently in predesign, with specific focus on the information architecture of the site.  She also intends to update our calendars to filter out non-GGR events, and instead link out to them. The hope is that it will provide a more clear differentiation between events that GGR hosts versus other regions.  Finally, as a part of the redesign, she hoped to test some security software as our website evolves, which would include measures such as 2-Factor Authentication.

Topics for discussion
Items to raised to be discussed at the next Board meeting:

  • Guest blog posts, contests, and other avenues for additional engagement
  • Creation of additional “social officers” for specific areas needing assistance
  • Discuss the tradition of gifts to past-President, as well as gift from current President to existing Board

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:27 pm.

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