Board of Directors January 19, 2017

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Board of Directors January 19, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2017

Present: Andrew Forrest, John Celona, Andrew Blyholder, Michael Sherman, Michael Griffin, Bern Beecham, Brad Kellett, Bryan Phan and Brian Emmett

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 18:38 pm.

Call for agenda changes:

Call for calendar changes:

Postmortem of events
Annual awards luncheon and tour of Mozart Auto Museum was well attended and incredibly successful, with nearly 190 members in attendance. The Board discussed on avenues to engender additional excitement from attendees next year.

Directors’ Reports

President presided over official transition in board leadership between former Treasurer, Larry Adams, and new Treasurer, Bryan Phan. He indicated that the Zone Rep leadership meeting is upcoming, and encouraged other Board members invited to participate to better understand what happens at the Zone. The Perc Bliss Oustanding Service was awarded to Brad Kellett due to all the incredible assistance provided to the club throughout 2016.

Recapped awards luncheon and discussed attendance and future logistics to streamline.

Deposits for upcoming track days at Thunderhill and Buttonwillow have been paid, and insurance premiums for upcoming track events are due soon. Budgets for 2017 from Board members have been submitted and still require review by Treasurer. As this years budgets are not yet approved, a motion was passed to allow the Treasurer pay known current expenses until budget approval. A motion to approve financial reports was passed.

No updates. A motion to approve previous meetings board minutes was passed.

The 2017 event planning session occurred earlier in the month. The next scheduled Fun Run will be Feb 25 and will run through Coalinga to Harris Ranch. A new Fun Run is planned in April for Marin County to Petaluma, pending agreement with TRG for a TechTalk. We’ll repeat the over-nighter Mammoth Lakes and Santa Barbara drives, as well adding a 3rd to the schedule, up Hwy One to Mendocino in May. Run group safety was discussed, and the it was suggested that we solicit input on best practices to maintain safety from other regions.

Track Chair:
Not present. Updates provided by President. We have an extremely full track schedule for 2017. Our Club Races at Sonoma and Laguna Seca will be held in conjunction with SCCA. The Buttonwillow Club Race precedes Laguna Seca by one weekend this year and it was debated as to whether attendance at Buttonwillow should be pre-requisite for Laguna Seca. No conclusion was reached.

AX Chair:
Alameda has had a fee increase, which has negatively impacted budget. The Board debated raising attendance prices and soliciting new sponsors, but given recent previous increases, a change in fees was felt not to be warranted or palatable. The AX Chair noted that updated rules for AX/DE/TT on the website was forthcoming. Alameda site permits are being procured from realty firm that manages the site, but we awaiting final details with respect to insurnace. A motion to approve AX Chair to sign contracts for permits passed. The AX Chair clarified the three types of permits required to run events at Alameda, which were:

  • A use permit from city to run events, which is currently valid through 2021.
  • A license agreement w/ site management, renewed annually.
  • A special event permit from City of Alameda, acquired per event.

The GGR has 3151 members, with an increase of 23 members in past 50 days, plus 78 renewals and 19 drops. A motion to approve new members was passed. The Membership Chair indicated that the August concours at Carlsen was jeopardy due to dealership remodel at the dealership, so other locations will be discussed in the future. Also discussed was the Concours judging school in April, for which the Carlsen location will not available. Finally, the Ferry Porsche award was submitted to PCNA. Be sure to read the GGR 2016 wrapup in latest edition of Panorama!

Editor (The Nugget):
Please have updates to the website completed by 27-Jan-2017 for inclusion in Nugget. A previous copy of AX/DE/TT rules provided to AX Chair.

All GGR Board members now have email forwards from their GGR accounts to their personal emails. Mailing lists were updated, and the Nugget archives, which have had dead links not updated since 2014, have been fixed. It was clarified that we are currently not using PCA national hosting due to inability to run non-blog sites, such as the AX classification pages. A suggestion was made to put the the previous scrapbooks from the 1950’s online, as well. AX Chair and Webmaster agreed to discuss logistics for getting the scrapbooks online. Finally, Google Analytics was installed on the GGR website. The top pages visited were the homepage, calendar, classifieds, the AX page, track page, and “How to Join”.

Topics for discussion
Sponsorships for 2017 discussed. Additional sources for sponsorships discussed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 19:56 pm.

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