Board of Directors Meeting for February 9, 2020

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Board of Directors Meeting for February 9, 2020

Board Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2020

Present: John Celona, Serena Cheng,  Brian Emmett, Robert Habibi, Chris Hamilton, Ed Hunter, Michael Sherman

Call to Order: 
The meeting was called to order at 12:25 pm. 

Call for agenda changes: 

Call for calendar changes: 
Board meeting dates have been scheduled for the remainder of 2020.  They will occur on March 1, April 5, May 3, June 7, July 12, August 2, September 13, October 11, and November 8. 

Call for budget changes:

Postmortem of events:
On January 25th, GGR hosted its annual Autocross Awards Ceremony at the USS Hornet.  With around 100 members in attendance, the location made for great photo opportunities, and everybody had a good time.  In addition to the autocross and club awards, attendees were all gifted personalized dog tags.

The club’s New Years Social with RRS Auto Sport was hosted on January 18th.  The event sold out with around 90 people in attendance. It was a great event, with highlights including GGR members of RRS showing off their garage lockers.   

On January 26th, GGR had its initial Fun Run of the year to Davenport and terminating at Thomas Fogarty Winery.  Like previous events, it sold out quickly, with a long waiting list of interested drivers. Despite the damp conditions, it was a fun and uneventful event, with just shy of 50 cars in attendance.  A great time was had by attendees, with many pictures taken for posterity.

Directors’ Reports

There were several topics covered in the President’s report.

First, the board welcomed Chris Hamilton to the meeting, who has volunteered to help the club as its Webmaster.  The board unanimously approved him for this position. Our past President, Brad Kellett, will assist with the transition of responsibilities.

Second, Joe Ramos has indicated that he will not be able to assume the position of Treasurer based on January’s meeting.  The board will begin its search for a new Treasurer, but thanks Joe for helping to close out 2019 financials and getting reimbursements squared away to start the 2020 financial year.  In the meantime while the Treasurer search continues, the board will evaluate the need for interim bookkeeping from an outside party.

The board reviewed the 2019 & January 2020 financials.  There were a few items that needed to be rectified due to miscategorization of expenses, but those financial reports were approved with the appropriate caveats regarding those issues.

The board then discussed a proposal to publish financial statements to our membership base.  It was agreed that an annual summary published at end-of-year was the right frequency. The President took it upon himself  to research obligations around transparency and accountability moving forward, and assess what other clubs do in these circumstances.

The President & Editor gave an update regarding Nugget readership, and concluded with a request that the Vice President provide a summary budget vs actuals statement to the board prior to each meeting.

The update from the Vice President was brief, and included only a few topics.  He provided guidance to the board members regarding submission of insurance documentation for events given longer lead times.  The VP is also chatting with a prospective candidate for the role of Secretary. Finally, he reiterated the request from the President’s report that he’d be reaching out to get budget versus actual data before each board meeting, in addition to soliciting agenda items.

A motion to approve the Secretary’s report of the previous Board meeting minutes from January 5 was carried without dissent.  

No report.    

Membership Director:  
This month’s membership update detailed that the club gained 48 new members in the past 30 days, bringing our total membership to 3583.   A motion to approve all new members was carried unanimously.  

The Membership Director also updated that our redesigned Pop-up signs have been approved, and are waiting to be printed.  He also handed out GGR window stickers to celebrate the club’s 60th anniversary. Be sure to ask for one from a board member at a future event!

AX Director:
The Autocross Director updated the board on the current situation with all of the sites we normally use for our events.   As noted in communications sent to membership separately, site selection has been very difficult this year due. Some sites are not currently signing contracts, and others are not being responsive to inquiry.  As a back-up location, Crows Landing has had many dates put on hold for GGR should the other sites become unavailable for our use.

Track Director:
Track report provided by email, as the Director could not be in attendance.   Highlights of the report included:

  • All DE events for the 2020 season are now open for registration, so members should sign up as soon as they’re ready
  • Track sponsorships are being investigated, and potential sponsors have been identified
  • The Kahuna Laguna event has been shortened from 4 days to 3, which should help with overall costs of the event while not impacting the core of the event itself
  • Updated budgets were included based on decreased costs, and potential new income stream from event sponsorships

The board briefly discussed budget versus actuals in report, as well as perception of cost structures for competing event providers.

Motoring Director:
The report from the Motoring Director noted that event budgets and projections are done for the 2020 season, with an expected profit if everything goes as planned.  Looking further into the calendar year, the Director noted that club caravans are being organized for both Porsche Parade and the tour of Mammoth Lakes.

Social Director:
The update from the Social Director contained a few points of importance.  First, in order to disambiguate its relationship with GGR, the PDK Meetup group will return to being a private group and remove any previous, current or future co-branding of GGR.  Members of both GGR and PDK are free to continue in both groups as they wish, but the board agreed it was critically important to ensure that it was clear that PDK events are not related to GGR’s.

There was also discussion of using Eventbrite for other social events moving forward, as many GGR members are not Motoring, DE or AX enthusiasts and we believe there is value in allowing for social event management without having to use a track-focused tool like MSR.

Finally, to create greater clarity, it was agreed that the Harry’s Hofbrau and Boxster Brunch event owners would get separate email addresses to coordinate their events.  These are great traditions of the club, but outside the scope of the events the Social team creates.

Editor (The Nugget):
Update provided in the President’s summary.

Our new Webmaster had no updates for now, but was enthusiastic about getting started with website upgrades.  He also indicated that email aliases will be created for both Harry’s Hofbrau and Boxster Brunch events, which are handled outside of the core function of the Social Director.

Topics for discussion:
Future topics for next board meetings include:

  • Board of Directors 101 / board oversight & decisions
  • Election rebalancing
  • Club and event engagement in general
    • Are we leading with old or stale messaging?
  • Open Board Meeting
  • Website feedback and upgrade planning
  • Charity driving school for young women
  • Secretary elections logistics

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:25 pm. 

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