Board of Directors Meeting for December 17, 2018

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Board of Directors Meeting for December 17, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes

December 17, 2018

Present: Bern Beecham, John Celona, Brian Emmett, Brad Kellett, Michael Griffin, Robert Habibi, Ed Hunter, Jim McClelland, Bryan Phan, Michael Sherman

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 6:37 pm.

Call for agenda changes:

Call for calendar changes:
Upcoming Board meetings were scheduled for January 17, February 12,  and March 12.

Directors’ Reports

The President led a review of preliminary budgets submitted by the respective Directors of the Club.  The initial review set context for the general direction of budgets for 2019, and the details will be discussed and approved in January.

Given the risk around some of the larger events the Club will undertake in 2019, there was discussion of how to better structure timing of vendor payments, as well as exploring financial instruments to mitigate any potential risk on expense versus receipt timing on our largest event, the 4-day Club Race at Laguna Seca in July.

The Vice President had no updates

The Treasurer provided a year-end financial update which confirmed previous preliminary estimates of a net profit for 2018.  There was small discussion of budgetary changes for site fees in 2019, and that pre-payments for DE/CR and AX events in 2019 were in planning.  A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was carried without dissent.

A motion to approve the Secretary’s report of the previous Board meeting minutes from November 27, 2018 was carried without dissent.

Social Director:
The Social Director had nothing to report

Motoring Director:
The Motoring Director provided an update for the final Fun Run of 2018; a charity event to Healdsburg for the people of Paradise.  All proceeds, totally approximately $4,000, were wired to the charity three days prior to event. North Valley Community Foundation extended their gratitude.  The event was enjoyed by all that attended.  Despite the earlier rain, the clouds cleared on Highway 1, and there was great weather for the entire trip.  Unlike previous events, this was entirely comprised of “touring” groups.

Track Director:
The final report of 2018 from the Track Director included a few updates.  For the 2019 season, all event applications have been submitted, and all stewards for Club Races have been contacted.

The proposal for a nighttime DE is still in ongoing discussions with the National DE Chair, and so far it’s looking like it might be feasible.  If it becomes a reality, the events would be expert only (expert being minimum 500 laps at the specific track), with electronic corner flags and reflectorized stanchions positioned through the corners.  Further investigations will be made about hot pit and paddock flood lighting.

In 2019, Brad Williams in conjunction with BR Racing, will start holding a series of Tech Talks so that our DE drivers can better understand the intricacies of car setup for the track.

Finally, there are upcoming rules changes for the DE series.  First, National DE rules now require that all cars with harnesses include a HANS device starting in 2019.  Second, and not yet finalized, is a potential change to how numbers must be displayed on cars at event. More news on that as the proposed rule changes go through the approval process.

AX Director:
The AX Director had several updates to end the year, as well

First, the contract for the Alameda AX location was almost done, and should be completed by the end of the week.  Unless something changes, 2019 will be the last year we can hold AX events at Alameda, including the AX school.

The winners of this years AX season have their awards on order, and are awaiting delivery, to be distributed at the gala in January.

Similar to the Track Director, there was discussion about proposed rules changes for the AX series.  Proposals include required changes to accommodate new car models and removal of two classes with very low participation rates (Showroom Stock “overlay” class and running entirely separate classes for Men and Women). These proposed changes will be published in January Blogs, opened for comments by the members, then voted on by the Drivers’ Event Committee (DEC) and the Board.  Ratified changes will be effective for the 2019 competition year.

The Director noted that AXers were coordinating privately on discounted group tables for the gala, and we encourage this ingenuity!  Finally, there was brief discussion about a potential gift certificate program, and potentially future discounted sales on events such as Black Friday sales.

Membership Director:  
At the time of the meeting, PCA GGR had 3431 members, 2332 of which were primary, 1093 co-members, and 6 lifetime.  A motion to approve all new members was carried unanimously.

The Director made note that the door prizes for the gala were in the process of being procured at Carlsen Porsche.  Also noted, due to requests from prospective members, is that PCA National can assist with providing memberships to the club as a gift.  Be sure to reach out to the Membership Director for details

Editor (The Nugget):
The Editor requested that all blog posts from the Board be published by December 28.  His update also included a recap of the return of the Volunteer Appreciation Day and Toys for Tots Benefit, held at Chef Chu’s in Los Altos.  The Chef himself stopped by to chat with attendees, and a great collection of gifts was donated to Toys for Tots. Check out the GGR Facebook page if you’d like to see more!

The Webmaster was not in attendance and did not have anything to report via email

Topics for discussion
The main topics of discussion were covered during the President’s report.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 20:13 pm.

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