Board of Directors Meeting for January 17, 2018

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Board of Directors Meeting for January 17, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2018

Present: Bern Beecham, Brad Kellett, Brian Emmett, Bryan Phan, Ed Hunter, Jim McClelland, John Celona, Michael Griffin, Michael Sherman

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 6:34 pm.

Call for agenda changes:

Call for calendar changes:
Three additional Board meetings have been scheduled for March 14, April 11, and May 16.

Postmortem of events
The only event since the last Board meeting was the Holiday Banquet, which was sold out, and had a wait list.  The event was great fun, and attendees enjoyed delicious catering at a good location, with the Candy Store’s many cars being a highlight.

Directors’ Reports

The President had a few items to discuss.  First, he discussed the beginnings of a potential relationship with Porsche Digital and GGR.  Finally, the Zone President’s Meeting will be held on February 24, and the President invited others to attend.  For this meeting, the Treasurer has elected to be present.

The Vice President is working to secure insurance certificates for some of the upcoming DE and AX events, and awaiting location confirmation for Alameda events.  As the main producer of  the Holiday Banquet, the VP posed a question as to whether to have the AX team be more involved to assist Social for Holiday banquet, as a substantive portion of the party programming was dedicated to AX.  The VP indicated he is declining to produce the party for 2018, so we need new leadership for that event.  Along the lines of additional AX leadership in coordinating the party, the Board also discussed whether it made sense to break these awards ceremonies out separately?  Finally, we were encouraged to retain Computer History Museum as future location, due to its large capacity limits, if possible.

The Treasurer noted that he has submitted 2017 end of year financials to the Club accountant.  Overall, 2017 was a strong year financially for the Club, and we believe some small accounting changes will better reflect reality as we budget for 2018.  The

2018 budgets will be reviewed in greater detail at the February Board meeting.  A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was carried without dissent.   

At the request of the President, meeting minutes will be circulated to the Board prior to publishing moving forward.  A motion to approve the Secretary’s report was carried without dissent.

The first FunRun of the year is scheduled for February 24.  Prior to that, a scheduling meeting of the core Social team is scheduled for January 28 to plan first half of 2018 calendar.  The intent of this meeting is to also help train others how to produce events in a more decentralized and independent way.  For 2018, we anticipate there being 9-10 Fun Run events.

Track Chair:
Our new Track Chair is in the process of setting up the events for the 2018 season, and planning is going well due to a strong core Track team.  We are confirming contracts with all of the tracks we use.  Budgets for 2018 have been reviewed at a high level, but the Track Chair requested additional time to validate the the details.  

This year, we will have two Chief Driving Instructors, to help share the responsibility and also find ways of improving the instruction experience.  This years’ Instructor training in February at TH will be two days instead of one, as in previous years.  The intent is to better evaluate new instructor candidates.  

There were two other areas of discussion.  First, in order to make events less of a loss on the Club’s finances, we will be investigating ideas on how to create discounts for repeat drivers, as well as raise fees for specific events which have been historically oversubscribed.  Second, there was discussion of how to increase retention of first time drivers, with great emphasis placed on how to make it more welcoming to novices.

AX Chair:
Our new AX Chair provided an update on the location for this years events.  Currently, our preferred location of Alameda is still up in the air, with members of the Board and club lobbying the city for access.  There are 2 days already confirmed and contracted at Marina, and 7 at Crows Landing to help mitigate against the uncertainty of the Alameda location.  Also noted was the AX trailer has been cleaned out, inventoried, and moved to new storage location.   

The AX Chair is currently pricing out new cones and timing systems.  The final cost of the timing systems is predicated by redundancy the Club desires for the events.  Finally, there was brief discussion of creating AX logo shirts for the season.

At the time of the meeting, the GGR club had 3299 members, 30 of which were new in past 30 days.  Included in that number are 97 renewals, 28 drops, and 3 transfers in from other clubs.  A motion to approve all new members was carried unanimously.    The Membership Chair shared his response to the request to redo the Zone 7 page for Regional website, and the Board indicated their appreciation for the level of detail and positive image.  Finally, there was discussion of a Concours event.  This year there is potentially an opportunity to host the event in October, but is predicated on the availability of location, as the Carlsen on dealership remodeling may be incomplete.   Carlsen’s annual sponsorship contribution was presented to the board.

Editor (The Nugget):
The Editor requests that all blog posts please be complete by January 26.

Not in attendance.  Website redesign still pending.

Topics for discussion:
The only topic for discussion was the review of 2018 budgets.  Based on current estimates, we are tracking towards small loss, but that will be offset by cash reserves.  A portion of that loss is related to the proposed website redesign, and procurement of new AX timing equipment.  Other factors that could influence the final budget include the potential for a new member mixer, which would be a new expense.  The President suggested an update to the budget to highlight both operational activities and capital expenditures. It was agreed that final budget proposals for each area be circulated to the Board one week prior to the next meeting, with the goal for approval at the February Board meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:09 pm.


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