Board of Directors Meeting for March 15, 2017

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Board of Directors Meeting for March 15, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2017

Andrew Forrest, Michael Sherman, Michael Griffin, Bern Beecham, John Celona, Brad Kellett, Bryan Phan and Brian Emmett

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 6:36 pm.

Call for agenda changes:

Call for calendar changes:
A motion to reschedule the Board meeting for April 26 to April 27 was approved.

Postmortem of events:
The FunRun to Hollister to Harris Ranch went very well.  The roads were good, albeit with some debris, but all in all a clean run without any incidents.  Driver compliance to safety suggestions was great.

Directors’ Reports

Zone Presidents meeting was not attended by President due to scheduling conflict.  No minutes to share.

The insurance language for Autocross was updated and agreed to.  Insurance policies for both DE and AX events the weekend of March 18-19 were in hand, as well as the next Club Race and DE event at Buttonwillow in May.

The accounting method of the budget was discussed, as well as specifics of current P&L and the balance sheet.  A motion to approve Treasurer’s report was approved.

A motion to approve Secretary’s report was approved.

The next Fun Run is scheduled for March 18, running from Menlo Park to Pescadero.  Pre-runs by organizers indicate the roads are passable after this winter’s storms.  Given the route taken, attendees are capped at 30.  The overnight Fun Run to Mendocino is upcoming at the beginning of May.  Finally, a Fun Run event on April 22 is currently being finalized, and will be limited to 40 drivers due to space constraints at the final location.

Track Chair:
The Track Chair was unable to attend, but provided update via email with additional detail provided by the President.  The Club Race and DE event at Thunderhill over the weekend of March 18 and 19 had signups of  85 for DE, 18 of which are students, and 25 for the Club Races.  The weather forecast looked good. Ground school was held on the previous week, and the Board will await updates at the next meeting.

AX Chair:
The AX Chair was unable to attend, but provided an update by email, which the Secretary has summarized.  The weather is forecasted to be good for AX at Alameda on March 19.  Permits and insurance are in hand, provisions for food and waste are confirmed, and the trailer has had maintenance performed.  As of the time of the Board meeting, 96 drivers were registered.  The first timer discount is proving to be popular, with 19 discounts issued to date, whereas 6 to 10 is more typical for a given event.

An update to the website’s classification system table of car model base points is required to include the last few years of new car models.  Finally, there is a plan for some new verbiage on the classification page to explain why we have both a AX classes and Showroom Stock classes and why a driver might choose one system over another.

As of the date of the Board meeting, the club had 3161 members, 2127 of which were active.  Within the past 30 days there were 51 new members, 105 renewals, and 38 drops.  Some new items were added to our regional PCA webstore and are currently available for purchase.  Finally, new member badges for the March 18 Fun Run and March 19 AX have received and ready to distribute.

Editor (The Nugget):
Clickthrough metrics from Nugget newsletter was discussed, and the Editor agreed to provide this information moving forward.  The Editor is also collating and updating a list of all historical award winners, to be posted on the website.  Finally, the Editor requested that all Board members please have updates to blog posted by Monday March 27.

The Webmaster has  updated the AX car numbers on the website, but still requires updated DE numbers from Track Registrar.  The BBS new user issue has been remedied, which means new users can be created without human moderation.  Other updates to the website include AX rules, sponsorships, plus links to Facebook and Twitter.

Topics for discussion:
The Board discussed updates to Red Book, which contains GGR Board job descriptions as well as historical winners of awards.  Given awards are soon to be posted to website, there was a question as to whether the Regional Procedures Manual would suffice for Board Director job descriptions.  A brief review indicated they wouldn’t, and was therefore agreed that the job descriptions for each Board position should be maintained somewhere online versus an offline document.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:23 pm.

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