Board of Directors Meeting for January 5, 2020

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Board of Directors Meeting for January 5, 2020

Board Meeting Minutes

January 5, 2020

Present: John Celona, Serena Cheng,  Brian Emmett, Robert Habibi, Ed Hunter, Jim McClelland, Joe Ramos, Michael Sherman

Call to Order: 
The meeting was called to order at 12:40 pm. 

Call for agenda changes: 
Several club members showed up hoping to attend and observe the Board meeting, which unfortunately brought to light the Board’s own lack of clarity and understanding of its own bylaws in that regard (Article 6, section 7).  The Board resolved to have an open meeting for all members put on the calendar. This will be added to a future agenda to schedule, and the members that were turned away will be explicitly invited.

Call for calendar changes: 
The next GGR Board meeting is scheduled for February 9, 2020.

Call for budget changes:

Postmortem of Events
There were two events since the last Board meeting.

On December 8, 2019, there was a Fun Run to the Marin Headlands.  It was a successful event in all respects, with a great time had by all attendees.  A charitable donation was provided to fight cancer, with special note made that this event was fully run without the involvement of the Motoring Director, but Vincent Puchetti and Soah Shu.

On December 15, 2019 the club had its annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, with a meal at Chef Chu’s, which included a successful Toys for Tots drive..  The incoming President offered his broad thanks to the volunteers that help run events.

Directors’ Reports

Due to Board turnover and recent elections, John Celona resigned from his position as Vice President in order to take over as club President.  Brian Emmett was asked to take over as Vice President, and agreed to continue to serve the club as both VP and Secretary until a replacement can be found for the Secretary role.  Joe Ramos joined the meeting and offered his assistance as the club’s new Treasurer. All three motions to accept the resignation and installations for all the positions was approved unanimously by the Board.

The incoming President’s budget was reviewed and approved by the Board.

The incoming Vice President already began taking over insurance duties, with certificates requested for the annual AX Dinner at the Hornet, and for the Davenport Fun Run.  The new VP will write a blog post to announce secretary position needs filling, and welcome any willing volunteers to help join us in the management of the club.

The incoming Treasurer came prepared with a draft GGR Financial Policy to review. 

There was discussion around check payments to vendors for DE/CR events, given the nature of how expenses come up, as well as receipts handled in cash versus electronically at events, for deposit into club accounts.  It was agreed that it was preferable for expenses to be paid directly to vendor versus to board member as intermediary.

Further feedback was provided around the reimbursement of expenses to event programmers, as well as an agreed upon dollar amount above which would require approval by the Board for unexpected expenditures.

A motion to approve the Treasurer’s draft GGR financial policy was tabled and will be approved at the next meeting.  

The Board continued with a review of our financial situation with the transition of duties from the previous Treasurer.   The incoming Treasurer proposed that the club return to a cash basis from our current accrual accounting. Discussions with other experts known to the Board asserted that the added complexity doesn’t make sense given the nature of the club.   Joe Ramos is still working to close out the 2019 financial year with our outgoing Treasurer, Bryan Phan. Joe noted that the transition from accrual to cash will take some time to work out.


A motion to approve the Secretary’s report of the previous Board meeting minutes from December 1, 2019 was carried without dissent.  

Social Director:
The Board reopened discussion of the Holiday Party co-hosted with RRS Auto Sport, due to some communication and process concerns.

The Holiday Party discussion recapped the timeline of the board-level communications and decisions that were made.  The Social Director clarified event details, presented a detailed budget and a breakdown of existing and projected demand, as well as financial break-even projections.  

The discussion brought into focus areas in which there were fundamental miscommunications and misunderstandings, the results of which will be reincorporated into both the Treasurer’s Financial Policy, as well as how we train new Board members in the future around club process.

Ultimately, the budget for the Holiday Party was approved.  

The Social Director provided greater clarity and openly recognized concerns about the PDK Meetup group raised by the board, namely potential liabilities associated with group driving events and co-branding with PCA GGR.  She agrees to take active measures with the PDK group to address these.

Motoring Director:
The Motoring Director was unable to stay for the duration of the meeting, but did note before his departure that the first five events of the year have been planned, and insurances requested.

The 2020 GGR Motoring budget was approved by the Board.

Track Director:
There were two major updates from the Track Director.  First, there was a track team meeting on January 4, 2020.  The main topic of that meeting was to discuss and address the needs of our customers and understand what they need, versus just being focused on the logistics of operations.  There were several concrete action items that came of this discussion, including the improvement of communications, steps to take to reduce initial financial risk around contracts, and better follow up around customer expectations.

Second, there was a lengthy discussion of the track budget for 2020.  Several critical points made included the mitigation of loss and risk for lack of registrations, a more prominent calendar of cancellation policies, and several years of event registration patterns.  All of this data seems to suggest we can know within approximately two weeks of event registration opening whether the event will be at expected capacity.

There are several other variables we have under our control as well, including opening registrations earlier to allow for better attendee planning, and extending the events to other PCA regions, and potentially other marques as well.  

The Track Directors budget was approved subject to monthly updates and visibility into health and cash flows.

AX Director:
The budgets for both the Annual AX Banquet and the 2020 AX season were reviewed and approved.  

Membership Director:  
As of this meeting the club had 3544 members in 15 countries!   A motion to approve all new members was carried unanimously.  

There was a discussion regarding some details of our relationship with Porsche of Redwood City. Due to their recent rebranding, there is a willingness on the part of PRWC to help change their logos on the AX trailer and AX school helmets.  We certainly thank them for their continued partnership.

The 2020 Membership budget was approved by the Board.

There were some discussions on how to properly acknowledge and celebrate the club’s 60th anniversary at our events, as well as our charitable giving.  The Membership Director noted that some 60th anniversary stickers coming soon from PCA National.

Editor (The Nugget):
The 2020 budget for the publishing of the Nugget was approved by the Board.

The club currently does not have a fulltime Webmaster, and we will continue our search for one.  In the meantime, the Board still needs to come up with a plan to solicit feedback from the new website staging link and decide on plan for roll-out.

Topics for discussion
Deferred until next time

  • Board of Directors 101 / board oversight & decisions
  • Election rebalancing
  • Engagement in general – Are we leading with old or stale messaging?
  • Charity driving school for young women

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:43 pm. 

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