Board of Directors Meeting for March 1, 2020

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Board of Directors Meeting for March 1, 2020

Board Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2020

John Celona, Brian Emmett, Chris Hamilton, Jim McClelland, Himanshu Patel, Michael Sherman.

Sherman Ting as invited guest.

Call to Order: 
The meeting was called to order at 12:37 pm. 

Call for agenda changes: 

Call for calendar changes: 
It was suggested to have an open board meeting coincide with the conclusion of our Concours event this summer.  The idea was well received, with details to be determined at a future meeting.

Call for budget changes:

Postmortem of Events:

Directors’ Reports

Updates from the President included a summary of the PCA Board of Directors meeting, and a few other items.

First, the PCA Board of Directors update covered details about: region event subsidies; PCA National’s “Street Survival School” and whether it could be a vehicle for a potential GGR charity driving school for women; a review of PCA’s strategic plan; a potential survey to GGR members to better understand their interest; a discussion about the possibility of resurrecting a Taste of the Track events; better publicity and options for first timers in Autocross.

The President then presented an updated version of the GGR Financial Policy for review.  The draft was reviewed and motion to approve the policy was carried without dissent.

For upcoming elections, a proposal to rebalance which Directors and Officers were elected in which years was reviewed, and a motion to approve was carried without dissent.  

The President indicated that he was still looking out for potential candidates for club Treasurer.  He also proposed that we retain an external vendor to assist in doing club bookkeeping in the interim until a new Treasurer could be found.  The billing rate and statement of work was discussed, and motion to sign a contract with this vendor to help with club accounting was approved without dissent.

The President concluded with a Nugget clickthrough review from the previous month.

The Vice President reiterated that due to variable delivery times for insurance certificate requests to ensure that events that require insurance be sure to request early.  Due to lack of any actual expenditures for the club since February, there was no discussion of budget versus actuals.

Not present.

A motion to approve the Secretary’s report of the previous Board meeting minutes from February 5 was carried without dissent.  

Membership Director:  
A motion to approve all new members was carried unanimously.  

As of the time of this meeting, PCA GGR had 3560 members, 2405 of which were full members, 1159 co-members, and 4 lifetime members.  Since the previous meeting, the club welcomed 40 new members, 44 left the club, 94 renewed, and 2 transferred in from other regions.

The Membership Director also provided an update on the Zone 7 Concours con-call, and provided some specifics about the Concours Judge school to be held on March 15.  He also provided a timing and budgetary update for the club’s new banner, which is currently being built.

Finally, in conjunction with the Social Director, there were plans in the works for a New Member Mixer on April 30, at Steelhead Brewery in Burlingame.  Details to follow.

AX Director:
Himanshu Patel provided an update on behalf of Ed Hunter.   Scheduling for events at Alameda is still on hold, and we are currently waiting for the City of Alameda to hold a private meeting on March 17 before we receive further information.  At this point in time there will be no events held in Alameda until May at the absolute earliest. In the meantime, Crows Landing in Stanislaus County has been contacted as a potential backup location.  The first tentatively scheduled AX event will be at Crow’s on April 12.

There are currently 7 events tentatively scheduled with Alameda, and 9 events at Crow Landing as backup, with potentially two being held in August.

There was also discussion about a potential AX event in the paddock at Laguna later this year with Exclusive Track Days.  The board suggested that we follow up with Exclusive and Laguna to assess whether the parking lot outside turn 5 might be a more suitable location.

On March 7, the Zone 7 AX Instructor School is scheduled, with 12 members from GGR planned to be in attendance.

Finally, there was an outstanding question as to taking up the offer from Porsche or Redwood City to repaint or wrap the AX trailer.

Social Director:
Not present.

Motoring Director:
Not present.

Himanshu Patel volunteered to run the Mines Road event in March for now, as well as assist in recruiting a new Motoring Director.  At this point in time we have a risk for this event with there being uncertainty about whether the number of participants would be sufficient.  The event is planned to exclude an explicit lunch option, and instead allow for an informal lunch at the end location. To account for this temporary leadership change in the Motoring team, it was decided to reschedule the event for March 22, and a corrected insurance form will be requested.

Track Director:
The 2020 track season continues to develop, and the club reviewed the financial updates from the Track Director.  In positive news, there are extra sponsorships being developed for the club.

For Buttonwillow in March, there was a discussion about reimbursements to PCA National staff for the club race, as well as clarification of the allowance for more than one run group in DE to have expanded passing rules.  The Director will provide a cash advance schedule for upcoming expenses at future events. The Board also reviewed the revised Buttonwillow budget.

As of this meeting, for Thunderhill in April we currently have more Pacific Northwest members registered than GGR.   

For Kahuna Laguna, unfortunately we will not be able to open registration early due to  the limitations of the ClubReg site. Promotional efforts for this event have been stepped up over 2019.  Last year’s racers have been contacted, and racers from 2018 will be included in the next round of communications.  So far, there have been good responses to the early communications efforts. In other good news, members from the POC are also interested in attending.  Depending on the size of the racer contingent for May, March 20 has been determined to be the drop dead date to convert Kahuna into a 2 day DE event along with the Club Race.

Finally, the Director has requested we chat with PRWC about a potential pace car for Kahuna, and noted he is comparing notes with other local clubs on event pricing.

Editor (The Nugget):
Update provided by the President.

Our new Webmaster has been a lot of progress in a short period of time.  Security updates done have been done on the website, and he is currently working to prepare on migrating to our new site.   He intends to present a plan for the Board to review in April. In the meantime, calendar, Facebook and other integrations are to be determined, and we are also currently evaluating upgrading our hosting provider for better service.  

Topics for discussion:

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:04 pm. 

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