Board of Directors December 7, 2016

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Board of Directors December 7, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes
December 7, 2016
Present: Andrew Forrest, Larry Adams, Linda Adams, Mike Sherman, Bern Beecham, John Celona, Brad Kellett, Bryan Phan, Michael Griffin, Andrew Blyholder

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:40pm

Call for agenda changes

Call for calendar changes
The January Board of Director’s meeting will be moved to Thursday, January 19th

Postmortem of events
No events since the last meeting

Director’s Reports


  • The President and Vice President attended the Zone President’s meeting. No news of note.
  • Zone has advised that event waivers are required to be archived for 4 years and 1 month, and can be archived digitally.
  • Porsche Parade will be held in Spokane, WA, July 9-15. Lots of volunteers are still needed.


  • Planning for the holiday event continues. 155 people currently signed up. Not all seats held for AX and track volunteers and winners have been taken yet. Michael and Andrew B will coordinate on sending another request for RSVPs.
  • Discussion about a “thank you” gift to the board for their year of service. Proposal of a free ticket to the holiday party was gratefully declined.
  • Discussion about how to coordinate the raffle and other on-site events for the holiday party


  • No questions raised about the monthly numbers
  • Directors should submit 2017 budgets to the incoming treasurer before the next board meeting
  • Discussion about budgeting by event instead of yearly, which could give visibility into how the budget is tracking over the course of the year. Incoming treasurer will investigate the effort impact and get back to the board with options.
  • Motion to approve the treasure’s report was passed


  • Not present.
  • Motion to approve the previous board meeting minutes was passed.


  • Nothing to report

Track Chair

  • Not present.
  • President read a letter from the PCA National track chair that acknowledged the effort put in by GGR to organize four great club racing events, and included details of insurance payments for next year.

AX Chair

  • Permits are secured and events are scheduled for 2017. Need to execute the use permit for Alameda.
  • Zone AX chair meeting held at the same time as the Zone Present meeting. No news of note, except that Zone AX event payments next year will be for all of the Porsches in attendance, not just the drivers signed up for Zone competition.
  • Trophies for AX champions are all in progress or delivered. Champions were surveyed and will get plaques instead of shirts this year
  • Event waivers for the year will be submitted to the President digitally


  • 3136 members total, 2094 active members. 374 new members since January.
  • Motion to approve the new members was passed.
  • Membership Director met with Carlsen, and has placed an order for holiday gifts including a club discount.
  • Working on the region of the year award application. Investigating rules and regulations – President will help get the right information from PCA National.
  • Submitted a year end wrap-up for Panorama.

Editor (The Nugget)

  • Discussion about whether to do a January Nugget edition. Board decided not to – Nugget will return in February.


  • Plugin cleanup and WordPress upgrade complete. Announcement mailing list moved to Constant Contact
  • Homepage now includes Nugget blog entries to make things more fresh. Calendar entries are now excluded from the RSS feed
  • Deployed fixes to the Classification site, and preparing it for a move to a new hosting service
  • Webmaster will update the permanent AX and track number lists

Topics for discussion

  • Discussion about various mailing lists for GGR. All deemed necessary – webmaster to send information on each to the board.
  • Discussion about Classifieds on the website. Since it’s low impact to run, board decided to keep it around
  • Discussion and motions for yearly awards
  • The board recognized and celebrated Larry Adams’ amazing impact to the club over many years. Thank you to Larry for serving as Treasurer, and we look forward to his continued involvement in the club.


  • There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm

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