Board of Directors Meeting for January 17, 2019

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Board of Directors Meeting for January 17, 2019

Board Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2019

Present: John Celona,  Brian Emmett, Brad Kellett, Robert Habibi, Ed Hunter, Jim McClelland, Marianne Merritt, Michael Sherman

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 6:36 pm.

Call for agenda changes:
Rule change approval for D

Call for calendar changes:
The first two social events of the year are:

  • New Years Social is scheduled for January 24
  • Mingle event at RRS Motorsports  on February 23

Directors’ Reports

The update from the President covered a few areas, but was brief to afford time to discuss 2019 budgets later in the meeting

The President will be attending the Zone Presidents meeting on March 2 in Fairfield.  Our new Zone 7 representative, Colin Fat, will also be in attendance.

Second, there was discussion on how to appropriately cross-promote the Redwood region’s CRAB fest on February 23, in light of coinciding with GGR’s social event at RSS planned for the same day.

Finally, the Hillsborough Concours reached out to Brad about helping for their 2019 event on July 21, as the featured marque this year will be Porsche.  The Board agreed to refer this request to the Zone 7 representatives, who normally handle Concours events.

The Vice President’s update was primarily around handling of insurances.  As mentioned in the December meeting, there is now a site for GGR event managers to request insurance for events, as well as check the status and provide links to the insurance certificates.  It was noted that PCA does care about the dates for the event to be insured, and prioritizes issuance of the certificates based on actual event date. The Vice President instructed fellow Directors to manage event and need-by dates as they see fit

The Treasurer was not in attendance, but sent his 2018 yearly financial report by email.  A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was carried without dissent.

A motion to approve the Secretary’s report of the previous Board meeting minutes from December 17, 2018 was carried without dissent.

Social Director:
The Social Director was not in attendance, but an update was provided in her absence.  A small committee met early in 2019 to plan for rest of year, with the intent of ensuring that events had a good geographic distribution in order to be accessible to all our members.  Two social events are already on the calendar, and upcoming events include a New Member event in April, as well as small dinners around the Bay throughout the rest of the year. Stay tuned for details

From a budgetary perspective, the Social Director is already coordinating with the Treasurer, with the intent of hosting low-key, relaxed events that are revenue-neutral.  Additionally, the Social and Motoring Directors will be coordinating to see whether there are opportunities for combined events.

Track Director:
The primary update from the Track Director was to review the proposed rule changes.  Those changes were approved and ratified, and will be in effect for the 2019 season

There was a track planning meeting on January 6 to discuss the logistics for the year.  An additional track team meeting will be held on February 11 at Laguna Seca in order to do preliminary investigations for the big race weekend scheduled in July.  There have been questions about a vintage group running at that race, and that option is being explored.

Wrapping things up, GGR had a great initial Tech Talk at BR Racing’s second location in Campbell.  There were over 80 people in attendance, and the event lasted several hours.

AX Director:
The AX Director had a brief update, starting with mention of the issue of having a large number of trophies for the 2018 season that still need to be distributed.  The Director is investigating whether there could be an informal lunch hosted at a brewery or winery in Alameda to give the awards to their respective winners, or just wait until AX1 to distribute them at that time.

The Director noted that rules changes for the 2019 AZ season will be circulated and voted on at the February Board meeting.  He also noted that with the Sacramento Valley Region having recently migrated to MotorSportReg, all of Zone 7 is now using MSR!

There was brief discussion of other places on the website to advertise AX schedule, as well as an update on proposed charity donations.

Motoring Director:
The report from the Motoring Director had a few points of note.  A planning meeting for the 2019 Fun Run season will be held. The first Fun Run of the year scheduled for January 27 sold out in 7 minutes, with a huge wait list.  We’re super excited to see how interested our members are in these Fun Runs. There was a brief discussion on increasing the number of attendees, but the main constraints are usually bound by the number of lead drivers available, or the amount of people a venue can accommodate

Finally, there was discussion of how to handle event attendees that behave in ways that are concerning to safety and enjoyment of others.  To be consistent with other events, such as DE, Fun Runs will now apply the 13-13 rule at all events, with a permanent ban considered for egregious violations of safety norms.  For reference, a 13-13 rule indicates that a driver can be put on a 13-month probation for driving in an unsafe manner, and banned entirely for 13 months if a second offense happens within the 13 months probationary period.

Membership Director:  
As of the date of the Board meeting, the Membership Director stated that the GGR club had 3439 members, 54 of whom were new, with 25 drops and 84 renewals.  By comparison, at the same time in 2018, the club had 3151 members

A motion to approve all new members was carried unanimously.  

The Director had a few Carlsen-related updates.  First, he has sent an invoice to Carlsen for 2019 sponsorships, and confirmed that the Concours will be held on August 4, and an open house will be held on March 30.   Also, in light of the renaming of Porsche dealerships nationwide, there was discussion as to whether the club should rewrap the AX trailer and reprint banners to properly reflect the new name.

Editor (The Nugget):
The Editor requested that all Directors have their blog posts published by January 28

The GGR website was the topic of the Webmaster’s update.   Unfortunately, due to some software upgrades the development of the site is currently delayed, but we anticipate an update from the vendor soon.

Topics for discussion

The GGR Gala was well enjoyed, and included attendance from members from other regions.  PCA National also sent two photographers to the event and took some pictures that might end up in nationwide marketing

There was a broad range of feedback given about the gala, and most of it indicated that the event was definitely appreciated.  There was also a strong consensus that if the club had an event of this size in the future it should be kept separate from the traditional annual party.  It was felt that the previous format for the annual party was economically equitable for all members of the club, and allowed for everyone to easily get together informally.

Starting in 2019, any changes to approved budgets of more than $500 will need Board approval moving forward.  The proposed budgets received preliminary approval, and will be open to a 7 day review period. Any amendments will be voted on in next meeting in February.  The budget discussion concluded with an update on cashflow assumptions made during the planning process, as well as how our cash positions will change over the year due to prepayment for track events, as well as our projected profit

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.

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