Board of Directors Meeting for April 27, 2017

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Board of Directors Meeting for April 27, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes
April 27, 2017

Andrew Forrest, Andrew Blyholder, Michael Sherman, Bern Beecham, John Celona, Brad Kellett, and Brian Emmett

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.

Call for agenda changes:

Call for calendar changes:
The next two PCA GGR Board meetings have been scheduled for May 24 and June 21.


Postmortem of events:
The Thunderhill DE/CR event on the weekend of March 18 was well attended, and had decent weather.  New track records were set in the Spec Boxster class.

The first AX event of the year was held at Alameda and had 120 attendees, which was a rebound from last year.  There were a record number of first timers in attendance.  It was discovered that the timing trailer needed additional maintenance, to the tune of 4 new tires.

The Zone AX on April 8 and LPR AX on April 9 had around 70 attendees.  The weather was decent, with a little rain in the morning, and clear skies in the afternoon.

The Petaluma TRG FunRun was well attended, although took longer than normal to sell out, as attendance was limited to previous AX and DE attendees.  However, lots of new attendees were present overall.  The roads clean and had minimal traffic.  Attendees had a great opportunity to  observe and discuss car setups for the 911 RSR and GT4.

Directors’ Reports

Nothing to report.

Not in attendance.

Not in attendance.   Monthly financials sent via email, Treasurer to summarize at next meeting.

A motion to approve Secretary’s report was approved.

The overnighter Fun Run on May 6 to Mendocino is upcoming.  Pre-runs show the route looks clear.  The Mines Road Fun Run is being planned for late May, and Spokane Parade run group details are being finalized.

Track Chair:
The Track Chair was not in attendance, but a summary provided by the President.  The DE/CR event at Buttonwillow on May 27 is likely to have attendance down.  The likely cause of this is probably due to pressure from the Club Race held the following weekend at Laguna Seca, which already has its attendance capped, and there is currently a wait list of interested drivers.

AX Chair:
The permit process for next AX at Alameda on May 27 in process.  There was discussion about cross-advertising of other non-PCA AX events and the criteria by which the GGR board might inform club members about these events.  There was also discussion of new vendors that were interested in providing sponsorships, noting concerns around timing given the driving season is already in full swing.  A potential title sponsor for social events was debated, without conclusion.  Finally, two interesting points of information from the AX events at Marina: the PCA president from Finnish region in attendance, and PAX was one by a woman for the first time!

As of the date of the Board meeting, the club had 3189 members, 67 of which were new.  There were also 91 renewals and 36 drops.  A motion to approve new members voted for and approved.  The Membership Chair noted that emails for the new Panamera launch at Carlsen Porsche had been sent out. Finally, new PCA GGR sweatshirt samples were shown, and are now available for purchase at the PCA GGR store.

Editor (The Nugget): 

The editor asks that Board members please have blog posts completed by 4/28.  An evaluation of clickthroughs from Nugget emails showed that well written articles get a lot of readers.  For example, the most read article awarded for March was “What is an Autocross”.  The Board continued previous discussion on getting Club RedBook sections written anew on the website.


The Webmaster indicated that caching was added to site for non-authenticated users, which should speed up site experience for our members.   He also added additional photo galleries for both the Fun Run to TRG and AX1 both of which were crossposted to the GGR Facebook page.  In the future, participants will be solicited to send their own car and group photos, including post-event emails.

Topics for discussion:

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:17 pm.


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