Board of Directors Meeting for June 23, 2018

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Board of Directors Meeting for June 23, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes

June 23, 2018

Present: Bern Beecham, Brad Kellett, Brian Emmett, Ed Hunter, John Celona, Marianne Merritt, Michael Sherman

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 12:33 pm.

Call for agenda changes:

  • Proposal: New member’s first event free?
  • GGR’s policy on recommendations to members
  • Club sponsorships involving member services
  • Guest blog posts, contests, and other avenues for additional engagement
  • Creation of additional “social officers” for specific areas needing assistance
  • Discuss the tradition of gifts to past-President, as well as gift from current President to existing Board
  • CSRG’s Annual Charity Challenge at Sonoma Raceway

Call for calendar changes:

Postmortem of events
GGR’s Driver’s Education and Club Race at Buttonwillow the weekend of May 19 was a great success.  DE had 81 total attendees, which was an increase over both of the past two years, and included 20 students. CR had 30 racers, and only 1 race incident reported.  The weather was great, and unlike previous years the event did not operate with a large financial loss.

The Mammoth Lakes 3-day was hosted by Diablo & Sequoia, running from June 15 to 17.  All attendees were treated to some amazing roads ranging through forest and grasslands, and a great hotel to rest in at the end of the day.  33 GGR cars attended.

GGR’s Annual Autocross School ran on June 16 with 50 students in attendance.  The school was very well run, with instructor assignments handed out well in advance.  Both the morning and evening sessions allowed for 4-5 runs each. Lots of new drivers were in attendance. The t-shirts were appreciated, and the event had no incidents.  The timing equipment worked, although no times were recorded, and all had a great time.

AX #4 was held the day after AX school.  There were 80 drivers, a few shy of 95 limit.  We attribute the lower headcount to all the AX events being held on Sunday this season.  AX #4 also happened to coincide with Father’s Day. The AX chair indicated we will aim to schedule more Saturdays next year.

Directors’ Reports

The President recapped some results of the the PCA National nominating committee for the PCA Executive Council.  There were 110 nominations, 54 candidates (34 for current term, the rest for future consideration) which resulted in 10 in person interviews.

Not present, but the VP’s report was provided by Social Chair.  Insurances for all remaining 2018 DE events are in hand, with the only remaining task being clarifying the final car count for the CR at Laguna Seca in July, in order to lock in final cost tiering.

Not present.  The Treasurer’s report was provided in advance by email.  Financially, the club has a healthy performance, with everything trending better than this time the previous year.  A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was carried without dissent.

A motion to approve the Secretary’s report of the previous Board meeting minutes from May 16, 2018 was carried without dissent.

The report from the Social Chair included some details about upcoming Fun Runs.  The one event scheduled for July is the old favorite Skaggs Spring Road, this time with a final destination a winery near Healdsburg.  The only concern raised was that a bike race is being held same day, but running the opposite direction. Hopefully there should be minimal impact.  

We have two runs on Mines Road planned; the first being southbound from Livermore in August, the second northbound from Mt. Hamilton in September. Ron Castle and Eric Portzline are running each event, respectively.  

The Social Chair made the explicit point of thanking some of our new event producers – Georgia Athanasiou, Himanshu Patel and Eric Portzline – for previous and immediately upcoming events.  

Track Chair:
Not present.  Report provided in advance by email.  Highlights of that report include updates with respect to the new price tiering structure used for next month’s DE at Laguna Seca.  At the time of the meeting, the events was close to being sold out, with the event looking quite profitable overall. Garages sold out within 24 hours, and overall things are well in hand for July 7 and 8.

The CR on July 27-29 at Laguna Seca has its agreement in place with SCCA, and the deposit has been paid.  Registration opened on June 11, and the maximum number of cars allowed has been capped at 50.

The final DE of the year at Thunderhill on September 8-9 is basically a carbon copy of the event in March, with the likely exception of the weather.  As with March, this will run concurrently with the penultimate CR event of the season.

The final CR of the year at Sonoma in October has the NASA contract in hand, but no significant progress has been made on final agreement and payment.  This will be key area of focus for the Track Chair after July 1.

AX Chair:
The update from the AX Chair include some news about a mixed use development project occurring out at Alameda Point.  It’s not in close proximity to where we run our AX events, but there could be some local road closures in the future, which are hopefully not impactful.

In terms of upcoming events, the next AX on July 8 is getting close to full. Everything is paid for, and permits are in place through EOY.  From a budgetary perspective, things look good with events being generally break even overall.

As of the time of the meeting, the GGR club had 3383 members, 2293 active of which where active, and 1084 co-members.  In the prior 30 days, the club had 50 new members join, 104 renew, 4 drop, and 1 transfer in. A motion to approve all new members was carried unanimously.  

Editor (The Nugget):
The editor requests that all blog posts by the Board be published June 27.  The most read blog post in May was It’s Summertime and more videos, posted by our Membership Chair, Captain Mike.

The Board discussed the survey to be sent out to users regarding website usage.  The Webmaster went into detail with respect to the proposed website design, and the Board reviewed a potential sitemap structure for the future website.  Sample pages from the redesign vendor are forthcoming, hopefully in time for the next Board meeting. Additionally, a copywriter is working to condense all of our data into something more reasonable and readable.

The Board unanimously approved the removal of website forums.  They are rarely trafficked, and the information that is typically shared there (e.g. AX course maps) probably has better opportunities to be housed elsewhere on the website.

The Board discussed a closed Facebook group restricted to GGR members only, but the overhead for maintaining two groups was deemed too much for any potential incremental activity that might occur.  

Topics for discussion

  • Proposal: new member’s first event free?
    • Coupons to be applied at any event?
    • Try for a year to measure efficacy?
    • Measure expense burden?
  • GGR’s policy on recommendations to members
    • Potential vendors and sponsors often come offering discounts to our members
    • The Board agreed to no free publicity and would follow up with vendors to advise actual sponsorship to achieve the publicity they seek.
    • For recommendations for things like mechanics and parts, the Board will advise  inquirers to contact a GGR sponsor or post to the GGR Facebook page and ask other members.
  • Club sponsorships involving member services
    • Deferred to a future meeting.
  • Guest blog posts, contests, and other avenues for additional engagement
    • Deferred to a future meeting.
  • Creation of additional “social officers” for specific areas needing assistance
    • Deferred to a future meeting.
  • Discuss the tradition of gifts to past-President, as well as gift from current President to existing Board
    • Deferred to a future meeting.
  • CSRG’s Annual Charity Challenge at Sonoma Raceway
    • The Board agreed we will decline this invitation.
  • Board of Director meetings
    • There was brief discussion on a rotating location in order to keep the meeting during the week, but agreed to try one more weekend slot as scheduled.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:53 pm.

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