Board of Directors February 22, 2017

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Board of Directors February 22, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes
Feb 22, 2017

Present: Andrew Forrest, Andrew Blyholder, Michael Sherman, Michael Griffin, Bern Beecham, Brad Kellett, Bryan Phan and Brian Emmett

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 18:25 pm.

Call for agenda changes:

Call for calendar changes:

Postmortem of events:
Instructor training event at Thunderhill on February 10 had 13 candidates. Five participants were qualified, and the balance were encouraged to try again.

Directors’ Reports

Attended board meeting for National Club, during which several propositions voted upon, ranging from zone geography, intellectual property licensing rights, as well as other policies and procedures. The President will also be attending the Zone Presidents meeting on Sunday the 26th.

The physical awards for social event and enthusiast of the year was shown to the Board, and will be presented to the respective winners at future events.

The official budget for 2017 was presented and details discussed. The board discussed the appropriateness of certain accounting methods and determined the was need to reassess and research whether 503c Corporations have specific requirements. The club has received increase in AX sponsorship from Carlsen, but despite that is currently tracking to yearly loss. The board discussed marginal price increases of Fun Run, track and AX events to offset losses. A motion to provisionally approving budget as passed. A motion to approve treasurer’s report approved. Finally, 2016 taxes for the club were discussed and the report approved.

Motion to approve secretary’s report approved.

The first Fun Run of the year is scheduling for February 25, and all are hoping for no rain. The pre-runs by event organizers look good, and with the weather behaving there is a hope for low attrition. Future fun runs have issues with washed out roads, so a reassessment of routes required.

Track Chair:
The instructor training event in February lost more money than anticipated, primarily due to low attendance. The next track event of the year occurs on the weekend of March 18-19 at Thunderhill. The Chair discussed the types of new marketing approaches being attempted to bring in more participants. One of the outcomes of the instructor training was general agreement to do ground school week before each event. Additionally, feedback from previous years has indicated that additional assistance is required to help out beginners as well as the need for instructors to create consistent vocabulary of instruction. The hope is that the consistency of instruction as well as ground school will encourage more participants to return to future events after their first few. The Chair indicated that we will be creating a Ground School video in the future.

AX Chair:
The 2017 Autocross gets season underway, starting Sunday, March 19. The permits for Alameda have been submitted and are awaiting insurance coverage for both Alameda, as well as Marina in April. The trailer and fire-extinguishers are getting serviced prior to the first even. Updated AX rules have been submitted to the webmaster for publishing.

Membership Chair:
At the time of the board meeting, the club had 3160 members, 45 of which were new. There were 78 renewals, 23 drops, and 1 transfer in since the prior meeting. A motion to approve new members voted for and approved. Per the Treasurer’s report, Carlsen Porsche sponsorships have increased. However, due to remodeling of the dealership, the annual Concours is cancelled. The Chair will communicate this news to the club membership.

Editor (The Nugget):
Not Present.

The webmaster is preparing for Parade website competition. He also noted cleaning up dead links, as well as reorganizing the track and autocross section. The document showing suggested technical inspection locations was outdated and has since been removed. Finally, there was discussion of upgrading the website BBS software to better prevent spammers and bots from polluting the content. In the meantime, all new users to the BBS will undergo moderation before being allowed to post.

Topics for discussion:

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:38 pm.

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